Find Your Hood on Facebook

n4939478363_1819.jpgA few weeks ago, the NY Times did a story on 30-something native Park Slopers who found one another through Facebook. Well, that’s not the only nabe represented in that digital world. Kensington residents have started their own Facebook group, with 578 members (at the time of this posting) celebrating “Brooklyn’s best kept secret.” Discussion topics include best restaurants in the area, doctors and “that guy that walks backwards,” in which 19 people posted 42 comments. Hey, and there’s a Bed Stuy Facebook page (53 members); I Rock Williamsburg (70 members); “Dem Slope Boyz” (60 members); East New York (30 members); BushwickBK (21); and the 521-member We Live in Brooklyn baby! which seems open to all of us Brooklynites.
Photo from Kensington Facebook page.

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