Closing Bell: Bike Slope

Seems like bike lanes are being added to Brooklyn every day. Last week, a few Slope streets got new ones, including Sackett and Lincoln.

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  • Berkeley Place got them too…

    And they are being well-used from what I can tell thus far…

  • Berkeley is sacket on the other side of 5th.

  • Now that the bikers have their own lane, can we please start fining them for violations?

    It’s time for bikers to get off the sidewalk and learn to follow traffic rules.

    If I see another biker speeding through pedestrians, running red lights or riding on the sidewalk, I’m gonna clothesline the jerk for making everyone else’s life miserable.

  • Neat. Always thought it was weird that the Slope had so few bike lanes compared to the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • 4:34, they don’t make me miserable. honestly whenever i see people biking in this city, i’m a happy camper. the new bike lanes are terrific news! thanks!

    are they putting them on all the streets in the slope?

  • Bike lanes will increase property values…

  • haha, funny you say that 5:17.

    i’m not sure if you are joking or not, but i was thinking the same thing…

  • 4:34, Your right! Those damn kids and their bikes…how many times do I tell those whipper snappers to get of my freshly sprayed sidewalk and go ride in the street. Forget how bikes save the environment and keep less traffic on the streets. Those damn sidewalks need to be kept clean!

  • 4:34, blah blah blah…

    my guess is that your physique is too out of check to clothesline me anyhow.

  • It’s a step in the right direction, but cops need to start ticketing cars for parking and driving in them. The only reason bicycles have to ride on the sidewalk is that they feel unsafe riding in the streets.

  • “The only reason bicycles have to ride on the sidewalk is that they feel unsafe riding in the streets.”

    Thank YOU for some words of logic.

    I don’t know who thinks that bikers would prefer to ride on uneven, cracked, lifted from tree root sidewalks instead of a flat road.

    They do so, because they are taking their life into their hands by driving on streets without these bike lanes. And even some with them…

  • Some of these lanes have been painted on very narrow streets (like Sackett/Berkeley, and Lincoln). How does this work on street cleaning days? If the side of the street without the lane is being cleaned, do cars park on both sides of the bike lane on the other side of the street?

    And actually, how does this once-a-week street cleaning business work? I can’t imagine that only one side of the street gets cleaned, so how does the city get both sides of the street cleaned if there is alternate side of the street parking only once a week?

  • Park Sloper,

    Across the park, in PLG, cars park outside the bicycle lane, on relatively wide Lincoln Road and Maple Street, on alternate side days; I’ve also seen that on 3rd Street in PS, which is very wide. I don’t know if this is possible on narrow streets like Sackett/Berkeley and Lincoln Place. At least you don’t have alternate side parking FOUR times a week like we do.

  • Last week, I almost got hit by a cyclist while I was crossing the street with the light, so I smacked him. Not very hard, but hard enough to get his attention. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and now that I’ve broken the ice, I think I’ll knock the next SOB off his bike.

  • so many hateful, angry people on this blog.

    it’s really disturbing.

    if i see you smack someone, i’ll smack you myself.

    you deserve more than that.

  • but truth be told, a lot of bikers don’t obey the traffic rules. If you want to have bike lanes, you should obey the rules of the road and remember pedestrians have the right of way. Almost getting knocked down by a bike rider is not rare and nearly everyone I know has a tale of some bike rider who acted like he/she didn’t have to obey the lights and almost caused an accident.

  • Here’s what I don’t get when I see all these posts about “I nearly got hit by some jerk on a bike”, or “Someone I know got hit by some *** on a bike”, or “these idiots on bikes don’t follow traffic rules”, etc.

    Every day, I walk down the street, and I see cars run red lights, crowd & nearly hit pedestrians when making turns, speed recklessly down the street (In fact, I hear one right now), run red lights, so on, and so forth. Where’s all the outrage and vitriol for that? Are you making empty threats about pulling drivers out of cars and beating on them too?

    Yes, there are bikers who don’t respect the rules of the road. But enough with the pot calling the kettle black.

  • The lines are suggestions! Expecially when I double park on top of those bike lanes or sit on top of them waiting to make a right turn. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t drive over them down the street if I don’t have to just like Bikers won’t ride the sidewalk. Bottom line you idiots, use some damn commom sense and don’t expect a bike lane to all of a sudden make everyone behave differently.

  • LOL! The comment killer, blah blah blah

  • During alternate side parking, they’ll all park in the bike lane. In fact, any time a driver wants to double park on these blocks, he’ll park in the bike lane. How about those “bike lanes” on Vanderbilt? Great parking!

    Painting lines on the street does nothing to change the habits of the idiotic drivers of this Borough. The city should put up REAL bike lanes–the ones with barricades so the cars can’t get in there.

  • this is good news. all the haters go comment in the “house of the day” post and argue about the value of the house, how much the renovations will cost, etc.

    not only do bike lanes promote a healthy lifestyle, improve the environment, and create traffic calming…they encourage bikers to obey laws. the lanes will keep bikers in the lanes and out of the way of pedestrians.

    how about some positive perspective for once, people?!

