How Does Dock Street Stack Up?

With the public hearing on Two Trees’ proposal for the mixed-used Dock Street Development just five days away, the two sides are marshaling their forces and, it looks like, preparing their materials. (The Brooklyn Paper has an article this morning laying out the arguments on either side.) This comparison of the project to the Brooklyn Bridge and other major buildings in the neighborhood (prepared by Bleyer Binder Belle) landed in our inbox late last night. The cropped version is shown above but to get the full effect you need to click on the image to see the expanded version. Hosted by Community Board 2, the hearing takes place on December 17 at the LIU Health Sciences Center, Room 107, at 6 p.m
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  • These sites are pretty close to BB, but does this rendering take into account the building sites’ elevations in comparison to Brooklyn Bridge? If not, then the point that they’re trying to make (i.e. that none of these buildings are taller than Brooklyn Bridge) might be moot.

  • At 18 stories the new nuilding is nearly the same height as 45 Main St, which is 12 stories. The new building’s floor-to-ceiling heights are what? 7′-6″? They are really cramming the floors into that height. Awful. It looks more like a Motel 8 than a residential condo. The teeny windows will look out of place next to the huge, magnificent windows of the old buildings. No grandeur, no amenity, Blah. It will be a sorry and boring neighbor to the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • In three threads this year, there has been only 23 posts on what is clearly a very controversial project, and that’s including both of my notes about how surprised I am by the lack of debate on this board.

  • I think there is a code of silence among the anti-Dock Street locals about this project. The evil empire can track down anonymous posts and slay the writer with their death ray. No one is to be trusted. The EVIL is amongst us.
    ….and they are all loony enough to believe it.
    The rest of us don’t give a shit about another boring condo built next to the highway that leads on to the bridge.

  • Brooklyn Butler makes a good point about elevations. J Condo is pretty far up the slope of DUMBO (Beacon is higher though) and in the graphic, even at the same level Dock St looks okay in comparison. So if J Condo is so much bigger plus higher up, then I don’t see why there is all this fuss about Dock Street. Is it really just the view to the bridge itself?

  • Thanks for the explanation Inigo. Like all good satire, there is an element of truth in what you write.

  • Some corrections: It is not a condo. It is 323 rental apartments. J Condo is taller, but a) it is much farther away, not 90′ from the BB and b) CB2 voted for the zoning change to R9-1 for J Condo when it was presented as twin 18 story towers connected by a curved section, and it was called Lightbridges. Once CB2 was taken in by the nice drawings and voted for the project, the developer pulled it and we ended up with J Condo. Apparently CB2 forgot that they vote on zoning, not building designs that can be changed. Also, that vote was very soon after 9/11, and the community did not turn out in force since the city was still in shock. Let’s hope that a lesson was learned by CB2, and they focus on the fact that R8 is inappropriate for the site adjacent to the BB, across from the 5 story Empire Stores, and at a distance east of the Bridge equal to the 19th century Old Fulton Street 4 story rowhouses that are west of it. The “bowl” must be preserved!