Closing Bell: Freddy’s Bar – Heads Roll in Survival Fight

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom on Dean St, due to be seized through eminent domain, and demolished for the Barclay’s Arena, installed chains of justice to the bar for protesters to handcuff themselves to when the proprietors are evicted. Yesterday, they staged another media event, a working guillotine made of beer cans, for the execution of an effigy representing Eminent Domain. Complete with costumed Executioner and Death, the event culminated with the decapitation of Poor eminent domain, born of a noble purpose of building hospitals and roads… being used to take Americans from their homes, not just for a British bank but also for Russia. The event apparently drew more media than some of the more important legal and governmental meetings for AY. The fight for Freddy’s is being described by supporters as the bars vs. banks smackdown.
Another Freddy’s Media Event [AY Report]
Photo: Amy Greer/No Land Grab


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