Björk Moving to Brooklyn Heights

bjork-0809.jpgWe first caught wind of this rumor last week and have finally gotten enough confirmation that we feel comfortable posting it: Avant-garde pop star Bjork and artist husband Matthew Barney are in contract on a rather phat pad in Brooklyn Heights. In the name of privacy, that’s all we’re gonna say and ask that commenters refrain from posting the address if they know it. Stick to welcoming two more world-class artists to Brooklyn.

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  • I don’t even know who Bjork is or what it does.

  • Brooklyn Heights is exactly the kind of whacky, zany, off the wall, unorthodox nabe that you’d expect someone like Bjork to move to.

  • Is this what 11217 was talking about?

  • I see it plays “Fetch.”

  • someone guessed bjork when 11217 was holding out on us. this is great news. bjork is great!!! she’s totally gonna freak out all those old blue haired ladies and dapper fogies.

    she and her husband were living on a houseboat for a while in queens too.


  • noooooooooooooooo! omg! this makes me unreasonable happy! I love both of them!

    must be a St Ann’s move… their daughter is about that age.

  • Next time I’m on the promenade, I’ll be on the lookout for an aging waif in a swan suit and a severe-looking highbrow stuntman seeking to interact with his physical environment across artistic disciplines, perhaps accompanied by an entourage of worshipful avant-gardists dressed in black. There goes the neighborhood.

  • For the Jackasses..

    Bj̦rk РBig Time Sensuality

    Bjork has been in NY for years!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • Anyone know who Kristen Bjorn is???

  • HAHAHAHHA brenda, that was great hahah


  • Good Lord…does the cruel and monstrous What have a little crush on Bjork? As a ballet teacher of mine used to say, “Somebody put heroin in my cocaine!”

    (To me, she is “Bubble” on AbFab with pretensions…)

  • Dave, your musical knowledge totally blows! You’ve admitted to not knowing who Liz Phair, …Trail of Dead, and now Bjork! Good god man!

  • Bjork in BK Heights? That’s like DIBS moving to Bushwick

  • Dave, your musical knowledge totally blows! You’ve admitted to not knowing who Liz Phair, …Trail of Dead, and now Bjork! Good god man!

    Posted by: infinitejester at August 19, 2009 9:58 AM

    And yet I still believe I’m living life to the fullest.

  • for dibs, this one is a classic….give her voice a chance, you’ll grow to love it…

  • Brenda calm down. I like Bjork and her music..

    “Good Lord…does the cruel and monstrous What have a little crush on Bjork?”

    If I had the chance, I would smash her muff!

    “Bjork in BK Heights? That’s like DIBS moving to Bushwick”

    Wow that’s spot-on!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end..

  • Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York, we’re all so impressed with you, as you no doubt also are.

    The story is about her moving to BH, not that she is moving to NYC for the first time. Dumbass.

  • Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York
    Oh What, we bow before your omniscient knowledge of New York

    Posted by: dittoburg at August 19, 2009 10:05 AM

    Get meh a Ice Tea..

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • Brenda-that was hilarious

    I SERIOUSLY hope this wasn’t who 11217 was talking about b/c I’d like to know how did Bjork win an oscar and 2 Golden Globes?

  • randi…that was a truly awful song.

  • I bet the What had to stand in front of the class a lot and write things on the chalkboard multiple times.

  • Brenda –will you marry me?

  • ‘phat pad’? are you trying to date yourself?

  • Pete, it’s a post about BJORK

  • Brenda, I think your comment could form the basis for a hilarious comedy. I’d call it “Bjork and Barney.” Just thinking about the scenarios for their first date is cracking me up. How the heck did these two ridiculous and ridiculously serious people court each other? Oh man…

  • There’s a video online somewhere of a guy killing himself to a Bjork song.

  • I’m with DIBS. I have no idea who the hell Bjork is.

