Supermarket After All for 200 Schermerhorn

200-Schermerhorn-1008-ext.jpgIt’s been a roller coaster ride for residents of 200 Schermerhorn and the immediate area hoping for a supermarket. A year ago, we reported that a supermarket was slated for part of the ground-floor retail space in the new(ish) building. Then, by March, it was looking like the deal had fallen through. Now, based on this photo from a tipster, it looks like the market is back on. The signs mention fresh fruit, produce, and cheese, as well as fresh fish daily. “I don’t recognize the font,” writes the tipster, “but they have a nice tongue-in-cheek way that makes me think that it’s going to be decent.” A second tipster also remarked on the type of type: “I’m a big believer that a good choice of font is an accurate indicator of a good business.” We’re surprised this news isn’t already plastered all over the front page of the be@schermerhorn website! Update: A tipster just wrote in to say that the market’s name will be Brooklyn Fare.
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  • really great news!

  • Looks like a great addition to the neighborhood. I know the landlord was intent on bringing a supermarket to the building. Now that the coffee shop is open and the supermarket is coming, it looks like there’s just one remaining retail space left at the building. Who can you see popping up there? If anyone’s interested, the brokers are CPEX Real Estate, 718-935-1800, who seem to be all over Downtown Brooklyn as of late.

  • Gourmet




  • What’s the cross street here. Hoyt? Smith?

  • on the corner of hoyt.

    Brooklyn fare? any connection to anything?

    I know Union market was looking in the area. The font looks a little like union market or actually more like urban outfitters.

  • Does anyone recognize the advertisements as Whole Foods?
    VERY happy that a market is coming to the neighborhood.

  • Yes! Gentrify! Gentrify! Soon we will take back that horrible Fulton mall and make it breathe again.

  • Only a hipster would patronize an establishment based solely on the font used in a store’s signage. I’m planning on piling my trash in front of a for sale sign with sans serif lettering. That way, you and your friends can be assured of its quality. I look forward to your future business. Of course, it will be toungue in cheek to comply with your silly validation of decency.


    I prefer the seediness of Fulton Mall’s present iteration to the smarmy retrogeek version of civilization preferred by hipsters. Stop contaminating neighborhoods with your lame lounges, Thai restaurants and coffee bars. I wait for the day when your collective trust funds dry up and you abandon my beloved Brooklyn, returning the neighborhoods to true, lifelong New Yorkers who have a real sense of community and family.

  • Brooklyn Fare Supermarket Sued

    I sued Brooklyn Fare Supermarket in small claims court on December 31, 2009 for not refunding money owed me for returning purchases not opened. Secondly, a complaint against the attending cashier who cussed me out at the counter.

    My first court date was February 8, 2010 which I attended however, the owner of Brooklyn Fare Supermarket never appeared in court.

    I had to reschedule another court date for February 22, 2010 & again the owner never showed up.

    An arbitrator heard my case and ruled in my favor and awarded me the money I sought. The owner of Brooklyn Fare Supermarket was sent a letter explaining the company had thirty days in which to pay me the money owed. As of 3-25-2010 Brooklyn Fare Supermarket has defaulted on the judgment. Abide by the ruling that was handed down by the court and “Pay Up”. I Want My Money Now.

    Index Number S.C. K 8284/09

    I also filed a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs.
    Retail Store Complaint: Service Request #C1-1-533-102-249