StreetLevel: New Mexican Restaurant for the South Slope

Fonda, a new Mexican restaurant on 7th Avenue between 14th and 15th streets, is in the midst of a “soft opening,” according to a couple posters on Brooklynian. No word yet on prices, but a blackboard inside the restaurant touts Mexican burgers, fresh guacamole, zarape de pato and pork in adobo as “signature creations.” The eatery is in the former Little D space. GMAP

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  • Is this the place being opened by a chef who used to work at Rosa Mexicano? If so, that bodes well…

  • How does that bode well? Rosa Mexicano is terrible.

  • Oh my! Already a fight a-brewin! Hyah!

  • Just what we need, another MExican Restaurant in the South Slope…

    Is Mexican the new Sushi?

  • Mexican is the new Thai.

  • “How does that bode well? Rosa Mexicano is terrible.”

    Totally – and the decor of their restaurants reminds me of modern, as envisioned in the 80s (kinda like the disney contemporary resort)

    RM’s Mole sauce is bangin tho

  • I don’t happen to think Rosa Mexicano is terrible, which is why I said it bodes well.

    Excellent mole, excellent guacamole, amazing cocktails.

  • I think we need a place like this especially in south slope that is a bit more “upscale” than the taco joints along 5th avenue
    I can’t wait for freshly made Guacamole at the table
    why is everyone hatin’????

  • > I can’t wait for freshly made Guacamole at the table

    You can get that at Rachel’s, so no need to wait. There’s certainly room for more options though.

    Maybe I should give RM another try. I went to the one in Flatiron once and it was vile.

  • I was told 11217 is right. whether or not RM is great, the chef has experience. Hopefully he will take what he learned and grow on it. That’s usually why chefs start there own restaurants!

  • The only Rosa I’ve been to is the one at Lincoln Center and I like it.

    Agree with Gem…this area could use some upscale Mexican.

    And I know you didn’t write about the decor Snark, (but DH did), but Rachels?? With the florescent flaming lights going up the building?

    Ate there once and never had a desire to go back. La Taqueria and Tacos Nuevo Mexico are far better than Rachels, in my opinion. So is Chiles and Chocolate for that matter.

  • Thanks all!
    oh and I like Rosa Mexicana and Dos Caminos
    Also I would never have known Rachels was a Mexican place – always thought it was a diner
    I still want to try Tacos Nuevo Mexico
    but I think this new place will do well up in that locale AND if they do delivery, even better!

  • > Rachels?? With the florescent flaming lights going up the building?

    I love the decor. It’s so over-the-top absurd. Then again, I just eat there. If I lived upstairs, I’m sure I’d feel differently.

  • You MUST try Tacos Nuevo, Gem! I think it’s the best in the hood, but honestly I’m really curious to try this new place. Judging from some of the comments by those who have been to the soft opening, it sounds promising.

  • Ummm… Barrio ( is from the former chef of Rosa Mexicana – and while they are a bit overpriced, their food is delicious. Sun brunch with unlimited sangria? I am there. Mon night with unlimited tacos and unlimited sangria for $20? Still there, trying to cure the hangover from Sun.

  • And totally agreed with 11217 re Tacos Nuevo Mexico. Awful decor, but amazing (and really inexpensive) food. Try tacos de lengua!

  • > And totally agreed with 11217 re Tacos Nuevo Mexico.

    Been meaning to try that place myself. Maybe this weekend.

  • Bupe?
    OK THAT I didn’t know about Barrio – now I will have to try that place!
    sooo many places to try as I usually stick to the “Trieds&Trues”

  • Barrio? Ugh, can’t stand that place either. Been there from brunch a couple of times and that was enough.

  • Just bein snooty – RM is fine, I’m just vehemently against the whole ‘upscale mexican’ movement.

    I’m sure this place will be good. It seems like a great mexican restaurant has been opening every month

  • Bupe:

    Tacos Nuevo Mexico just moved into a new space right next door to their old space. The new restaurant has nice wood carved doors and facade. It’s no longer a dump.

  • I’m excited to try this new place, though i agree with tyburg, mexican is the new thai…

    there are quite a bit of mid to upscale mexican places already in the area, but i don’t think any of them are really excellent. i’ve been to barrio twice and both times i thought it was over priced and not so good. i really love the nachos with chorizo from miracle grill, but most of the other food on the dinner menu is so-so. i like taqueria for a quick, to-go meal, but not necessarily for a nice, dining in experience. i hope this one works out as good food and nice ambiance!

    though i would like to say RIP to Little D’s Eatery. I loved their hen of the woods salad! that was delicious.

