Slope Stroller Overabundance Making One Guy a Shut-In

Longtime New York Press columnist Jim Knipfel has a new rant about Park Slope stroller culture that sets the bar high for future diatribes on the subject. This is how it begins:

This morning as I was leaving the bank, a woman recklessly pushing her armor-plated double stroller down the sidewalk veered sharply and unexpectedly into an elderly man walking with a cane. He, in turn, fell into me. I was able to catch him and hold him upright and he seemed to be okay. Just a little flustered. The woman, of course, had said nothing, apparently considering an apology or even a simple excuse me unnecessary under the circumstances. She was a mother after all, and therefore privileged, so she simply continued careening on her way.

Knipfel says that the number of strollers in the Slope, as well as the neighborhood’s dog breed preferences (it’s really mostly the strollers, though) mean he can only leave his apartment for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time, because he finds the situation out on the streets too harrowing and exhausting. The writer says that for the past year he’s been counting the number of strollers he sees in the Slope (“I’m averaging 1.45 strollers per block. Think about it—there has been at least one stroller, and usually more, for every block I’ve walked. It’s insanity.“) Knipfel takes issue with the air of entitlement that he sees a lot of the neighborhood’s parents displaying and notes that he sees a good number of kids being pushed around who look too old for strollers. Also, he says, it’s not a subject that can be broached in polite, public Slope discourse: “The child-free adults in the neighborhood mutter and complain about the problem, but only behind closed doors, and usually in whispers. They don’t dare say a negative word when they’re outside, for the simple reason that they’re terrified, most of them. Indulgent, affluent parents are too powerful a lobby (and what’s more, those strollers can really hurt when you get rammed).”
The Statistics of Contempt [Slackjaw]
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  • TOO TRUE! intotal agreement…have lived in slope now for nearly 7 years and have seriously been considering moving out b/c of this epidemic! it’s not the strollers, per se, that is the problem. it’s the “entitled” parents who think they rule the sidewalk and rules don’t apply to them.

  • We are your enemies.

    1.) One newborn in a stroller – Bugaboo
    2.) Pushed by me – father
    3.) 3yo holding my hand on one side.
    4.) Mother holding her hand on the other side.

    Have fun!

  • people w/o children should leave PS. it’d be much nicer.

  • Try looking people in the eye and saying watch out or excuse me. What are the ‘rules’ that you’re referring to 10:10? Are they posted somewhere?

    The whole ‘sense of entitlement’ argument is old, and it’s empty, and it’s intellectually lazy. Figure out exactly what makes you mad, and who is doing it, and confront them when it happens with a specific complaint. Or move out to some neighborhood where you think there are no babies.

  • I’ve lived here for 5 years and not once have I been run off the sidewalk or bumped into by someone pushing a stroller.

  • Quit crying. You people live in the nicest neighborhood in the city. HAve the stones to say something to the offending parents or save it.

  • get a life. strollers are not the enemy. look in the mirror you self-haters.

  • 10:18 – here here. Most of these “entitled” parents are probably so exhausted and stressed they didn’t notice they almost knocked into you and would be mortified if they realized they had without apologizing. Their whole focus is not on their own entitlement, but on getting from point A to point B without killing themselves or their children – not an easy task.

  • Love the shirt.

    Don’t love Park Slope? Leave. I assume you are a multi-millionaire who owns a brownstone that you bought for a dollar and have made a bazillion dollars on, so sell it (no problem selling it for the exact price you want, right?) and move.

  • A grown man afraid of Strollers? Is there even a phobia for that.

  • “Knipfel…can only leave his apartment for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time, because he finds the situation out on the streets too harrowing and exhausting.”

    Yeah, it’s a regular Wild West out there in the Slope. I heard someone actually got hit with a few drops of water from a squirt gun last summer. Knipfel, I have a night light for you since you’re likely also scared of the dark. Sorry the moms and dads are paying too much attention to taking care of their kids and less attention to you.

  • Kids should be given clippings of all these “rants” so that they’ll feel no remorse when they decide they don’t want to pay the sharply increased social security taxes to support all these whiners in their retirement years.

  • Paedophobia – fear of babies.

    Pegperegophobia – fear of strollers.

  • 10.23 but I bought it becuase everyone else was buying one. Now i’m stuck.

  • Whooohoo! Stroller Fight!

  • What a sad man, who is so angry that he fantasizes about pushing little children into traffic to their death! (Or perhaps a journalist who calculatedly does whatever he needs to do to get a bit of attention paid to his prose. The answer to that, I suppose, is the same as to any tantrum – we should ingore it.)

    I don’t have kids (though I don’t hate them – I rather like them) and in 20+ years of slope living (and walking) I also have never once been run off the sidewalk, much less bumped, by a stroller. (Not saying it hasn’t ever happened, but rude people come in all sorts, I’ve noticed. Though I wonder if it is sometimes these entitled people who think there should be no small children on the sidewalks to impede their progress that aren’t the cause of some of these supposed accidents.)

    Big surprise that at certain times of the day (likely when parents are taking children to and from school) there are more of them on the streets! Hey, this was true 45-50 years ago when I was a little kid (remember the baby boom generation? – it wasn’t called that for nothing) – and I didn’t grow up in a suburb, but a city. Deal with it, grow up I say.

  • I am a recently married 20-something guy and have lived in Park Slope for over 6 years. I cant figure out what this stroller issue is or why it is even an issue at all.

    If anything these people should be respected and appreciated for helping keep our local economy alive, not to mention the incredible sacrifice and burden it takes to raise children. Pathetic loser single hipsters that look down on people raising and caring for their children are the ones that really make me sick. If the sight of a stroller or a happy family walking together on a sidewalk infuriates you, I pity the childhood you had and the lonely future you are sure to have.

    If someone in a stroller bumps you or takes up too much of the sidewalk without saying excuse me, that is indeed rude, but seriously…Get your self-absorbed head out of your ass and realize society, especially in a big city, is going to be like that. Dont vent your frustration on all stroller pushing “Elites”. That would be the same as the crazy black guy that knocks into me on the street and me hating all black people as a result. Get over yourself people.

  • i’ve lived in park slope for about 3 yrs and in that time there has def. been a proliferation of suv stroller wielding parents, and at times i’ve nearly been run over. it is dangerous, not only to baby-free pedestrians, but also to the babies in those stollers! there have been times where i have had to literally stumble out of the way for fear the bag on my shoulder would knock a child out if the stroller did not slow down. all this being said, i have also been nearly run down by stroller-less pedestrians who think they are entitled to more sidewalk space than I. everyone just needs to slow down and say excuse me.

  • war in Iraq
    Cyclone in Myanmar
    Rape of young girls in Somalia
    Faltering economy

    yet this idiot is obsessed with strollers

  • 10:10 and 10:22 have it exactly right — this is Brooklyn people. One of te rules is that we have the right to call people out (even in public) when their behavior is rude and inappropriate. Regardless of how harried someone is, knocking over anyone is inexcusable, especially someone with a cane. Even big bumps deserve a real “watch it buddy”.

    Maybe if more people were willing to say this, parents who are too harried with their small children to notice these things would reconsider whether the brooklyn life is for them at this point in their lives.

  • I don’t even have kids yet and think this guy is a jerk. Yes, if someone runs into you with their stroller they should apologize. But if they don’t, they aren’t any worse than the dozens of other people who every day walk into while on their phone and say nothing, run over your foot with their granny carts and say nothing, or step on the back of your shoes as they obsessively count strollers on the block and say nothing. To elevate stroller moms to their a special level of rudeness is unnecessary—the guy has a beef, nothing more.
    And on the subject of deeming kids “too old” to be pushed around in strollers—what does he know? If you’re walking somewhere with a little kid— let’s say it’s a mile—that’s a totally walkable distance for an adult. But for a little kid, even one who can walk on his own, that can be pretty far. They walk slower and they get tired more easily. If you don’t take a stroller, your options are to carry the kid or drive there. Would he rather have all these parents clogging the streets? Well, probably… it would keep them off his blessedly child-free sidewalk.

  • war in Iraq
    Cyclone in Myanmar
    Rape of young girls in Somalia
    Faltering economy

    yet this idiot is obsessed with strollers

  • Ironic Biff…you do realize that Knipfel is pretty much blind.

  • It feels like everytime this blog slows down…BOOM….BStoner drops a Park Slope bomb like this one. I live in the border between PH and PS and have never had this problem.

  • As for the kids “too old to be in strollers,” be glad they ARE strapped into one. If they weren’t, they would be wandering back and forth across the sidewalk at slow speed, bumping into people, and getting into occasional screaming matches with their parents who need to get from point A to B in a reasonable amount of time.

    Kids are kids, and they generally exist where people are found. Deal — or move to some mythical neighborhood where there are no children.

