Pratt Community Alerted to Rise in Violent Muggings

Last Friday Pratt Institute brass sent out an email to students and faculty warning them of a reported increase in violent activity near the Clinton Hill campus. The email said, in part, the following:

The NYPD 88 Precinct has reported an increase in robberies within its confines. The robberies are reported to be committed by a group of black males and females approximately 15-16 years of age. It has been reported that the group runs up to the victim, assaults them by kicking, punching, and scratching; then taking anything of value. These occurrences have happened during various times of the day. All students and Pratt community members are recommended to travel in pairs or groups. If you must travel alone consider using a car service. Avoid traveling late at night.

Repeated queries to the 88th Precinct for more information on the rash of robberies yielded no answers, but the precinct’s published report on crime for the 28 days that ended last Sunday shows there were 26 robberies committed during the period, a 37 percent increase from the 19 committed during the same weeks last year. Pratt isn’t the only neighborhood entity that’s been showing concern about safety in the area lately. Clinton Hill Blog has been chronicling appearances of a car in the neighborhood called the “Clinton-Washington Neighborhood Patrol,” a security measure undertaken by the Clinton Hill Co-ops. A couple months ago the Daily News reported that there’s been a big jump in the number of robberies and car thefts in Clinton Hill so far this year.
Clinton-Washington Neighborhood Patrol [Clinton Hill Blog]
Double-Digit Increase in Clinton Hill Crime Rate [Brownstoner]
Photo by PhillyBlunt.

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  • No, Clinton Hill is safe and saying anything else is racist.

  • Saying a place is safe or not safe is simplistic, not racist.

  • I assure you all that Clinton Hill is perfectly safe and to imply otherwise is racist and antagonistic. The problem is not with crime, but the “interlopers” who have the nerve to report and complain about it.

  • I’m still not getting the link between crime and racism. Don’t people of all races commit crimes?? Or are you people just racist?? Seems that way.

  • i loathe the ghetto. trust – stay away if you are middle class and white – this is not our culture. we do not understand it really, and it will f us up.

    never buy in or near the ghetto. housing projects are not full of simply lovely people who are a bit down on their luck. these are stupid, cruel people who live in a cultural of mindless violence and ridiculous values.

    stick to the old italian hoods if you want to be a “pioneer.”

  • Clinton Hill is COMPLETELY safe. Obviously this article was written by a bitter renter.

  • Very similar type of ‘muggings’ were happening a few months ago in Prospect Heights. The ‘muggers’ concentrated mostly on young men listening to Ipods or talking on cellphones.

    I wonder if it is the same group of bored youths?

  • Sounds like a bunch of kids trying to be hood. Its sad the police can’t stop a bunch of kids kicking and scratching. Can’t blame the community. Things like this happen EVERYWHERE.

  • 11.00, I assume you are a troll. Do you really think the crime rate amongst asians versus african americans is the same?
    Can you distinguish between racism and facts?

  • 11:02, Your a complete idiot.

  • “trying to be hood”

    What the devil does that mean?

  • thats why i dont care to live in the ghetto.

  • Sounds like some kids that need to have their teeth kicked in.

  • 11:07…11:05 is an idiot too…and a racist but thats obvious…probably a bitter renter as well.

  • Just carry a legal sized knife so you can shank ’em.

    Once these kids see blood, they run.

  • This is going to be the best, most constructive discussion ever. Thanks! Hey Brownstoner, I’m going to forward this to all your advertisers! Thanks for moderating such a great discourse!

  • “It has been reported that the group runs up to the victim, assaults them by kicking, punching, and scratching; then taking anything of value. These occurrences have happened during various times of the day.”

    And yet the morons at the 88th can’t catch a GROUP operating during the DAY!!!


  • What does a few stupid 15-16 y/o have to do with 35+ million people of African descent living in the USA? Good ____?____ White America!

  • What does a few stupid 15-16 y/o have to do with 35+ million people of African descent living in the USA? God ____?____ White America!

  • It’s the same problem with drugs dealing and everything else that happens here, why isn’t the police more active about it? get this idiots assess in jail!

  • I live on Clinton Avenue and have personally witnessed one of the attacks happening about a week and a half ago. The warning is not being racist-I saw the perpetrators (about 15 young kids that were African-American) and they surrounded a couple and then without warning started beating them violently. They then grabbed anything that they could from them and then scattered in different directions, and the group of men that seem to be out in front of their building at Clinton and Greene were signaling to the kids where to run to.

    I’m disabled so I wasn’t able to do much to stop it, but it has been on the increase, and it is not a racist issue. There just happens to be a group of kids that are causing a lot of trouble in the neighborhood.

  • bold type – do actually live in America? are you completely unaware that crime is disproportionately distributed amongst the different races well beyond the confidence limits of statistics?

  • 11.14 – what the heck are you talking about. Paranoid much?

  • 11:00 & 11:18…the same??

    Here’s what I was responding to…

    “Clinton Hill is safe and saying anything else is racist”

    A very bizarre, illogical statement.

    Don’t post if you haven’t followed the thread. You just make yourself look like an idiot.

  • I resent the implication by 11:05 that the crime rates of some races are higher than others. Everyone is the same! Why, during the past month the 88th precinct has broken up a massive drug ring operated by Koreans; a band of orthodox Jews who robbed dozens of area liquor stores; the leader of a violent Cherokee street gang reponsible for four homicides; and a serial killer who was borned and raised in an affluent Long Island community.

    These are the facts! Thanks for the boys in blue for their hard work and shame on all of you who imply that most violent crime in the 88th is committed by one race of people!

  • I live on Clinton ave. Anyone tries this with me and at least one of them is going to the hospital. People stand up for yourselves.

  • bold type, apparently making oneself look like an idiot doesn’t inhibit you from posting.

  • To the ‘guests’:

    Please do not turn this into a racist generalization or oversensitivity about Clinton Hill and our wonderful diversity. There are great people here, too. We have lived here for 15 years and love it here. There just happens to be an issue which is in the 88th, and our overstretched police force can not be everywhere all of the time.

    Remember that there was a time when we all had to use our street smarts. With a downturn in the economy and frustrated kids you will unfortunately see these things happen again. And it is not exclusive to Clinton Hill. It’s happening in a lot of areas.

  • 11.25 – its a gang. There is one of you. get real.

  • you need to go back to a reading comprehension class 11:26. The level of discourse in a simple thread is just too much for your pea brain to follow.

  • I echo 11:13. This posting is destined to be horrible and hate filled. How bout the fact that you are just as likely to get robbed around NYU, in the upper west side or in brooklyn heights when compared to Clinton Hill/Fort Greene. Its NYC….where crime happens. Suck it up and understand its one of the challenges you face by living in one of the world’s largest and most polarized cities.

