Scarano-on-Fulton Finally Finishing Up

After going into suspended animation for the better part of 2007 (due, we can only guess, to architect Robert Scarano’s problems with the DOB), the eight-unit trapezoidal residential building at 888 Fulton Street in Clinton Hill appears to be nearing completion. Anyone have any idea whether this will be condos or rentals? Our bet would be on the latter.
Development Watch: 888 Fulton Street [Brownstoner] GMAP DOB

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  • Boy is that ugly!

  • Concur. Ugly as sin.

  • Absolutely ghastly. Where are the windows?

    One thing we do have in my suburban community that NYC is sorely lacking – an architecuture review board. This would not have gotten to first base.

  • Hey, it’s suburbandude, the guy who always explains how “up there” is better than Brooklyn and yet inexplicably spends lots of time on Brownstoner.

    You know dude, I can send you some listings for places in the Slope. You could put your Westchester house on the market today and be back where you actually want to be in just a few months. We won’t judge you.

  • RE: the windows. Can anyone explain why someone would put up a modern building with very few or no windows on the side, especially when there is no other building close to that side? I don’t understand it. Is there some building code that limits windows in certain situations?

  • What a hideous eyesore. just terrible proportions; looks like a converted missile silo.

  • Missile silo, I like that.

    I don’t know if the apartments go the length of the building. If they do, why would anyone put a tiny balcony in the front? I would use on in the back, with some privacy and quiet. Never would use the one in the front.


  • You people really actually know absolutely nothing about buildings in New York? Amazing. Look at the picture. Empty lot next to said Scarano snooze-job. Imagine this scenario: there are windows where you people think there should be. You buy an apartment in the building. A year from now, someone builds a building on the empty lot, right up to the lot-line, same height as your building, bricking over your windows, as they would have every right to do. You proceed to sue the developer, the architect, and the real-estate agent for false advertising or somesuch nonsense, because you are in idiot and bought an apartment with lot-line windows that could be built over by a neighboring building as-of-right. Ergo, only an idiot would think that there should be windows there.

    And the building is not ugly, per se. It is just another boring building by a talentless hack who got caught exploiting a loophole in an illegal fashion, bordering (?) on fraud that screwed his clients and end-buyers. Save the honorific of ‘ugly’ for much more deserving Fedderiffic pieces of s—, like it’s darling friend down Fulton at 1067. Now THAT is ugly.

  • I agree with MrMinerva. There are far worse examples of ugly in Brooklyn. Honestly, I don’t even think this building is that bad except for the fact that it’s out of scale with the surrounding buildings…

  • Again, I’ll use my favorite 2 word descriptor:

    “sh*t sandwich”

    (liverwurst, by the color of it)

    Way to keep raising the bar in “excellence in architecture,” Bob.

    (wait, that has become an oxymoronic statement, correct?

  • I think this place is charming. It adds a certain “lift” to the block.

    But in all seriousness… the ceilings must be really high in that place, eh? The 3-story place next door only goes up the the 2nd floor of the snazzy new building.

  • Lechacel – Could you be a bigger asshole? I like Westchester and I like Brooklyn. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    I said ONE THING we have over NYC is an architectural review board.

    Go back on your meds.

  • Wasn’t there a big back-and-forth the other day where you repeatedly espoused the virtues of living in suburbia (when you weren’t complaining about liberals)?

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words. Have a great long weekend.

  • The building seems no more bland than the older brick buildings to which it is adjacent. At least it has large windows and french doors. With high ceilings, I imagine the units feel quite spacious.


    Given this house is not much taller than your typical suburban home, I am quite curious how you could possibly think this building violates the pertinent zoning codes or even the spirit of the zoning codes.


    I think you are the first person to actually use the term “out of scale” to mean “all new development should be precisely the same height as all neighboring buildings”. There are so many taller buildings in Fort Greene it’s not even funny. The only reason buildings are not tall on Fulton Street is an elevated train used to run along it. No one wanted to build anything nice next to that. It’s the same deal on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope.

  • Looks prison-ish, or maybe where The Thing might live, if he chose to live in BK.

  • Pole, please don’t let the facts get in the way of MrMinerva’s condescending and presumptuous post! Clearly he has all the answer and the rest of us are idiots.

  • I’ve never admitted agreeing with Polemicist on anything before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

    While this building does have that classic Robert Scarano, overbuilt sort of look, it is in fact in an area that was recently upzoned for higher density by the Department of City Planning.

    It will soon look like it’s out of context because it’s too short, not too tall. The new R7A zoning allows a maximum height of 80 feet, which is twenty feet taller than this building. Still, you have to give it Scarano, no one else can make a 60 foot tall building “only” have four stories.

  • I assume the “Intel Inside” sticker is on the back side.

  • Very funny, SnarkSlope!

  • Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week. Try the prime rib, and don’t forget to tip your waiter!

  • SnarkSlope, good one.

  • Pole: I was merely stating that it looks “out of scale” compared to the other buildings I see in the photo.. I should have noted that I’m not particularly familiar with the area and current zoning

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  • There is a building on Coney Island Avenue someone knicknamed Klingon World Headquarters. This looks like it might be an outpost of the Klingons.

  • a front balcony works if it’s attached to the living room. back balcony would probably be off a bedroom. if you have parties, smokers, etc.. front balcony works.

    again, this will either be bought or rented by someone who simply wants a clean new space. not everyone is dying to continue renting an old, noisy prewar apt. some of you have forgotten how crappy a lot of the rentals out there really are. a busy professional might just want to come home and not navigate a hot radiator heated place. back in the day, i had one that cranked heat every morning into the bathroom, so i could never even be in there and was freezing every night while i was hanging out eating dinner.

    17 paint jobs tend to test most people’s patience as well.

    i know 2 single people who are buying in this market because their incomes went up and renting is killing them at tax time. this could be something that would appeal to someone like that. neither of my friends could consider buying a building though.

  • appears to have good ceiling heights. they went cheap-o where it comes to window coverage. bigger window openings would have given the overall structure more balance. the undersized windows also don’t seem to open fully; again, too bad, since better air circulation would have allowed for big savings in energy cost, especially in the summer.

    why does scarano hate architecture?

  • Looking at the permits, it’s 8 units.

    The balconies are probably on the front because the building is likely split front/rear, so the front units get a balcony

    As someone said, there are no sidde units so that when someone builds to the lot line next door, they don’t brick in your windows

  • It’s 8 units, so KG2V is right, it’s 2 units per floor – one faces the front and one the back.

    I recall when it was being built that it looked like it had a mezzanine level. While it’s not very nice looking, I think it could be worse and will at least bring some new life to dilapidated Fulton Street.