  • If you can’t beat them, join them Mr. Knipfel.

    Give me a call and I’ll swing by and pick you up in my Urban Mountain Buggy. It’s got a UV sun shield so your thin skin won’t get burned on the way to the Connecticut Muffin.

    Don’t listen to the haters on this site. AB’s (adult babies) shouldn’t be discriminated against just because our sexual fetishes run a little out of the ordinary.

    I’ll bring the talcum…

  • “war in Iraq
    Cyclone in Myanmar
    Rape of young girls in Somalia
    Faltering economy

    yet this idiot is obsessed with strollers”

    “It feels like everytime this blog slows down…BOOM….BStoner drops a Park Slope bomb like this one. I live in the border between PH and PS and have never had this problem.”

    This why I hate this Assfuck “Brownstoner”!!!!! This is a classic push button issue. It show how far this Blog has fallen.

    This is the main issue this morning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will need to be bailed out. Where is the money coming from? You the Taxpayer!

    Fannie Mae to Raise $6 Billion in Capital After Loss

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • no different than the creepy opld guy that peers out of his window in the suburb waiting to pounce on any kid that dare touch his lawn.

    God Darn Kids! Get off my lawn!

    Some people hate kids and families. Agree that he should move or learn to deal. 1.45 Strollers per block in a neighborhood that probably houses over a 500 people per block. That seems like its really low actually.

  • In general, many people who did not grow up in New York, often act in ways that are inconsiderate to other New Yorkers. New Yorkers are not rude, they just live a fast paced life that works because New York is a face paced city. That is NY.

    When people walk slowly, it f’s everything up, and people get mad. When people stop and talk in the middle of a busy sidewalk, it f’s up the foot traffic. New Yorkers actually hold doors for each other, they drag one hand behind keeping the door open as they walk on. If you are too slow, it closes in your facee. When cars don’t start rolling forward before the light turns green, it slow people down.

    The pace of New York is part of what makes it great. New York works.

    People who are inconsiderate, and think there is nothing wrong with stopping their double wide stroller in the middle of the narrow Park Slope sidewalks, without moving over to the side, to bundle up their child in baby patagonia clothing, and in doing so, f’up foot traffic, are not true New Yorkers, and should be shot, or at least people should nicely hint to them that it would be nice if they were more considerate, just to keep NY moving.

  • Enough with the Park Slope stroller posts. It is getting old, and seems a lot like baiting for another tedious argument. Let’s find some more interesting stories, Gabby.

  • I can’t walk down the block without tripping over some childless loser not paying attention to where he walks because he’s busy composing a stroller mafia rant for his blog. They’re everywhere these days.

  • Does anyone actually believe Jim’s story for a second? It’s a trend piece driving web traffic with the added bonus of being impossible to fact check.

  • It’s not just the Slope, it’s all over. People bring those huge things into Sahadi all the time, ofetn with a child who is clearly 3-5 years old. In line the precious child will often touch all the bread while mother says “no dear, we don’t want that bread” … And now no one else does either! I am a mother and my child started walking everywhere at 2 — the stroller went to goodwill.

  • I am young (ish), single, gay and have no children and live in Park Slope.

    I love it.

    For me, I’ve found home and the place I’d like to live for a long, long time. To me, it is the most beautiful neighborhood in Park Slope and just feels right.

    Now I have not had any issue per se with strollers and in fact welcome parents into the neighborhood. Their presence to me shows that indeed Park Slope is a terrific and energized neighborhood by the sheer fact that they want to raise children there.

    I do, however notice that in society in general lately (and this has nothing to do with Park Slope) there are a few people who seem to think that if one is raising a child, that nothing and no one else matters.

    I’ve been treated this way by one of my neighbors, in fact. Made to feel as though I’m less busy, and that I sleep later and that I don’t have a REAL life because I don’t have a kid. And THAT attitude is what I have a problem with. This is not just a Park Slope attitude. This is something far bigger than that. I have my own theories about it…jealousy (when I told my neighbor her kid was being too loud at 7:30am on a Sunday (imagine that??!) and was asked when I wake up and said around noon the response was…”Well that must be nice”).

    You know what…it IS nice! This is how I’ve chosen to live my life. Pay no mind to the fact that even if I wanted to get married I couldn’t in NYC and that to have a child I’d need about 50K, but I digress.

    Just because you’ve decided to have a child does not make you more important than anyone else. Or more busy. Just like me being gay, single and enjoying that life in NYC does not make me better or worse than anyone else.

    The difference here is that YOU CHOSE to have a child, so don’t pawn off you feelings of bitterness, jealousy or sheer exhaustion onto me.

    Do these people not remember how EXHAUSTING it is to be single???! I was out to 2am last night wasted trying to find a man!!!!


  • I’ve had one problem with obnoxious parent/child in the two years I’ve lived in the slope. Child bumps into me. Mother makes snide remark under her breath about me not watching where I’m going. I publicly correct the misguided mother.

    Hardly a life-altering event.

  • Here we go again… Used to love this blog, but now Bstoner is too busy with the Flea to post real news, so we get our chain jerked to stir up activity. Thanks. Like we don’t get enough of that from our pandering leadership. Mr Knipel should just come out and admit that he hates people. Want stress free non exhausting life — meditate.

  • This is such a difficult and painfully embarrassing/enraging thing to read about. To acknowledge.

    Full disclosure: I am a Bugaboo pushing Mama.

    I am also a swift moving mama. More often than not, I get stuck behind incredibly slooooowwww moving groups or couples on the sidewalks of Manhattan (who appear to be the same people who can’t be bothered to either move their legs or even step to the right side when on an escalator)thereby making me miss every single light rotation – particularly if I’m in a hurry. But I digress.

    What appears to be the seeds of discontent or outright anger with regard to said stroller pushers is the supposed air of entitlement or downright rudeness we possess in spades.

    While I certainly agree that, just as there are incredibly rude and self-entitled people of all types in this world, there are rude and cranky mothers too. Whether it rises to the level of whacking into an old man with a cane and not even bothering to apologize kind of rudeness, is another question.

    And if it did actually go down as this guy perceived it to have gone down, it simply must be the rare exception.

    I have never seen anything even close to it. Not in four years of parenthood, nor in 16 years of living in New York. Never.

    I have seen drivers do some unbearably cruel, reckless and dangerous things, but never a mother pushing a stroller.

    Anyway, we shouldn’t excuse self-entitled, cruel or shamelessly thoughtless behavior by anyone. Stroller pushing mama’s included.

    I’m just left to wonder if something else might be going on here. Perceptions are a truly odd, transferential and subjective thing.

    When we expect to see something, we usually do.

  • park slope stroller posts are going nowhere. they must be terrific for page views.

  • The entitled parent syndrome is REAL. I see it all the time and it is really annoying that these people think they own the sidewalk and feel no obligation what so ever to even pretend that anyone else exists–how much would it hurt to swerve that stroller a centimeter or two? Well, for the most part I’m glad the stroller gangs parade in the afternoons and take over restaurants in the early evening. Park Slope is a much better place after the kiddy’s bedtime. Funny, the stroller gangs in other areas seem way nicer and down to earth.

  • It’s simple really. Buy your own stroller (the larger the better), and engage in a game of “sidewalk chicken” with the offending breeders.


    1. You have to maintain eye contact with the other “player”
    2. Full speed ahead only
    3. Whoever flinches/veers off 1st loses.

    Bonus points:

    +5 if you make them veer off the sidewalk and under an oncoming car

    +1 if you use a dog stroller with a yappy poodle mix

    +1 if you wear that t-shirt while playing

  • Just do what I do…walk down 7th Avenue smoking a cigarette.

    You ain’t seen so many mommas shooing their kids away from me!!! It’s like a clearing path 20 feet ahead of me as I take my stroll.

    And just another reason why smoking is so damn sexy.

  • ok, it’s 10:10 again…
    so to be clear, i do love the slope. i love the trees, i love the brownstones, i love the shops, and gasp! i do live kids. have a young niece and nephew of my own. i am npot anti-kids or anti-strollers. what i am against, is rude parents. yes, perhaps they didn’t get a full 8-hours sleep the night before and are harried, but that’s the choice they made when they had kids and need to adjust and realize that people walking down the street shoudl not be the victims. and yes, we are the victims. can’t tell you the number of times strollers wheels have run over my toes, or strollers have rammed into me on the sidewalk and i’ve heard the parents tsk tsk under their breath, for THEM running into me, just walking. and i’m a native brooklyn-er used to the pace of the city. all these people have to do is learn some manners. i’m not saying don’t use strollers…just say excuse me and sorry. that’s all.

  • I have this theory that the whole stroller thing is a problem because too few people in New York are drivers. Think about it. New Yorkers do the same thing they do with strollers with their shopping carts at stores. By combining the inability to drive with narrow sidewalks or aisles and add some self-centeredness, and there’s your problem.

