Crack is Wack for Slope Building

The DOB has cordoned off the vacant building at 647 Baltic Street in Park Slope with its scary yellow tape and the official line on the structure, via a spokesperson, is that it “prevents a significant safety risk” but it’s “not in imminent danger of collapse.” The building’s owner, who, according to neighbors, hasn’t been seen for a couple years, has been served with a bunch of violations. One of the more recent ones says the following: “Failure to maintain observed: front brick facade pulling away from side wall with vertical crack app. 20′ high with gaps from 3/8″ to 1 1/2″.” The DOB says they’re evaluating their options for the building, which may very well include demolition. GMAP DOB

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  • delepp

    Looks like a perfect site for a tent village for all those 20 something bushwick backyard residents.

  • That stretch of Baltic is really not doing well, which is particularly frustrating to me since I just moved in very close by and love the area. Does anyone know how long a DOB evaluation like this takes? I’m imagining a few months of that charming yellow tape while the red tape is worked through…