  • Speaking as a pedestrian, we get badly damaged by bike riders and cars. But while there are drivers who break the rules, there’s no question that they know they are breaking the law and there is plenty of vitriol for them.

    But bike riders on the whole seem to really not be aware that they are supposed to follow the same rules. I’ve seen too many act as though cars and pedestrians are supposed to watch out for them when they ride the wrong way down a street, or zip in front of a car making a turn. And they seem to forget that a fast moving bike is a lot more difficult to see than a car. Sometimes they seem to come out of nowhere. And riding on the sidewalk? Sorry- but I’ve been nearly hit several times by some one who simply expected pedestrians to move out of their way because they were on a bike and going too fast to maneuver. I’ve seen people hit by them, or feet run over. As it was I thought bikes weren’t allowed on the sidewalks.

    I happen think bikes are wonderful. I wish the city were more bike friendly, but until they also follow the laws they make the streets more dangerous. (and no- I don’t have a car). And until they use common sense they put themselves in danger. On Sunday I watched a father and 2 young daughters in the bike lane. Father in front, girls on bikes behind. Isn’t it kind of stupid to not be behind, watching them? and shouldn’t they be wearing helmets????

  • The problem here is not lanes or cars vs. bikes. Everyone just automatically assumes they don’t need to be aware of anything because they have some kind of right of way. I guess this is some kind of Liberal Socialist principal I just don’t get. Silly me, I always look before I cross a street even when the light is green, same applies when I am driving. I don’t automatically assume the person crossing the street is looking at me. I encounter so many people who just walk or drive or do whatever they do without looking in any direction. Even the parents with kids. Pedestrians, Bikers, Drivers, WAKE UP!!!

  • I forgot add, a litlle common curtousey would solve all these problems. Is that in everyone’s vocabulary or something long fogotten?

  • Oh please- liberal socialist principle! It’s lack of common sense- and guess what- even you conservative neocons lack common sense too. In fact, judging by the last 8 years- you are so lacking you’ve nearly ruined the entire country. but if being able to say you look before you cross the street makes you feel better, by all means have a blast.

  • Oh and I forgot to add- you could use a “litlle common curtousey” before you start your neocon rants again. (And a spell check.)

  • I predict this will cause some big confusion when alternate side of the street parking resumes. Do all those folks who double park for the 1 1/2 hours park on top of the new bike lane? If they do, will the be ticketed for blocking it? Or do they leave space for the lane between their double parked cars and the legally parked cars? If they do, will there still be enough space for trucks and school buses to make it down the block?

    Another thing, I have one of these new lanes on my block, Lincoln Place. The new bike lane seems wider than normal. Have bike lanes become wider this year?

  • More bike lanes is a great idea; but how about more bike racks? The city doesn’t provide nearly enough of these; as a private resident on the corner of a busy commercial street, with lots of bike traffic and no place to lock them, I would have to pay myself to put a bike rack outside my building.

  • One of the reasons bikers don’t pay much attention to rules is that they get so little respect from drivers, especially trucks. Ride around Brooklyn on two wheels and you’ll understand that you’ve got to make your own rules to survive alongside Brooklyn drivers. With bike lanes should come more civility and respect for the rules, though it will take time. As a longtime biker myself I applaud the bike lanes and do what I can to respect pedestrians at crosswalks, though those who walk out in front of me when I have the green do annoy me. But I don’t yell or get upset: it’s live and let live. Speaking of which, wanted to point out to any fellow bikers who may read this a rarely observed point of etiquette: when traveling the wrong way on a bike lane please pull over when a bike rider coming the right way approaches. Have had a few annoying encounters with people who see a bike lane as license to go the wrong way on a one-way street. A little respect for the rider actually going the right way would be appreciated. Ride strong!

  • I was riding my bike in Park Slope recently, and a DOB truck tried to run my off the road (despite being in the bike lane), proceeded to berate me and spit at me. Thanks NYC!

    Also, bxgirl, your idiocy continues to astound me on a daily basis.

  • “Also, bxgirl, your idiocy continues to astound me on a daily basis.”

    Well since your IQ is in the low double digits, it doesn’t take much to astound you- shiny things probably do it too. You repeat this every day, and every day I have to remind myself that I must be patient with those who don’t have the mental and emotional resources to function well in society.

  • Actually, car drivers often DON’T know the rules of the road any more than bike riders do. I was hit by a car in an intersection in Park Slope – I had the right of way, the car was turning left and should have waited for me to pass straight through the intersection (would have if I were in a car, but many cars assume that they ALWAYS have the right of way over a bike just because they are bigger). It was a clear sunny day – with little traffic – visibility was great. Luckily, I saw her coming at me and managed to get mostly out of the way before being hit – I couldn’t stop fast enough because I was riding down the slope. The experience certainly changed my view of riding in the city, and I always was a very defensive rider (who followed the traffic rules) before that.

    If bike lanes make cars more aware that they share the road with bikes, great. But I’m afraid they will make bikers feel more safe, when they aren’t. Cars will still hit them, even in bike lanes.