    I feel for mothers who carry strollers up and down subway stairs and know that managing little children can be harrowing but basic courtesy for others needn’t fall totally by the wayside.

    I also think that in the next 20 years there is going to be an overload of those motorized wheelchairs. Luckily there are too few curb cuts in Park Slope to make the neghborhood handicapped friendly but there are quite a few scooter folks in Brooklyn Heights and I’ve seen a few seniors by City Hall buzz on by without a care for fellow pedestrians.

    I was aghast to see about 8 of those scooters by the door at the WalMart in the place I grew up. They’re good for the frail or handicapped elderly but think of the merely lazy and overweight tooling around with their battery packed chairs.

  • Stoner:

    You are a jackass for continuing to publish stories about the so-called “stroller mafia.” It seems like you can’t let two weeks go by without some rant or another about people with kids.

    This is not at all constructive and just really sloppy tabloid crap.

    What does this have to do with real estate anyway? What’s next, are you gonna ban kids & strollers from the Flea and push to ship parents off to a camp in the Rockaways? It seems like that is what your readers want?

    Full disclosure, I don’t live in Park Slope, but I do have a kid and I try my best to be very, very careful when I’m using the stroller.

  • What’s the problem? The parents sound like NYers to me. I think Knipfel is the insane one. Get a life or find something real to write about. How about the resurgence of world hunger? I would much prefer to have my foot run over by a stroller than breath 2nd hand smoke as I walk down the sidewalk.

  • Next time this happens to one of you, SAY SOMETHING!!!!

    Stop being pussies and effing say something.

    Some people have no manners. WE GET THAT.

    But they aren’t going to learn them until they are TOLD! It certainly isn’t going to happen by osmosis.


    Otherwise, you are just a cowardly psychopath who talks about 1.4 strollers per block.

  • 10:44 is right – New Yorkers walk faster then people in other citites, it is true. I spent some time away from New York, and was slower, like a tourist, when I came back.

    New Yorkers are also rather intolerant of those who walk slower. I learned this when I broke my foot when I worked in midtown – hobbling around a bit slower than normal, but still at a very good pace, people just wanted to run me down. Made me appreciate what it must be like to be slower for the sick, elderly, and disabled among us.

    Being a place where people walk faster is no excuse for intolerance of those who are slower. All these fast walking New Yorkers were slower toddlers themselves once.

    And it isn’t like Park Slope is midtown, with those sorts of rushing crowds. It IS a bit slower on the streets here than in lots of Manhattan – that’s one thing I’ve always liked about living in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan – returning to a neighborhood where the pace is a bit slower at the end of the day and on weekends.

    And 10:44, surely even you, an idiot who thinks people with children should be shot, must realize that cars starting up before the light turns green is just stupid and dangerous. It puts even people like you at risk.

  • Not that many of you transplants would know, Jim has been living in PS longer than most, has been a career writer in and about NY (staff writer for NYpress for many years) ,and has a disease where he is slowly going completely blind (I have read an article where he walks with a cane and has even taken a course where the MTA teaches blind people how to rescue themselves if they fall in the tracks). So again, most of you non periodical-readers or new guys wouldnt know he’s blind, neither would a self absorbed stroller mom running to meet her girlfriends at Union Hall to get drunk, despite his cane, and slow gait. Not all strollerpushers are jerks, but its obviously a problem thats well enough documented that Brownstoner can bait us all by starting another thread about it and watch the magic ensue.

  • Has anyone ever scored with these mothers?

    Some of them are pretty hot, I have to say.

  • “but its obviously a problem thats well enough documented that Brownstoner can bait us all by starting another thread about it and watch the magic ensue.”

    Yup, just like the utterly FASCINATING life of Britney Spears we see and read about every day.


    Just because this “problem” has been “documented” does not make it worthy of discussion, lifer.

    Substitute, Upper West Side, Tribeca, Carroll Gardens, Danbury, Cambridge or Dupont Circle for Park Slope and the “story” works all the same.

    Horrible topic.

  • The only mom I ever saw being obnoxious in the Slope is Jennifer Connelly.

  • people in park slope bitch about dumb shit.

    at least you’re not getting stabbed by roaming mobs of kids in the Bronx.

  • Here, here Polemicist…a new discussion thread now….MILF!!

    I love it when Mr. B posts these things that get people all wound up. It’s an instant increase in viewres and readership!!!!

    As far as the topic at hand: If they bump into you tell them off!!! Simple. If they get bitchy then the use of the “B” word is appropriate.

  • I know it doesnt make it worthy of discussion 11:11, it does get Brownstoner traffic, tho, thats all i was saying, its worth it for him and his advertisers. He knows its gonna rile you guys up.

  • 1 Pierrepont St is already in contract.

  • Dave,

    I have actually found it more helpful to direct the comments towards the children than to the moms themselves…

    Something like this…

    “Your mommy is a really rude, nasty, b*itch”

    Trust me. They will never run you over again. Or leave their house.

  • “1 Pierrepont St is already in contract.”

    LOL. I don’t know why. I just got a kick out of this insertion. Too funny. I knew it would sell in a second. How many people on here bitched and moaned about how obscene the price was??!!!

    Good for seller. It was a gorgeous place!

  • Once, in PS, some yuppie woman smashed into me with her Bugaboo she was pushing in one hand, while holding the wailing brat in her other arm. (I guess he didnt want to sit in the stroller.) I happened to have just gotten a hot coffee, which I proceeded to dump all over myself. She didn’t even apologize, and kept walking, too focussed on her kid. So I started shouting at her, and she looked me in the eye and said, “Look, I’m really sorry about your shirt, but can’t you see that I have my arms full!” So I said, “Yeah, I can see that,” and I went over to her, grabbed the Bugaboo from her, and tipped it over on the sidewalk. Then I stomped on it a few times with my Merrell boots until I heard something crunch. Then I walked off. Serves her right, yuppie scum!

  • “a sixteen block round trip to the bank yielded thirty-one stroller encounters (that tops the previous record of twenty-five), or an average of 1.94 per block. And one casualty.”

    1 out 31 gives you a 3.2% chance of becoming a casualty when you see a stroller. I’ll take my chances.

    I’m surprised the author doesn’t have a problem with the teenagers attending the school by the Rite-Aid. By far, these teenagers are the biggest threat to 7th ave pedestrians. They walk down the sidewalks in packs of a dozen or more; acting as if they own the Slope.

  • Hey, Biff Champion:

    Knipfel, I have a night light for you since you’re likely also scared of the dark.

    I’m guessing not, as he’s legally blind.

  • 10:58.. it’s hate-the-slope Daver again!

  • Let’s stop bashing moms and babies. Let’s make a more useful list. Old people should be at the top. For example, Mr Knipel would not have had to catch an old man if the old man could walk faster and keep better balance. Old people suck. They use lots of resources and contribute nothing. Next let’s hate the nearly 50,000,000 voters who elected George Bush to a second term!!! Let’s try a new Bstoner rule one Bush rant for each stroller mom rant. I hear Mr Knipel is nearly blind. Well right now I’m not to fond of blind people. Mr Knipel and Gov Patterson lead the list. I’m not to fond of cops who shoot 50 times!! And I’m even less fond of “family advisors” like Al Sharpton who live in Jersey drive Jaguars and agitate in New York and Brooklyn!!! People who gamble and support horseracing suck. People who go to the circus suck worse. People who consume food and energy are f***king up the planet. Using their sense of entitlement to breath and eat and defecate!! And don’t get me started on 3 billion Chinese!! If you really want to feel tired and exhausted try learning Chinese. While you’re busy whining about strollers the world is drowning in people and garbage. I’m off to the park now to breathe some fresh air before all the rest of you people breathe it and turn in into toxic waste.

  • Jim Knipfel is blind!? – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

    Stay the fuck out of my way you blind bastard – you better not slow me down – and if you get a cane and touch me with it, be prepared for me to shove it up your ass!

  • In New York, people live on top of each other, and public spaces are a great equalizer. No one person is entitled to it more than anyone else. Of course there is common sense to have some sidewalk courtesy, of which I am seeing less and less of the more “affluent” the city becomes. And yes, I was born and raised here, and have had my share of aggressive stroller-driving experiences, the kind where families form phalanxes and people must move out of their way, and where I’ve been nipped in the ankles. I will tolerate this as much as I tolerate any other annoyance in the city (there are 8 million of us, plus the tourists and out of town visitors!), but YES, there is the air of entitlement. It is a choice for ALL of us to live here, so PLEASE let’s respect each other, and try to extend courtesies to everyone, not expect it for yourselves.

  • Where has Mr. B gotten this new crop of posters??? Seems we’ve hit bottom here…just like the housing market in Brooklyn!!

