Closing Bell: Thanks for the Flea-mories

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2008 was the fourth year of Brownstoner, but it was the first year of The Brooklyn Flea. What started as a test run with Salvage Fest in 2007 became a full-fledged flea market and community square when it launched on a cold, cold Sunday in April. The Flea took on a life of its own, and while we felt pretty confident about its potential, it’s fair to say it exceeded our expectations. The outdoor Flea is now over for the season, but we’ll be setting up camp for the winter on Saturdays and Sundays indoors at 76 Front Street in Dumbo. The Brooklyn Flea proper will be back again at Bishop Loughlin in April. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success. See you in ’09!

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  • The Flea was fun; I went every Sunday. I’ll look forward to its return in spring. Congratulations on a big success.

  • I didn’t go every sunday, but went several times and enjoyed it each time. Will be back next year for sure.

  • Loved the Flea. You successfully navigated between the Scylla of Tube Sox and the Charybdis of Ultra-High-End Luxury. Which is to say, there was some Festivus for the Rest of Us. Great community-builder and oppt’y for creative types and those who buy their curiosities…and great food, too!

  • I have really enjoyed the Flea, and bought a number of things I absolutely love having in my home.

    Thanks for organizing this and bringing such a nice event to Brooklyn. I look forward to checking out the indoor version.

  • You should give the vendors some form of Green Stamp or something they can give out to buyers.

    I spent over a thousand dollars in just a couple of visits to the flea market. I guess we didn’t get any “miles”

    …but some coupon for something when you reach a certain “level” (like one of those cards which gives you a free muffin or coffee after so many purchases or maybe a numbered ticket for an eventual end-of-season door prize) might be nice.

    Of course, I was the one who wanted to know if you had ever considered getting a big tent but no one responded back.

    Happy New Year!

  • Brenda, that was priceless! Also very, very true. I’m looking forward to another year of successful Flea marketeering.

  • Although it would be expensive, and not sure the school would be into it, but it would be really cool to have some sort of huge tent-like structure over that lot…or part of it.

    It would make the whole thing feel more intimate like you’re shopping in some great Middle Eastern or South American bazaar.

    There’s something to be said for light and air, but given how much it rains here, it could be cool.

  • That would be great, but we couldn’t leave it up all week and it would be a tremendous amount of work (and expense) to assemble, take down and store every week :(

  • We had a fun, somewhat profitable, though rainy first year there. We started with Salvage Fest and it’s rare that something so new would take off so well. Usually these take years to mature. You guys took a concept and made it happen. You survived the critics, The What and whatever. We will be back next year, while this winter I’ll struggle to grow my own market up north. Occasionally, when we get a phenomenal find we’ll post it on the Forum (like the recent back bar). We love knowing were our stuff ends up. See you in April. Fred & Camille from Silver Fox Salvage.

  • it was a short but sweet time we had together Re/Dress NYC and the Brooklyn Flea. i have some amazing memories and see folks i met at the flea market in the store. it was fun to shop and send my out of town friends there for a surefire awesome brooklyn experience.

    i look foward to your next year’s offerings as a shopper, can’t say i’m unhappy about not having to set up and break down in a day. cheers, deb re/dress