  • Is Pyramide still open on 5th? The staff were always very nice, but the food was meh, and the decor rather mallish.

  • I feel thankful that I live in a neighborhood where I have a choice of upscale Mexican, downscale Mexican, everything in between AND Thai, Sushi and everything else all within walking distance from my house!

    Count your blessings PEOPLE!

    For most of America, the most upscale Mexican they eat is CHIPOTLE!

  • no offense, but there is nothing “upscale” about mexican food. (i love mexican food by the way). i would not love it if it was “upscale”

    im not even sure what people mean by that? what. you wanna pay 15 dollars for a taco instead of a 1.50?


  • quote:
    For most of America, the most upscale Mexican they eat is CHIPOTLE!

    you’re such a snob. and there’s like 30 chipotles in nyc. ive never been to one tho i dont even know what they sell


  • quote:
    I feel thankful that I live in a neighborhood where I have a choice of upscale Mexican, downscale Mexican, everything in between AND Thai, Sushi and everything else all within walking distance from my house!

    blah blah blah park slope blah blah blah park slope blah blah blah blah. are you always in these restaurants cuz there’s no room in your condo SRO!?


  • I’m sorry Rob…sometimes I find you funny and other times like this I just find you really childish and nonsensical.

  • Calm down rob! we’re just talking beans and tortillas here!

  • And yes, NYC is part of America Rob. I never said there weren’t any Chipotle’s in NYC. But I won’t understand why someone would pay 6 bucks for a processed burrito at a fast food place vs. 2.00 for one from Tacos Nuevo Mexico.

    Better food at cheaper prices. I’m sorry that you find that snobby, but really I think it’s just because you’re jealous that other people go out.

  • I noticed this chain mexi place opened up in the old Cafe Figaro place on Bleecker St – is that just a Chipotle clone? anyone know?

  • No te odio, Rob.

  • 11217, you and I are totally on the same page re Park Slope as a food destination.

    And for the record, Rob, I eat in restaurants because 1) I am a foodie, and 2)my cooking leaves a lot to be desired (something’s missing in the gay gene. I am also a slob). And if that’s not enough, I have a really nicely equipped kitchen as a result of a gut reno of a row house in 11215 – not an SRO condo (my warming drawer does a great job of keeping take out warm until the hubby comes home!)

    P.S. Also recently tried #7 – meh. Have had better.

  • Well Bupe, I’m not sure I’d exactly say PS is a food destination, but for those of us who live here, there is lots to appreciate in terms of having such variety and so MANY places to choose from all within a single neighborhood. I mean, any kind of food you want…all here.

    I sometimes wish there there were a couple more SPECTACULAR places in the hood, but there are plenty of those all over the city and make for great evenings out.

  • 11217 – there’s always al di la 😉

    have you made it to draft barn yet?

  • ok am officially jealous now of Bupe
    a warming drawer? what’s that?!?!?!? suonds cool

    Roberto – cheeeel man, cheeeeeel man
    I LOVE chipotles.

  • Yes, there IS always Al di La. And they serve brunch now…was just there Sunday. Another new favorite is Convivium Osteria. And I’ve already been to the new hot dog place, Bark a bunch of times. REALLY good.

    Haven’t been down to Draft Barn…it hasn’t really been on my radar…should it be??

    I do really like Franklin Park, though.

  • QUOTE:
    …was just there Sunday.

    ha! so that’s what my dog was barking at in the window. (he always barks at white ladies with long blond hair for some reason)


  • Draft Barn – NICE (and I don’t even like beer that much).

    Gem – it’s a little drawer that’s actually standard in most drop-in ranges (people just use it for storage because they don’t read the manual). For built-in ovens, sometimes it’s standard, sometimes optional (ours was one big unit that included oven, the drawer, and a microwave – did I mention that I am not a great cook and having two ovens would have been utterly stupid?)

    And I happen to love some places enough to call them spectacular: Al Di La, Applewood, Convivium, Blue Ribbon come to mind…

  • 11217 – i went to draft barn a few months ago…but didn’t get the food. just had drinks. if you like beer, there are lots of options, so definitely check it out. otherwise, i wasn’t all that impressed. i thought it was fine enough, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to get there.

