How Bed-Stuy Looks From L.A.

The L.A. Times takes a lengthy look at gentrification in Bed-Stuy in a piece that focuses on how (or whether) the opening of the Mynt, the luxury rental on Nostrand and Myrtle, is changing the area.

One side of the story, via Mama Ruth, an 87-year-old grandmother and neighborhood fixture who pays $200 a month for her one-bedroom at the Marcy Projects, where she’s lived for 55 years:

Lately, though, a new crop of folks has been moving into the neighborhood, and they don’t talk to Mama Ruth the same. She might pass them at the corner store, or near the subway stop. They’ll nod and smile, and she’ll do the same. But for the most part, Mama Ruth gets out of their way, and they get out of hers.

Another side, focusing on one of the Mynt’s renters:

Everyone outside stared when Randolph Ambroise moved into the second-floor three-bedroom corner apartment at the Mynt. Ballplayers, cops, loiterers, corner store patrons. “Everybody was watching us, like we were celebrities,” he says. Ambroise, 29, a Manhattan real estate agent, and his two roommates were among the first tenants. They got a deal: $3,100 a month. One of the first nights, Ambrose watched five police cars with sirens blaring and lights flashing pull up to the corner. Officers jumped out and ran down the street alongside Marcy. Hoping to block the drama and gawkers outside, the roommates went to Home Depot and bought bundles of window shades…Ambroise had a car, but he didn’t want to pay to park it in the Mynt’s garage, and donated it to charity after it got broken into twice on the street. When he goes to work in a suit, people ask for change.

Manhattan Skyline Views, Brooklyn Projects Below [LA Times]

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  • “a zippy 87-year-old grandmother”

    a what?

  • Not to be a jerk, but exactly what did he expect to be happening on that corner? And why not park his car in the garage, for godsakes?

  • Why not build affordable housing, instead of luxury housing there? People need that much more than a fancy building filled by snobs.

  • “Across the street, her new neighbors pay up to $3,400 a month for penthouses with sliding glass doors and balconies that look straight across the Hudson River”


  • “They got a deal: $3,100 a month.”

    Really? Will anyone ever take this real estate salesman’s word ever again? Wow.

  • what, is L.A. stupid or something? ok, don’t answer that …

  • BeLIEve or not, those Asshats are paying plenty of money to live across from Marcy projects. This is the dawn of the “Clusterfucked” nation.

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end..

  • Rents are INSANE in this City!!!

  • I cant wait to see what that building looks like five years from now when it’s reclaimed by the ghetto.

  • Marcy’s a Brooklyn landmark mapped by HOVA (Jay Z). They should be honored to live in such proximity.

  • “New York Magazine hailed Bed-Stuy as “the next hipster enclave.””

    Are you kidding me? There are so many things wrong in this article, including $3100 in rent, but I will start with this pipe dream. I don’t see it and I live in Bedford Stuyvesant – albeit on the other side.

    And, why is this “news” in the LA Times?

  • “When he goes to work in a suit, people ask for change.”

    “Spare change? Why don’t you go out and get yourself a spare job, and then you’ll have some spare change!”

    – Robin Harris, Comedian, RIP

  • It’s about time…it’s about change.

  • “Rents are INSANE in this City!!!”

    It’s not the rents that are insane, but the renters willing to drop that kind of scratch for this location.

  • “One time he slapped down his credit card to pay for cigarettes and juice at the corner store, but it didn’t have a credit card machine.”

    Idiot –slap down a credit card at a bodega? Oh –he will get “got”. He isn’t ready to live in a “transitioning” neighborhood.

    As for his car getting broken into, I can only imagine what he left visible in the car. (yes, I am assuming here)

    Book smarts yes….streets smarts…not so much.

  • This is an old New York story.

    For the 1930’s version, get the DVD “Dead End” with Humphrey Bogart. It’s about conflicts between people living in East River tenements and new luxury apartments like River House.

    Only then poor people, gangs, and mobsters were white.

    Hey Hollywood, how about a remake set in Bed Stuy — starring Will Smith?

    U. Designer

  • 11:02…where do you even see evidence of “book smarts??” Certainly not in the economics department! LOL

  • @ 10:52am.

    Are you kidding me? What city do you think you live in? Yes, $3,100 in rent is pretty high and very high for BedStuy but it is a big unit, 3 bedroom with 3 roommates. So, the rent will be $1,033.33 split 3 ways. Very doable for most working people.

    Besides, the L.A. Times is a big paper and yes, they do stories outside of their metropolitan area from time to time.

    ::rolls eyes::shakes head::

  • “When he goes to work in a suit, people ask for change.”

    When I walk down the street in a T-shirt and shorts, people ask for change. In Midtown Manhattan. This is only a revalation for people in LA, where walking down the street is something you only see in the movies.

    Dead End is a great movie.

  • “… Ruth, an 87-year-old grandmother and neighborhood fixture who pays $200 a month for her one-bedroom at the Marcy Projects, where she’s lived for 55 years…”

    F*&K the rich!! I live in Malawi, in southern Africa and $200 a month is TOO MUCH!! Only rich people can afford those prices!!!