    Where’s The What???

  • 11:04, 10:44 here.

    I have found that people are accepting of elderly and handicapped people who are moving slower. Often I see people who get a little frustrated with someone, not knowing that there is a reason for them being slow, and when they realize that they are elderly, injured, they immediately lose their frustration and are sometimes even embarrassed.

    If you are first in line at a red light, and you see the light blinking don’t walk, you should put your car in gear, and start easing off the break. Let the people walking know that the light is about to change, and those who think they are going to run across the light after it has changed, halt immediately on the curb. If you don’t do this, people keep on walking.

    If you are further back in the line, you should be itching to go once the light turns so everyong can make it through the light.

    If you are making a turn through pedestrians, you should try to move over so the other cars can pass you while you wait.

    These are the things that make the city work.

    Nobody would mind if stroller moms walked slower and took up more room, if they acknowledged to the world that they were slowing down the flow, and did their best to keep things mooving, but instead, they act like everyone else is in their way. I don’t really care if they were up all night with a crying baby.

    11:04 – Maybe you are right, I am an idiot, we really shouldn’t shoot them. I thought it was a good idea at the time though.

  • If Knipfel is blind – how is he counting strollers?

  • Daveinbedstuy- you aren’t too bright are you?

  • As a dad to two who’s been in the neighborhood (with and without kids) for ten years: if anything, I am hyperconscious and hypervigilent about my family being respectful of everyone’s space. Besides the basic level of social courtesy that my neighbors deserve, I really don’t want to serve as kindling for another flamefest like this one.

    Like others have said, TALK to these inconsiderate parents who think the world revolves around them. I would venture a guess that the vast majority of them evince no sense of entitlement. They’re just out of it and, frankly, probably wouldn’t mind being told respectufully that they might want to watch where they’re going / what they’re doing / etc.

    Really, this whole US vs. THEM polarization is a strawman and, as someone else alluded, just intellectually lazy.

  • One hot summer day my husband and I voted for the AC at MoMA and took in a photo exhibit. The museum was quiet, it was a weekday afternoon. There was a mom with a couple of rambunctious 4 year olds and another person, also with a kid in a stroller. The kids were looking at Gary Winograd, whooping and carrying on, then looking again at Gary Winograd again. They were moving joyously thru the gallery, on their way to the helicopter if I remember correctly. Lots of questions and shrieks and echoes.

    There was a very dry “Miss Hathaway” type also viewing the exhibit. In a MAJORLY pissed off voice she berated the mom in particular, telling her that kids had no place in that museum. My husband surprised me – this was long before our own kid was born – and turned to Miss Hathaway and asking her “Exactly where would be a better place for youngsters? A museum isn’t appropriate? Should she take them to a video arcade? How do YOU have the right to decide? I think YOU don’t belong in a museum, lady!”

    The parents nearly lost it thanking him. People CAN be obnoxious about their own spawn, I know I could be on occasion. But in NYC, it’s only equalled by the obnoxiousness of cabs without seatbelts or carseats, mid range restaurants without high chairs and jackasses who don’t help burdened stroller moms down subway stairs or stand up for a dad holding the subway pole AND a sleeping 40 pound kindergartner.

    New Yorkers are great, except when we’re assholes and this Park Slope stroller debate – both sides – represents us at our assholiest.

  • why’s that 11:34…make a point instead of being an idiot!!!

  • I hope people like 11:19 and 11:37 think long and hard tonight before they fall asleep about what horrible people they are.

    Karma WILL come back to haunt you.

    When you least expect it.

  • 11:24, 10:34#5 (yes, could be a new record for posts within a minute) beat you to it. Anyway, to be politically correct for a change, no, I didn’t realize he’s legally blind so while my comment may have been ironic, it was in no way an intentional jab at his lack of sight.

    Who’s Karma, by the way? She sure seems to be quite vengeful!

  • Dave – get together with 11:41 and maybe the 2 of you can figure it out together.

  • sorry, meant 11:19 and 11:35.

    not you dave.

  • There is not a problem with strollers in Park Slope. There’s a problem with crowding on the sidewalks and in stores, period.

    We used to live in Park Slope then moved to another area but still shop in Park Slope. I have made note many times over the last year how much more crowded Park Slope has become. The sidewalks are too narrow to support the crowds, it’s a fact. I can be walking from the B/Q at 7th going South along that super narrow sidewalk along 7th and can’t walk quickly at all not because of strollers but because of the dozen people in front of me clogging the sidewalk. Strollers just make it worse that’s all.

    That said, I do encounter extraordinarily narcissistic parents. But it’s not about Park Slope. You see it all over the country. It’s a trend in our generation.

  • There’s nothing to figue out. This is just entertainment.

    Lets get back to the MILF and DILF discussion….

  • This is nothing – I was walking down the street the other day an a retarded kid in a wheelchair was yelling and spitting everywhere creating a ruckous, scaring people and forcing everyone to the other side of the street.

    What the hell is wrong with these parents – ship your kid off to a home so I can live in piece – maybe if you didnt create the kid in a test tube he’d be normal in the 1st place…
    ever here of amnio – you could have aborted the living drain on society before all this shit started….

    Just b/c you had to have a child – now my day has to be ruined by his retarded outbursts – thanks you entitled pricks!

  • Being too busy to apologize for merely bumping into people with a stroller is rude, but sure I guess it can be explained away with excuses about overburdened parents. If you’re that self-absorbed.

    Bumping into an old man with a stroller knocking him over completely – that’s criminal. It is. You did that with a car you’d be in huge trouble. When old people fall they can get seriously hurt. Broken hips from falls on cement happen ALL the time in the elderly.

    People who are actually defending this particular stroller mom are psycho. If somebody knocked my elderly mother off her feet I would call the police to report an assault. I’m not joking.

  • Absolutely ridiculous! I think that 1.45 strollers/block leaves at least a LITTLE room for everyone else. No excuse for the rude behavior reported by Knipfel, but really….

    And BTW, I haven’t pushed a stroller for over 20 years, so I have no horse in this race.

  • Any of you ever had to jump out of the way when some idiot in a motorized wheelchair comes racing down the sidewalk?? New discussion….

  • I just counted 7 strollers on Broadway between 89th and 90th streets.

    3 people DIDN’T have strollers.

    Talk amongst yourselves…

  • If you are so frail that a little bump is going to get you seriously hurt – then you should be in a “home” – not interfering with my day!

  • Here’s a couple of questions. I’ve lived in the north end of Sunset Park for about 10 years. Every now and then I visit Park Slope. There are tons of families with kids in my part of Sunset–mostly working class Mexican and Puerto Rican families. Many have strollers. I’ve never once had a bad experience with them in Sunset. Yet in my limited visits to the Slope, I’ve had at least half a dozen occasions where women with strollers have steamrolled over or by me without so much as a “sorry.” Why is that? When a Spanish family with small children sits down in a restaurant next to my wife and me, I hardly know they’re there. In Park Slope, given the same scenario, at least half the time the kid(s) is shrieking and running amok within five minutes. Why is that?

  • Sure I’ve jumped out of the way of a motorized wheelchair, Daveinbedstuy, like once in my entire life. Not every week. Why are you even posting on this thread when you are such a nonsensical non-contributor?

    Oh and by the way, there is a big difference between a handicapped person who can’t walk at all, and a stroller. Have some pity. The irony is despite the tragedy of their situation, the handicapped are the ones who are far more apologetic and sheepish about the bulkiness of their wheelchairs.

  • daveinbedstuy, I agree.

    Do the moms ever go to drink anywhere? How easy is it to pick up these babes when they’ve had a couple mimosas or whatever they drink?

    All I know is some of these chicks are very diligent at working off that extra weight from having kids. They wear these tight yoga pants all the time – DAMN.

    Never tried to pick up a chick with kids in tow, but everyone agrees these women are narcissistic. They are the PERFECT mark. These kinds of women are VERY amenable to flattery, and likely don’t get a lot of attention at home.

    It just seems like such a perfect opportunity.

  • Why is it that Blacks and Spanish people are so much louder than they need to be? Why do they have to play music in their car at 100db with the windows open? Why cant they stay inside, instead of hanging out and getting drunk and stoned on the street? Why can’t Blacks learn to speak English so they can be employable? Why do their kids/teens wear thug clothing? Why do spanish people have to have such annoying car horns?
    Why is that?

  • Exactly, 12:01, same reason we are tempted to move to another country when we have children. You can try to teach your kids manners but then they go to school and encounter the maniac kids who are such a bad influence. It has to be the entire culture that values being considerate of others, or nobody will do that. It’s frightening.

  • Polemicist – they are very easy – why do you think so many low brow motels are opening up in Gowanus?