  • “Your flirt finds me out
    Teases the crack in me
    Smittens me with hope

    Possibly maybe possibly maybe
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    As much as I definitely enjoy solitude
    I wouldn’t mind perhaps
    Spending little time with you

    Possibly maybe probably love
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    Uncertainty excites me
    Who knows what’s going to happen?
    Lottery or car crash
    Or you’ll join a cult

    Probably maybe possibly love
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    Mon petit vulcan
    You’re eruptions and disasters
    I keep calm admiring your lava
    I keep calm

    Possibly maybe probably love
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    Electric shocks?
    I love them!
    With you –> dozen a day
    But after a while I wonder
    Where’s that love you promised me?
    Where is it?

    Possibly maybe probably love, possibly
    Possibly maybe probably love, possibly

    How can you offer me love like that?
    My heart’s burned
    How can you offer me love like that?
    I’m exhausted
    Leave me alone

    Possibly maybe possibly maybe
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    Since we broke up
    I’m using lipstick again
    I suck my tongue
    In remembrance of you…”

  • Any boaters out there? Bjork’s a licensed captain and has a sweet 62’Nordhavn, a vessel that’s capable of safely crossing oceans in comfort & style. It’s painted all black- I spied it once headed toward the Narrows on my way over the Manhattan bridge. They allegedly berth her somewhere in LIC…

  • “randi…that was a truly awful song.

    Posted by: daveinbedstuy at August 19, 2009 10:10 AM”

    you are an uncultured moron. i bet your record collection goes no further than billy joel, the eagles, steve miller band…blah blah PL

  • I’m a boater, Fjorder, but my 17′ 1958 Chris Craft would never make it across the ocean.

  • Gemini – Bjork was nominated for best actress for Dancing in the Dark (Oscar and Golden Globe). She was also nominated for best song (GG) same movie. is good stuff. That was the year she wore the swan dress to the Oscars.

  • DIBS- that’s a sweet ride. wooden hull?

  • Thanks What for Big Time Sensuality. One of my favorites!

    I hope she busts out the swan dress she wore to the Oscars for Dancer in The Dark nomination.

  • The sugarcubes got me thru my first undergrad charrette, and she had a brief relationship with Tricky, I hope she enjoys BK and performs free at the bandshell or else we evict her back to that house boat.

  • This was mine!

    You all got a little thrown off because Dave said something about Enrique Iglesius and I said I saw him in person and he’s hot and for some reason you all concluded that it was a guy.

    But nevertheless, this is the scoop. I love her enough that I didn’t want to say before it was certain.

  • Yes Fjorder but it has what’s called a 5200 bottom, meaning that below the water line it has an epoxy coating so that you don’t have half the leakage problems and you don’t have mto leave it in the water to “swell” for a day or so before you use it. original straight six flathead hercules engine…runs like a charm.

    It’s also in salt water, not fresh…better actually for the wood but not so much for the chrome.

    I bought the 17′ with hopes that the experience would be OK and I’d upgrade to a larger 22′ or something but this boat has been such a pleasure I don’t want to risk a change.

    Unfortunately I don’t use it that often, just the two weeks of the year I’m up on Cape Cod.

  • QUOTE: “she’s totally gonna freak out all those old blue haired ladies and dapper fogies.”

    I kinda think she and her husband are a blue haired old lady and dapper fogey. But I don’t necessarily consider that a negative.

  • DIBS: well that’s a sweet place to berth her. I recently had the opportunity to inherit a 1978 ’31 Silverton with twin Crusader gasoline engines. If she were diesel-powered, I can tell you that she’d be mine. But I didn’t want to invest $7500+ on getting her in the condition that I wanted her in (lots of maintenance, upgrades, etc) so I passed it up. For the first time in several years, I don’t have a boat and it sucks… every time I cross over the Gowanus via Union, I think of my (potential) Silverton docked along with those other clunkers that seem to never move…

  • Party line on Bjork: she sucks but she’s famous

  • I love Björk, but “Dancer in the Dark” was a godawful movie.

