Columbia Street’s Big Dig Mostly Over

The reconstruction of Columbia Street, which began in fall 2005, looks like it’s finally about done. For nearly three years, sections of Columbia and its sidewalks have been torn up and rebuilt as part of a $17 million city-helmed project. As of this weekend, the construction appeared finished, although the intersection at Degraw still needed some repaving. The work, which was supposed to be done last fall, has caused hardships for local business owners. Last fall, for example, the bar Lido called it quits. As Streetsblog reported a couple months ago, the section of the Brooklyn Greenway along Columbia is also coming along, though the path is currently filled with gravel (temporary, we assume?). This is how Columbia looked only a few months ago, and here’s a shot of it last summer.
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  • I think the gravel is an underlayer for the pavement that’s coming.

  • i hope they fix it. its very hard to bike down a path that abruptly ends and goes from cement to 8 inches down to dirt.

  • gravel could be an underlayment for whatever material will be on the greenway, for drainage & structure.

  • What a pathetically slow construction project. Some days there are only three guys working on this. After they’re done here, they can get going again on the BQE. NYC is as bad as many third world countries when it comes to maintaining and updating infrastructure.

  • I live on this block and I can’t imagine how they managed to get this photo without the men that “hold court” by setting up their chairs directly on the bikeway. They have so much J-U-N-K (garbage, umbrellas, broken chairs, beer bottles, flags, bed frames, etc.) over there, it’s crazy.

    The BIKERS some times have to steer off the bike path to avoid THEM!