    Their favorite is to ‘punish’ them for being such self-absorbed cunts

  • 12:11 – I agree its cultural…so what can we do about it- how can we get these damn blacks to teach their kids to read and value human life, how can we get the muslims to see that Islam doesnt mean blowing up a bunch of women and children…..what can we do about these asians who love to consume endangered animals – how can we fix these peoples cultures???

  • 12:08, it’s called satire. Dave’s actually a very compassionate person as I’m sure are many of the other satirical and quite funny posters here. This thread is like an All in the Family episode. We’re one Sammy Davis Jr. kiss away from making this a classic.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Polemicist…a lot of them might be single moms. But I’m not sure if that’s a plus or minus if we’re all just in it for NSA sex.

    Biff, where do you come out on the MILF issue???

    12:08 ????? I’ve riled you up….my job is done

  • What does race have to do with strollers?!?!?!

    The debate about strollers does not give you trolls the excuse to start race baiting.

    Go back to your hole.

  • Um, we were thinking London or Paris, 12:18 if we moved anywhere other than the U.S.

    Are you one of those racist Carroll Gardens or Bay Ridge Italian Republicans with respect-our-troops bumper stickers who goes crazy anytime somebody criticizes anything about the United States?


  • you had me at hole, 12:29.

  • I hope that one of these days the PS stroller mafia will consider that there may in fact be some credibility to all the angry posts about them instead of just going into self defense mode.

  • 12:29 I dont know – maybe you should ask 12:01 and 12:11

  • Dave, please don’t say “Biff” and “come out” in the same sentence. You’ll get The What all excited.

    Anyway, where do I stand? I love MILFs, especially those pushing big ass double strollers knocking unsuspecting passersby out of their way. It’s so hot in a BDSM kind of way.

  • People on CELL PHONES Talking and walking are more annoying than the stroller mafia. People on cell phones and drinking Gorilla Coffee and walking are the more annoying. Mommys with strollers and cell phones and coffee and walking are the most annoying people in NYC. I am leaving NYC because of you, mommy.

  • 12:10 = same lily white sloper that would be crowing about all the diversity in ps if someone mentioned how white the neighborhood is.

  • 12:33 – I agree their is ‘some’ credibility…once you strip away the resentment, jealousy, pettiness and pathetic-ness…..

  • 12:38 has a good point…add smoking as well.

    In Manhattan its the tourists trying to take a damn picture of their lovely vacation in NYC in front of some ridiculous shop

  • Recently getting coffee (for me) and muffin (for my 3 yr old) at the pastry place near the F train entrance on 7th ave and 9th. Parked the stroller outside and helping the boy negotiate the large step up when Mr. Jerk (prob 10:10am above) literally pushed my son out of the way to get inside before us. I was furious but trying to keep in control in front of my son. Why did you just push a 3 year old out of the way? “Park slope is just overrun with them” Why don’t you leave? “I was here first”. So this evidently justifies physically pushing a 3 year old? “Yes – it does”. This guy deserved a knuckle sandwich.

    Jerks come in all shapes and sizes…so lets not generalize that all park slope parents are blameworthy.


  • 12:31 #1, not only do I enjoy your posts, but the “Fugeddaboutit!” makes me smile every time. I love it.

  • No 12:40 – I really don’t give a shit if the neighborhood is all white, all black, or all mixed up whatever….all I care about is that people are free to go about their business – which should be working, getting laid, raising children and otherwise surviving while not preventing someone else from doing the same.

  • I agree Biff…and I’m going to start signing off each time as….


  • park slope is damned crowded. that is true. moved because of it. if you want a calm neighborhood, choose somewhere else.

    i did live there for years pre and post baby. never noticed any particularly bad mommy behavior. think this stinks of sexism and is pretty gross.

    being a mom is the hardest thing to do on the planet. everyone one everywhere is expected to and should help them. we are all part of raising the next generation.

    the guy writing this nonsense is a jerk and should probably move elsewhere although where is a problem because there will be kids there to.

  • 12:52 is the poster child for stuck up, gross, stroller mom mentality.

    you WIN!

  • “being a mom is the hardest thing to do on the planet.”

    I’ll go along with that. Sure. But you know what, try being a mom in Myanmar or Somalia or rural Alabama.

    You think being a mom in Park f*cking Slope is hard????

    You are a pathetic, sorry excuse for a human being to not realize how easy you have it!

    Wake up from your bubble please!!!!!

  • 12:45

    make love, not war. What’s your number?

  • I hate to say this, but Park Slope is just a scapegoat – this happens everywhere, and it’s not limited to pushing strollers. It seems to be part of a new attitude that people who choose to have children feel as though they can continue to live their lives as they did before they had kids – hence they bring kids everywhere, in any form of transport and even to places where kids probably shouldn’t be. It’s a prevailing attitude that EVERYWHERE should be child friendly and accomodating, be it a Park Slope street or a bar or a movie theatre (rated R, on a Saturday night – I’ve seen kids under 2 numerous times). I feel like kids today never hear “Well, no you can’t come, this is for adults only.” That’s the kind of stuff I heard all the time when I was a kid. That, added to an overall lack of consideration people have for others makes for a nasty combination.

    As a disclaimer, I am a mother with Bugaboo, who will never bring my baby to a bar or a Rated R movie!

  • Remember the old saying…


    How about we fix it up for the 21st century, and make it heard and not seen…???

    or never heard or seen!

  • Yes, 1:03 is right…Being a mom is the hardest thing in the world living in a Park Slope brownstone with a $900 stroller.

    12:52.Ever heard of moms in places like India and Thailand who cut off one of their child’s arms because it makes them more pathetic when they are begging and they usually get more money that way????

  • As long as the bar is empty (weekday), and it is before 6 pm, then bringing my kid into the bar is fine (by me). This is a rule of convenience for me, sure.

    Ahhhhhh, beer.

  • Daveinbedstuy:

    You win, my hat is off to you. Nothing to kill the libido like mutilated beggars!

  • Judging by 1:19’s comment, seems there are will be a run on therapists in about 15 years with all the kids having to deal with their alcoholic moms.

    My mom NEVER took me to a bar as a kid. Never.

    I think it’s shameful.

  • “In Park Slope, given the same scenario, at least half the time the kid(s) is shrieking and running amok within five minutes. Why is that?”

    Because entitled white people do not discipline their children.

  • I live in PS without kids – I am a woman who plans to have kids soon and I couldn’t AGREE more with the writer! – sorry but it’s not about being a parent with children – it’s about being a certain TYPE of person with children that sparks this type of discourse. I am amazed at the level of “lacksidasical/non-plussed” sensibility of these parents who allow their kids to run amok on the sidewalk, while they stop and chat with other parents in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk with their 2 huge strollers. This group of 5 is usually accompanied by another adult who was out walking the dog and now you have a complete menagerie. I usually find this mixture when I am trying to walk home from the F train on seventh avenue. I love kids, I love park slope – but there is an element of weird parenting that goes on that’s a little too “grains&granola” for me!

  • “Because entitled white people do not discipline their children.”

    And it’s been happening for generations.

    We have a cokewhore for a President who doesn’t know how to follow authority and thinks he can make up his own rules whenever he feels like it, without a thought to the repercussions for others.

    Get ready for a whole new batch coming our way soon!!!

  • Look I dont think being a mom is the hardest thing – it is a pain in the ass sometimes but hardest thing – come on….

    BUT – while being a mom in PS is quite a bit easier then in some 3rd world country – it is also easier to be a childless adult as well – therefore all of your assholery behavior is also not acceptable and the least you could do is not hold moms to a higher standard then you hold yourself.

  • “thinks he can make up his own rules whenever he feels like it, without a thought to the repercussions for others.”

    He doesn’t THINK he can, he CAN and HAS!

  • I’m so glad I don’t live in PS. For some reason in Carroll Gardens we don’t have this conflict. The people without children are simply not so judgemental, or maybe the parents aren’t so obnoxious. Or maybe the streets simply aren’t so crowded. In any case,my general feeling is that if you are sucker enough to live in PS without children – then suck it up. PS is a family oriented neighborhood period – families are the foundation upon which that neighborhood was built. If you have a problem with strollers, move to Clinton Hill or Williamsburg or Red Hook. Or better yet, Manhattan.

  • “He doesn’t THINK he can, he CAN and HAS!”

    At what price, 1:28?

    He will go down as the worst president in history and has an approval rating which would be considered abysmal by any definition of the word.

    So 70% of the people in this country hate his guts.

    What a fine legacy.

    It always about the here and now, there should be some thought to what happens down the road…just like these parents should realize that by not reprimanding their kids now, they should not be shocked when they find their little 13 year old Quinten on 7th Avenue doing blow in a few years.

