Development Watch: 1078 Fulton Street

A new 50,000-square-foot building is coming to fruition at 1078 Fulton Street, just east of Classon Avenue. The 8-story project is slated to contain 45 apartments in addition to—thankfully—some ground-floor retail. It’s great to see someone investing in this down-on-its-luck stretch. Now if someone would only buy (and rehab) the building on the corner! GMAP P*Shark DOB

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  • Now if someone would only buy (and rehab) the building on the corner!

    Posted by Brownstoner

    yeah, and now if someone would only completely tear down and properly reconstruct the piece of crap that got built on the OTHER corner of Classon and Fulton we’d be all set.

  • @herkimermaid “Amen”

    I walk by there all the time and it would be nice to see those two storefronts to the left rehabbed. It would be a boost to the whole block. The building immediately to the left really needs some love.

  • Herkimermaid, what is that place? Its a train wreck when it come to the design and construction and from time to time it appears to be a shelter. All I know is that place is a MESS! We also need to close the nasty hotel on Classon and Fulton….then we’d be all set.

  • That building on the corner of Classon and Fulton is famous (infamous, more like) for its fugliness. Personally, nothing will convince me that the builders did not take whatever they had left over from 12 other sites and throw it on this one. Pure contempt for their buying public. This building was the topic of scorn several times here on Brownstoner. I’ll try to find the links. Turns out, not only fugly on the outside, but REALLY badly constructed on the inside, too.

    I heard that after they couldn’t get a C of O, for years, they rehabbed it enough to qualify for either student housing, or for homeless families. Either one is an outrage. Both groups deserve better, and the owners should not be allowed to profit from lucrative programs that pay for both, as well.

  • Havemeyer

    I think it’s sheltering homeless women now. And I actually like its crazed melange of brick and home depot elements. If it is still standing in fifty years, it will be an interesting curiousity, in one hundred, landmarked. I mean you have to admit, it took vision to mix all the bricks up like that. If they were better quality bricks, you could slap it in Williamsburg and call it modern.

  • it is actually a makeshift battered women’s shelter at the moment. I hear PACC is buying up a bunch of buildings between Classon and Grand. Hopefully some good will come of it as most of the lots are burned down or abandoned. Specifically the 1000 crack dealing house.

  • also we’re hoping that the senior housing project will be allowed to move onto this block, if our elected reps are able to convince HUD in DC to allow the project to be moved. Such a move would help revitalize this area, allowing the community to embrace this entire intersection in order to come use the playground and buses, frequent businesses and provide affordable housing and possibly someday reopen the old subway entrance instead of trying to avoid this area as most people seem to do today.

  • Finally some love to this area, hopefully we get more locations to in this area to join the Outpost Cafe. I’m ready to invest in this area, any leads?

  • @bk8 I’m also looking to invest, but further east past Nostrand. If you want to learn more let me know.

  • All I can say about that building on the other corner (not the one in the pic above) is that it’s the absolute best example of freakin’ Bloomberg’s relaxed NYC building standards of the real estate boom. It worked in higher profile areas of NYC because the projects were larger and people were watching, but it was a free-for-all in Bed-Stuy. This should NEVER have happened. They didn’t even have plans on-site. They were cited for NUMEROUS violations along the way. “Melange” of materials or whatever. That’s just insane. It’s a dangerous, ugly piece of crap that should never have been built.