  • I had a boat when I lived in Hong Kong. It was designed by Ferretti (sp?) It was a 28′ dual I/O and I had a lot of fun with it there. Over there though you have to pass some rigorous exams for both piloting/navigation as welkl as mechanicals. The piloting/navigation courses taught me a lot and really are necessary becasue HK is an international shipping channel.

    The best thing I ever learned was that the cargo/freighter/tanker coming at you in the channel is moving much faster, is much larger and is much closer than you actually think it is!!!!!!

    Red Right Return.

  • ENY…I luv you man! :) :) :) :)



  • Dancer in the Dark is one of my favorite movies of all time. Top 5.

  • Brooklyn’s actually been full of eurotrash for some time

  • Ok…I just watched the video What posted. Not impressed. At all. But then again, I love Neil Diamond, so what the hell do I know?

  • Dare I ask your other top 4?

  • Is brownstoner getting PWNED by brooklynheightsblog??????

  • I believe I was the first to add up all of 11217’s clues. What do I win?

  • Donnie Darko
    Welcome to the Dollhouse
    Best in Show
    Shawshank Redemption

    oh and ELECTION!

  • Election? As in the movie with Reese Witherspoon? That was hilarious. (did I just admit to liking that?)

  • Donnie Darko – YES
    Welcome to the Dollhouse – YES
    Best in Show – YES
    Shawshank Redemption – Never saw, will add to Neflix queue

    oh and ELECTION! – YES

  • She made a good choice in Brooklyn Heights. It is a nice quiet neighborhood where no one will pay the slightest attention to her or her family, which is probably exactly what she wants. Plus, she’s not really that famous. Few will know who she is even if standing next to her at Garden of Eden.

  • > Is brownstoner getting PWNED by brooklynheightsblog??????

    I wonder. In any event, I’ve been on a Björk listening binge all morning because of this post.

  • “Anyone know who Kristen Bjorn is???”

    Yes, Dave.

  • Minard:

    I think she’s just not that famous for Brooklyn Heights. But I see your point and agree. From what I know, she’s moving there as both kids will be going to St. Ann’s.

    If you plopped her down in Williamsburg, she’d be uber famous. Among musicians, she is considered one of the finest in the world.

    I’d say that if you asked a sampling of people I know, Bjork would be rated at the top of nearly every person’s list as their favorite artist.

  • So which of his movies is your favorite, CGar????

  • “Among musicians, she is considered one of the finest in the world.”

    OMG, now I’ve heard everything.

  • the twitterer mentioned on the BH Blog said he stated the “rumor” after reading about it in a thread here.. so he didn’t make it up out of thin air. he was just running with a hunch

  • interesting 11217. I definitely know who she is but I thought her star was fading with the younger crowd.

  • DIBS, how is it that you feel comfortable commenting when you’ve already said you have no idea who she is?

  • i used to love her and her music, even the sugarcubes stuff, but it hit me one day, her music kinda sucks. she sounds like an autistic chipmunk being strangled.


  • I know who she is, ringo.

    Besides, I feel comfortable commenting about anything whether or not I know anything about the subject or not. :)

  • I don’t know that I have a favorite, Dave. I’ve seen scenes from a lot of different movies. Any recommendations?

    “Besides, I feel comfortable commenting about anything whether or not I know anything about the subject or not. :)”


  • Funny theory, Minard — that she and Matthew Barney moved to the only neighborhood in brownstone Brooklyn whose denizens will have no idea who they are. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    I have a friend who hates Bjork because Bjork bought her childhood home in the Hudson Valley and painted over the original 1920s murals.

    She’s probably ripping out original details in Brooklyn Heights right now. Someone alert the authorities.

  • I hope she moves in next to Paul Giamatti. Then you’ve got an “aging waif” and disheveled genius walking their little urchins to school together.

  • “Besides, I feel comfortable commenting about anything whether or not I know anything about the subject or not.”

    Ha, that’s the best.

