Downtown Brooklyn Now Has a Morton’s To Call Its Own

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Last night, Mayor Bloomberg and Borough President Markowitz cheered the opening of the new Morton’s Steakhouse at 339 Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn. The 150-seat restaurant is the 80th Morton’s—and the borough’s first. (The downstairs “boardroom” can seat an additional 125 people.) Given the economic environment, much is being made of the 120-employee restaurant. “The arrival of Morton’s The Steakhouse in Downtown Brooklyn is further evidence of the growth and vitality of the entire area,” said the Mayor in a press release. “I say ‘bravo!’ to this global company for having a ‘steak’ in Brooklyn’s economic—and gastonomic—future,” said the Brooklyn Beep. Last night’s festivities were a closed affair. Tonight is the first time the restaurant will be open to the public; lunch will be available starting Monday.


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  • Any truffles???

  • On the one hand I am thrilled a great new steakhouse is here, but on the other hand – I wish it was something more local rather than a Chicago-based chain.

    Why couldn’t some ex-Luger employee start something along the lines of Wolfgang’s.

  • Grand Opening!

    Grand Closing!


    Grand openin, grand closin
    God damn your man Hov’ cracked the can open again
    Who you gon’ find doper than him with no pen
    just draw off inspiration
    Soon you gon’ see you can’t replace him
    with cheap imitations for DESE GENERATIONS

    The What (But.. but..but Real Estate goes up.. Right???)

    Someday (soon) this war is gonna end…

  • Agreed! It’s a sad day when NY is importing brands from Chicago. Even sadder when it’s happening in Brooklyn!

  • well that’s what happens when brooklyn is filled to the brim with people from illinois. duh what do you expect!?


  • Based on the provided pictures, bar looks ok, dining room looks like an office building. Willl head over to check it out at some point though

  • This will be hugely successful….As almost all national chains find (Target, Marriott, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, Applebees, Ikea, etc….) Brooklyn is a vastly underserved market.
    Despite the economy, a city of 2.5M can easily support 2 “authentic” steakhouses. Sure alot of people will be unemployed but there is still going to be lawyers, wiseguys, lottery winners, politicians, actors, athletes and plenty of others who want to go out for a Steak and cant get into Lugars and prefer to not go into Manhattan.

  • I’m glad someone stepped up and tried to open a high-ish end place in the area. Too bad a brooklyn-based company didn’t have the stomach or the vision. But, Marriott and Morton’s — I salute you.

  • Much needed jobs for people who don’t care if the chain is Brooklyn based or not. Much needed restaurant for this area of town. Even with the economy, this will probably be one of their highest grossing locations. A win-win for all concerned.

  • Yet another nasty unappetizing restaurant in Brooklyn. A steak house ….ugggh. How will you know if you eating rat meat or minced pigeons. Have fun guys, I’ll pass on this one.

  • Luckily restaurants are about choice, no one forcing my veg daughter to eat there. This choice needed for business folks, as Downtown Bk short of options in that department. Chain a must for staying power reasons, specially now. And 60% of hires i was told last night at the ‘opening’ are BK residents, which is great. Retail means jobs. And opening Horizons program, education program for disadvantaged kids run by Bk Friends school. These kinds of tenants give back.

  • Here are some recent awards Morton’s has received nationally. Seems like a really good quality chain to me.

    The Spirit of the Industry 2008: Morton’s The Steakhouse Spirit Award Winner

    Wine Spectator: 2008 Award of Excellence to all eligible Morton’s

    Chain Leader: Best Places to Work (Recruiting)

    People Report: Best People Practices Award

  • I wonder if you know how your post comes across “The Who”

    You literally sound like the most horrendous person to be around. Might want to think about that. Is that really what you want your life to be about…negativity and asinine scare tactics? It’s INCREDIBLY pathetic.

  • I’m very excited to have a decent steakhouse so close to my ‘hood. Sounds like a lot of employees to take on these days but I wish them much success!

  • Good deal….I will be sampling the wares.

  • i am very excited and already have a reservation!

  • De Stefano’s????? Possible Luger’s/Morton’s alternative??

  • Marty only stumps for bad food. Next he’ll be bringing Olive Garden to Smith Street.