  • 1:29 – maybe – but they sure know how to reprimand their kids – they beat the crap out of their kids for getting out of line – right away to – even if it is in public or a store or something …

  • 1:23#1, why do you assume 1:19 is a woman? Anyway, if you think he or she having a beer in the afternoon with his/her kid nearby is shameful, you would love Ireland, where I’ve seen kids around 9 years old pulling pints in their parents pubs or other children who are playing across the street as their parents down the Guinness. Not saying it’s right, but I don’t think it’s exactly criminal to have your child with you while you’re enjoying an afternoon beer, unless your getting shitfaced.

  • 1:31:

    I’ll take the families over the mob any day of the week. And judging by the numbers on Property Shark, there are actually MORE families with children in CG than in Park Slope. Look it up. And btw, here is a lovely article of just how peaceful your precious CG is…NANNY STEALING AND ALL!!!!

  • Good comparison, Biff!! IRELAND…a country basically known for their heavy drinking!!!!

  • Come on posters…racism, sexism, gay bashing….those are all fare game under a Brooklyn real estate/lifestyle forum.

    Please do not stoop so low as to not have anything better to discuss than how bad Bush is…masters of the obvious…so pathetic

  • And you MR BROWNSTONER had visions of discussions of parlor floors and subway tiles. HA strollers and diapers win out. Kinda of reminds me of SOCCER MOMS.

  • and 1 Pierrepont St is still in contract

  • As are 221 and 223 Berkeley Place.

    Days on market: 1

  • 1:39, that was exactly my point! I’m saying that one should experience how parents in other countries drink around their kids if one is horrified about the thought of a parent in Park Slope drinking one beer in the afternoon.

    And 1:24, there are not many people to whom one can more easily say “I told you so” than a person who does not have kids but plans to. It’s simple to say how your kids will behave but come back to us after you have them and we’ll see if they are the little angels you expect them to be. Even the best parents sometimes have kids who “run amok” from time to time. They are kids; they do that.

  • 11:34 here. A few things,

    1. Being a child’s primary caregiver is a difficult task no matter where you live. If you think an expensive stroller really makes a big dent in this, then it’s pretty obvious that a) you don’t have a kid and b) you have very little sense of empathy/imagination when it comes to what parents go through, rich or poor. Do PS parents deserve an orchestra of sympathy violins for their trials? Of course not. Do they deserve to be reduced to poorly informed cultural stereotypes. Also, no.

    2. Why does anyone care if a kid, behaving appropriately, is in a bar with his parents in the early afternoon/evening? Have you people been to the bars around here? It’s candyass central. The few with any kind of “edge” to them never have kids in them anyway. And seriously, if you really want to do a bump at the bar at Long Tan while eating your chicken satay and drinking your Saketini and my kids are around… go for it. I’ll go Nancy Reagan on them when we get home.

    Hating on parents/kids – one of the last acceptable forms of liberal bigotry.

  • I’ve lived in Park SLope for the last 31yrs (my whole life). This is how I see it.

    There are a fair amount of self-entitled parents raising self entitled kids in this neighborhood. They will run you over without apologizing. They will tell you to move out of their way (even when you are pushing your own stroller and trying not to hit people). They will stop their stroller in the middle of the sidewalk without pulling over. They will come up to you in the street and ask why your stroller isn’t a bugaboo, mclaren….

    There are a fair amount of non-parent self-entitled people in this neighborhood as well. They will bump into without apologizing. They will stop to talk with a friend in the middle of the sidewalk. They will push your stroller out of their way and tell you to back to the projects (yes this happened)

    In my admittedly biased view. There are a whole bunch of assholes in the neighborhood, parent and non-parent. Assholes tend to complain about any situation which does not fit their version of a perfect world. Non assholes try to deal with each situation individually, rather than bash the entire neighborhood/parent community/non-parent community.

  • 2:02 – well done. Game ovah!

  • Yep, good bye. And remember, always spay or neuter your pet.

  • off topic, but btw:

    People from Latin America should be referred to as “Hispanic” or “Latino.” “Spanish” people are those who come from Spain.

  • 1:58

    What does “candyass central” mean?

  • 2:35, after the 142 mostly random posts above, including my own, I don’t think you need to worry about staying on topic at this point.

  • 2:35 did you add anything constructive above??? Haven’t used the word “dorks” since grade school so did you just get out of class early???

    and 2:35, not all people from Latin America are Hispanic or Latino…off topic is always good though!!!! It’s what pays Mr. B’s rent!!!

  • For some reason I see much more strollers in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens than in PS. Is it because the stroller mafia wants to stay away from Flatbush Avenue?

  • 2:59, it’s the damn Roman Catholics…they multiply like rabbits, sort of like the Jews in Borough Park, who multiply like Rabbis.

  • 2:35 #2 I knew someone was gonna go there in this thread. Yes, technically Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc. aren’t “Spanish.” That is just how many native New Yorkers, white, Latino, Hispanic, etc. refer to them. For example, “This is mostly a Spanish neighborhood, but lately a lot of white hipsters have been moving in.”

  • Despite your reasonable comment, it is clearly an arbitrary lie or exageration to say that someone approached you and asked you why you don’t have a bugaboo or mcclaren. That is simply NOT believable. No one gives a SHIT what “brand” their stroller is – they’re just making a decision based on their assessment of which stroller will make walking miles every day, riding subways, going up and down stoops, etc. easier. And biff, for the first time, thank you. Whoever the jackass is who more or less said “when I have my OWN children MY children will not be loud and obnoxious when I bring them to restaurants” – good luck – you’re in for a horrifying surprise.

    In general, to those of you who don’t have children but are planning on having them at some point: the less said, the better. I can tell you that the more you talk and judge now, the more you’ll feel like a naive and deluded asshole when you get around to procreating.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • You people are all YUPPIES! My brownstone has has been in our family for generation. My grandparents and fatehr lived there when it was a “slum” now we are being pushed out by all of you IDAHO, burkanstock wearing, back to the land shopping, soy bean eating, tree hugging YUPPIES! You would never catch any one of you in a rea lbar like Farrels bc you all know better, NA you guys can have your LOKI lounge and Lighthouse, the real ppl in this neighborhood are becoming outnumbered bc you fools are willing to pay 1600 for a studio apartments! SUCKERS! you people call this place your home! It makes me laugh..THIS IS MY HOME!

  • you just described hippies, 3:35.

    not yuppies.

    basically total opposites.

    you sound like you didn’t finish 3rd grade.

  • 153 posts. Now that is funny.

    Unless you were never a baby…you all should just shut up and live and let live. Or don’t pro create.

    A rude person is a rude person, whether they have a stroller or not.

  • 3:21, thanks. I do appreciate it when someone can see eye to eye with me – if only on one issue, so be it. It’s better than nothing. Anyway, it’s proverbial famous last words thinking you will somehow be a better parent or more capably be able to “manage” your own kids behavior before you have any yourself. And it’s amazing how much more empathy one suddenly feels for other parents once one has their own children and knows first hand the sacrifices and challenges of trying to be a good parent.

  • you just described hippies, 3:35.

    not yuppies.

    basically total opposites.

    you sound like you didn’t finish 3rd grade.


    Damn you babies and your cute little feetsies!

  • Oh man, don’t let this thread die without someone telling me what “candyass central” means!

    I’m so curious! I keep thinking of that board game candylane or whatever it was called.

  • Um, 3:21 and Biff. I don’t know how to break it to you, but yes, my future children will be better behaved at pricey, upscale restaurants than yours, because I wouldn’t dream of bringing a small child who understandably can’t sit still for more than ten minutes to the fucking restaurant in the first place. If you can afford the restaurant, you can afford a baby sitter. Thank you. We now join our regular circle jerk already in progress…

  • I would agree with the entitlement issue being a lazy metaphysical argument to a point. So instead of arguing since I am a childless individual I have chosen to do the following:

    Create the largest carbon footprint I can so there will be no earth left for those children

    Use as much of the earths natural resources as possible. Why should these children have anything. They are entitled to earn it.

    Any other ideas to create scorched earth for the gen-entitled?

  • 3:52, you’re (unintentionally) hilarious!! Oh, I need to have a front row to see your face the first time Junior screams in a grocery store because he’s tired (yes, it will happen and you will find out that even well-behaved children get cranky when tired or hungry and you will inevitably be in public when it happens). Or will you also not dream of bringing a small child to the grocery store? Will you hire a sitter for that too, and every other time you go out in public? Who was talking about bringing kids at night to upscale restaurants? We were talking about kids walking in the street during the daytime. You were the one talking about parents “in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk with their 2 huge strollers.”

    Damn, you’re in for one hell of a rude awakening, sister!!!!

  • Biff believe it or not some of us parents(I have 3 kids ranging from 13-2) actually enforce what’s appropiate behaivor in the house so we won’t have to deal with what you describe outside of the house. My kids have NEVER acted out in public.

