Streetlevel: New Antiques Store for Burg’s Broadway

In a refreshing sign that Williamsburg isn’t all plate glass and steel these days, a new antique shop of the old-school variety has popped up in recent days on an increasingly lively stretch of Broadway. Anyone know who’s behind this place? Looks like a prime candidate for The Flea to us! GMAP

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  • Is this really an antiques store or another one of those illegal matzoh-factory evictions?

  • Do their prices include the thorough sterlization you would need to put any of their products through. Buying new things in Williamsburg is nasty, but used stuff? That’s a serious health risk.

  • Antiques… you made a funny.

    Looks like another swap-meet, garage-sale, collection of crap that is sold out of that building from time to time. Fliers go up on the lamp post every few months. At least they opened up the original corner doorway.

    BTW, this is on Broadway and Dunham, just a block from Kent Ave. The bigger news is Bridge Winery across the street. Great new spot (much, much better than Marlow). Its an urban winery with the 2008 vintage to be made on site.

  • Do their prices include the thorough sterlization you would need to put any of their products through. Buying new things in Williamsburg is nasty, but used stuff? That’s a serious health risk.

  • the bigger question is who’s building on Broadway/Kent (boarded off lot in the pic) – word was Aloft Hotel, but that may’ve fallen thru – any news?

  • looks like the kind of crap i would expect to see at a flea market. a-hem.

  • Hi… I believe they’ve been three for quite some time – I walked in maybe 4 years ago. I don’t remember it being worthwhile, and I do remember being afraid of what I might uncover under the piles of toys and clothes.

  • only brownstoner would prefer this junk shop to to glass and steel buildings. is there something wrong with you that you don’t appreciate any modern artists, designers, architects?. there are some fabulous modern/contemporary furniture stores in williamsburg – especially around N. 6th.

    2nd the kudos to Bridge Urban Winery. Very cool and unique place. good luck to them.

    also, buying in Williamsburg is nasty?? oh really? which part of brooklyn has better clothing or furniture stores, oh wait. None. none do.

    please all the creative people with taste are in williamsburg.

  • I would appreciate if you would post pictures of your stuff on this web site so we may critque your taste, sense of style, and more importantly what value we can place on said items. You could include your homes as well in that.

  • I believe those have been placed curbside because they are free for the taking, discarded junk in other words. If it were at the flea, you’d be paying 3 bills for that chair.

  • Havemeyer

    What’s funny is, if that stuff was at Moon River Chattel, you all would be all over it. I am so damn sick of mid-century modern and the people who knock it off and call themselves designers. I agree with Mr. B, trash or not, this is fracking refreshing.

    And if I still lived close and wasn’t crippled in an unfortunate stoop accident, I’d check it out.

  • Havemeyer

    Also, someone should do a story on the number of wine stores and wine bars opening in Brooklyn. I think there’s a certain critical mass, and we’re nearly there. Not to knock the business, but, it’s like the yogurt store/ video shop of the oughts.

  • do any of you have an antiques background? sterilization??? These people are our neighbors and they’re simply trying to get their goods into their newly opened front. Might be a bit chaotic but junk you try and find this stuff at a junk sale good luck. Thisn stuff’s real deal. peace out posers

  • Brownstoner certainly is not the only one who prefers patina and vintage to cold cookie cutter condos with too much glass to ever be really green. (Wait until Williamsburg has a blackout from all the air conditioning used in the new buildings). Vintage involves recycling and is about the greenest thing going. Sadly, the new Williamsburg denizens are more about shopping, wine bars and consuming than imaginative reuse or genuine creativity.

  • Stopped in yesterday – after eating at Bridge (which is good but doesnt have a kitchen so cant compare to Marlow). Anyway they have nice stuff if your into older pieces. I’m not sure how long they have been there but it looks like they are trying to create a real store front now.

  • Sucessful troll was sucessful ^_^