  • these kids deserve a good beating. i never see cops in the nabe. i only see them after something happens. my take is, if you see a group of kids that are obviously hanging out doing something suspicious, call the cops. it doesn’t hurt.

    also, why not question those dudes that were helping out the kids? what is the matter with people? you have to stand up and talk to people. you cannot live in fear.

    should we start a group of vigilantes? but can we make the uniforms pink?

  • 11:27 its not a gang. Its a group of kids that think you’re too afraid to do defend yourself. Pop one of them in the face and I guarantee they scatter.

  • 11:30 – Perfect Post

  • 11.30 “just as likely” eh?
    Its ignoramuses like you that make it easy for the rest of us look like geniuses in math. God bless you.

  • 11:35 you’re not looking much like a genius with the grammatical error and the double posting

  • “I’m still not getting the link between crime and racism. Don’t people of all races commit crimes?? Or are you people just racist?? Seems that way.”

    You wrote that Mr. Bold type.

    Then you later write this “you need to go back to a reading comprehension class 11:26. The level of discourse in a simple thread is just too much for your pea brain to follow.”

    Your chutzpah, or self-delusion, is monumental.

  • Go 88th precinct!!

    Show us that you illegally park and block our bike lanes for a reason!! Our saviors!

    I’m sure our community protectors are gonna wrap this one up pronto.

    I’m sure of it.

    I think.

  • 11:22-

    Could you please tell me where you retrieved this information? I would like to read more about what is going on in my precinct.

    Thank you.

  • again, 11:37. Start from the beginning like I instructed you. Read the posts over, and over and over until you comprehend.

    Your thick-headedness or mental block is monumental.

  • bold type – You know the difference between math and English?

  • Im 11:30 but I didnt sign in as myself. 11:35, your comments are almost laughable if only they were more thought provoking and insightful.

    11:37, normally I would agree with you, yes people of all races commit crimes, especially when you look at teenagers. However, on Brownstoner, everything thats considered “poor”, “ghetto” or “crime-ridden” has a underlying racial undertone to it because posters like to become internet racial bullies here.


  • 11:27 – Downturn in the economy? You have to be kidding. Did you know that the crime rates in the US were the lowest during the Great Depression? And these kids are obviously not employable.

    Don’t blame the economy. These are bad rotten kids who would cause havoc even if the unemployment rate were 1.0%. Hopefully some will grow up and see the light. But most will probably end up serving time.

  • “With a downturn in the economy and frustrated kids you will unfortunately see these things happen again.”

    I really resent statements such as this. Since when do economics and teenaged angst give people a license to viciously beat and rob others? This sentiment implies that teenagers are incapable of exercising better judgment and can react to negative emotions only with violence, which is bull***.

    Please, spare us the justifications and stop setting the bar so low.

  • 11:41…since you are nit-picking, the correct sentence would be “Do you know the difference between math and English?”


  • Oh I see now, it is neither chutzpah or self-delusion. Just plain stupidity. Let me guess – you surround yourself with people of lower IQ who tend to agree with you resulting in an inflated perception of your own intellect. Carry on.

  • Bold type, unfortunately for you he was claiming to be in a genius in math, not English. So to point out an imagined error in his English AND then write QED shows you don’t know what QED means.

  • 11:44 and 11:45 have been the only faded type guests with anything to say of late of any relevance and with any sense of intelligence.

  • bold type guest – presumably you’ll be too embarrassed to continue posting under that moniker.

  • “housing projects are not full of simply lovely people who are a bit down on their luck. these are stupid, cruel people who live in a cultural of mindless violence and ridiculous values.”

    Amazing how in one short post, this poster was able to make broad, stereotypical, and wrong statements about thousands of people he admits he knows nothing about, and at the same time, make the case for personal idiocy so well.

    This pack of kids needs to be rounded up and jailed. End of story.

    Montrose Morris

  • Yes, 11:47, surrounded by both you and 11:49…neither one of you with a good command of reading comprehension or the ability to grasp a logical arguement. So, my point is that the genius capacity for mathematics is probably all in your own mind. However, you could be an idiot savant.

    I’m done with you now.

  • Montrose Morris…there are far too many of them on this thread today!!!! All hiding behind their guest logins.

  • Finished your “arguement”?
    Sounds like QED to me.

  • WOW…glad to see this kind of crap doesn’t get spewed out about Bed Stuy anymore!!!

  • “How bout the fact that you are just as likely to get robbed around NYU, in the upper west side or in brooklyn heights when compared to Clinton Hill/Fort Greene. Its NYC….where crime happens.”

    Ah yes, an idiotic, ignorant and air-headed post like 11:30’s always surfaces when crime stats are discussed. What delusion and denial. Sorry pal–in my neighborhood, there are no warnings, and have never been any warnings, about packs of scratching, kicking, and violent thugs committing robberies. It is the reason some people pay more to live in certain neighborhoods over others. It’s called the crime rate. And the comparative crime rate. Stop trying to justify violence as simply part of the urban landscape.

  • 11:45

    This kind of violence has been going on for far longer than the Depression. The reason is slowed down during the Depression was that no one had anything to take.

    It’s not a license to justify asbo-behavior. It’s just an unfortunate reality.

  • I’m anxiously awaiting boxgirl’s drivel. Where is she? Its 12.10 already.

  • Well, this is a constructive thread.

    As a Clinton Hill resident, if anyone has *real* suggestions on how to avoid becoming a victim of these thugs — what to look for, what to do — I would appreciate it. Also, ways to help the police and/or anyone we see victimized in this way. Can we demand more action by the police? Also, if these are daylight robberies, why does Pratt’s advice center on late-night behavior?

    (As I am a petite woman, “knock their teeth in” or whatever isn’t much of an option.)

  • what to look for?
    a gang of 15/16 yr old AAs in Clinton Hill

    what to do?
    cross street.

  • 12:10, gosh, brilliant. Cross the street for each group of black teenagers I see in this historically black nabe. That won’t happen on every damn block. And of course, the one group of criminals would never think of following me.

    Like I said, nice constructive thread.

  • Gidget-

    Just keep a look around you when you’re walking around. Be aware of your surroundings, and limit your use of the iPod while walking around. This keeps you from hearing people coming from behind you. And if you see a group of people you don’t feel comfortable with, cross the street. If you’re being attacked, SCREAM and try to get out of the incident as best you can.

  • In the next printing of the book “Freakonomics” there will be a chapter devoted to how the iPod has raised crime rates throughout American inner cities.

  • ah some real good discussion here. keep it up folks! we’ll crack this case soon, i can feel it! troll power!

    nice dig at the 88th from Pratt, guess it’s a vote of no-confidence for the short arms of the law.

  • I agree with you, Gidget, that this thread gets ugly at times. Sorry about that-it is one of the unfortunate results of guest comments.

    Don’t automatically assume that every person of color is out to get you. There are tell-tale signs when these incidents occur, no matter what their background. I think of it as a ‘swarm-attack’-where they will act strangely and then surround you for the assault. That is why you should just keep your eyes and ears open.

