Novo Egg Man Strikes Again!

On Saturday a reader sent in the following note about the latest egging incident at the dog run underneath the Novo condo: “I was at the Park Slope Dog Run in Washington Park this evening at 7.45pm, and an egg was once again thrown from the condo, and almost hit my husband…My dog barked at the other dog, as dogs do, and suddenly an egg came from the sky landing on the ground next to my husband. He’s sure that if it had hit him, he would have been hurt. I live opposite the school neighbouring the dog park. I have kids screaming outside my apartment most of the time. I moved there, I cannot complain about noise in the neighbourhood…” As it turns out, the reader was well within her rights to be using the dog run at 7:45: We incorrectly reported in the past that the run closes at sundown (because that’s what the Parks Dept. posters inside of it say) but, according to Kim Maier, the executive director of the park’s Old Stone House, the run was actually built to be accessible 24 hours a day even though the official closing time of the park as a whole is 10 p.m. (Yes, it’s confusing.) Maier also says that the Novo’s board and the precinct have been notified about the latest egging. Perhaps Park Slope’s crazed egg chucker will soon be brought to justice…
Huevogate ’09 Still Roiling Slope Dog Run [Brownstoner] GMAP
Slope Dog Run Egging On At Least One Novo Resident [Brownstoner]

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  • im telling you… it’s not the eggMAN. it’s most definitely a woman.


  • This whole thing is starting to sound like a yolk.

  • Previously I’ve been on the side of the egger but 7:45??? Come on. This is the city.

    Egging though is certainly warranted after about 11 PM.

  • someone needs to organize a DAYtime protest around 745 with like 100 yapping dogs and all just stand under her building. dogs are like kids with tourette’s, once one goes off, it sets a chain reaction and they all start spazzing out. (i learned that watching Maury Povich)


  • At first glance of the photo, I thought the egg was a modern sculpture in the park.

  • perhaps all dogs should be required to wear tight muzzles so can’t bark. then won’t be able to lick each others butt holes too. much cleaner.

  • I just think that the egg dropper should quit it! – you obviously live many floors above and can really hurt someone

  • just admit this is a TERRIBLE place for a dog run. re-locate the damn thing somewhere beside residential buidings. FFS can’t they find a spot over by the Gowanus canal or something in the industrial wasteland one block over?

  • quote:
    FFS can’t they find a spot over by the Gowanus canal or something in the industrial wasteland one block over?

    the dogs were there first tho… before the condo owners. i think they just need to suck it and suck it hard.


  • Umm… am I wrong, but let’s say you brought your dog there at, say, 2:00 in the morning. You’re probably the only one there. How much noise are you making? Probably almost NONE.

    I don’t get what the egging is all about. There’s probably more dog barking INSIDE (if they allow pets) than outside. I’ve never heard that much barking at a dog park. Just a bit o’ stank.

  • naked dog protest.

  • believe it or not tyburg, dog parks stink like 10x less than kid parks!!!


  • Think Mr B is behind it. The dog run egging threads are usually the only ones that begin to compete with the OT for number of posts.

  • could also totally be copycats (lol cats get it?) throwing the eggs


  • I dont buy the story – but if its true then the thrower is very impressive. To be able to accuratly (and consistently) be able to hit the dog run with an egg from the Novo is actually amazing….look for a professional dart player in the novo and you probably have the culprit

  • This is getting boring. The perp needs to throw in some English muffins and Canadian bacon.

    ***Help Haiti***

  • Why doesn’t the Parks Dept. put up a sign that’s more easily understood so the anteggonist would realize he (or she, *rob*) is wrong?

  • Coo coo ca joob. Classic case of “coming to the nuisance.” Novo developers, who were on the hook to remake Terrapin in exchange for being allowed to take over the area during development, knew where the plans for the renovated park would put the dog run and the plans were public. Anyone who looked at an apt on that side of the building would have looked out their prospective window and seen a massive construction zone. Anyone doing so and foolish enough not to ask what the finished product was going to be has no complaint. And if the developers or their agents misled anyone, they, and not the dog owners lawfully using the run, are to blame for the resident’s discomfort with the noise.

  • Oh, and someone needs to tell the Novo egg thrower that one egg is un oeuf.

  • is that a free range and/or organic egg?

  • I wonder if the eggs will cook in the summertime…

    “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” -Jonathan Swift

  • Did one ever think that perhaps not the dog barking the problem…but some yappy dog-owner on cellphone? You know the type..forever yelling into the thing in most irritating voice. Thinking the world needs to hear his/her mundane conversation.

  • Well, then it has nothing to do with dogs… but the park. So let’s get rid of all the parks!! They’re just full of people. Dumb people.

  • Sitting in a condo, waiting for the dog to bark.
    Irritation no fun, stupid bloody dog run.
    Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your dog grow loud.
    I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob…

  • Has anyone considered this may be a natural phenomenon? Maybe there are wild chickens roosting in the trees and everyone is getting upset over nothing!

  • Seriusly though – Its someones rotten kid having fun at other’s expense. Happens all of the time in the burbs. We used to throw water balloons at people out the window when our parents turned their back. Very Very funny – When you are 12.

  • its probably someone on brownstoner looking for attention, knowing that a tossed egg will get him/her a posting with massive comments.

  • quote:
    Happens all of the time in the burbs. We used to throw water balloons at people out the window when our parents turned their back. Very Very funny – When you are 12.

    1.) it doesnt just happen in the burbs, it happens in the city as well.

    2.) it’s also just as funny at 32 as it is as 12


  • touché rob, I admit I did crack a large smile while posting my original comment and thinking of past misdeeds.

  • Agreed, this probably adolescent hijinks.

    Geez, we used to hang out of an 11th floor Park Avenue window and drop spit bombs onto the fancy people below.

  • So because of faulty research, it appears that ALL the dozens of posters in the previous threads who said it was OK since there was a closing time are incorrect.

    SF, I agree, and may I point out that Corcoran used the presence of a dog run in their original ad materials promoting the Novo. See here:

    fsrq, clearly you have been deprived as a child. If you can’t hit a target the size of a dog run from even the top floor of the Novo, you have never had fun.

  • i got hit with an egg on my head from an apartment building as a kid on mischief night. it hurt. really bad. it could also blind you if it hits your eye in the right place. not cool to throw eggs.. seriously just stick to water balloons.


  • Yeah fsrg, I’m sure I made up this email to get attention on Brownestoner? Pretty much my ambition. High hopes for myself. And are you actually serious about it being hard to hit the dog park from Novo? Have you been there?

    I am not a yuppie, I don’t get calls from anyone!

    FFS can’t they find a spot over by the Gowanus canal or something in the industrial wasteland one block over?

    This is the only problem occurring regarding the dog run. Not enough of a reason to move a dog run.