    Perspective people. Your garbage is my treasure, your treasure is my garbage, your rich compared to me but poor compared to him and on and on….

  • Over a $1000 a month is a big chunk of change for most working people.

  • The irony is that in LA, almost all neighborhoods are still incredibly segregated, much more so than in nyc.

  • this part of bed stuy is still the wild west.

    for 200 more bucks a month could you get your own 1 bedroom in Stuy Heights?

  • 11;30 They’re not working hard enough then. For that matter, why live in the most expensive city in North America? High taxes, high food prices, high rents, high home prices, and major competition with millions of other people for every job?

    One would have a better life in a smaller city, a city that have city tax like NYC.

  • 11:47 is correct…

    $1,200 to $1,400 for a full floor one bedroom on a nice street.

    $300 for an Ikea wardrobe because there are no closets

    $300 for a gym membership at the new Y

    No roommates…priceless!!

  • please leave us alone dave. you are so tired.

    i am the only person who is responding to you. everyone else ignores every post of yours and you keep trolling away.

  • This morning, I sat at my outdoor table with my coffee and read the entire story, which is one page 1. It’s only news in L.A. because a staffer made a hard enough pitch and got the go ahead with the story. It had nothing to do with L.A. or any of the issues we have with our own gentrification of downtown L.A. The writer (Erika Hayasaki) made Bed-Stuy sound like Disneyland (If she bothered to look south, Disney is under fire for blocking affordable housing near the park, in which many of their employees might have enjoyed living in). Congrats to the Brownstoner though, for being mentioned.

  • Go Brooklyn, Go Brooklyn! F3ck LA!

  • 11:58 It wasn’t Brownstoner that was quoted in the article. He knows less about Bed Stuy than the reporter of the article.
    It was which was actually quoted.

  • Whatever the rents are, it’s like it or leave it, and seems people are liking it, so moaning about how wrongheaded they are is pissing into the wind. The current economy will slow things down for awhile, there’ll be more rentals than condos, but it’s fertile ground for residents and merchants escapin higher rents to the west. Some property along good ole Murder Avenue is probably a pretty good long term investment.

  • i know someone who lives in a crappy apartment with some people on Hart st and pays under 500 bucks a month.


  • Actually, the bodega on the corner of Tompkins and Vernon does take credit cards. And debit cards. I’m not sure if they sell loosies.

  • 11:54- Most people who live here were born and raised here, or came here for opportunities to work. That NYC has become so expensive still doesn’t address the fact that should everyone who you feel doesn’t work hard enough leave the city, who would serve your food, run your office, ring up your food and deliver it, clean your house, watch your children, protect your sorry ass in a fire, and fluff your pillow in a hospital?

    You seem to think that every type of job is valued equally but the fact is that many of the jobs most necessary to keep the city running, and the economy going are not valued at the same level as being a lawyer, or a financial trader. Some of those people you look down your nose at put in more hours of hard work per week than you will ever know while you hide under for fancy, over-priced desk. Still feel superior? Just remember your job and $2.00 will get you on the subway.

  • 3BR apartments are rare and will always command a premium. run a search for 3BR/2 bath apartments in doorman buildings with views and you will find virtually nothing in brooklyn. there are places in manhattan, but those will run at least $6,000-$7,000.

  • These changes have been a long time in coming. If you are surprised by the changes in the neighborhood – whether it is the prices of the homes or the costs for rentals – you have been hiding under a rock. This area is no longer ghetto, unlike what some like to say repeatedly. An economic slow down is not going to stop it. Complain about the changes won’t stop it. Too many on this site are out of touch with the reality in the market. Get a grip. The war is over.

  • first time this dude gets robbed, he’s back to the suburbs. good riddance. this whole complex is housing future conservatives (= a liberal who has been robbed). wow, let’s not make ourselves easy targets or anything. we’ll live in a holed up colony where everyone knows we can afford $3k+ per month. brilliant!
    this is such an obvious strategy by the RE complex. divide and conquer. if they can show some “progress” from the changed scenery that these rentals bring, it is an easy step up to peddle mccondos to the $100-200k manhattan refuge “creative” set.

  • bxgrl (Biff): why are you still here? You obviously have an inferiority complex since you live in your friends house in Crown Heights and work for a non-profit and don’t make enough money to rent in the Mynt let alone buy anything. Assuming what you say about yourself is true – and that is highly questionably since you have been caught lying before – spend what little money you have on therapy to get over your issues and stop posting on this site.

  • Evidently 12:27 has already found a good crack connection.

  • “It’s not the rents that are insane, but the renters willing to drop that kind of scratch for this location.”


  • 12:33: You are on crack if you think is building is the exception and not the norm.

    12:34, I mean Dave, you don’t decide the quote of the day on some else’s site so stop making the suggestion every day.

  • The writer couldn’t even bother to find out that the Bed-Stuy blogger is a woman. Typical.

  • 12;26 Those low paying jobs were meant for young, first workers. Hell, I did all those jobs when I was a teenager. I also did my military service to protect your entitled ass self.

    If you can’t compete then get out of the way, die, or step up your game.