    Other than that I would recommend a self-defense class. That might help, but during incidents when it is a large group of individuals the sheer number would be quite intimidating.

  • But these should be tactics you use regardless of where you life/work in nyc. Yes, crime might be higher in certain communities but robberies/muggings happen in every community of nyc

  • gwbrubaker, it is nice to have some actual suggestions at last, and politely put, too. Many thanks. I assure you I do NOT think every person of color is out to get me, far from it. I **like** the mix of ethnicities and races in this neighborhood, that was part of the attraction for me in the first place. The people are lovely and I have always felt safe here. In fact it’s been so long since I have had to use street smarts I am worried I have none left, which was why I was asking.

    Again, thanks. Posters like you make the blog’s comments worth reading.

  • “bold type guest” at 11:56 –

    You are just as anonymous as anyone else on this board. Until you provide your address, phone number, and real name, stop preaching to others about “hiding behind guest logins”.

  • Grassetto Ospite III

    100 Atlantic Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY


    Sorry, but I couldn’t follow all your other postings in case you had any other suggestions or requests 12:40. But, that’s the problem with guests, you get them confused except for their cohesive nit-picking, bad advice, baiting and racist comments.

  • Just a clarification about the Command Security car that this post and the Clinton Hill Blog also mention: This is a private security company that has contracts with several buildings in the area (Clinton Hill Co-ops, Clinton Mews) and Pratt. Though I know that the 88th claims to be understaffed and over committed, having to rely on a private security company for something the police should be doing is a very dangerous precedent to set. Privatization of security means only the wealthy are secure.

  • Curtis Sliwa & the Guardian Angels are, I’m sure, available for work in Clinton Hill

  • No one thinks that Pratt should have reworded their mass e-mail to the students and staff? Did they really have to say black males and females…If I see 15 kids in general I’m going to keep my ears and eyes open.

  • No 12:56, not as long as they all of them were black.

  • The commnets about self-defense are stupid. This is a gang of kids, fight back and you will end up in the hospital or in the morgue. Much better advice – cross the street if you see a gang.

  • Clarifying… no 12:56, they should not have reworded their email…if all of the attackers were black.

  • “These occurrences have happened during various times of the day.”

    “Avoid traveling late at night.”


  • A physical description is a physical description. It shouldn’t be turned into an indictment of an entire group of people though.I don’t think Pratt was wrong to put that in. It’s the people who want to use that information to try to prove racist points that I worry about.

  • 11:17: What time of the day was the attack on Clinton Avenue and Greene? Did you report to the police what you saw, especially the men in front of the building telling the perps where to run to? What about the Tish James website for reporting these incidents? Is there a pattern (time and day of the week?) What about a bit of facts?

  • I live near the projects also and to me they are like zoo’s that house animals. The only thing is these animals are allowed to leave their cages to prey on societey.

  • too bad for the project dwellers that they have to live near you 1:07. Better watch out with that ‘tude of yours or we won’t be seeing your sorry ass on the threads here much longer!!!

  • ‘guest’ at 1:06-

    It was around 3:15pm early last week (I do not have my mobile records on immediate hand to give you the specific time-sorry), yes I called 911 on my mobile and gave pertinent information to the police (as best I could-I’m with a vocal palsy that makes it very difficult to speak.)

    Could you please direct me to the Tish James website, please? I would be more than happy to assist her with this.

    I’ve not witnessed any regular pattern here.

  • Hey Gidget — Pick up a copy of “The Gift of Fear.” It’s a fascinating book that offers real insight into danger and our response to it (and keeping ourselves safe). Otherwise, I’d suggest basic urban survival strategy: Don’t flash jewelry or electronics (tuck in chains, turn rings around, don’t walk and listen to your iPod, don’t walk and talk on your cell, or text on your Blackberry), wear shoes you can move in (sneakers or flats), carry a handbag that closes securely and that you can keep a grip on (a backpack or something with handles that fit over your shoulder). Tuck a $20 and a Metrocard, and your house-keys, in your pocket, so if someone does mug you, you can still get home. (it’s a good idea to never carry your house-keys in the same bad as your ID — you don’t want a mugger to have your address and your keys). Empty your wallet of everything but the most crucial items, Xerox those and keep copies someplace safe (so you can cancel credit cards etc if you need to quickly). As far as being on the street, try not to carry yourself like a victim — head up, strong stride (no mincing in heels that make you easy to topple), bag close to your body. And if someone, or a group, strikes you as dangerous or even just makes you uncomfortable — get away. Don’t worry about being polite. If someone approaches you, start yelling NO, GET AWAY, BACK OFF (or something like that) LOUD. Hold up a palm in “stop” position. Worst case, hand everything over and protect your face (get down on the ground if you need to). Taking a self-defense course is a great idea, find one that caters to women specifically. Stay tough!

  • I agree that the description of the attackers was fine if factual. Would redheads have cause to complain if the description said the robberies were committed by a group black males and females approximately 15-16 years of age with bright orange hair?

  • very good suggestions from the guest at 1:13. Thank you for this information.

  • Excellent advice 1:13 guest.

  • Let them take your bag and run. Its not worth it. Like that teacher in the news today who resisted that guy in Sheepshead bay and got beaten up.

  • If one can pull a lever and exact a moratorium on all crimes- muggings, murders, rapes, drugs, etc. in Brooklyn communities like Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, East NY, etc. it would benefit White folks mostly at the expense of black folks. High rate of crimes indirectly subsidizes rents of some people. Freakeconomics in action.

  • Yo, Those Pratt students better learn how to tuck their sh!t.

  • The residnets of the projects effectively subsidize themselves? Interesting idea.

  • The Gift of Fear is a great book

  • If there’s a pack of kids that large running around mugging people in plain day, (and I know there is, I read the police blotters), I’m with the poster who was wondering why the police can’t manage to catch them or do anything about it.

  • Hey 1:13 here again. Another thing you can do is program your local police number into your cell. If you see something, you can call and report on the action from the location (obviously, get somewhere safe and then call), but there’s a better chance of getting help if you can say “I’m on the corner of X and Y and there’s a mugging in process).

    Have a good weekend everyone. stay safe.

  • They either need to be tnere when it happens, or the need witnesses. No snitchin remember?
    Plus, these kids are underage – so nothing much is going to happen.

  • Bernard Goetz would’nt let these chumps rob him, neither should you.

  • 1:13…

    Get down on the ground? That is absolutely the worst street-fighting advice I have ever heard.

  • I graduated Pratt 10 years ago…and crime in the area was high. We were told not to walk on Myrtle. We called it Murder Avenue. At least twice a week, you heard of a mugging.

    That area for me is still a fringe neighborhood with overpriced houses.

  • Denton, why is that bad advice?

  • once you’re down on the ground its over for you.

  • “Did they really have to say black males and females.”

