After Long Delay, a Buy-Out at Carlton Mews

After months of inactivity and frustration, the original owner of the Carlton Mews project, Stuart Venner, has been bought out by the equity partners he brought in a couple of years ago. Last week, an entity called, not surprisingly, Carlton Mews LLC, paid Venner (of curb cutting fame) a total of $6.75 million for the two lots that comprise the planned project. (The development, which has approved plans from Landmarks in place, includes the conversion of a church on Adelphi Street and the construction of a group of new townhouses on Carlton Avenue.) Despite one of the equity investors being an real estate veteran (one of his past projects was 40 Mercer in Manhattan) the team had run into a wall trying to get financing in recent months. Venner had lost patience with the project but, from what we hear, the equity investors are sticking around to see it through. As we noted last month, there’s been some activity at the site in recent weeks.
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  • Kind of too bad this has been sitting boarded up all this time. It’s more of an eyesore than when it was a field with a view of the church. It was kind of ugly-picturesque then. Now, it just seems like a failed development project..hhhh…

  • It always had a little Utrillo thing going on…oh well. I’m sure the new structures (when and if) will be a well-intentioned but blechy choice of brick which will stick out. Ts’hard to find brick to give the right look (color, surface texture, shape) and then the masons set them so the result looks a bit like prefab panels hauled in for a new Nordstrom’s construction.


    Oh, well.

  • I HOPE, they don’t end up making something as ugly as the boredom that has taken forever on Cumberland! The Cumberland place used the most boring of ugly off-the-shelf “brownstone” elements. Ugh. Really, pretty much UNacceptable.

    Considering the number of brownstoning companies, it is not very hard to pay the money and have door hoods, lintels, etc. made new to look like the old ones in FG.