100 Gold Hits the Market

How close is too close when it comes to a new condo’s proximity to the projects? That question will be put to the test now that the new environmentally-friendly development at 100 Gold Street in Vinegar Hill has hit the market. (According to a press release we received last month, the developer plans to purchase renewable energy credits and assist in funding reforestation projects to offset the building’s carbon emissions in the first year.) The eight units range in price from $525,000 for a 700-square-foot one-bedroom to $935,000 for a 1,085-square-foot one-bedroom. The building sounds nice but it’s hard to see how anyone will pay those prices to be so close to the Farragut Houses. Remember what happened at 99 Gold Street—and that was before the market had collapsed.
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  • “How close is too close when it comes to a new condo’s proximity to the projects?”

    Yes, I wonder that too. Expanding the question a little, I am used to living in nice enough places but places which basically assume I seek my entertainment elsewhere (read: not a ton of amenities). I read a quote recently, “I didn’t move here to New York to cook dinner.” The new condo listings I peruse all seem designed for one to come home, shut the door, fire up the Viking, turn on the satellite TV or wireless and go into your personal cave.

    Granted a 2 bed and up, conceivably a young family is buying the place for themselves – they want to stay in more than go out. But a one bedroom with all these amenities? I would basically return home, go workout, cook dinner, watch TV, and then go to bed. And wonder what I was missing in the outside world.

  • Stop the painful charade and just go rental already.

  • I’m going to buck the normal trend and admit that I like the appearance of this building.

    Prices are crazy, as usual.

  • Does being next door to the llamastery provide any compensation, real or abstract?

  • Hello All,

    I do not really know this area.. but love the idea.
    What do you think? I read a lot of things + and -.
    Also, do you think that this building location is safe (100 gold)? As I don’t really know the farragut projects reputation?
    I thank you all for the feedback you can give me.
    Have a nice day.