Brooklyn Food & Drink Round-Up

Closing Temporarily: Lobo
218 Court Street, Cobble Hill; (718) 858-7739
Grub Street reports that Lobo “is closing its Cobble Hill location for a month beginning March 23. The official reason given is ‘renovations,’ but you have to worry whether restaurants that take an extended break during this economy will actually reopen. There’s still plenty of people choking Lobo’s tiny hallway at night, so we’re hopeful.”

Many Openings This Week
Besides Zuzu Ramen in Park Slope, this week will also see the openings of Deniz (a Turkish restaurant at Fulton Street and South Elliott Place in Fort Greene), Anselmo’s Coal-Fired Brick Oven Pizzeria (on Van Brunt and Sullivan in Red Hook), and Lucky Shot Espresso (at 145 Driggs in Greenpoint), says Time Out New York. And according to New York Magazine, the Frankies are opening Cafe Peddlar, a “Viennese-style cafe” at 210 Court Street (near Warren Street, in the old Magaret Palca Bakes space), today.

Coming Soon: Purple Yam, Brooklyn Bowl, and Cherry Hill
Last month, we mentioned that the owners of Soho’s Filipino spot Cendrillon were preparing to open Purple Yam on Cortelyou in April. Now, Ditmas Park Blog says that Cendrillon has closed, but the new spot’s opening date still stands: “The concept of the new Purple Yam is to re-create a kitchen-centered home harking back to the Asian values of hospitality and generosity.” Plus, Down by the Hipster reports that Brooklyn Bowl is gearing up for a May 1st opening, and Gothamist says that the old Lundy’s space in Sheepshead Bay will soon be home to a “19,000 square foot gourmet market called Cherry Hill.”

After the jump: Hanco’s drops prices in Park Slope, Chef César Ramirez at a lunch counter in Downtown Brooklyn, and the O’Connor’s vs. Freddy’s rivalry…

Hanco’s Drops Prices in Park Slope
350 7th Avenue (at 10th Street), Park Slope; (718) 499-8081
Serious Eats reports: “a sign was posted on the windows of less-than-a-month-old Hanco’s in Park Slope: ‘Effective today, all sandwiches are $6.50.’ Originally, they were $7 but said too many people were complaining… The sister branch in Boreum Hill still sells what seems to be the same sandwiches for $5.25.” Of course, you can get an even better deal at Ba Xuyen — a favorite in the Brownstoner restaurant database.

A Hot New Lunch in Downtown Brooklyn
Eater says that chef César Ramirez, “the Bouley and Danube vet who most recently earned two stars for his work at Bar Blanc,” is now working for Brooklyn Fare, the grocery store set to open at 200 Schermerhorn. According to the store’s press release, “Chef Ramirez…offers a breadth of the selections providing restaurant-caliber lunches to people who work in Downtown Brooklyn.”

The O’Connor’s vs. Freddy’s Rivalry
The Times shares a vignette about the pranks between these two watering holes and the softball tournament between them every spring and summer: “Ever since some Freddy’s loyalists marched over to O’Connor’s one night in 2003, scroll in hand to officially challenge their rivals, the two sides have been meeting in Prospect Park to duke it out. The huge bra that serves as the trophy currently hangs on a newer moose head at O’Connor’s. But Freddy’s is confident of reclaiming the prize after losing it for the first time last year.”

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  • Deniz actually opened a few weeks ago, and has been pretty busy since then.

  • One can only hope Lobo is taking the time to head down to Mexico for some spices – clearly they ran out long ago.

  • sorry, but if lobo did not re-open, i wouldn’t shed a tear. nexttttttt!

  • So, no love for the Court Street Lobo?

    The 5th Avenue location started good, but seems to have jumped the shark.

  • Is it just me, or is every dish at Lobo just a slight variation on the previous? I feel like they have 50 things on the menu and they all use the same ingredients.

    What happens if I don’t want rice & beans???

  • > “is every dish at Lobo just a slight variation on the previous?”

    That is the essence of TexMex.

  • But what is really odd about Lobo is that it alwasy seems fairly busy… never got it. Must be the drinks.

  • Snark, Thanks for clearing that up. With that said, I hope they renovate their menu as well.