  • i shoved your kid out of they way,
    why because your precious little genius savior of the world is not that important to me, see i have things to do and places to go, its not cute that you want to play teach your kid how to walk up steps at any store or on the subway steps.
    move your kid out of my way or carry him inside, if you want to teach him how to walk up steps, do it on the stoop of your overpriced brownstone

  • Right, and it’s the parents who are the only entitled ones, clearly.

  • how can you still be talking about this???

    most of you seem to be missing a chromosome.


    it doesn’t bode well for your intellect that you can talk all day long about people pushing a stroller, while 22,500 people just died yesterday in a cyclone.

  • 4:24, I’m genuinely happy for you, but I’ve also seen remarkable parents whose children will act up no matter how many different ways they try to modify the behavior. Everyone’s kids are different with different tempermants and some will act up periodically no matter what their parents do at home. That’s all I’m saying. I’m sure you’re a very good parent, but there are other very good parents who simply cannot always stop their kids from sudden outbursts in public. The best they can do is try to diffuse / remove them from the situation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work either.

  • A few things: some parents with strollers are considerate (probably the majority) and then there are the ones who run you over and act like they have the right of way just because they decided to procreate. The latter is insanely annoying.

    I agree that there seems to be a trend with many parents (white, upscale) these days who come from the “all about me” school of selfish parenting. They don’t want to accept the fact that guess what… life has changed for them now that they have a baby. So they drag the kid in a stroller to the nail salon/R-rated movies/expensive restaurants/local bars. My mother NEVER took me to these places because it’s f*cking rude to impose a screaming baby on people trying to watch a movie, sip a beer or get their nails done.

    But some of these New Yorkers are so self-centered! They want to do what they want to do and they don’t give a shit if their kid disrupts everyone else in the process. Either hire a babysitter or DON’T GO. That’s called being a parent. There are certain places where kids just don’t belong, period…end of story. I’m sick of parents these days justifying this kind of thing.

    Second, I understand that there are some situations out of a parents’ control, but if your baby/child cries, please take them outside…I can’t STAND it when parents allow their kids to throw temper tantrums in public places. The other diners/moviegoers/etc. shouldn’t have to suffer. If you miss your entree or the rest of the movie – too bad! That’s called being a parent. We shouldn’t all have to listen to your kid yell at the top of their lungs because you’re too lazy to discipline them or pull them outside for a time-out.

    It’s not about the kids (they’re always going to cry, that’s just what they do) it’s about the lazy parenting. People in our parents’ generation didn’t drag kids around with them everywhere like Paris Hilton does with her chihuahua.

  • “the guy writing this nonsense is a jerk and should probably move elsewhere”

    There are many responses above saying those who don’t have kids should just leave Park Slope. However, on previous threads where people stated that singles don’t like Park Slope so the amenities are getting worse not better, the Slopers get all furious and defensive telling us the neighborhood is mostly all singles without children. Which is it?

    If the singles start to hate Park Slope because of the huge family emphasis and if kids are running around all the bars and restaurants in Park Slope, then eventually there will be no decent restaurants and bars anymore. Who eats dinner out who drinks and therefore keeps the restaurants open because alcohol is the number one profit maker for restaurants? Singles.

  • The moral of the story:


    Many of you only had them because you thought you SHOULD even though you are obviously too self centered and simply were not ready to, or should not procreate.

    It’s a simple fact. Many people feel forced into marriage and procreation. Look at Sex and the City. It was all about the biological clock a ticking and trying to beat it. Or not.

    A lot of you should just realize that not everyone was cut out to be married, not everyone needs to have kids (there are more than PLENTY on this earth already) and that when you really look deep down, you didn’t really want them in the first place, but you succumbed to societal pressure to have them.

    I’d say 20% of those with kids never wanted them but thought they SHOULD have them.

    And these 20% are scattered all across the U.S. running down old men because they are pissed they are no longer happy…

  • I don’t have the time to read all of these comments so forgive me if it’s been said, but there are several unspoken rules of the street that Park Slope parents frequently don’t respect:
    1. Don’t walk your dog on the avenue. Stay on the side streets or the park. The avenues are for commerce and dogs don’t belong there.
    2. Don’t bring your stroller into a store. Yeah, it’s a bummer that it’s not safe to leave your stroller outside unattended anymore, but as a kid growing up in Brooklyn they were always lined up at the door of supermarkets and shops, as city stores are generally too narrow for all those strollers. If you can barely get in the door, maybe you should take the hint that you’re not going to fit comfortably in the store.
    3. Don’t walk more than 2-abreast anywhere in a city. So many families and mom friends on skinny little 7th ave hog the sidewalk like they have no idea pedestrians are stacked up behind them waiting to pass. Also, stay on the right!

    While I try to voice my gripes when I feel people are egregiously flouting the rules, I don’t think adults should confront each other in a hostile way in front of kids. Hence the tension. Alas.
    But really, is it all that big a deal? If a grown man is cowering in his home, it’s probably time to look within for the problem.

  • Here’s the solution. People without kids should simply get strollers and wield them down the street. Don’t worry about wierd looks. You have a right to push a stroller as much as the folks who have babies. Like all these “swift moving” moms who can’t take the time to apologize (and that is really the only “rule” that you, too, have a right to push a stroller. So grab a Bugaboo stroller and get ready to roll! – Jonathan Swift

  • Here’s the solution. People without kids should simply get strollers and wield them down the street. Don’t worry about wierd looks. You have a right to push a stroller as much as the folks who have babies. Like all these “swift moving” moms who can’t take the time to apologize (and that is really the only “rule” that applies) you, too, have a right to push a stroller. So grab a Bugaboo stroller and get ready to roll! – Jonathan Swift

  • Here’s the solution. People without kids should simply get strollers and wield them down the street. Don’t worry about wierd looks. You have a right to push a stroller as much as the folks who have babies. Like all these “swift moving” moms who can’t take the time to apologize (and that is really the only “rule” that applies) you, too, have a right to push a stroller. So grab a Bugaboo stroller and get ready to roll! – Jonathan Swift

  • “I agree that there seems to be a trend with many parents (white, upscale) these days who come from the “all about me” school of selfish parenting.”

    I also see a trend among many parents (black and hispanic) these days who come from the “all about me” school of selfish parenting, they are too wrapped up in whatever to try teaching their kids basic skills like reading and writing. As well as right from wrong, social responsibility and self-sacrifice for a larger goal

    But some of these blacks and hispanics are so self-centered! They do what they want to do and they dont give a shit if their kid goes off to school and is unteachable or unruly or grows up into a H.S. dropout and criminal – a perpetual drain on society as well. If you can’t afford having kids or raising them properly – then dont have them…end of story. I am so sick of blacks and hispanics justifying this kind of thing.

  • 4:50 – or should I call you “my mother did x, my mother did y” – all I can say is, you’re in for a big surprise. I hope that surprise makes you a touch more tolerant, and a whole lot wiser.

  • See….THIS is why I like gay people better.

    Lots less kids and more booze.

    What life should be about!

    Enjoying it, not talking about freakin screaming kids all day.

  • I’ve actually noticed that the lesbian moms (of which there are still MANY in Park Slope) seem to do a great job.

    Whenever I see a kid with two moms, they are usually better behaved, not in a stroller at the age of 5, and just generally seem more docile.

    I know that’s a HUGE generalization, but it’s just what I’ve observed in my neighborhood.

    Maybe there’s a good thesis waiting to happen…?

  • I am way late to this thread but:

    “10:18 – here here. Most of these “entitled” parents are probably so exhausted and stressed … Their whole focus is not on their own entitlement, but on getting from point A to point B without killing themselves or their children – not an easy task.”

    “12:52 – being a mom is the hardest thing to do on the planet. everyone one everywhere is expected to and should help them.”

    You know, people have been raising children all over the world for thousands of years! It’s not like you are the first people in the world and are entitled to all the help in the world, and that the act of pushing your spawn down the street is a life or death issue. It’s simply the fact that you feel like you are better and more deserving of EVERYTHING (tax breaks, extra time off) including space for your Hummer-sized strollers just because you managed to get some sperm to meet your egg at the right time.

    And to 11:22 who said that NYC cabs should be equipped with childcare seats, I really want to have a thoughtful response to that but I am too busy laughing. Get over yourself.

  • When they said New York was the city that never sleeps, I had no idea they were talking about being kept up all night by the baby crying in the upstairs co-op!!!

    For the love of GOD!!!!!!

  • 5:54 – people have been raising families with help – extended family or cheap domestic labor. It is actually a historical anomoly for parents to be alone in their homes taking care of their children by themselves – something that is not made easier by people like you, who actually have the GALL to complain about parents taking time off or getting tax breaks to raise the generation that will support you in your old age.

