Thor Leak Reveals Plans for Mall at Red Hook Refinery Site

Moments ago Thor Equities released someone leaked renderings of The Hook, a 376,00-square-foot mega-mall on the site of the old Revere Sugar Refinery site in Red Hook. If built, the project would be the biggest retail development in New York City in more than 20 years. Thor reportedly has commitments for financing but not tenants (though BJ’s has long been rumored to be the anchor). For more renderings and a detailed explanation of the plan, check out either Curbed or Racked.
Update: Here’s a statement from a Thor spokesperson…
“The images made public today are simply draft sketches and do not accurately represent Thor Equities proposal for the 280 Richards Street site. Thor is committed to ensuring that its proposed commercial project compliments the revitalization already underway throughout Red Hook, including the continuous public waterfront access that began with the six-acre esplanade adjacent to Ikea Brooklyn. We look forward to working with City officials and the community to ensure that our plans work seemlessly with other developments to revitalize the Red Hook waterfront.

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  • They are going to do a wall out of shipping containers?

  • looks like a Cosco would be the anchor from the rendering of the shipping containers.

  • That’s the affordable housing component, MM.

  • Look Mommie a Unicorn…

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end..

  • That’s not just a wall…it’s a LIVING GREEN wall.

    I pity the fool that has to climb up those things and trim the bushes and weed the planting beds.

    I especially like the one on the end in the second photo that seems to be mysteriously hovering over the ground.

  • So it looks like a giant cement parking garage with orange shipping containers stuck to its side? And I thought we were witnessing the demise of the mall on our fair shores. Sigh.

  • To jmcinty; COSCO is a shipping company, running container ports and leasing intermodal freight containers globally. The artist may have chosen their containers at random for the illustration. There has been a push to pay homage to Red Hook’s historical life as a shipping hub. You’ll see similarly “decorative” immobile derricks along the water by Ikea. It seems that the big box stores have to use the shipping industry as a building motif, even as they push them out of the area.

  • awesome – build it build it build it build it build it

    Actually a unicorn is someone who posts on calculatedriskblog under the moniker citizen allanm or something like that, no?


    I once had an applicant lie like a dog on an application for an apartment. we didn’t realize it was a fake app and sent it to the landlord. but the landlord recognized that the applicant signed his name with a big star… and it made him remember an earlier application signed with a big star… and it was the same guy! Had he not signed with a big star he would have gotten the apartment.

    someday this war is going to end…

  • Today’s story in the NYT about Phoenix beverage distributors signing a deal at Pier 7 should give us pause. 600 jobs. I’m guessing of better quality than retail.

    I’m bitterly opposed to this sort of project from an aesthetic standpoint, but the NYT story highlights the fact that Red Hook can be a true shipping hub once again, and benefit from the jobs that would be created.

    376,00-square-foot mega-mall. Yuck.

  • hey i sign my name with a big star!


  • NOT the biggest retail development in NYC in 20 years. The Gateway Center in the Bronx, now being finished, will have 1 million square feet and several big box stores, including BJ’s, Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond. This is just south of Yankee Stadium.

  • Surely you know the bronx doesnt count.

  • Doesn’t count only to the ignorant :-)