Choice Greene in Full Gear

choice-greene-1208.jpgAfter months of delays followed by a soft launch, Choice Greene is now fully up and running. Located at 214 Greene Avenue, the shop offers a mix of fresh fish, charcuterie, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more. We stopped in last night for the first time and bought some delicious (surprisingly inexpensive) salmon and the best mozzarella we’ve had since we used to live across the street from Di Paolo’s in Little Italy. Clinton Hill Blog posted some nice photos last week which you can check out here. Shop local, people! GMAP

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  • I heartily second the endorsement. Lots of tasty foods that we haven’t had in the neighborhood, the cheese is pretty amazing as well as the sushi.

  • i’ve been here a couple times since it opened and i love it! very reasonably priced produce and bread and the like. need to try the sushi.

  • me three! I got great veggies there too and flowers, which is an amazing thing to be able to get for decent prices. Speaking of local, between this place and provisions, I’ve been doing a lot more shopping day to day which has amazingly made me spend less than when I do the big shopping at fairway or costco, because I invariably buy things I don’t need there, whereas staying in the neighborhood has me buying what I need for the next day or so. Many, many thanks to the people who brought us this and choice – both are such a wonderful addition to our community. (they’re nice people too!)

  • I can’t find on thing to complain about with the Choice Greene. It rules.

    I’ve now heard a rumor that Choice Atlantic is going to be a bistro. True? False?

  • I’m trying shop as much as possible there. Chicken and meat should be added soon, per the staff…

  • This is a FANTASTIC addition to the hood. I think I have shopped here almost daily since I realized it had opened. The prices are great as are their products. The fish is fresh and delicious….(just don’t let the french guy cut it. He massacred our Salmon!!). The sushi is great and I plan on taking full advantage. I loove the wild arugula and produce choices. I could go on and on. I am just so thrilled!!!! Good on ya Thierry!