  • “These changes have been a long time in coming. If you are surprised by the changes in the neighborhood – whether it is the prices of the homes or the costs for rentals – you have been hiding under a rock. This area is no longer ghetto, unlike what some like to say repeatedly. An economic slow down is not going to stop it. Complain about the changes won’t stop it. Too many on this site are out of touch with the reality in the market. Get a grip. The war is over.”

    I love this crap! The renters at the MYNT is batting practice for the youngins. That a LONG walk from the “G” to the MYNT. I know the the developers must be laughing their asses off. They found Hipster/Yuppies suckers to rent/buy into the dream.

    Here read this Asshats..

    Store Closings: Symptoms of A Depressed Economy


    Financial Firms May Make Deeper Cuts, Eliminate

    “June 24 (Bloomberg) — The world’s biggest financial firms may lose as many as 175,000 jobs by this time next year as Citigroup Inc. and other banks shed workers amid slowing revenue and billions in writedowns, executive recruiters say.”

    Hey Asshats, take a emma with vinegar. This will smooth the impact of that flagpole coming for your sphincter ! LMMFAO!!!

    You dudes are finished. Wall Street will lay off people as soon the 2nd Quarter numbers are being reported! Let the ass reaming begin!

    The What (Kirk to Enterprise..)

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • The G is right down the block from here, t’What. You think you are ghetto, but you know nothing about the hood. Stick to stealing gates in Clinton Hill.

    Talk to you on January 22, 2009. (The day the world is ending according to the t’What.)

  • WOW that is a hight rent. I pay $4000 for a four story house in Stuyvesant Heights and live far from projects

  • Today’s plunge in consumer confidence is another one for the record books; a decline in the six-month outlook to historic lows dating back to the mid-1960s. We have been saying for some time that the current economic downturn will bear little resemblance to the two recessions in most investors’ memory, i.e. the relatively mild recessions of 1990 and 2001. Today’s report on consumer confidence confirms that the US consumer is on the brink of a very large pullback indeed – perhaps even one for the record books.

  • To pay that kind of money to live across the street from ANY project is akin to going to a seafood restaurant and picking a lobster out of the tank. The people who make thier living by stealing from others will say,oh, who shall I rob today? Thank you Mr. developer for making it so easy for me , you brought them right to my door! People who live in the projects are not there because they want to, but because they have to. The only thing that ticks them off more is having to watch people with too much money move in next to them and then act as if the neighbourhood saviour has come at last.If people really want to move into an area that is cheaper they should live as those in the area do. Find a modest apartment and live alongside the people that were already there. To do it any other way is an elitist thing to do and instead of getting your neighbours to warm up to you, it draws a line in the sand that says “You are not good enough to cross this line and live here so I will just wait until you get fed up and move away. It’s my neighbourhood now”.

  • “The G is right down the block from here, t’What.”

    That’s still a loooooooong walk, I mean run, when you’re literally across the street from MARCY. Be home before nightfall.

  • Word up, Bxgrl! You said what I wanted to. And 11:54, I was born and raised here. Went away to college, came back to NYC and received a doctorate, work hard at “important” work, and I still can’t afford NYC prices! As Bxgrl said, what would you do if all those who couldn’t afford NYC left? You could not survive!

    As for bed-stuy not being a ghetto…um, sho’ ya right! Just because people with too much money have moved in doesn’t mean it isn’t a ghetto. And being a ghetto is not necessarily a bad thing unless you’re an elitist snob who thinks you’re above everyone else! I grew up in the ghetto (east Harlem), was educated at a private secondary school, went to Yale as an undergrad and am damn proud to be a child of the ghetto!

  • And you learned how to write ebonics at Yale?

    Sho ya right Bxgrl

  • I don’t understand why people pay to live in the an area where there are a vast number of housing projects?

    The housing projects will always be there. How much value will your property appreciate if it’s next to a project?

    Will quality of life change or do you still have to keep in mind that you live in the hood and have to watch your back?

  • This building kinda looks like a housing project of the future, so in a way it’ll fit right into this neighborhood.

    The G train is one LOOOONNNGG block away. One head-down, iPod-clutching, eyes-averted scurry away. Ample time to get jumped.

    Ssseeeeeee yaa!!

  • There are some examples of gentrification in L.A. West Adams is a neighborhood with historic big Victorians that saw a big downturn in the 60’s and 70’s and then started changing again. The Eastside neighborhoods were low income latin neighborhoods, became hip in the 90’s and changed again. And what about their downtown lofts developments?

    But I agree with someone who said:
    “The irony is that in LA, almost all neighborhoods are still incredibly segregated, much more so than in nyc.”

    I’m a former L.A. resident. When my friends and I moved there in the early 90’s after college we seriously wondered where all the black people had gone. It’s a very segregated city, so much you can go weeks if you live on the Westside (god forbid) without seeing a black person. Classic limousine liberal town. They’re obsessed with status. Obsessed. It used to be cloaked in phoney new age spiritualism and now, environmentalism-as-religion. Anything that makes them feel important. All this coming from people who all drove SUV’s up until just a few years ago. I used to count them. 1 car for every 8 or 9 SUV’s. And they still live in those huge massive houses. Hardly “green” to run those things.

    Everything that’s ever said about the people in L.A. is true. It really is.