    Come on. This is too much. PC police gone mad. Now you can’t say “black”? It’s a physical description of a specific group that has been perpetrating these crimes. It’s an identifying characteristic. If they were Asian, caucasian, or albino midgets, they’d say so as well, right? Cut the crap already.

  • Um 2:38, that’s “albino little people”, please.

  • Um Biff…that’s ” albino vertically challenged”

  • I look forward to the day when “white” is attached to criminals like:

    White savings and loan officers (remember that big steal?).

    White Enron executives.

    The white George Bush (for Iraq).


    Street crime — vicious and stupid — adds up to a pittance next to the crimes perpetrated by characters like the ones above.

    But hey, who’s counting? Not Brownstoners, apparently.

  • Um Bold type guest…that’s “vertically challenged person with albinism”

  • But is he an albino that is Caucasian or African American???

    2:53 makes a point…maybe not a helpful one but…

  • 2:53, if we were trying to describe the President to people who didn’t know what he looks like and were trying to find him, we probably WOULD include “white” in the description (in his case, we might also include “dangerous”, “war mongering”, “morally bankrupt”, “moronic”, “corrupt”, etc).

  • And “unable to form intelligent sentences.”

  • Sounds like some of the perpetrators have been caught.

  • Thanks 3:04…

    Getting “counselling???” That’ll make her even worse off.

  • Looks like the What’s war is heating up.

  • 2.53 – you seem unable to grasp the difference between perps who we know and perps as yet uncaught who are described so that people can avoid/identify them. But don’t let that salient difference get in the way of your PC rant.

  • The Times just announced that the white Christopher J. Ward has been accused of embezzling $750,000.00 from the Republican National Committee.

    This news reaffirms the propensity of white people to commit crime.

    When entering into any social, political, or economic relationship with white people, be guarded — especially if they’re wearing suits.

  • 2.53 – it might seem a pittance to you but the scare of physical violence (and soxual, but not in this case) transcends all other crimes when it comes to what people are fearful of.

  • Forget it 2:53…..3:21 has no clue what you were posting about!!!

  • 3.24 – if you’re that stupid that you see that as analogous to personal safety, why not send the pratt students an e-mail about it.

    Let me guess, you see racism every second of every day. Change your spectacles.

  • BTG – re. your 3.24 comment – you really are making a clown of yourself with every other comment you make on this thread. 3.21 was right on point, 2.53 was just a rabble rousing provocation.

    You’re doing much better on the HOTD thread.

  • 3:24, should we try again? Yes, we know white people commit horrible crimes. But until any criminal is caught, it is helpful to use easily identifiable attributes, such as skin color, height, gender, etc. in trying to capture them. Once they are apprehended, we should refer to them by name and can drop such identifiers, which were not offensive in this case to begin with, notwithstanding the chance the African Americans in question taking offense to being called black. Ca va?

  • Isn’t there a nice 2 million dollar falling in on itself townhouse with “nice original (aka old and rotten) details” in this crime infested Clinton Hill ghetto that I can buy that will make me 3-4 times my money in 2 years? I really want to make enough to retire and let my parents and all my brothers and sisters also retire in 2 years and everyone says this is a nice neighborhood on its way up. If I put in 2 million now I can have 4-8 million in 2-3 years since thats what everyone on here always says about Brooklyn real estate.

  • “Ahem – dear Pratt Students – there is a group of (no race – thats racist) (no age thats ageist) (no gender, thats sexist)…

    “There is a group of people that you should watch out for. That is all, please return to your creativity.”

  • 3:30 …Looks like you’re outnumbered on your analysis of 3:24’s comment. Again, read slowly and try and process all of the information in all of the paragraphs before you make that magical logic leap into the hole that you always do.

    You are 15 minutes past the end of your coffee break and the whistle has blown for you to get back to work.

  • 3:35…Open House Picks today…the CH house is already nicely renovated at $1.995MM get the prize for the best post today.

  • Brownstoner- For posts like this, you should consider not taking comments. Think hard about what you’re posting, and what kind of comments you’re trying to attract, or what kind of fires you’re trying to fan.

    If you want to take up the topic of rising crime, particualarly in your own neighborhood. Consider weighing in on our own posts, moderate the comments, or just don’t have them. There is nothing constructive to add to a crime statistics, unless it’s other comparative crime statistics. Anything else is just baiting people to display thier worst.

  • Bold type guest, you also seem to have a fan in 3:30. He’s clearly trailing you from thread to thread awaiting each new post. You’ll probably hear from him until 5:00 at which point he’ll slide down the dinosaur and leave the gravel pit.

  • 3:41 you don’t understand the economics of a blog that relies on advertising revenue.

  • BTG please STFU you giddy fool! Practice what you preach.

    The poster is not commenting on 3:24’s post. He is commenting about YOU at 3:24.

  • BTG – you seem to know me which is interesting seeing this is my second post of the day. Presuming you mean 2.53’s comment – try counting with your fingers instead of your imagination.

  • Its a public blog 3:44…if you don’t like reading what people post then either 1. don’t read the posts or 2. log off. Otherwise STFU

  • Hey, I’m calling him BTG, you call him something else. He’ll only get even more confused than he is now.

  • 3:46, try signing in so we don’t have to guess which idiotic posts are attributable to you.

  • Yeah Biff…they are scary when they stalk like that.

    3:46…there’s no way of separating one of you from the other. If you want to be recognized for the things you say, then register and log in. Otherwise you’re just a faded type guest who’s intelligent additions to the thread are lost among all the others.

    Stand Up and Be Counted.

  • BTG- the term you’re looking for is ‘business model’. I think the blog can increase hits over a longer period of time by providing better content and less of you. I hope that Brownstoner understands his business model better than you do.

  • Is it possible that bold type is the notorious cut n paster aka the “slow day” troll aka “faded type” troll who is currently having a few days of semi-coherence (tho still obvious bewilderment in following arguments) yet is doomed to lapse back into his pathological state?

  • Biff…the faded type guests are fighting over which one of them can refer to me as BTG.

    Let’s just sit back and watch them duke it out in the mud pit.

  • 3:24: I think you mean we should be fearful of white REPUBLICANS in suits.

  • 3.53 – I only come on here to see what the ‘tards bxgrl and bold type guess are saying. Bxgrl was quiet today, but bold type didn’t disappoint.

  • I dunno, 3:55.

    Was the white construction crane inspector just arrested for taking bribes a Republican?

    Not necessarily.

    Better to be wary of all white people, lest you get yourself killed.

  • Bold type guest, with 4:01 you have a regular fan club going! Quite a following. You must be flattered, even if they do use words like “‘tards”.

  • I’m not sure bxgrl and BTG aren’t the same person. They both panic when their reasoning starts getting shaky and then try to divert attention by questioning other posters’ intelligence (bxgrl) or reading comprehension (BTG). Could be a split personality.

