Proposed Prospect Heights Historic District Meeting at LPC

Tomorrow, the Landmarks Preservation Commission holds a public hearing on the Proposed Prospect Heights Historic District in Brooklyn, an amoeba-shaped area between, roughly, Flatbush, Washington, Sterling and Pacific. It would grant historic status to some 750 buildings on 21 blocks, which usually offers them protection from demolition or alteration in a way “unfitting with their historic character.” The hearing takes place at LPC’s offices, One Centre Street in Manhattan, at 1:30pm. But if you wanna weigh in and can’t get the time off, you can email them in.
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  • This LPC move is purely political. The buildings on Carlton Avenue between Atlantic And Pacific across the street from the Weinstein monstrosity are not in any way special or historic. Most are in serious disrepair. I mean, they were adjacent to active industrial buildings and slaughter houses for well over 120 years.

    The only reason they are doing this is to play their role in filing a frivolous lawsuit against the State for condemning those buildings. The LPC has no authority to landmark state property, and doing this is just a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

  • Poley, what are you talking about? The LPC map doesn’t include anything on Carlton between Atlantic and Pacific. There’s nothing there. I’m assuming you mean the houses between Pacific and Dean, but those houses aren’t condemned as far as I know. They’re not in the AY footprint. In fact, there isn’t any overlap between the LPC map and the current AY footprint, unless I’m missing something.