  • Oh, come one, anyone who knows music knows Bjork basically sucks; just as anyone who knows art knows Barney is a charming poseur. But god knows they’ll move here and we’ll all wet ourselves.

  • Björk “sounds like an autistic chipmunk being strangled.”

    GOOD ONE! That’s exactly right.

  • I just hope she doesn’t do this to me if I accidentally bump into her “little urchin” at the Garden of Eden.

  • I said it before.
    Brooklyn Heights Blog has your number brown.
    This is almost as big as that SJP in PS rumor last month. HA.
    I will get my celeb gossip news from Brownstoner when I get my Real Estate from People magazine. This is why brownstoner should not post this stuff.

  • WOW…nice catch on that video, Biff.

    Some may think she’s the best musician in the world but that just proves she’s a low-life POS without any class.

  • Biff, great clip, I’d forgotten about that!
    She will fit in nicely…she’s dressed in typical, frumpy BH mom attire and will be able to hold her own at the Court Street Cinemas.

    Welcome to Brooklyn Heights, Bjork.

    *running away now lest I get pummeled Bangkok style*

  • DIBS, I know if I were to once again hear the words, “Welcome to Bangkok”, the last thing I would be in would be a bad mood!!

  • You got that right, Biff.

  • “and will be able to hold her own at the Court Street Cinemas.”


  • “Some may think she’s the best musician in the world but that just proves she’s a low-life POS without any class.”

    Unfair. We have no idea what led to that moment. She’s not known for losing it like that. A life led being nearly constantly harassed by those people could make anyone lose it especially if they are with their children.

  • Nomi, I don’t really care about Bjork either way, other than I do think she’s exceptionally pretty and exotic looking. But to physically assault someone after she said “Welcome to Bangkok” is unacceptable regardless of how stressed she might have been, the fact the woman was a reporter, the fact her kid was with her, etc. There was no excuse for that. You can’t make movies, music, videos, etc. and expect people not to want to talk to you or take your picture.

  • Yes, sometimes we do things that are not acceptable after extreme provocation. I don’t believe that woman or the paparazzi in general was innocently taking her picture and innocently asking her question. Famous people should expect to give up some of their privacy. But incessant aggressive invasion could push any one of us to do things we’d think we’d never do.

  • Assault is assualt, Nomi. It’s not an appropriate response to anything other than an assault by the other person.

    Too many people these days don’t understand this. If I were that reporter I’d press charges.

    You can’t be a celebrity or a public figure and not be able to deal with the shit.

  • I watched the video- the woman simply said Welcome to Bangkok- sorry but there is no excuse for the attack. If Bjork really wanted privacy, why go through a public airport? And surely someone alerted the press that she would be there. Sometimes stars believe their own hype and think they operate on a different level than the rest of us, all the while depending on us to support them. She should have been arrested for assault.

  • “extreme provocation”??
    “incessant aggressive invasion”??

    “I don’t believe that woman or the paparazzi in general was innocently taking her picture and innocently asking her question.”

    Nomi, watch and listen to the video for goodness sake! The attack was hardly provoked and do you really consider having a reporter say “Welcome to Bangkok” to be an “aggressive invasion”? That reporter is also someone’s daughter, mother, sister, etc. and didn’t deserve that. She wasn’t exactly up in Bjork’s grill.

  • I’ve tried my darndest as I enter Bangkok to get assaulted by a police officer in uniform with his billyclub; but to no avail.

  • Bjork fights like a girl.

  • Yeah, that clip was all over the place because it makes Bjork look like a madwoman.

    I’d like to see clips of the days leading up to that moment.

  • Personally I’ve just gotten used to the Paparazzi taking my picture everywhere I go. The price of fame that I’ve learned to live with.

  • Surprised people haven’t heard of her. Not my cup of tea but she’s famous enuf.

    My daughter was fortunate enuf to sing with her at a recording session she did in Riverside Church.

