Smart Streets Make Property Values Soar

What makes your home valuable? Not just the location, the paint job, or the condition of the roof. Turns out, according to a new report by Transportation Alternatives, it’s the quality of your street, or rather, the livability of your street, that makes a difference. What makes a street livable? Quietness, for one thing; those with little through traffic saw property values rise nine percent. Every decibel less of noise increases property values by four percent, and traffic calming can increase a home’s value by a third. Basically, the better your street is for walking or biking, the better its chances of appreciating in value. Oh, and nearby gardens help, too. The DOT is working on its own program called Sustainable Streets, to help ease traffic and promote biking and decent bus service. In the meantime, the more you hoof it, the better for everyone.
Streets to Live By [Transportation Alternatives]
Photo by David Stockwell.

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