  • Look, it’s only a matter of time before the Marcy PJ’s and the like are raised for “luxury” housing. The city is heading for dangerous economic times and soon won’t be able to maintain public housing, thus selling the land to private developers to raise capital. With oil nearing $150 a barrel and showing no signs of retreat, we just entered the first stage of economic warfare. The owners of this world will see their fortunes decrease, as a result of high energy prices, and will take it out on everyone else via layoffs, cut backs, outsourcing, you name it. The rich never lose, remember that. The What is right, it’s going to get real ugly around here.

  • 1:19, i don’t even know where to start in pointing out the flaws in your argument. the rich will never live in bed/stuy, so how will they benefit again by taking on a huge, expensive (politically and monetarily) construction project to provide luxury housing that no one can afford to buy once the economy melts down?

  • I’m sure in journalism school they teach young writers to frame their subjects in order for the rest of us to see how the other half lives, often across the street from each other. It makes good storytelling, but is not a true representation of reality. While Mama Ruth and Ambroise are characters, (and there are Mama Ruths on every old school block in Brooklyn, in every nationality imaginable), it is hardly fair to either the residents of Marcy Houses, or even the Mynt, to generalize like this article does. As the article states, Marcy Houses is enormous, and is spread out over blocks of space, with thousands of residents. One would think that they are all either scary, predatory criminals waiting to pounce on stupid hipsters, or at best, the hardcore denizens immortalized by Jay Z, with a couple of harmless little old ladies thrown in to soften the edges.

    Of course, the thousands of people there are much more, most being hardworking people who just don’t make enough money to be able to get out of there. They are more likely to be the victims of crime there, not some hipster, and they are the people who live in overcrowded buildings with a minority of people who make it awful for the rest of them, and give the projects the reputations they have.

    All that to say, I too, don’t understand why this building was not more moderate income housing in the first place. Aside from the fact that I don’t like the bunker-like style, or the apartments themselves, I wouldn’t want to live there, not because it’s next to the projects, but because it is far away from transportation, food shopping, and anything else. It’s not in the neighborhood, it’s like a fort on the edge of the frontier, and as such, is an automatic affront to everyone around it, and would piss me off, too, even if I too, had similar income or educational levels to those who live there. The building says “We have, you don’t, and we are in your face with our health club, doorman and Fresh Direct deliveries. We have nothing in common with you people, except zip codes.” Add clueless hipsters, stir, and instant journalistic heaven, at the expense of all.

    On another topic – Bxgrl is not Biff, not anyone else but herself. Dave is Dave, and all of them have the right to post, to add to the conversation, to be annoying and informative, and all have the right to read a thread without the rank a@@holism that has been plaguing this site for the last few weeks. I’m so tired of some troll constantly impugning their integrity, their truthfulness, or their gender preferences. Get over it, and get past it. It’s not witty, not amusing, and is tiresome and childish. As the recipient of some pretty horrible stuff myself, probably from the same person, I have nothing but sympathy and words of encouragement for all of them. I don’t care if Dave was also BTG, nor do I care if Biff and Bxgrl had a long conversation on a forgotten thread. I chose not to read it, why it would bother anyone is beyond me. I enjoy Bxgrl’s posts, she obviously cares a great deal about Brooklyn and the people in it. If her opinions are strong, at least she can write that opinion like someone who is older than twelve. If you disagree with her, fine. Can we get past the imbecilic name calling and accusations of lying, and argue your point, if you have one. ‘Nuff said.

    Montrose Morris

  • 12:53, (bxgrl in hiding): If they can afford it and want to pay those prices, why should they adjust their life because it makes others feel unconfortable? Your suggestions are insulting to both those who can afford it and those who can’t. Stop projecting your issues onto others.

    1:03: If you are a native with a good education and you can’t afford it here, you are not very streetwise, wise with your money or you have been living well beyond your means for some time.

    btw: There are plenty of natives who are doing just fine. Don’t asssume natives can’t survive because teh prices go up. SOme of us and thriving. Get a second job or stop posting on brownstoner and start applying yourself at work.

  • “Look, it’s only a matter of time before the Marcy PJ’s and the like are raised for “luxury” housing.”

    [Ring, ring, ring…] Da plane…da plane!!!

    “…selling the land to private developers to raise capital…”

    Good morning, 1:19! Did you just wake up from a one-year coma? I’m sorry to inform you but we’re in the midst of a meltdown that started last July. Can I get you a triple espresso?

  • Geeze that was a doozie. I think we seriously need a 25 word cap on comments.

  • 1:32- why argue with me over something I didn’t write? when I have something to say i use my sign-in. Not like you who are too much of a coward to log in, and too ignorant to read my real posts. Everything in 12:53’s post is the antithesis of what I think- as you would have realized if you read my posts.

    Nor do I assume the “natives” are not doing well. In fact I said nothing about the neighborhood, but about the reality of living and working in NYC. But since you like ignorance, and have a lack of understanding of how life works, you must be very happy because ignorance is bliss.

    12:42- a lot of people did military service (including many in my family) but protecting my ass has nothing to do with your feeling your money entitles you to something. Or that people with less well paying jobs don’t work hard enough. As I said, if we all shipped out, your life would collapse and you would have to learn how to clean your own butt.