  • She commented on that airport outburst at the time (which was a decade ago, right?). Reports at the time was that the reporter had repeatedly hounded her and her kid with a tv crew recording it all. But Bjork sent her flowers and a written apology afterwards anyway.

  • Who knows how it really feels to have a loss of privacy like that. It’s possible that this particular reporter was a special pain in Bjork’s behind (the clip said something about the reporter bothering her for days). But, I just can’t condone going all apesh!t bucknutty like that. Especially in front of your child. What would she have done if the reporter hauled off and gave her a right hook knocking her on her @ss? Busted that nice face of hers? Maybe the final lesson here is that no one should welcome her to BH. It could end in a trip to LICH.

  • “I’d like to see clips of the days leading up to that moment.”

    Ok, so if I get hassled by one person at work today, I have carte blanche to attack a different co-worker tomorrow. Awesome! I have a feeling that if you were related to that reporter, you would be singing a different tune (and probably a better one than Bjork would be singing, at that).

  • All the other blogs are picking up on this Bjork thing and some are calling it merely a rumor.

  • Yeah, that clip was all over the place because it makes Bjork look like a madwoman.

    Posted by: Nomi at August 19, 2009 1:12 PM

    She was fine with it – all her videos do the same.

  • No excuses. If no one paid attention or her work, wouldn’t she be complaining? No fame, no money, no attention…I don’t stars have to be hounded, and the paparazzi can be horrible. I think a star’s private life and home should be sacrosanct, like private citizens’. But if you want that lifestyle you have to know this is the price you pay when you’re out in public. Learn to deal with it.

  • Jester…ha! You slay me :)

  • I never said what she did was OK. Of course it wasn’t. Just trying to make the point that any one of us could lose it if pushed too far. And, yeah, it was the same woman and her crew following her.

    I don’t think most of us have an inkling what that’s like.

    We get a little thrill out of seeing a successful well-known person “get what they asked for,” and don’t think about what it really means.

  • Minard, I checked ACRIS, it’s true. Filings were made in her name at an address in BK Heights.

  • bxgrl, that is why if I were famous I would live in a place like Brooklyn. A very famous sports star was once described as living where he did because “no one wanted anything out of him there.”

    It doesn’t help that many stars intentionally build up their mystique by being aloof or having an outrageous presence everywhere they go. I guess that’s why they live in huge mansions with so many trappings – they can’t leave and act normal.

    Supposedly football watching at Jimmy Kimmel’s house is like the in-thing to do for a Hollywood male star. Tom Cruise even showed up once.

  • I don’t get a thrill at all and I think paparazzi and fans don’t know where to stop. But music artists and movie stars crave attention because without it they aren’t stars, or have successful careers. Its a case of being careful what you wish for. Without publicity would Bjork be as successful? the news reporter may have been annoying but physically assaulting her (notice, she never touched Bjork, tried to stop her or even got all that close. She held out the mike)was a huge no no.

    That said, I can surely understand stars socking a reporter or breaking a camera if they intrude on personal space, take their mothers out of nursing homes to interview them (happened to Brooke Shield’s mother), touch them or follow their kids.

  • No one ever answered as to why she has a stick in her mouth in that pic.

  • Now in that instance (the Brooke Shield’s mother incident) that’s the time to go apesh!t bucknutty. That was waaaaaaay over the line and deserves a sock full of nickels upside the head.

  • IJ- I missed Tom? damn! (Must have been downstairs with the Missus drinking tea and denying ice cream to the ladies :-)

  • I’m late to this show… 11217, “Welcome to the Dollhouse” — really? Ugggh.

  • She’s feisty, that’s for sure. We don’t mind feisty in BH as long as no antique china or furniture is broken.

  • Bxgirl…tea with Katie? How nice :) Does she let Suri have unlimited icepops? Ha!

  • Mssr. Lafever, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve got a beautiful mahogany tea caddy so that riff raff like her doesn’t steal the tea.