  • i live around the corner. lobo is really only busy on weekends for brunch (maybe they have an all-you-can-drink included in the price?) the bar is usually full during the week but never the tables. although i am not a fan, i have heard that people much prefer Lobo marg’s over Pacifico’s.

  • I have some love for Court St. Lobo…

    Lobo is better than Pacifico which has a disgusting kitchen and roaches galore. [This is not hyperbole – aren’t they closed now?] Lobo is a friendly simple Tex-Mex place with a comfortable atmosphere. Not trying to be anything it’s not. I hope they re-open. The garden is really cozy. It gets nothing but good marks from me.

  • Good to hear that, cobbles. The last time I was at the Slope outpost, I don’t know which was worse: the food or the guy singing karaoke. The horror… the horror…

  • I know Tex-Mex food. I know it well. And Lobo serves only a cardboard facsimile of that tasty cuisine. Some day you will go to Texas and realize the culinary crime committed by Lobo. You will be angry. Very, very angry.

  • I don’t care if Lobo’s food is not “real” Tex-Mex. I like the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, the back garden area. A relaxed vibe, with unpretentious, unsophisticated comfort food. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Anyone know what is going on with the restaurant space on Court at Kane? There was a ton of activity going on there today. I saw a tall hippie-ish looking guy going in to check on things.

  • I like Lobo.

    Tasty, inexpensive, close to home, mellow vibe. I don’t know “good” Mex or TexMex, but I find Lobo enjoyable.

    (a friend from San Diego has said Lobo is pretty close to SD TexMex compared to most NYC places he’s been to)

    I’ll miss is while it’s gone.

  • Lobo is simply a great place for one of the best margaritas, chips, salsa and queso! Just a place to relax, enjoy the really easy going bartenders and neighborhood people. The garden is the best place to take it easy in the warm weather. And, by the way, this is tex mex, not mexican and not cal mex. There is a difference folks!

  • Chicagoan is right. Lobo is a drink and snack place.

    The food is really not great. California Tacqueria and Buddy’s have better food.

  • Chicagoan is right. Lobo is a drink and snack place.

    The food is really not great. California Tacqueria and Buddy’s have better food.

  • Lobo has some of the worst food on Court Street. Everything is flavorless and bland. I will not be sad at all if they close forever.

  • You Court street Lobo haters are completely missing the point. I have been going to this place for the past five years and it is one of my favorite brunch spots in Brooklyn.

    Sure the food isn’t that great but I am perfectly fine having eggs, grits, and bacon for breakfast.

    The margaritas are excellent and the waitstaff and bartenders are very friendly. It’s a real CH/CG neighborhood hangout during brunchtime and a great place to spend a lazy sunday afternoon getting wasted on margaritas with a few friends.

  • Chicagoan,

    u ever been to Mezcal’s or Pepe’s?? the crapiest Chicago mexican chains r light yrs ahead of nyc mexican…apart from Alma they r all pretty worthless…could use a Pepe’s Carne Asada right now w/ some beans………

  • Here’s the skinny – Lobo on Court – great brunch – food better than ok (Try Migas!) but bloodies in a mason jar on the back porch priceless. Lots of sun – checking out the blue jays and squirrels in the big trees an oasis – The regular menu not so hot but not disgusting and the folks there are really nice and remember you. *

    never been to the slope version because I keep hearing that it is not as good and besides no blue jays – What the point? ; )

    * unlike Beast -my fav place until last weekend when I waited almost an hour for a table only to have it be given to a cute lesbian date couple because they had reservations? Since when does Beast take reservations? I live right around the corner and I have ben there a million times and the hostess always acts like she has never seen me. What a downer.

  • We love Lobo. Good food, good drinks, cute waitresses (sorry, I’m an old man, leave me some joy.) They’ve been planning a renovation for a long time. They’re not closing. This is a terrific neighborhood spot. Is it the essence of Tex-Mex? I don’t know. It’s Brooklyn. Settle down. Have a cocktail, eat some chips and salsa, and have a nice day.

  • lobo sucks, beast rules

  • Been to the Court St. location a few times, but Park Slope many. Love the margaritas and buffalo chicken quesadilla. Yum! It will be good for the PS freelance folk to have a new option for lunch in the hood.

  • Lobo is nast. Their brunch is terrible. Hopefully a better restaurant will open up in it’s place.