  • Most people in NYC were not born or raised here. According to the last census 4 out of 10 new Yorkers were foreign born. And there is no way all the 6 remaining were born and raised here.

  • “The housing projects will always be there. How much value will your property appreciate if it’s next to a project?”

    In the case of Wyckoff Gardens and Gowanus Houses, around 2 million for a house.

  • bxgrl,

    Whiz on down to Redhook while there are still a few shipping docks left and sail out of town and take your populism with you.

    The Guest

  • bxgrl: You have been caught lying repeatedly. Why should anyone believe you. And who would serve me? You would. If you are lucky, maybe I will let you into my house to clean my toilets. I will have a camera on you to check that you don’t steal anything. Now get on your knees and start scrubbing. And when you are done, you can help Biff cheat on his wife.

    Montrose: You have issues with people with money. It is obvious. Stop projecting.

  • i’m foreign born but was raised here. Most of the kids i grew up with are as well. Does your math still work then?

  • montrose morris = bxgrl

  • That was well said, Montrose.

  • I’m SOOOOOO sick and tired of people saying there is no place for moderate and low income workers in this city. That statement just shows what a total idiot Bxgrl is.

    There are about 50 neighborhoods I could list off the top of my head in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, where someone could find an affordable place to live.

    Just because you don’t think you should be relegated to a neighborhood outside Brownstone Brooklyn does not make your feelings justified.

  • i got through one sentence of the montrose morris post before i fell asleep at my desk.

  • @ 1;47

    Did you not say, “…protect your sorry ass in a fire, and fluff your pillow in a hospital?”

    That’s why I mentioned I served. Personally, serving was not a big deal. There are a lot of losers in the military and as a whole, it is filled with douchebags. Like anything else, you have to have higher standards than most in order to be with the best. Regular military = losers.

    bxgirl = loser. A dirty, rotten leg. You can work hard all you want until the cows come home. If you’re still doing this & can’t make ends meet, obviously our doing something wrong and perhaps you need to rethink your game. Apply for better job, learn more in your present job and move up, take night classes for whatever trade you’re interested in, or ditch your loser boyfriend/girlfriend.

    If I was as a miserable failure as you or your case projects are in this city, I would move. You would have been dead from starvation and/or died of exposure if it wasn’t for tax payers subsidizing your sorry ass. Your not entitled to anything!

  • Hey, 1:32 12:53 is Mimi, not bxgirl. No issues here I WAS JUST MAKING A POINT!! It would be better for areas to progress gradually, building low to middle class homes first then middle class then mid to upper class.I did not insult anyone with my post, nor was i saying that everyone in the projects is a thief. Yes, everyone has the right to live where they want but I still think that lux apts. next to projects make for easy ta rgets. You asked why should they adjust thierlife because others feel uncomfortable? Think about it this way. Should a child molester be denied a job as Santa at Macy’s because it would make parents uncomfortable sitting thier child on his lap? Yes, he may have the right to have a job, just not that one. It just would not be a good idea and neither is the idea of a Brooklyn with only the wealthy and the poor and no middle. GET IT?

  • Thank you, 2:24.

    If anyone should know where to find an affordable place to live in the Bronx, it should be bxgrl. But she doesn’t becasue she is an idiot. That is why she doesn’t make much money. Too stupid to get a better-paying job.

  • Mimi again. I do not know if the vitriol from 2:08 and 2:26 were meant for my 12:53 post which was thought to be hers or at bxgirl in general. If it was meant for me I wanted to let you know that I don’t clean toilets. In fact I have a housekeeper. I planned my life out very well, own quite a bit of property and am now a stay at home wife and mother.Even though I am doing well I have compassion for anyone who has to struggle to make ends meet and I don’t think that it is fair that even though they work hard, the American Dream has become just that ,a dream for so many Brooklyn families.

  • Mimi…never think for a moment that you have to explain yourself to these idiot trolls.

  • People who move to the Mynt are being compared to child molesters now. I’ve heard it all.

  • Great advice from the troll who was the mastermind of the multiple screens/logins scandal.

  • This article is talking about an area of Bedford Stuyvesant that is almost in Williamsburg. In the southern part of Bedford Stuyvesant you have a great number of whites moving to the area and they are welcomed. Many black people who rent in BS will be pushed out. My blacks can not get over the concept of paying $1600 a month for rent to live in Bedford Stuyvesant. This same thing happened to Ft Greene

  • 3:06 – STFU and leave Dave alone. And while you’re at it, come up with an original thought.

    Bizarro What

  • 3:06 I didn’t know it was upgraded to a scandal. Well, maybe in your mind.

  • 3:01 you are an idiot.The comment was in response to a question I was asked by 1:32. I guess the analogy was lost on you. The people who move into The Mynt are more like game in a canned hunt. If you were to read my comment at 12:53 and then the post from 1:32 it might make a bit mor sense to you. Or maybe not.-Mimi

  • Daveinbedstuy = Bizarro What

  • You have to be a REALLY pathetic person to continue posting incessantly like Dave does after it’s been made ABUNDANTLY clear that 99.99% of people on this blog don’t want him here.

