Book Court Expands

Book Court, the cozy but often cramped shop at 163 Court Street, has closed off their basement and opened up a huge, skylit back room. (Some of the construction that went into the expansion has been documented on their website.) The store is a bit disorganized at the moment, but when the renovations are complete, the shop will have a few new features, including a “small cafe & bar with an accompanying outdoor garden,” a “dedicated events space for readings & performances,” and “triple the amount of children’s books.” Get a better look at the new room after the jump…


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  • that’s great news, we try to support that store, which always seem to have what we need

  • really great – so nice to see an independent bookstore expanding.

  • Does anyone remember the giant greenhouse that was in this spot? book Court used to be just one side of the store ( where the existing front door is) They expanded into a florist shop next door…which had a huge greenhouse at back. i was hoping they would end up utilizing the space. it took a while, but good! Well done BC!

  • Yes, I remember it – The greenhouse had a huge fish tank in it, and in that tank was a really big and very ugly catfish!

  • This is such great news – an actual brick and mortar book store that’s expanding. By the way before you order a book on Amazon call up Book Court – they’ll have it for you in the same time or less and and you don’t have to pay shipping. That is, if you want to support your local independent book store.

  • ^ thanks for that info!


  • Great bookstore…they always have great quirky picks and books you don’t just see anywhere else. Support your local bookstore. You’ll be happy you did!

  • Amazing this store has survived when so many other CH institutions have gone forever. Stay away from Barnes + Noble on Court. This (and the even funkier “Community Bookstore” down the street) should get all the CH/CG/BH readers spare cash.