Energy Scammers Plaguing Brooklyn?

idt-1008.jpgWe were sent this report courtesy of Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights. Folks from Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Heights and Flatbush have confirmed the same thing going on in their hoods.

Several weeks ago we had an early evening door-to-door visit form 3rd party reps from IDT Energy wanting to explain and “help us” save money on our Con Edison and National Grid bills by allowing IDT Energy to be the supplier. They explained that they were already technically the supplier and that by “going direct” we’d shave $20+ dollars off each of our bills each month. The slick presentation by the trio sounded good…too good to be true.

Update: If you want to contact CCGH about the issue, send an email; there’s also an online poll on the topic here.

During the discussion, the main presenter asked to see a copy of our Con Ed bill to specifically point out (and circle, which he did) the charges that would disappear if IDT Energy was selected by us as the alternative provider. What we saw, but did not dawn on us until later, was that one of the “helpers” was copying down all of our Con Ed information. After seeing him do this, we inquired why they need our info? Since we “did not need to sign up today if we wished not to,” they had our info to mail us more information on IDT Energy. We concluded the conversation that we’d goto to IDT Energy’s website for more info, await something in the mail and make our own educated decision at a later date. We did finally receive more info in the mail from IDT Energy. Information that WE HAD ENROLLED WITH IDT ENERGY and our service would be transferred in November. Seems we’re not the only community.

Needless to say a very unhappy me just got off the phone with IDT Energy finding out that I had “signed up” to transfer my Con Ed supplier to IDT Energy. Not only did I not sign anything, the scumbag rep forged my signature. The rep I spoke to was not surprised in the least (troubling) and removed us from their service and filed a complaint against the rep (who’s # I got). While we feel very angry (and slightly gullible), we wanted to find out if others in the area have had the same problem, alert you if these gentlemen visited you and warn folks to not even give these guys the time of day if they hit your area. We remember the sub-contractor working for Midtown Promotions located in the Bronx. We’re doing research on-line and have already come across this scam and that company’s name (I wish we had kept their card!). But, IDT is subcontracting this out, thus they are the end culprit!

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  • as much as con-ed sucks ass, you do NOT want to go with any of those rinky dink other energy companies. ive only heard really really really bad stories about them. plus at work we constantly get these annoying people calling asking to talk to the person in charge of the con-ed bill. we just hang up on them.


  • I’ve hung up on their phone calls about 8 times and had one of their salespeople show up at my door this week.

    It took me about 12 seconds before I shut the door in his face, but I was a little tired and off my game a bit.

    Note to my neighbors: Please do not let these people into our building.

  • To be perfectly honest, forging your signature is a criminal offense, almost certainly a felony. I don’t know enough about racketeering law to know whether this would come close to that. I think you should file a police complaint.

  • These ESCO companies aren’t very transparent when it comes to their pricing. The ones that do publish their rates (or their approximations) online seem pretty high by comparison to ConEd. Has anyone out there had any good experience with these?

  • It already has been taking up by several City Council members, but this should hit the streets (like the scumbag solicitors) and be followed up by Community Boards, CBOs and Civic Groups. Then back to the electeds, DA and Attorney General.

    That is once we are all no longer distracted by Mayor Mike’s and Speaker Quinn’s boondogle.

  • They were on my street (Williamsburg) a few weeks ago. I always tell them I am calling 911 if they don’t get off my block. They scurry.
    THen I call 311.

  • This is illegal on several levels. Forgery, fraud, breach of privacy regulations by collecting your data and account number. This should be reported to the main stream newspapers.

  • This pariahs regularly show up in my building claiming to be from ConEd and demanding to see my ConEd bills to save me money and are nasty when I refuse to open the door.

    It never occurred to me to report them, but I will next time. I’m sure a lot of the elderly fall for their BS.

  • I have been told we can add Prospect Heights to the list as well.

    Here we go folks! Who’s for a new blog

  • They’ve also been in PLG. What a transparent scam.

  • They rang my bell in Carroll Gardens last night. My savvy tenants turned them away.

  • IDT is a alternative provider that CON-Ed has on it’s list.
    Are any of these alternative providers any good?

  • They got my elderly inlaw and her neighbor in Bed Stuy. Beware.

  • “IDT is a alternative provider that CON-Ed has on it’s list.
    Are any of these alternative providers any good?”

    If it’s on CON ED’s list….well, that kind of speaks for itself. Buyer beware.

  • Hah. They came to my door, but strangers asking to review my bills never sits right so I said no. And felt kind of mean and paranoid for saying “no”. Glad I was right.

    The same week there were signs up on our block about someone posing as a meter reader and robbing houses, so I was double suspicious.

  • PS. so you can add Bed Stuy to the list of neighborhoods.

  • They came through Flatbush (Victorian Flatbush)in August.

  • They knocked on my door last week in Windsor Terrace – sorry to point out the obvious but it was obviously a scam!

    I shred everything with my name on it that comes through the door – so why would I suddenly start showing things with my name and address on it just beacuse some fool with a plastic badge asks for it!

    I told him to wait while I went to get the Con Ed bill he asked for – poker was on ESPN so I got a little distracted – 5 minutes later he rang the door again – and that’s when I told him to bugger off.

  • JasonB,

    I’ll bet the folks who got scammed feel kind of gullible as well, but the point seems to be the IDT Energy twerp forged their signature.

    That goes from sleazy salesmanship to criminal intent to deceive and defraud.

    That’s why I hope the D.A. or Attorney General get involved.

  • Boerum Hill was hit by “IDT Employees” on Tuesday night. Later I was out in the neighborhood and these same employees were stopping young kids on the street and telling them that if they wanted a job doing this, that there were tons, and to tell anyone “your mother, brother, anyone”

  • In addition to the IDT contractor, someone from US Energy Savings came around. She approached me as I sat on my porch and claimed to be from a “Government Agency.” She said that she was sent to make sure that I was’nt paying too much for my electric bill. I asked her for her I.D. as I informed her that I too worked for the government – the FBI. Not knowing if I was kidding or not, I was of course, she left.

  • they have come around in williamsburg several times
    they demand to see the con ed bill
    they are very pushy

  • Add Clinton Hill to the list. This guy came around one evening about 2 weeks ago and told my bro in law he needed a copy of the bill to tell me how much money i could save.Said he was from Con Ed. I was in the living room on the parlor floor and heard the talking.I was leery because of some sheister in bedstuy so my antennaes went up. I ran outside like a bat out of hell, demanded to see his id, asked why con ed would send a rep to see a bill when they have them in the office and told him i was going to make a call upon which he scurried off the block never to be seen or heard from again.

  • Seen them in Clinton Hill too. Tried to hit up an elderly neighbor across the street. I went and listened to the pitch, had an idea as to what they were doing. Luckily, the neighbor didn’t take the bait. I explained to here what it was and to be careful.

    I also received a phone call soliciting this, not sure if it was IDT.