  • 3:18 – he’s more wanted here than you are, so STFU.

    – Bizarro What

  • So does that make you the 00.01% loser if everyone else has made it ABUNDANTLY clear???!!! You would have nothing else to comment about.

  • You have to be a REALLY pathetic person to continue posting incessantly about Dave with nothing else to say.

  • Thank you Bizarro What

  • original thought?

    3:10= bxgrl/biff

  • 3:17 = 3:18 = 3:24

    3:24, why do you care who is who? Really. Think about it.

  • 3:27,
    3:17 is not 3:24.

    “why do you care who is who? Really. Think about it”.

    It’s not ok for one person with 5 screen names to posts and argue with himself all day.

  • Oh, I get it. You equate poor people with criminals. In this case a child molester. Not all poor people are criminals and not all poor people what to live life like the rich do. YOu make some really big assuptions which are insulting to poor people.

  • My two roommates and I pay 2150 for our 3 bed in a completely decent building about 2 blocks from the Mynt. While I don’t see (or want) bed stuy becoming the next williamsburg, I have had zero problems with the neighborhood and like it a lot, actually. I don’t know what people are talking about, needing to run from the myrtle-willoughby g train, I come home pretty late sometimes and never really feel unsafe. And who is asking this dude for change? I dress nicely for work every day and walk to that train, and there aren’t any ‘beggars.’ Whatever. I agree that what the neighborhood needs is more moderately priced buildings, like mine, and less semi-luxury condos. There is a balance that can be reached.

  • who’s got 5 screen names 3:36??? I want to meet him!!!

  • A little bit of sunshine arrived on a Brooklyn subway platform when a straphanger gave birth to a daughter named Soleil — French for sun.

    Fellow passengers came to the aid of Francine Alfontent after her water broke at the East Broadway station.

    One passenger bxgrl, who’s a school guidance counselor, called 911 and ran to a firehouse for help. A nurse named bxgrl comforted Alfontent while waiting for paramedics, and a social worker identified as bxgrl reminded the mother-to-be how to breathe. Others offered clothing for her to rest on.

    Paramedics accompanied by bxgrl arrived a short time later and delivered Soleil, who weighs 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

  • Unfortunately, someone has stolen the Bizzaro What name. I know Biff/bxgrl/Dave troll took the name. You 3 are a bunch of sad and sorry sacks.

    If you are poor and can’t handle it, get out.

    – Bizzaro What

  • “You have to be a REALLY pathetic person to continue posting incessantly about Dave with nothing else to say.”

    And what exactly did YOU contribute?


  • 3:39 will not “get” why he got robbed when it finally happens. yes, most of the people in the neighborhood are perfectly nice and family-oriented. but you just need that one crackhead needing his next fix and spotting you coming home late by the pjs. it will be like that cartoon when the friends are stranded on an island and one starts to look like a chicken leg and the other one looks like a hot dog.

  • I see what you mean bxgrl. The trolls have overrun this thread. I think that 3:39 was the ONLY post that actually added anything to this entire thread. No, mine didn’t add much because I don’t know that part of Bed Stuy. I was just here to entertain the trolls who can’t think of anything else to say except to tell me to STFU or ask me why I’m here posting when its clear no one wants to read my posts (except apparently them).

    Thank you 3:39

  • You aren’t familiar with this part of Bed Stuy, Dave, yet you comment with authority on every single other part of Brooklyn…???


  • Sorry, nobody stole the Bizzaro What name, after all. It was in fact me posting. I know nothing. I’m a sad and sorry sack.

    I’m poor and can’t handle it so I should get out.

    And sorry for any pain I caused bxgrl. I’m just in love with you and hate that you slight me and find me repulsive.

    – Bizzaro What

  • Why thank you 3:43. I blush- I really didn’t ask for the recognition. Of course the article neglected to mention that I was en route to my new hovel far outside the city because I obviously don’t make enough money to be allowed to live here in the City.

    Somehow being told to leave by a person who calls himself Bizzaro What has got to be a hoot. I’m by no means poor, but the stench of the likes of Bizzaro, and 2:26 certainly make the idea of moving much more palatable.

  • The guests are ruining Brownstoner. They really are.

  • 3:43 bought to you by The Guest and your welcome. Wuff!

  • Bizzaro- I don’t know what’s worse. You being you, or you throwing yourself at my feet. Hmmm. How big is the engagement ring you’re going to give me?

  • Every week its a different group of people ruining brownstoner.

  • bxgrl, I shall buy you the biggest ring in the land. I shall bow down and kiss your feet and tell you I’m not worthy. I apologize for my multiple personalities, but you know deep down that all of them are in love with you.

    – Bizzaro What aka The Guest

  • bxgrl, i’m getting jealous. I was just beginning to get to know you and now this. Let’s get a virtual room like Nokilissa & Biff did!!!

  • 3:24 & 3:36 yep that’s me. I dont steal or make up names like the bold face lairs.

  • Dave in bed

    Take your marble and go home.

    The Guest

  • guest at 4:02 – how do we know that? you’re lying right now.

  • You started it all Dave!!!!

