Clermont Greene Adopts Hybrid Model

Like so many before it, Clermont Greene, the 73-unit residential project at 181 Clermont Avenue in Fort Greene, has opened its doors to renters. The move comes less than a month after the first wave of condo closings began at the building. So far, 12 units have been put up for rent, with prices ranging from $2,350 for a 713-square-foot one-bedroom to $3,400 for a 1,054-square-foot two-bedroom.
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  • i like that fact that the building has a parking garage…interested to see how quick these rentals go

  • “Clermont Greene Adopts Hybrid Model”

    “Hybrid Model” ROTFLMMFAO! So the hard working Jackasses who own Condos there will be pay 50% more in mortgage payment than some Asshat renting there!

    Ya’ll are finished..

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • Is it me or is there nothing bad to say about this place. These condos look like an obvious first choice in brownstone brooklyn (among new developments).

    What am I missing?

  • OK, it does look a bit like an office park. But so what.

  • Okay, I guess those are nicer than my apartment, but I’m not sure they are a $1k more a month nicer. Little bit of a hike to the trains vs. convenient to Myrtle amenities — I think those rental prices seem kinda high.

  • I don’t think the building looks too bad (a bit hospital-ish), and I admit I am jealous of that courtyard… but the rents are way too steep.

    It is kind of funny how on the Streeteasy site you can see how it is right outside of the Ft Greene historic district…

    Anyhow, I am leaving Brooklyn for greener pastures (and a huge apartment with tons of amenities for less rent than I am paying now) in NJ. I imagine I will remain addicted to reading about the neighborhood on Brownstoner, though.

  • First they can’t sell these. Then they think they can get $2350 for a 1 bedroom.

    They’ll have to throw in 3 free months before these will get rented.

  • Goodluck brooklynfamily, I am on a 4 month vacation from the city right now and its been eye opening. Anyway I smell an apt. glut in Brooklyn!

  • Thanks, brickoven. I am a little sad to leave Ft Greene, but not so sad when I think about our new 1300 sf apartment with access to gym, pool, etc., for under $2k. :)

  • Hybrid??? How about failed condo?

  • Hybrid??? How about failed condo?

  • > Hybrid??? How about failed condo?

    Hybrid is just a rest stop on the road to Nondo.

  • It seems all of these projects turning into rentals will add more and more young people to Fort Greene. I was shocked (without reason…am just living in the past), last night when I braved the subway from Manhattan rather late for me. I guess I arrived at Atlantic Avenue at about 11PM.

    I thought I would have to “be nervous” walking up Hanson into the neighborhood as though we were living in the old days. Meanwhile, I am always surprised at how I am repeatedly surprised at the nightlife around Fort Greene. I just can’t get it into my thick skull that the shift has been seemingly “tectonic”. So, there were people all over the place, teenagers through younger adults. I had to be the oldest person around. So much activity. Kids hanging out in the last gasps of summer before school begins and a big cluster of activity of young adults at the new Schwarz’ Koelner, Sushi One, No. 7, etc.

    I’m wondering what will happen as these big and bigger condo towers/developments start renting. I have a feeling the influx of people will be huge.

    BrooklynFamily, sorry to hear you’re leaving but I can understand the amenities vs cost. I guess your work/commute won’t be bad. Best of luck!

    David, are you thinking of moving into Fort Greene any time soon? I think you’d like it.

  • A day in the life of the collapse…

    ***Bid half off peak comps***

  • “I have a feeling the influx of people will be huge.”
    -BrooklynGreene wrote

    these buildings were put up for the influx of people that were supposed to come but the problem is they are not coming! People are leaving the city and losing there jobs. NYC will be lossing jobs for the next couple of years.

  • So, are these places likely to be worth more than the Elan rentals at 1st street and 4th ave? Cause they are asking $2700 for 2 bedroom/2 bath there…

  • These rents aren’t that crazy for the location. Ft. Greene has become really expensive, even amid the collapse. As the downtown high rises (with Ft. Greene names) flood the market, there will obviously be some effect, but most of those buildings are just worlds different from what attracts people to the neighborhood. This building doesn’t fit in architecturally, but it is nestled into an area that does.

  • If they get $2350 for a one bedroom I’ll be quite happy, less than my monthly mortgage/maintenance for my one bedroom in prime.

  • Buy now or be priced out forever. At these rental prices you could make a mint if you’d just buy up 3 or 4 of the condos and rent them out! They can only go up in value because everyone knows NYC is different than the rest of the country.

  • BrooklynGreene, I share your sense of wonder at the “tectonic” shift.

    Also, your posts are great.

  • Mopar,
    Thanks Hon.

  • BrickJuventude,
    I’m sure they’ll manage to rent out those huge buildings to to some extent. AND…even if they rent out just 20% of the apartments…which I think will end up being MUCH higher, it HAS to be a net gain in foot traffic through Fort Greene. No two ways about it. Sorry Hon.
    Lady Greene