Development Watch: 74 Grand Avenue

The 40-unit building under construction at 74 Grand Avenue in Clinton Hill is approaching the finish line. What’s particularly noteworthy to us is how Bricolage managed to squeeze in four different materials into that facade. That chiseled rock look on the lower floors is one of our least favorites! Otherwise, this is a little better than what we expect out of this firm.
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  • let me be 1st to say that it’s not bad, better than expected, etc. and pray the price is not bad too

  • “a little better than what we expect out of this firm”

    WOW! That’s almost an approving comment for a building built after 1873! Good job. Keep it up.

  • I’d like to add that developers who include Juliet Balconies should be pushed out of them.

  • What is with architects who build balconies with adjoining windows that the railing will invariably end up perpendicular to? Would it kill them to widen the balconies an extra foot? Juliet balconies are also stupid and pointless and end up being used to store cases of beer or bicycles.

    This isn’t really the most horrendous looking building I’ve seen recently though – It at least errs on the side of tasteful. They did go a little overboard on the rusticated stone though – Most normal architects wouldn’t use that above the water table.

  • If this was on Grand St instead of Grand Ave you would all think it was hideous!