    Have you ever been to another country? It is COMPLETELY NORMAL to bring children to restaurants and bars and EVERYWHERE ELSE in every country except this one. And guess what, people actually LIKE children in these countries, and welcome their presence – and even, GASP, help the parents look after the children while the parents are spending money at their establishment.

    This country sickens me.

  • I am laughing so hard, 6:02. With pity and sympathy yes, but that was too funny.

  • My parents raised 3 children, 6:09, and they comment all the time how different things are today. Parents today totally let kids get away with things in public that previous generations never did. My parents did bring us to the country club, restaurants and bars often and nice ones at that. There was nowhere my parents could not take us even from a young age. We behaved fine in public. Not perfect but we did know to stay in our chair and not bother other patrons.

    The problem today is it’s taboo to discipline a child. If you even speak firmly to a kid, other nearby mommies get very judgemental about it. So it’s impossible for parents to do a good job with it – their discipline becomes too inconsistent to be effective. They will discipline children at home but not in public in front of other parents. So it teaches nothing and does nothing.

  • When I was in Copenhagen, A great city by the way, In DECEMBER. Mothers left their children/babies outside a cafe in the cold while they dined inside. I guess this prepares them for a lifetime of cold winters because I was freezing my ass off. Now if someone did that here in Park Slope all the mommy’s at Tea Lounge would force the death penalty at those Crazy Scandinavians. Whatever. We are a nation of do gooders and the I deserve it now people, when will it stop. It is time to wake up we are not that great.

  • fuck those yuppie stroller pushing pussies. half those fucking parents shouldn’t be parents. they can’t handle their little shits. those pussies belong in the suburbs driving their gas guzzling suv’s.

  • oh god i feel so bad for these stroller moms. chatting on their cell phones, drinking $5 soy lattes and gossiping with other stroller moms. living in a 2 million dollar brownstone. life’s a real bitch!

  • Knipfel is a professional misanthrope. He’s completely over the top. That’s his schtick.

    So what’s with all the wantabes?

    There’s definitely something unhealthy going on with parents right now – but these endless discussions are less to do with that and more to do with the complete poverty of ideas of the people who obsess about them.

    No ideas of your own? Nothing original or positive that defines you? No problem, you can find something like validation by attacking someone else. You can make your life just as much about NOT having kids as parents can make their lives about having them. The only difference is that no matter how neurotic parents get – and let’s face it – wouldn’t you be if every coffee-house idiot with an ibook were critiquing your every move – they are still more than the people who get off on criticizing them will ever be.

    That’s because no matter how bad you might think they are, it’s ultimately not about them. It’s about the human beings, you know, the “crotch fruit” they are raising. They will inherit the earth. They will care for you in your old age. They will find the solutions, ply the science, solve the problems, make the art, the flims, write the poems, and play the music.

    Let’s hope they do a better job than people who’s major contribution to the world at large is whining about strollers while simultaneously disappearing up their own egos in the comments section of the Brownstoner

  • I’ve come to gather that whether people realize it or not, it’s probably what parents with strollers represent, rather than the phenomenon itself, that gets them so worked up, but that said, if your biggest worry in life (or in your immediate environs) is bumping into the occasional stroller, I’d say you’re doing ok.

    (And no, I’m not a parent)

  • I’ve come to gather that whether people realize it or not, it’s probably what parents with strollers represent, rather than the phenomenon itself, that gets them so worked up, but that said, if your biggest worry in life (or in your immediate environs) is bumping into the occasional stroller, I’d say you’re doing ok.

    (And no, I’m not a parent)

  • I cannot for the life of me believe that I actually read all of these posts. Some quality trolling, some sad indignant responses to said trolls, decent non-sequiturs… in other words, par for the course on this shopworn “stroller mafia” thread.

    Anyhoo, let me just say this about Knipfel. I saw him strolling(!) down 5th Ave the other day sans cane–so the fucktard CAN see somewhat. Also, he wears a really stupid hat. Guys who wear HATS that aren’t baseball caps (which are stupid enough) are truly dipshits. Knipfel, go back to the late 80’s and stay there. You’re over.

  • This is obviously a Slope-centric site and therefore a pro-kid site.

    I have nothing against pro-creating, but given the earths current ecological situation, I’m wondering why more people don’t shoose to adopt.

    Guess that won’t help the stroller situation, but I really don’t understand this having-kids frenzy—especially from a “green” generation.

  • This thread proves it… Park Slope Sucks.

  • Fortunately, 10:32, you live elsewhere so it doesn’t matter what you think.

  • i wish i lived in park slope.

    it’s by far the most beautiful neighborhood in nyc, in my opinion.

  • IT’s funny how people just call everyone yuppies as if you didn’t wish every day that all you had was some more money so you could sit on the internet even more!

  • I don’t know what any of you people are talking about. There are very few parents pushing strollers down the sidewalk in Park Slope during the day. The vast majority of those strollers are being pushed by nannies.

  • Haters would love Park Slope if they could afford to own there. Clearly, journalists can’t afford it. 30k/year not enough for $2ml mortgage. Why is their self-aggrandizing career choice my problem?

  • I’m a stroller pushing father, and all I’ll say is this: I am constantly being held up by slow walking, inane cell phone conversation holding, cig puffing, skinny jean wearing, semi-employed childless trustifarians on their way to Gorilla to waste another day of the gift of life.

  • 9:14…everyone says those exact people you just described don’t live in park slope…

    i thought it was all families with kids??

    you mean there are young, hipsters there also????

  • Its really sad that a real estate blog gets more traffic when talking about this kind of bullshit, this blog has officially jumped the shark…Oh wait, I forgot, an ice cream store is getting outside seating in the heights!!! “I’m a stroller pushing dad” really? how do those crocs feel?..hey is someone gonna be selling those stroller tees at the flea this sunday? the waffles are totally worth the wait!..I’m upset cause my wittle dog cant go to the flea market. when readership goes down, bring up the stroller moms, always good for a laugh..Anyone want to talk about frikkin real estate anymore?

  • Personally, I’d like to see the city plant a few crotch-fruit trees in Prospect Park. I love how when the weather gets nice, the air is redolent with the sweet, citusy scent of crotch-fruit.

  • OKay, this was supposed to post before the post of the good Dr. at 4:34.
    Like I was saying, just when I thought I needed to get my head checked for reading all 199 posts on said subject, I came across something that made it well worth it…
    kids= crotch fruit
    Ha! That is the funniest!
    Keep it up Brownstoner!
    You rock.

  • I think you should be allowed to abort your child up until the age of 5. Okay, maybe 4.

  • mmmm, Crotch-fruit! They’re just coming into season now! I have such memories of my mom’s country crotch-fruit pie a-la-mode! Can’t wait!

  • I love you all so much!! Let’s get a beer.

  • There are some good crotch-frit trees by the boat house. I like to push my stroller over there while my kids play little league just to get a quick wiff.

  • To 4:42 guest commenter:

    Your comment was appalling and reprehensible. That’d be such a waste of delicious crotch-fruit! Like when Kramer lost his sense of taste right when the Mackinaw peaches were in season.

    I know it’s very un-PC to be so anti-locavore, but I might go down to Whole Foods and get some crotch-fruit to put in the spinach salad I’m making for dinner. So tart, and perfect with a nice riesling or sauternes!

  • Okay, so I was at Flatbush Farm. I sat down with 6 other people to have dinner. Two friends got up to wash their hands and I had a view of something I was not prepared to see: A woman, close to 250 pounds, pulled out her boob and began nursing her baby at the table across from us. Milk squirted out. I decided not to get the goat cheese apps. In fact I felt so sick I didnt want to eat at all. She completely ruined our meal. And it was a birthday dinner. Please, keep it at home. Thanks. Love the comment of 4:42,.

  • You people are disgusting and despicable. Next time I’m out and about with my Hummer triplet stroller in Park Slope and I see ANYONE walking the streets without children, I’m going to run their a$$ down. Oh, and turn down that music, my crotch fruit is trying to sleep!

  • No, what’s appalling is that you people would make light of the callousness and insensitivity of the guy who referred to children as “crotch-fruit”.

    My child is a precious, unique snowflake, and to refer to him as “crotch-fruit” is unacceptably mean-spirited. Sure, he’s 3 months old, already in therapy and on anti-depressants and ADD meds, but that’s not his fault! It’s called “preventative pharmacology”!!

    And just because he’s already got the same sense of yuppie scumbag entitlement as his parents have (acquired in utero, via the umbelical cord ), doesn’t mean you should call him mean names! With all of you putting him down like that, how is he supposed to have the self-confidence he needs to ace his Claremont entrance interview next month??

  • Screw you guys, I’m going home.

  • Children should be exterminated.

  • Did someone try and mention ‘rape of somalian girls’ as a bad thing? what is this…2030?