  • Now I feel bad for posting that thing about the Hudson Valley. I think Bjork and Matthew Barney are cool. I’ve seen them at parties and plays. I hope they have a wonderful time in their new house.

  • this is the same bjork that had a bomb sent to her house and a crazy stalker kill himself online over her. this reporter hounded her for days and GRABBED HER KID the day previously. she had enough. learn all the facts before you people start guessing at what you would do in this situation.
    frankly this video made me like her even more.
    on a side note it not so great that all these freaky people now know where she lives thanks to you guys.

  • Bjork???!!! Wait, so it’s not Morrissey?

  • Looking at the UCC filing on ACRIS, while it is indeed very likely that Bjork and Matthew Barney are moving to the nabe, it’s not conclusive proof of such. My lender filed a UCC prior to my closing on my coop unit. It’s not an uncommon practice. The transfer tax form has not been filed yet, which would be more definitive proof of a purchase. If they are merely in contract for the unit, the Board could subsequently decide not to allow them into the building, thus dissolving the contract. The Board might say, “Eh, this Bjork is too much of a rabble-rouser, beating on people at airports. We don’t want her kind in our building.” It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, or in this case, the icelandic pixie sings her swan song in her swan dress.

  • Pop Quiz:

    Q: What is Björk’s last name?
    A: Guðmundsdóttir

    No wonder she goes by “Bjork.” Yikes.

    PS Maybe Tango will start stocking more feathered items with her in the nabe.

  • Reminds me of a thread on Bklyn Hts Blog – will Bjork become our new Norman Mailer?

  • > this is the same bjork that had a bomb sent to her house

    The co-op board will love that tidbit.

  • she’s going to be seriously disappointed when she goes shopping at Bird for the first time and doesnt see any goose gowns


  • BR, I wish she were are talented as Norman Mailer.

  • jasonkyle, from the video, it is obvious the reporter was assaulted. One cannot dispute that fact. If Bjork can prove she (or her child) was victimized by the reporter prior to the incident, then she should have filed a suit against the reporter.

  • justlurkin, she’s just as talented being batsh*t nutty as he was. I should have clarified the comparison.

    Pls make sure to leave some feathered items for her at Tango. I know how u like to snap those up. ; )

  • Biff, this topic is too dull to go around and around about, but in the aftermath of that video it came out the reporter was following her all over for days, grabbing at her, etc to PROVOKE an outburst and then release the LITTLE BIT of the video you saw. Bjork later said she regretted letting it get to her, she should have known better, etc. Too bad there are people like you who still are holding this against her a decade later without remembering the whole story.

  • BR, Too late. I’ve already bought out the feathered items at Tango. Am moving on to Bird for a goose gown (*rob*, I think they’ll special order for a good customer).

  • Biff, it’s OK to admit that maybe you didn’t understand the whole situation. You will not crumble and die.

    Sometimes people are pushed to the point where they are not able to rationally think that they should at some later date file suit against someone. Have you never done anything that crossed the line when you were out of control? Imagine if you were provoked into such behavior by people who make a living provoking in a fashion that, if they get lucky, will make the famous person look bad and them look innocent. How many of us could take that without losing it in some way? I certainly couldn’t.

  • Ringo is correct on this story. I really wish people would stop talking about something they only know the partial story on.

  • Like I said earlier, assault is not an appropriate response to badgering by a reporter. If the reporter “assaulted her or her child earlier, then sh should have taken steps then, not days later, in another country. Perhaps that was the opportunity she saw…that she was in another country and it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Either way, she acted like a lowlife thug.

  • No, she acted like a person who lost control under an extremely provocative situation.

  • BKHeightsGirl – where do you find filed transfer tax forms?

    You’re right, btw, appears the unit is only under contract.

  • Nomi, no need to be condescending. I have conceded that there may have been previous transgressions by the reporter, which I’m unaware of and stated she should face the music if she caused any harm to Bjork and her family. Either way, I didn’t intend to get into a serious discussion of the incident when I posted the video.