  • 3:55- we already are.

  • 4:04: I ‘spect he was a republican.

  • …and probably not wearing a suit either.

  • Bold Type you’re acting like effing crack head drunk. Why cant you just admit you made a mistake and posted without reading. Save the comedy.

  • 4:01- obviously you haven’t been reading much (or you can’t read- who’s the ‘tard now?) but I have been posting. But thanks for saying that you only visit to see what BTG and I are saying. You’re either a fan or a stalker- some of you trolls are so low IQ you have the terms confused so I’ll either say “gee-let me call 911 now and quake in fear till they come,” or “You like me! You really like me!!”

  • there she goes…true to form as 4.06 predicted!

  • I do post as someone else…but its not bxgrl. I wouldn’t mind however catching a drink with her. Can’t say the same about a lot of the rest of you though.

  • D-O-N-E-D-E-A-L!!!


  • your DIBS aren’t you?

  • 4:04: Gee, if that crane inspector dude wasn’t wearing a suit, it just proves how sneaky white criminals are.

    They keep morphing.

    One moment they’re the French banking executive embezzling a billion dollars; the next they’re the corrupt, low-level official taking kickbacks; next the uniformed cop beating the crap out of some kid; and after that, the Vice President of the United States.

    Lock up your wives. Hide the chillun. Never know which of these criminals gonna come at you.

  • Hi everyone. I’m new to this site. I never thought that Clinton Hill was dangerous.

  • Biff, can you give Skerd Type Guest his nuts back? So he can muster up the strenght to ask the kitty litter queen for a date.

  • whats DIBS??

  • 4:39, you might want to consider an ESL class at some point. Do you want to try again? Oh, and you may as well learn to spell “strength” while you’re at it.

  • 4:39- At least BTG has a set, which you never did.

  • DIBS = dave in bed stuy – I thought you might be him. I’ll go back to guessing.

  • 4:39’s just jealous he can’t get a date with anyone other than his sister. And apparently she left him for her other brother.

    I assume DIBS is daveinbedstuy. I can’t wait until the creative set comes up with the ever-original “BC” for me!

  • 4:45, why don’t you go back to where you came from. I heard there’s a bus leaving for Appalachia in 10 minutes.

  • Its funny how so many of these faded type guests take on such a predictable behavior after such a short time. They can’t ever seem to ever post anything relevant to the topic though. But we’d never know would we. They are only identifiable through their patternistic drivel, bad grammar and incessant name calling.

  • Go Brooklyn! Go Brooklyn! LOL! Folks, its going to be a long hot summer….

  • I’m really amazed at how much racism and hate there is on this site. One of my sorority sisters told me about this after reading about it in the New York Magazine.

    I like a few things that some of the guests have posted but I really like Biff. He seems like a charmer…especially coming to the aid of bxgrl, Heather and Nokilissa. What a charmer.

  • I would say BC is entirely apposite.

  • Thanks Brooke Lynne (love the name). I just figure that someone has to teach chivalry to the faded type trolls, not that those ladies can’t more than competently defend themselves.

    Plus, I like seeing bxgrl, Heather, Nokilissa here regularly and reading their posts.

  • Brooke – I am amazed how people in America can’t actually identify actual racism and separate it from racially-inconvenient incidents and facts. I assume its because you’re all in the middle of it and are seeing everything through black-identity politics, white elitist politics etc etc. The charge of racism in this country is used so liberally its almost become meaningless.

    You people should go to a racially homogenous country and live there for a year, let the scales fall from your eyes. It doesn’t all come down to race, even in countries like America and South Africa that have apartheid in living memory.


  • Bxgrl, Please stop eating water bugs in the basement. It’s making you crazy. You and BTG are a perfect combo kinda like sh** and toilet paper.

    Biff you are tired. Take a break from Brownstoner we all do sometimes

  • Bxgrl, Please stop eating water bugs in the basement. It’s making you crazy. You and BTG are a perfect combo kinda like sh** and toilet paper.

    Biff you are tired. Take a break from Brownstoner we all do sometimes

  • Hey 5:06….just press ENTER once…OK. its actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

  • 5:06, great idea! Why didn’t I think of that. You’re right. I’m tired and need a break. You’ve convinced me to not post for the next two days. That way I’ll be all rested and ready to post multiple times bright and early Monday morning!

  • Bloop, bloop, bloop said a Watery Grave in BedStuy.

  • Back off, Brooke! We saw Biff first! :-)

    Welcome to the site- jump in with both feet and don’t worry too much about the trolls. We let them off the leash sometimes for exercise but you always have to remember, you’re smarter than they are.

    Arguments can get pretty intense but lots of good people post here

  • of course the cops dont care and the schools suck in Clinton Hill. People that live there pay nothing in taxes and expect to get the same services as the people that pay propert taxes on the UES. Ya’ll need to get real. What do you expect? You moved into the ghetto to try and make a quick buck and now you are stuck. Last man out losses biggest.

  • I’d add to bxgrls’ post that it is best if you don’t have self-esteem issues, especially a complex about your intelligence.

    You know, like some posters here screamingly have.

    Like bxgrl.

  • worst.

  • 5:18, speaking of intelligence, please learn proper apostrophe placement.

    Repeat after me…”bxgrl’s”

  • 5:13 you used that same assinine post yesterday. Consistency is the hobgobblin of a small mind.

  • what 5:06? Only “kinda like?” Unlike you, who is a definite.

    Do you think you could come up with some comments to prove you actually function above the level of a 3 year old? (Apologies to 3 year olds).

  • “I do post as someone else…but its not bxgrl.”

    All of the registered folks post as “guests” when they feel the urge to make particularly nasty comments. Then they assail non-registered posters.

  • 5:16:

    Teachers and police officers are paid the same whether in Clinton Hill or the Upper East Side, so the level of professionalism and service should be the same.

    And if you’ve read the New York Times recently, you may have noticed that the residents of Park Avenue cooperatives pay proportionately LOWER taxes than the owners of modest houses in the outerboroughs.

  • So I see Biff has created another identity so he can fawn over himself. Interesting.

  • Biff….that’s an excellent idea…even if it did come from that double poster. I’m taking the next two days off as well.

    Just about time for a few cold ones now too.

  • Uh oh, 5:23 has it all figured out. I guess our constantly cordial demeanors when logged in are a dead giveaway!

  • Thanks bxgrl. I guess I have to know the personalities here first. By the trolls I assume you mean those people who don’t actually login. I did read the New York magazine article. Hard to separate the normal from the abnormal amongst them.

  • Biff dud – he was clearly refering to the two bxgrls: bxgrl and bold type. Thus the apostrophe is correctly placed.

  • Sorry 5:25 guest. I believe you’re the only one here with multiple personalities. Try not to be a hater. Maybe one day someone will find something in you to admire. It’s doubtful, but you can always dream!

