Condo of the Day: 324-328 Dean Street

324-Dean-0808.jpg 324-Dean-Close-0808.jpg
We took a look at 324 Dean Street when it was under construction last Fall–and we liked what we saw. Now the 20-unit “loft like” project is coming to market and, while we haven’t seen any interior photos yet, the apartments sound promising. All we’ve got to go on at this point is a single NYT ad from Brooklyn Heights Real Estate. Some take-aways: 10 1/2-foot ceilings, keyed elevators, radiant heat floors. Prices range from $945,000 for a 1,354-square-foot two-bedroom to $1,950,000 for an 1,800-square-foot penthouse with multiple terraces. Anyone had a look yet?
324 Dean Street [Brooklyn Heights RE] GMAP P*Shark
Development Watch: 322-328 Dean Street [Brownstoner]

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  • exterior looks like junior high school 147 in the Bronx. the Heritage is much nicer looking. Outside anyway.

  • absolutely looks like a school. Institutional and banal.
    I can’t believe this was actually designed by someone.

  • Should be opening late August or early September…..when the kids return for the new school year. All that is missing is one of those ubiquitous board of education medallions up on the wall.. Ouch!!!

  • dittoburg

    I like the use of brick and the (faux?) tie rod anchors, in keeping with the building next door.

  • Havemeyer

    At least those are actual family-sized apartments and not 1K square feet for $1MM? I like the building… and in this market at least if you’re paying for a lot of square footage you seem less likely to lose your shirt.

  • This building looks much nicer in person. I walk by all the time and wish I had enough money to consider buying an apartment there!

  • I agree that they look nicer in person and I’ve never understood why people complain about being near a school. 3 months out of the year (not to mention after 3:30PM) it is empty, they maintain the building and the grounds, and when there are kids there they are supervised.

    Price does seem a little steep for this market and that location but not by much.

  • Are these near a school? I though people were saying it LOOKED like a school. I agree though, being next to a school is great for the reasons you mentioned. Only dowside is noise at recess, etc.

    This building is nice “in person” … not low-end at all.

  • Kuroko:

    I lived across the street from the neighboring school on the corner of Pacific and Nevins from 1994-6.

    The kids screaming and other noise from the play yard starts at 8:00am and goes until at least 10am, then continues periodically throughout the day for recess. It sounds like something between a riot and crowd stampede at a Miley Cyrus show.

    If you have some crazy commute which forces you out of the house by 8pm and/or you get home after 7pm, then this is no big deal, but if you have a job that starts later or gets you home before 5pm, you can never get any quiet. Also, the kids tend to walk out and stay nearby the school, but they stay away from the school to avoid the teachers, and usually get aggressive and rowdy on your front stoop. Also, there was always trash (mostly food wrappers) and other papers strewn all over the area since kids could care less about their junk.

    It’s not pleasant. I will never live within 500 years of a school ever again.

  • Biff Champion

    “I will never live within 500 years of a school ever again.”

    Knickerbocker, how do you know there won’t be another school built near you in the next 500 years?

  • This is a heavily trafficked street with a bus line on it. Personally, I think the building is as ugly as the picture of it.

  • Somewhere I was reading this building is located near projects. Is that correct? Where are they and what’s the area like?