Atlantic Yards: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

The organization Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn points out that today is the final day for the public to comment on the Atlantic Yards Modified General Project Plan. DDDB opposes the plan, obviously, due to its long-time stance against Forest City Ratner’s $4 billion development project. DDDB cites abuses of eminent domain, for example, or the lack of proper community input on a project that will drastically alter the geography and character of several Brooklyn neighborhoods. Whatever your feelings are towards Atlantic Yards, however, today is your last day to throw in your $0.02. For instructions on how to comment, visit the Empire State Development Corporation website.
Atlantic Yards Rainy Weekend Activity [DDDB]
A Turning Point for Atlantic Yards [Brownstoner]
Photo by Tracy Collins

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  • People have been ‘commenting’ for quite a while now. We see how well that’s working. This whole comment thing is a total farce.

  • I wrote- for all the good it will do.

  • I wrote, too. Thank you all who’ve commented.

    I also feel that it’s probably less effective than pissing in the wind, but one possible benefit would be to have your comments part of the public record. This may be useful in the future: the ESDC cannot claim it didn’t know what the public thought or wanted, which may provide some leverage for lawsuits or other actions.

    So, please comment. And if you do, please cc the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods ( so there’s another record of your submission, other than the ESDC’s.

  • I love this quote from Barclays’ president, in the Newark Star-Ledger article linked above:

    “What really tripped our trigger on this one was the recovery of Brooklyn and a community that was really quite poor. It not only fit our need to brand, but it fit the fact that we like to give back to the community.”

    How noble of Barclays to shower us poor Brooklynites with their largesse. Atlantic Yards, the gift that keeps on giving.