$21 Million Grant for Coney Affordable Housing

Residents at Luna Park, the Mitchell Lama-era housing complex in Coney Island, got a lifeline yesterday when public officials announced a $21 million grant to renovate the ailing structures; residents had feared that the 1,600-unit co-op would go private and lose its protections like many others have done in recent years. Most of the money ($15 million) for fixing windows, brickwork and rooftops at the complex will come from HPD. A number of local politicians and city agencies were at the table on this one, including Representative Jerrold Nadler, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, State Senator Diane Savino, reports The Real Deal.
Coney Island Housing Complex Gets $21M [TRD]
Press Release [R8NY]

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  • Where’s my free $$$ for renovation? Until WE ALL can get it, WE should NOT have to pay for it…

  • WOW, that’s major news. A lot of people gave bribes to be in those buildings because of rumors of them going private so they could cash out. Guess they will lose now trying to play the government system.

  • Kensingtonian:

    what’s the current rate there? I know our people used to pay bribes just to get in there to basically live in a fixed low-rent appartment – but that was back in the day when it was just $5k or so.

    Gotta love those Mitchell Lama buildings!

  • Sure that is the right photo? Looks like the Coney low-income housing project.

  • election day ploy, no doubt!

  • Brownie, no idea now, but 12 years ago a 2 bdr there went for 45K. 15K on the table and 30K under. The 45K was somewhat below the market rate apartments in the neighborhood (they went for maybe 60K). Oh, and the [supposed] lottery for these is a big joke.

  • Heck, I heard some people paying upwards of 100K for a three bedroom. That’s in addition to the Mitchell Lama prices for it. I know someone who paid 70K but that was about 5-6 years ago.

    I wouldn’t mess with that though. If you get caught, you will lose your money AND prolly end up in jail. My parents’ friends recently had an offer to get into a one bedroom in Warbass for 60K. They rejected it.

  • and you all ripped me a new one when i made my OUTRAGEOUS claim that affordable housing in nyc is fraught with illegal activity :-/


  • Rob, you made stupid comments how people pop babies to get into these BUT this is all about money. Money talks and just like people pay for houses in Park Slope that you think is astronomical, people are willing to pay bribes to get an apartment under market in their community, no matter what the law is. I am not supporting those activities, I am just saying why someone was jumping on you for your comments.

  • What? Rob made stupid comments?

    Having said that, people do “pop” entirely too many babies, especially the people who are least qualified to take care of children. The movie “Idiocracy” is premised on that idea. Another Mike Judge masterpiece and a must-see.

  • Yes people should not pop babies – or slap them for that matter.