    YOU are the REASON all of this is going on. You do realize that, RIGHT?????!!

    If you hadn’t been having a conversation last week with yourself under two different screenames and then f*cked up, NONE of this would be happening.

  • The Guest lost his marbles.

    – Bizzaro What

  • daveinbedstuy, it was Biff and bxgrl and they make a wonderful couple.

  • bxgrl. You are a whore. And stop posting as a “guest” Bizzaro What. You are sad. You can’t afford NYC because you spend all day posting here. Get back to work and earn some money.

    Dave: If you don’t stop posting, I will tell everyone exactly where you live.

  • i am 3:17 and did not post 3:24 nor did i post 3:36

  • second guest at 4:04 – no, guests started it. You are an imbecile. As are all guests who keep bringing up different screen names. You’re no better. In fact, you’re worse since you’re still less identifiable than daveinbedstuy/BTG.

  • I like when the guests POST IN CAPS like they are yelling and it means more and has a greater effect…LOL

    “You are the reason all of this is going on” wwwwaaaaaa You ruined brownstoner.


  • Please tell us where Dave lives. I’d like to send some of the thugs on my block to go teach him a lesson.

    If anyone knows Biff’s address, please post here also.

    Jerri Blank…??

  • 4:07 – can you please prove that?

    4:06 – your mom is a whore. And stop posting as a “guest” yourself, you pathetic cretin. And stop threatening people, Douchey Douche.

    – Bizzaro What

  • you mean kinda like you just posted in caps, Dave…?

  • Trolling for marbles.

    The Guest

  • 4:08 guest – you do realize internet threats are punishable crimes, right?

  • 4:10 – most idiotic comment of the day.

  • If internet threats were punishable crimes, the What would be locked up for 10 life sentences.

  • You mean Internet. Would he stay at the expand BHOD until proven guilty?

    The Guest

  • Worst thread ever.

    – Faded Type Guest

  • 4:12 guest 1 – most idiotic comment of the day.

    The Guest – You mean the expanded BHOD, asshat.

    – Bizzaro What

  • bxgrl = fake bizzaro what. so sad. still the same lame responses.

  • Worst guest ever.

    – Bizzaro What

  • 4:16 guest 2 = fake bizzaro what = lame

    – Real Bizzaro What

  • Time to stop blaming bxgrl for idiotic guest comments – lamest and most overused excuse ever. Take responsibility for idiotic guest comments.

    – Not bxgrl

  • Bx Get some air! you’re going wacko right now.

  • bxgrl is dead to me.

  • Nice work Brooklyn! those jokers in LA are really confused now.

  • 4:23 guest – we get the joke. It’s unoriginal and boring. bxgrl signs in when she has something to say and you don’t. She’s better than you in that regard.

    – Bizzaro What

  • Guests suck. Period.

  • And every other regard.

    The Guest

  • I hate myself.

    – Bxgrl (log in wasn’t working)


  • What the hell is going on here? Have you people gone mad?

    I’m moving to L.A.

  • That poster skerd the heebie jeebies out of Dave with that address threat.


    LOL that’s what happens when you talk too much smack.This is Brooklyn not Mayberry(SP)

    Go back to Philly and bring me back cheese steak loser!

  • 4:29’s brain isn’t working.

  • Sorry, back now.

    I wasn’t able to find the previous posting for this place when it was featured a few weeks ago. Does anyone know exactly what corner it is?

  • OK…sorry, Nostrand & Myrtle.

  • Dave’s partner is the ugliest man to ever walk the earth.

    From the back, he’s ok though…

  • “Everybody was watching us, like we were celebrities,”

    Everyone was looking at you like the moron you are for paying $3100 to live on the corner of Nostrand and Myrtle.

  • The Mynt is a dump in a dump.

    The Guest

  • “From the back, he’s ok though…”

    Isn’t that the only view you care about, 4:47?

  • “Isn’t that the only view you care about, 4:47?”

    Yep, that’s why I mentioned it.

  • Is anyone else having a problem logging in now, or is it just me? Thanks. :-)

    – bxgrl

  • odd- I have no problem logging in

  • i smell bad.

    – bxgrl

  • yea, it’s all fixed now.

    – bxgrl

  • 4:10pm You are a douchebag.

  • Will someone please come over and give it to me tonight. It’s been over 2 years…

    – Bxgrl

  • odd-I am having trouble again. Dave, are you having trouble? :-)

    – bxgrl

  • bxgrl suffers from a multitude of disorders such as Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Hyper Attention Deficient Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder & Self-Hatred.

  • Who needs to make money and earn a living when you can live in a basement and eat kitty litter. Yum.

    Does anyone need their toilet scrubbed?

    – bxgrl

  • This blog’s comment post has officially gone insane-

    I used to live in the LA area and I’m not really surprised by the article. I currently live on Nostrand and Lafayette (very close to the MYNT) and I must say I don’t find what’s going on very strange for the neighborhood. Wasn’t Williamsburg going through the same sort of thing 6 years back (and EVERYONE in LA knows about Williamsburg). And projects never stopped anyone in Manhattan from paying $2000 for a studio. This part of Bed-Stuy is going to be what everyone is calling East Williamsburg (AKA Bushwick) and Yeah the G train sucks but I take it everyday and have learned a great deal of patience!
    I don’t get what makes Bed-Stuy such a different part of this city where change WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! Bed-Stuy is not immune to gentrification (no where is)….

