BSA Postpones Decision on Carroll St Norten Again

On Tuesday the Board of Standards and Appeals once again postponed its hearing on the fate of the controversial development at 580 Carroll Street. The world will have to wait until November to find out if the proposed Enrique Norten-designed structure, rendered above, will be built. The developers have appealed to the BSA on the basis of a variety of hardship claims, saying they need to construct a denser building than zoning allows in order to make money on the project. Needless to say, some in the community are less than sympathetic to their claims.
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  • I wonder what the economics of this development look like by now???

  • terrible. why do you think they’re going back with hat in hand?

    how much do you think the name Norten added to the cost basis? they were gonna shoot for $1000+/sq ft in my opinion. now they’ll be lucky to get 800.

    my question is what is so hard about the decision?

    on the face of it, delays would seem to favor the underdog, which in this case is the big bad developer. is bsa really afraid of another stalled project? maybe, there are a few in the nabe.

    most people i know think they should just take their lumps, but i admit there must be another side to the story. (beyond the “we didn’t know that it was a con-ed sub-station before” crap).

  • A friend lives in a Norten building in the city (where the architect himself had an apartment as well). Apparently, EN likes to drink and drive (I am talking to you, Kens), and smashed his car into the automated garage thingie, crippling it for days and leaving people without their cars to get them out of town to the “beach.” EN has since moved out of the building.

  • What’s with the big yellowish dumpsters, or walls, or whatever they are, in front??