  • 5:23 is right. Remember a few months ago when Biff got busted sending spam he was in “fade type”. Brownstoner blew his spot up.

    Watery grave, I dont speak underwater. try again. You actually have 2 to 3 hours to get home before Sunset. The streets of Bed Stuy are hot right now and it’s friday too. Hurry up and return back to your underwater bunker.

    BX you must have some sort of odor. Go wash your @ss. You reek of cat and muggy basement.

    Happy Friday people.

    demz is jokes!

  • Please, people, do not encourage Biff and make him think women (or anyone for that matter) like him. I’m sure he’s pulling on his tiny chubby as we speak, excited by the likes of bxgrl and Brooke Lynne…

  • Oh, 5:33, nice try, but no he wasn’t. And I’m sorry but it’s “referring”. Perhaps both of you need an ESL course?

  • 5:23…I have no problem assailing your low-life, nasty @ss hell of a life without logging out and then logging back in as a guest.

    Capiche numbnuuuuts??

  • 5:36, nice try yourself. But please be factually correct or have some backup when attempting to troll and don’t make up things that never happened.

    demz is jokes? Thanks for pointing it out, the humor is so subtle I was suspecting it was completely absent.

  • 5:37, at least mine still works, which is more than I can say for you, I’m quite sure.

  • 5:37…I shudder to think what you’re doing as you write that. et out much??

  • I think Biff is too uptight to do that 5.37 -he’s checking apostrophes and commas and then calling people on it. He used to be witty….

  • “More than I can say for yours” would be correct.

  • “5:37, at least mine still works, which is more than I can say for you, I’m quite sure.”

    So, you’re admitting to having a diminutive penis of slightly more than negligible benefit to others?

  • Biff why were you in “guest mode”? Please tell the us.

  • 5:46, my point was that 5:37 is unemployed and does not work. But again, it was a nice try. Thanks for playing and don’t forget your lovely parting gifts, loser.

  • No 5:47, actually it’s quite large, but I’m afraid 5:37 is so insecure that I didn’t want to make him feel even worse about himself. Try again…

  • “They are only identifiable through their patternistic drivel, bad grammar and incessant name calling.”

    Now are we talking about the regisrtered users or the guests. Seem indistinguishable to me.

  • Oh dear, Biff has gone downhill.

    Time to make up a new identity like bold type guest?

  • 5:48, please try to come up with something a little more original…

  • 5:48…is “the us” related to The What??

    Biff…forget about them…they’ve been telling penis jokes since 3rd grade and never graduated.

  • Ah, good to see that bxgrl, Biff and BTG are being put in their place again today. Losers.

  • 5:36, 5:37- that the best you can come up with? Truly sad- for you anyway.

    I’m afraid you’ll have to be a lot smarter if you expect me to take you seriously. You just aren’t capable of ruining my day or this site for me. Dealing with you is like swatting flies (or shooting fish in a barrel).

    Brooke, consider yourself accepted! You got your first troll reference. Try not to let them get to you- that’s basically all they want.

  • 200! But mostly false accusations of racism, organ jokes, and intelligence slandering.

  • I had originally come to this post because I was actually interested in this bit of news as someone who grew up in Clinton Hill, but somehow yet another post has become hijacked by resident loser Biff and his apparently tiny penis.

    Does anyone have any actual information or statistics on crime in Clinton Hill? gwbrubaker seems to be one of the only people with anything valuable to add to the discussion…

  • 5:56- ya think? Odd- we haven’t noticed.

  • I’m going for a cosmo. Hope I can meet some of you in person someday. Adieu.

  • bxgrl: Can you come up with better comments? You repeat the same stupid crap. What a moron. Go back to Hostos CC.

    And thank you to all the guest for carrying on my assault on the @$$hats, Biff and BTG.

    – Bizarro What, a.k.a. What, the stupid bxgrl.

    (You @$$hats only make me more popular!)

  • Manitoba, you really should put on your reading glasses and look at where the shlong reference originated. But I suppose you also hate letting facts get in the way of your argument. Can you unhijack the thread and say something meaningful please?

  • of course YOU’VE noticed, you’re a prime contibutor to the third posting category.

    Seriously, you should tell your therapist which teacher or parent it was that put down your smarts. Its time to let it go.

  • “Biff..forget about them” Wah wah wah.

    Biff why cant you answer? I’m dying to read your reason for being in guest mode and day afer day you advocate logging in.

    You are Spitzering on us!

  • Well folks, another fun day of trollminating. Thanks for the fun; I had a blast. Over 200 posts. We did it again. I’m off for a spectacular fun-filled summer evening of drinking and debauchery. Dave, BTG, bxgrl and Brooke, have a great weekend.

  • wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought there werent any shook hands in broooollyyyynnnn!!!!!! i dont even wanna read the rest of this thing!!! why even read it!! the welcomes have won the war!!! brooklyn is yoursssssssss!!!! horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrayyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • I am the trollminator, Biff. And I will stalk you until you finally leave this site. And that includes your “guest” posts.

    – Bizarro What

  • The post count’s now 212!

    Lot’s not be ironic and stop at Manhattan’s area code, but push on to 718!

    Biff, DIBS, bxgl, do your bits as Brooklynites!




    (There, now I’ve gotten it to 213 — only 505 more posts to go!)

    Others: More about Biff’s tiny penis. Bxgl’s waterbugs, etc.

    Come on fellow Brooklynites, let’s show we can stay on topic(s)!

  • Did Biff admit to being a drunken whore @ 6:06?! Then he, BTG, and bxgrl are all the same person.

    Is Brooke Lynne your drag name, DIBS? You would make one ugly girl. Then again, you don’t win a beauty prize as a man either.

  • Ya’ll dont like the ghetto? Then move back to long island! This is Brooklyn and people get beat downs

  • learn self-defense or carry a bat around the hood and bash some skulls in if need be. it’s either you are this gang of pussy bitches.

  • If you see a pack of kids call 911 immediatley. Stop the crime before it starts. We need to start being proactive and not be afraid to live in our on neighbourhood.

  • The only racists in this whole scenario are the criminals. They mugged and violently beat these people on the basis of race and class. They think you are stupid and the enemy. Where is the ACLU!!

  • Why live in a neighborhood like this? Why go to school in a neighborhood like this? The muggings are never going to stop. Brooklyn is an awful rip-off.

  • great point, 8:50. You are absolutely right.

  • The common theme to this thread is young black kids (“thugs”) are always causing problems in the community.

  • Not entirely, 2:24.

    There’s a thread about how white adults are always causing problems in the city, country, and world.

  • I’m sorry. I’m black and hope to never live next to the projects god willing! Public housing, especially in projects the size and layout in Clinton Hill were a big mistake. It’s ugly and dehumanizing. I don’t think its an issue of race, but economics. Poor people, not all, but many in the projects don’t give a shit about their surroundings and they live in shitholes! I say knock them down! Call me an elitist, don’t care. I visit my friend who lives across the street from the projects and I have to pass through 10 people sitting on his stoop that he owns drinking forties! Calling each other nigger in front of my child. And they leave their trash. Stop defending ghetto behavior!