  • bx, It’s you! Isnt this the exact same crap that happened last year?
    Change your tone and attitude !

  • You guys are so funny when you go off your meds. Thanks for providing the laughs- you don’t really think I take this seriously, do you? You’ve worked yourself up into a lather over a log in name on a blog. And now you can’t tell the difference between the blog and real life. Insult me all you want- you don’t know me, you have no power over me or my life. There is nothing you can do.

    Er- let me amend that- the only thing you seem capable of doing is making a fool of yourself. If this is what you get satisfaction out of in life, you’re in deep trouble. I know you love slobbering over the keyboard, dripping and foaming at the mouth as you type your little attempts on the keys- relax. Take a lithium or a prozac. Try to be an adult. Have a good evening.

  • I pretend I am not bothered by all of you, but I spend all day on this site trying to defend myself and my stupid points of view and then expect all of you to take me seriously.

    You all make me laugh. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    You all must have really low iq’s.

    Where is my little Biffy to take me away at warp speed?

    – bxgrl

  • And trust me…I know A LOT about lithium and prozac. Mmmmkay.

    – bxgrl

  • Remember last year when bxgrl posted really super offensive and graphic links to the comments section which were then removed…?

  • I didn’t do that. Biff Davejacked by id and did it. :-)

    – bxgrl

  • 6:57 et al- Hint: the whole kitty litter commentary is just sooooo kindergarden of you. I know you love to throw around the big words, like you actually know what they mean, and I’m charmed by your effort, but face it sweetie. You just don’t have it. If you were more witty, or sharper with the repartee, I admit you’d would be less amusing but we wouldn’t be cringing every time we read one of your faux posts.

    Thanks for all the attention though. I know Mr. B loves all the posts and appreciates your efforts on his behalf:-)

  • from now on, if i see bxgrl, dave, biff, nokilissa, heather, bold type guest, aussie, brouhaha or just_me, i’m skipping the post and moving to the next.

    they are all two people.

  • I think the guests posting under bxgrl are 1000 TIMES MORE interesting, witty and funny than the “real” bxgrl!

    I’d venture to say most people would agree.

  • Did anyone else love how today dave called everyone else trolls, was called out on starting this whole mess and then said nothing about it??

    – faded guest post

  • “the only thing you seem capable of doing is making a fool of yourself. If this is what you get satisfaction out of in life, you’re in deep trouble. I know you love slobbering over the keyboard, dripping and foaming at the mouth as you type your little attempts on the keys- relax. Take a lithium or a prozac. Try to be an adult. Have a good evening.”

    Words to live by.

    – bxgrl

  • I like how Dave didn’t even know where this place was and he lives just down on Stuyvesant. What number is your house, Dave?

    – bxgrl

  • 7:34 – you are like a fungus. Relentless, thick and mean.

  • um, 8:21, there probably 10 plus people making hilarious bxgrl signed posts.

    they are more interesting than any other comments on this thread.

  • Can’t you and your nine dumbass friends find something else to do.

  • “Can’t you and your nine dumbass friends find something else to do.

    Posted by: guest at June 24, 2008 8:49 PM”

    – bxgrl

  • You people are funny
    Just remember what happen to the fort greene projects. It took over 20 years to try and clean those projects out and there is still MUCH work to be done over there. So,now you have people living in the Toy Factory and waiting for fresh direct. The view include the almost empty projects and the only store for blocks. I forgot the construction projects going on around the area.I must add the bridges-the great escape plan.
    The sad part of what’s going, is how long are you willing to wait for quality of life.
    To pay THREE THOUSAN DOLLAR and look at what….yes, they are laughing all the way home in their safe communities while you are doing what. Basically you been had.
    Time are different those unit were for sale, now they are rental (I wonder why). Next, government programs, there goes the hood, back to reclaim itself. The money has been made,(by who). It is the american way, remember bears and stern, mortage melt down, and the list goes on. It’s part of the game. Some people win. The working joe and all his roomates,I guess you’ll just have to get more roomates,when the rental goes up. Good Luck

  • 8:51 – This blog is not about Denver real estate.

  • Hilarious 8:56 – you should take your comedic talents on the road – really, feel free to leave at any time and spread your sunshine on a national level.

  • Thanx. Wanna join me :-)

    – bxgrl

  • Stop it – i’m gonna pee – you are so darn FUNNY!!!!

  • i just threw up a little in my mouth.

    – bxgrl

  • That’s good cause I just farted three times.

  • i hope they start building condos next to roosevelt houses.i got my gun ready

  • I think this article was for all ex Brooklynites over at Nate & Al’s.


  • What about the vacant lot/lots on that block – is anything supposed to be happening there? It is strange to just see such a huge, gaping, undeveloped space like that.

    Wish it would become a park or something nice. Looks like a brushfield now.

    And there are the first beams of something that have been put up further along the block near the G on Marcy – has anything been posted on what that will be?