Parking at the BellTel

It was back in January when we mentioned that the BellTel condos in Downtown Brooklyn were about to provide parking for its residents. Here we are, over eight months later, and, via a tipster, we can finally say it’s true: resident-only, $250 to $300 per spot, plus valet. They’ve offered tiny down payments and price cuts—let’s see if parking can help the former telecom building unload any of its remaining units. GMAP
BellTel Parking on Tap [Brownstoner]

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  • Dumbo? Not even close. Try downtown Brooklyn.

  • BellTel is SO not in DUMBO…

  • parking is a big deal and will matter to a lot of people.

  • if I wanted/had a car I don’t think this is location I would pick.

  • Big deal — rates are basically the saem as in other garages DT.

  • Valet parking is nice. A swanky amenity amidst the un-swanky landscape of Downtown.

  • This building must have some money problems. I looked in it 7 months ago and was told that the garage would open soon and that the reason it was not was the elevator had broken. If it took them 7 months to fix that they must be broke as a joke. Also the building sucks

  • It has definite financial issues. Would not want to have been a buyer there.

  • at that price, it’s not much of a perk. you can park around there locally for under $200.

  • Location is so much better than Dumbo . . . No noise pollution, so many better transportation options and smack in the middle of Hgts, FG, CH, BH and CG (not to mention Dumbo). Why is Dumbo better location?

    Full disclosure, live in downtown, though not in BT

  • Yikes, that is a ripoff for exclusive parking (ie not an independently run public garage). Parking at One Brooklyn is $185 (although sure to go up). The valet parking is a real negative as it means considerably longer in and out time, paying a tip everytime you take your car in and out, and your car getting beat to hell. Of course you will want a car as the area is a real desolate wasteland. Location is Fulton Mall, not Dumbo. Very convenient for jury duty though! No thanks.
    BTW, I went to the open house this past weekend and have to say that they still have a ways to to go to get in line with the price cuts that have been happening at all the developments in Brooklyn. They need to do 30% cuts like One Hanson and One Brooklyn to remain competitive as the finish quality is far below these other places. Units aren’t bad, they just tend to be very dark thanks to close neighboring buildings and being too deep. The units with the windowless bedrooms are really depressing and way overpriced. Biggest plus is the low maintenance, but as we all now those are sure to skyrocket once the building sells out (which definitely won’t be happening for a while at these prices).

  • and the other thing somebody needs to tell the developer that orthodox people are not the only jews who know how to speak Yiddish.