  • LP i think i love you. thank you for saying the obvious that totally clueless people don’t want to admit. it’s frickin scary to be mugged, to be followed, to be harassed, etc.. no reason, none! to put your family in that position. it’s about the projects, not race. i would never live near a project or a ghetto neighborhood because i’m scared of the violence. really, normal white people are not afraid of black people. most of us have gone to school, work, whatever with all sorts of different people, races, religions all that. and we all know that we can make friends and get along.

  • Maybe those terrorists who just got the right to a civilian trial need to make a little cash on the side to pay their lawyers- a little could go a long way with those fools

  • oh yeah, and there is no god

  • Used to live across the street from a housing project in East Harlem.

    No problem.

  • I’m late to the thread, but I had to address 11:02, who said:

    “stick to the old italian hoods if you want to be a “pioneer.”

    Looks to be our old friend, the uneducated racist Carroll Gardens booster. Who would even claim Park Slope used to be an Italian neighborhood when everybody knows it was a wealthy, patrician wasp neighborhood that became a black neighborhood in the 60’s and 70’s. Dude, you can claim Carroll Gardens, Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge. Big whoop.

    Let’s spell it out for you. The bad taste renovations and alterations to facades in the Italian neighborhoods are horrible. We’d be ashamed to invite our friends over if we lived in one of those houses. Also, liberal intellectuals working in media and the arts do not want to have to attempt to get along with loud macho Republican Italian neighbors.

    I know it’s hard for you types to grasp, but there are other divides in society greater than race. Our black neighbors are college educated doctors and lawyers. We have a lot more in common with them than with you old timer Brooklyn Italians. Sorry.

    My own blame for youth crime like this falls on local black leaders like Charles Barron and Al Sharpton: stop paying so much attention to what the cops might do once in a while, and pay attention to what the youth in your own communities are doing every single day. That is if you really actually want to help your people instead of posing for the cameras.

  • LP and others who advocate ripping the projects down, you should read the most recent issue of the Atlantic Monthly. I’m not saying your sentiments are unjustified, but the article highlights some of the major issues with your proposition. The article discusses Memphis mostly, but it also shows (as we all know) that simply ripping down housing projects doesn’t take care of the problem. Many of these problems are not just racial (even though that underlying current will never go away), but socio-economic. Anytime you have people with money and expensive possessions move in next to people with nothing, you’ll have problems.

  • It’s the project blacks that cause all these problems. They glorify crime and shun education. That is why they are in the sad predicament that they are in.

  • I am really surprised by the whole “defend yourself” line of posts…I have had a few minor run-ins with kids in the neighborhood where a swift jab to the nose would have been warranted and deserved, however, the problem is you are playing the “guess who’s packing” lottery with angry, aggressive kids who aren’t necessarily thinking of the repercussions of pulling a trigger. There have been no less than 4 separate uses of handguns within a 100 yards of the Connecticut Muffin in the last 2 years. Given this fact, I don’t know if the right answer is to take up a street fight with a pack of youths (ummm, ever heard of “mob mentality”?) — getting your ass beat curled up in a ball on the ground is not the best option, not really sure if there is a definitive answer.

    And on an unrelated note, why no foot/bike patrols in the neighborhood? Why the focus on traffic tickets, cell phone, and seat belt violations (this is rhetorical)? For Christ sake can’t the 88th get some better visibility? i know where the crimes/dealing are going down in the hood — how the f@#$ can the 88th not be on this shite?

  • 12:01 – I am not 11:02 but believe that you are extremely presumptous to assume that a person of Italian descent from CG wrote this statement. There are plenty of newbies very happy in CG who could have easily wrote this. Your diatribe against people of Italian descent was disgusting – you sound like a monster.

  • Vast exageration and stereotyping on the part of 12:01pm. There are many educated people in Carroll Gardens of all ethnic backgrounds if that is one of your criteria. I personally just want them to be kind and considerate as I try not to be so judgemental and status conscious. That’s a major reason that I live in the City.

  • Manitoba–
    I study housing/urban affairs as well as architecture (grad student) and I realize that the problem will not be solved by just knocking down the projects–however, that is the first start. And as the article in Atlantic Monthly points out, some cities were successful. I think one of the main points to get out of the article is that poor people can not live together in high concentrations (40% poverty rate seems to be the tipping point), projects or suburban apartments; the tight housing market is also a problem (that’s why rent control/stabilization needs to go–especially in NYC); we are social beings and herd/group mentality dominates. As the article points out–they bring the ghetto with them, but it only becomes apparent or “activates” when poor people with ghetto mentalities engage with the like. They essentially recreate their old habits/environment. I believe that with better urban planning, i.e. dispersing poor people in areas throughout the city that keeps the poverty/crime tipping rate below 30% can work. Also, there is alot of architectural research that explains why highrise projects encourage crime. Building housing that encourages visibility/surveillance works. Yes, the teenagers robbed people during the day and risk being caught–however, they bank on the fact that people will not snitch in the hood. I don’t think this gang would get away with that behavior in central Park Slope or Tribeca.


  • Oh, and one more though Manitoba–

    You say “Anytime you have people with money and expensive possessions move in next to people with nothing, you’ll have problems.”

    That’s also my point! Building luxury condos next the projects is a dumb idea for exactly the reason you stated. This includes renovated brownstones! I see the looks some of the project residents give my white friend–envy and resentment! And the look they give me is traitor/uncle tom!


  • where would the tenants go?

  • LP – Thanks for your insightful response. I agree with both of your responses except for on minor point: you state that the first thing to do is tear down the projects, but I’m sure you’d agree that the real first thing to do is come up with a plan for where you’re going to put people. The problem with that is nobody wants displaced project housing residents in their neighborhood, and many project housing residents don’t want to be displaced from their community (as dysfunctional as it may be).

    Sounds like your studies are interesting – hope you can make a difference some day… good luck.

  • I hope that the Clinton Hill Co-op residents don’t imagine that a car-bound neighborhood patrol is going to do eff-all besides run over bicyclists while they’re scanning the sidewalk for muggers.

  • I was recently sitting on an L-train, approaching Montrose station, watching a woman carefully arrange her hair and jacket so her ipod headphones were completely hidden. It was a very careful production that she’d clearly carefully worked out before.

    I thought about telling her that if she’s that stressed out about getting mugged she might be better off without the distraction of music to begin with. I’m trying to learn to mind my own business, though.

    I’ve nearly been mugged twice in Brooklyn. Both times I saw it coming — a group of teen boys seemed to be too interested in me; the street was deserted. I was trying to decide what to do when I realized they had surrounded me (once) or come running silently across the street towards me (the other time) — and both times I made a huge stink and started yelling, once at them, once for help. Both times they wound up leaving me alone.

