Dime Savings Bank’s Exterior Restoration a Wrap

Riding through Fulton Mall last week, we noticed that the facade of the Dime Savings Bank was free and clear of the scaffolding that had enshrouded it for the past year or so. The historic building, which Francis Morrone calls “one of the four or five most magnificent banking buildings in New York City,” was designed by Mowbray & Uffinger and built in 1907; it was expanded by the architects Halsey, McCormack & Helmer in 1931. The exterior is particularly notable for the dome, the collonades and the sculpture-filled pediment. (For the Landmark Preservation report on the building, click here.) As you can see from the photo below (on the jump), the interior is even more mind-blowing. Almost reason enough to open up an account at Washington Mutual, the current occupant of the building. GMAP

Interior photo from fakeisthenewreal

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