Atomic Wings Picks Up the Slack on Smith

atomic-wings-0209.jpgBrooklyn just got its second Atomic Wings, reports the Cobble Hill Blog. The local chain (in addition to a Park Slope outpost, it’s got seven locations in Manhattan and one in Jersey City) has taken over the former Boerum Hill Food Company space at 134 Smith Street which closed in early December after a decade. Luckily the chicken wing shortage should be behind us now. GMAP

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  • yeah, but sadly no i-tunes so what’s the point?

  • I ordered from an AW for the first time during post-season football and the food is simply awful. I have absolutely no idea how the chain stays in business, let alone expand.

  • altervoce, really? I used to get them on the UES and thought they were pretty good, but that was a while back.

  • >”I have absolutely no idea how the chain stays in business, let alone expand.”

    Two words: drunk fratboys.

  • yeah only drunken frat boys eat chicken wings. knob.

  • well, this was close. I think back awhile on Brownstoner was said that Planet Wings was opening here.

  • I believe you meant “drunken frat boys eat knob.”

  • Well, I’m not drunk (now) and was never a fratboy, and I think Atomic Wings has the best wings overall in NYC. They are consistant[ly good] and hot as hell, if you so desire. In the last 10 years, I’ve probably eaten wings (or, the boneless variety) over 100 times. I think I’ve been to every AW location, and I’ve yet to find a better place. I wholeheartedly welcome this addition to the neighborhood.

  • Snarkslope is such a douche. Total effin’ loser who is so insecure with his or her being that the only comeback is to denigrate “drunken fratboys” or “stroller mammas” Real original, scumbag

  • I hate these chains that put the same signs and frontage up no matter where the store is. No difference between what they’d on a commercial strip mall or a Brooklyn Street.

  • > “Snarkslope is such a douche.”

    From you, PropJoe, I take that as the highest of compliments. After all, you have blessed this site with such pearls of wisdom as:

    “No one interesting lives in Manhattan anymore. FatLenny definitely has Fratboy written all over him. His idea of intersting is Zeta Tau”

    “Everyone should keep a boxcutter or a large knife on them. I always have one in case some Obama lovin’ brotha decides to rob this brotha. I’ll slice those dudes up.”

    “They should burn down the PJs on the other side of the park & build the Nets arena in the charred landscape.”

    “Quite the contrary, yo. It’s all trust-funded WASPs with some brothas & sistas scattered. Though I’m sure a Jew owns the building”

    “How can a brotha be a racist, Montrose? I ain’t be hating on whitey, yo. Amzi obviously is a project kid who loves baggy jeans and uses his or her welfare cheque to buy new kicks and eat at McDonalds every week instead of taking care of his baby mamma like a responsible person.”

    “They should put this prison in Brownsville or Bed Stuy where these people come from anyway. They can reduce carbon footprint by putting it in their hoods of criminals so the multiple baby mamas don’t have to drive here. Oy Vey!”

    “Here come the Jews complaining about Christmas decorations…”

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  • A-ha! I didn’t do the ordering myself, and we didn’t order wings. Perhaps the lesson is to stick with the eponymous menu item. I’m with “Boerum Hill” on the fugly storefront.

  • “charred landscape” made me laugh when I first read it.

  • Its so nice to see a littany of PropJoe’s greatest hits to remind everyone how much of a fool he really is.

    I pretty much don’t eat wings unless they are a freebie at Happy Hour in a bar… most Irish bars in Manhattan give them away.

  • funnily enough – we stopped by AW last night on 9th street and what we had was tasty and the place was super clean
    so why all the hate?

  • I’ll take this over another VeganEuroAsain place. I just hope they can stay afloat, seeing as how half the places on Smith St can’t (based on the high turnover).
    I actually have wing sauce from the Park Slope location in my fridge- they’ll sell it to-go, if you ask.

  • If you want nasty wings, try the kind that come in a bag at Costco. That is what I had to resort to at my last Superbowl party. I, for one, welcome Atomic Wings.

  • BTW Snark, I just LMAO! Loved this list.