Closing Bell: Denis Leary, Firemen Extras Invade Dumbo

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In case you were wondering what all the commotion was in Dumbo today, Denis Leary’s firefighter drama for FX called Rescue Me was filming for most of the day at Front and Jay Streets in front of Pedro’s.

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  • This shit was madd annoying…

  • totally underrated show.

  • Yeah, what a pain in the arse. A film shoot now & then is one thing. But its starting to feel like DUMBO is getting these things every week.

  • That show bites the big one. Hard.

  • Did the production company pay for or perhaps even propose the new mural on Pedro’s?

  • The just posted signs for additional shooting Sunday. Taking up WAY too many parking spots in the neighborhood and diverting major traffic. The Mayor’s office needs to but a limit on Dumbo shooting. It has been out of control for the last few months. And the production companies should be making donations to the neighborhood (sand for the sandbox perhaps?) like they do in other areas.

  • Instead of complaining here, complain to the mayor’s office.

  • Dennis is fricking hot.

  • Many of us have complained to the Mayor’s office to no avail. It will take a larger community action and attention to enact some changes.

  • I agree. the mayor’s office isnt particularly responsive.

    I got the guy in charge on the phone. He was apologetic but dismissive.

    PS I never lived in Dumbo, but if youve never noticed, just about every movie with a subway in it is filmed at the Church Ave station on the F.

  • this show is awesome


  • Denis Leary – I was watching his “No Cure for Cancer” routine on youtube last night. Hilarious!

  • mmmm… fire fighters.

  • if you don’t like living in dumbo – you can always move back to the midwest or wherever you are from – nobody will ever bother you with a shoot again – what a bunch of babies complaining about parking spots when you live in one of the most filmed areas of the world – seriously, quit your bitching or move!

    the production paid all business who were impacted and no – pedros did the mural all on their own with no association of the production crew

  • The filming isn’t that bad, but it would be nice to see all the police respond to criminal activity with the presence and vigilance they do when paid to be on set. I think I saw more of the 84th hanging out making sure people don’t mess with film equipment then I’ve ever seen show up when somebody gets mugged or whatever in the neighborhood…

  • Just because we don’t live in the midwest or where ever doesn’t mean film crews have a right to take over PUBLIC streets and sidewalks that our taxes pays for! I live and work here and these disruptions cost time and money. I have a right to live my life with out this constant harassment. This is public property for the public as a whole to use and not to be continually taken over for private use! As for the people it doesn’t bother I suspect they either have enough money for a condo with parking or they’re not going anywhere anyway.

  • I lived in LA for 20 years and the film commission there would agree to a cap on shooting days per year per neighborhood if the residents complained. Immediately after fleeing LA I settled in Financial District which probably has more film shoots than Dumbo, but not by much. Now I live at Jay and Front and I have to agree with a previous post that there is just too much damn film activity in Dumbo. The Film Office here ‘pushes’ companies to the nabs where there will be least amount of disruption (except to those who live there). Next time I’m picking a place where you NEVER see film companies – like maybe Park Ave..