    There is no such thing as a safe neighborhood. It has nothing to do with Clinton Hill or no Clinton Hill, I know people who’ve been stabbed in Park Slope, held up at gun point on the Upper West Side.

    Don’t walk around at night with headphones in, pay attention to what is happening around you, don’t be afraid scream. The reason that longtime residents of Clinton Hill aren’t getting mugged as often is students is because they’re streetwise.

  • Good post, 9:52.

    I graduated from Columbia in Manhattan where I developed street smarts. No problems there.

    Then my friends and I went up to Cambridge for graduate school.

    And guess what? All of us got mugged, because we didn’t know how to read the street — or people. (In Boston, there are lots of poor Irish kids out to roll students.)

    Gonna live in the city? Be smart. And have a good time while being so.

  • The real reason that people commit crimes is for survival and unfortunately with the economy being what it is everyone needs to watch their backs. The crimes that are being committed in these Brooklyn neighborhoods are small petty crimes unlike the white collar crimes like ENRON. So PLEASEEE….

    As long as we live in a society that is full of greedy, self-involved, heartless, coniving, faithless people crime will continue. It will only stop when we get involved in our communities and make a difference. Instead of getting on this message board and talking about the negative things that are “supposedly” going on in your neighborhoods, why not start a block club or something. DAMN

  • One thing that we have lost sight on in this discussion is that crime is crime, poor people robbing from people with more money is still a crime. I don’t care who moved into who’s neighborhood, crime is crime. That’s what jails are for. Lock the kids up. They aren’t running away with 50cent candy bars they are committing
    violent crimes!!!!

  • CanarsieGirl – It may be true that petty crimes are just that in the face of corruption on the scale of Enron, but petty crimes can lead to senseless killings. Remember Nicole DuFresne? One of the accomplices in her murder claimed she wanted to start a fight with DuFresne and her friends because they were laughing and having a good time… not sure how a block club could help with that…

  • The brazen violence in an everyday situation is what rattles me most. How could you feel safe – what if you were with your child, your elderly parent..

    The pyscho/social issues with alot of these kids are beyond our realm of comprehension. Couple this with drugs, a lack of an educational foundation and no direction whatsoever. Obama’s talk and approach is the right direction. For the lowest class black youth, there has to be a starting point, a role model, someone to talk straight and avoid the multitude of excuses that may have elements of truth but lead nowhere… For middle and upper class blacks it must be gratifying to know that your children will likely see a Black President who got there because of his grace, style and unique ability to bring people together.

  • Living in this area has its benefits and problems. Every day I hear about my fellow Pratt Students getting attacked, or mugged, or both. I never thought it would happen to me.

    A week ago I was walking home from school at about 7pm. Not paying a bit of attention, a little too comfortable, only a block from home. I had my ipod on and was not paying attention.

    Then I was struck in the back of the head with a brick by two African American males. I say they were African American Males because that’s what the police wrote on their papers. That’s the term accepted by our system of laws. They took only my ipod and cellphone, and ran off.

    These things happen. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse. The most disheartening thing was the attitude of neighbors who witnessed the entire event. Upon approaching them, they did not let me use their phones to notify the police, or offer any assistance.

    Pratt Students: We’re targets in this area. People watch, they learn, they talk. People know Pratt is a pricey school, and that news spreads fast. Be smart when walking. Don’t walk alone if you don’t have to, and I would suggest never listening to your ipod when traveling by foot. Let’s face it, your music can wait til you get on the train or to your destination. It’s not worth a welt, paperwork with police, and humiliation. Bed-stuy/Clinton Hill will not be completely safe ever, like anywhere. Avoidance is best as people on here have said. If you get an uncomfortable feeling, notice what it is and change it however you need to.

    The good news is, this crime is brazen, there are witnesses, and enough complaints to the precinct or even city hall, will bring more patrols and with them a, hopefully, safer neighborhood for us all.

  • Dodgebullets,

    Sorry that happened to you. Where did this happen? And were these young kids or adults?


  • It happened slightly out of the 88th precinct’s jurisdiction; just on the brink of bedstuy. On Monroe St. between Franklin ave. and Bedford ave.

    The guys forced my face to the pavement, so I was unable to identify any more than a general description, but they appeared to be anywhere from teens to early 20’s.

    According to police, there have been a similar string of attacks/robberies on this block.

  • Thanks for the info, glad you weren’t seriuosly
    hurt. My wife and I have definitely heightened
    our guard and awareness.

  • Not a problem. It’s really becoming quite dangerous in the area.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of/was interested in something similar to this posting. Perhaps a blog or website where people in the area could list their experiences/witness accounts of trouble in the neighborhood. It could really help out others and give a better idea of where to be extra cautious or stay away from.


  • The 88th precinct has some of the worst statistics in the city. the 88th is poorly run. And they would say, it is poorly staffed (which may very well be true). but the point is, the 88th isn’t getting the job done.

    For the new people in the Clinton Hill area… I’m white and new here too. But have a little common sense and pay attention to what is going on around you. Don’t go jogging alone at 11pm. And don’t be talking on your cell or listen to your ipod without noticing the group of teenagers standing at the top of the subway stairs. You do live in a city people, be aware of your surroundings.

    I have lived here for about a year and i have never been bothered by anyone. try saying “hello” to your neighbors or the people on the street every once in a while. Don’t walk alone at night. Don’t come home drunk at 3am. if you do, I have news for you, a group of 15 year olds looking for some fun, will hassle you.

    it happens in suburbia too people – try walking by the 7-11 at midnight and see what the 16 year olds throw in your direction.

    i don’t agree with the posters who said we should fight back when mugged – but i do think we should all report it when our cars are broken into or someone harasses or mugs us. The city keeps track of these things and I hope will consider those stats when assigning new patrolmen to he 88th.

    Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in transition people. There are some people here who don’t play by the rules and don’t have all that much to lose. there are some new people here trying to make the place a good place to live and raise a family. and there are people who have lived here for years who are good people. But everyone has to play their part – it isn’t an us versus them. be aware of things. report crimes. say hi to people. make a little eye contact. and if 15 teenagers are standing on a street corner make you nervous – cross the street.

    to those who posted earlier about crime stats and racism – try being a part of your community. You can’t just show up in a place and demand that everyone who has lived there for 30 years leave immediately. and for the people who have lived there for 30 years – accept that things change and the color of the other people in your building changes too. if you are white – you are most likely to be the victim of a white-on-white crime. if you are black, most likely to be the victim of a black-on-black crime. try getting along with the guy next to you – because he is the person most likely to either rob you or help you out if you get into trouble.

  • A guy got jumped late last night on the corner of Gates and Downing. Seeing the kids as I went out to help, it seems like they were the same ones.

  • Good to know. What happened with it? more info would be great to better watch out.