  • Yeah – DB is worth checking out 11217 – prolly better on a cool fall evening as there is no outdoor seating

  • “as there is no outdoor seating”

    That might be be a deal breaker for me…I REALLY like to find places with outdoor smoking areas for when I’m drinking…Franklin Park, Spuyten Duyvil, High Dive, Commonwealth, even Union Hall….these are all places where I can have a drink AND a smoke. A definite plus, especially since I don’t smoke a lot and really want to when I have a beer.

    Bupe: I agree…those are all pretty damn good. I might add Moim and Ghenet to that list as well.

  • LOVE Ghenet!!!

    Bupe – aha! i wonder if I had one of those “warming drawers” all along as I have been using it to store baking tins!

  • Yeah – I hear ya 11217 – Nothing goes better with beer than a stogie.

    Have you been to Spuyten Duyvil lately? They expanded their backyard and it’s pretty damn nice.

  • 11217 how DARE you put those toxic chemicals and smoke into the pristine cosmic air of park slope! have you no shame? what about the children?


  • Yeah, DH…I’ve been to Spuyten 3 or 4 times so far this summer. I really like that place a lot. I had never been before they expanded the garden (but heard about it) and really enjoy the set up there. The crowd is pretty good too. Definitely my favorite place to hang out in the Burg.

  • Sweet 11217 – i’m sure we were there at the same time at some point haha.

  • “what about the children?”

    Their heads make great ashtrays.

  • omg seriously dying
    The gays are tooo funny :)

  • See you in hell, 11217. Save me a seat where I can smoke.

  • Check this out: (obviously, you can go up from there, but it gives you an idea that a lot of ranges come with the warming drawer – that can also double as storage for ciggies or will do in a pinch as an ashtray).

  • you know what are the worst tho? kids who are trained by their parents to do the P.U. hand gesture and stinkface when they see someone smoking. it’s almost kinda sorta cute but then you realize they were trained to do that.


  • trained? you must be thinking of your dogs, rob. didn’t we just establish that park slope parents are incapable of “training” their kids to do anything?

  • “that can also double as storage for ciggies or will do in a pinch as an ashtray)”

    Bupe: I think I love you.

  • “kids who are trained by their parents to do the P.U. hand gesture and stinkface when they see someone smoking”

    I’m going to train myself to do the same thing to their nasty ass diaper butt.

  • lol do you also titty twist your own nipples when you pass a woman breastfeeding in public? (they get kinda angry when you do that)


  • I like Barrio and been there a few times. Like the Italian place Sette across the street. Tried to go to Song this Friday and the wait was an hour and a half. Needless to say, I left. WTF?

  • > Tried to go to Song this Friday…

    Forget Song, Kensingtonian. Try Watana on 7th (near 14th st?) or Mango on the Flatbush end of 7th.

    Mee Thai on 5th is also alright, but no better than, say, To Be Thai on Church.

    Thai Sky used to be really good, but seems to be spending more time these days changing their decor than making yummy food.

  • Song is definitely the best Thai in Park Slope, with Mango coming in a close 2nd. (in my opinion)

    I thought Mee Thai was crap.

    Never tried Watana, but not heard the greatest things.

  • Thanks Snarky and 11217!

  • “burgers” automatically means this shouldn’t be taken seriously as a mexican place. hamburguesas no son comidas mexicanas

  • I actually live in the neighborhood of this restaurant and ate there for their soft open and Saturday night. It was packed both nights, and from what I can tell, it was well received by patrons.

    I think this place has a lot going for it. Not the ordinary run-of-the-mill Mexican, they actually make some excellent food. I had the best chicken dish, called Marco Pollo, that I have ever had. All the other dishes I tried including skirt steak, guacamole, chorizo, and flautas were all excellent! The drinks are also quite excellent, and I would highly recommend the red margarita infused with hibicus.

    The atmosphere was pretty mixed with families, singles, dates, big gathers and the like. Service was pretty good for a first week restaurant, and the chef is very personable and comes out to greet the patrons.

    Overall, I predict great things for Fonda and believe it will be here in Park Slope for many years as the flag bearer for great Mexican food!


  • By the way, Rosa Mexicano is not terrible as mentioned by someone that goes by a username of “snark”. Can you really take anything by such a person seriously?