    “Biff, this topic is too dull to go around and around about”

    Ringo, now THAT I can agree on! Now I’m done.

  • Losing control that results in assault is lowlife street behavior, Nomi.

  • Might be more acceptable if she shaved her head first.

    and now I’m done!

    Moving to a different topic, what do you guys think of the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory? If I had to guess what frozen sh*t tastes like, that would defintely be it.

  • “Nomi, no need to be condescending.”

    Sorry, Biff. You’re right.

  • well then DIBS, she’s in good company. Tobey Maguire, Chris Martin, Pierce Brosnan, Alec Baldwin, Will Smith, Robert DeNiro and Woody Harrelson and many more have all “acted like lowlife thugs” when paparazzi have gotten close to their kids.

  • “Have you never done anything that crossed the line when you were out of control? ”

    You should have seen how curious he gets with a few drinks!

  • Great ringo…those people commit acts of assault so that means any celebrity can as well. You’re being an ASS. It’s assault. It’s a criminal offense and can usually bring in a nice civil settlement as well.

    What part of the law don’t you understand??? Is this any different than if someone fot into a verbal altercation with someone on the street and the other pulled a knife?? It’s a different degree of assault, yes but just in degree. I assume you think its alright for someone to retaliate with a handgun as well??

  • If someone gets in my kid’s face, there’s a fair chance I’m going to punch them. if it means getting called an ass by you, I am 100% okay with that.

    I have no idea where you get from there to handguns.

  • None of you have any idea what may or may not have transpired between Bjork and this reporter.

    Define “gets in my kid’s face.” You still have no basis for an assault. The sooner people like you learn that, the less likely you are to go to jail.

  • its actually a matter of public record that this woman stalked her with a camera crew for days around the globe and did in fact “get in her kid’s face”. do a little research. it happened years ago. and the woman/paprazzi/stalker in fact did not sue because she knew exactly what she was doing was batshit insane. any park slope mom would do the same as bjork. so in the end she will be right at home in bk.

  • I would think Bjork would buy a house, not a coop.

  • late to the party i guess, but seriously, get in my face and i will punch you. tho i dont think ive ever punched anyone who has gotten in my face before, but still… if you think people dont have the right to retaliate, then i dare you to go on the train and put your finger in smoeone’s face and keep chanting, im n ot touching you, im not touching you, im not touching you, etc.

    if crazy papparazzi’s didnt do what they did and if perhaps The Princess (Diana) popped one in the nose of the freaks who were chasing her at 100 mph she’d be alive today, no?


  • I don’t know. Something about that blue hair, dapper comment seems weird, anachronistic. Straight, maybe republican occasionally, but that old wasp thing seems like a stereotype for the neigb. Maybe stroller heavy conservative, like moms trying to just make it, having given up their Swan dresses etc., but damn, Bjorkys got an armful of kids, so, really, she’ll fit right in. And the cream master’s a preppy from way back, uh, a friend of mine used to call them rogue preppies, but I bet he’s more conservative than he pretends. I think the excitement will come when someone tries to photograph her, a tourist, and she slugs them.
    I think the St. Anne’s thing is right on, dudes, I’ll bet that…

  • Lol, most of you on here are a joke. And MIMITHEDOG, since when does Björk have an armful of kids? She has one who is GROWN UP, and a young daughter. Guess that’s too much, huh?

    And Gemini, are you surprised she has received awards? I’m pretty sure you haven’t done shit in your life to even get recognized. You’re a funny, idiotic broad.

    Most Americans are idiots anyway, and only listen to what the mainstream media tell them to listen to, because otherwise…they might get joked and not fit in with Middle AMERICA.

    Björk is the best thing that happened to your neighborhood.

  • Bjork currently lives above my friend on West Houston St. She’s flooded his apartment twice, is incredibly noisy (loud music at all hours) and is a general paint in the ass.

    Me? I think she’s adorable and very talented.

    Just saying.