Marty Bikes For Gowanus, Sponge Park Gains Traction

Borough President Marty Markowitz tested the seat on this AdRide bicycle the Gowanus Canal Conservancy used to promote its first Gowanus Goes Green festival scheduled this Sunday, but he definitely didn’t hoof it around Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Two other guys did that. The eco-themed festival will be held canal-side at The Yard and will feature live music and exhibitors, including Public Place developers Gowanus Green, led by the Hudson Companies, and the Conservancy, again rolling out its Sponge Park proposal. Conservancy president Bob Zuckerman told us they’ve been getting good reception on their runoff-soaking park from most of the key players. City Planning, which will be holding another zoning meeting this Thursday, was “very receptive,” he said, noting that they’re both proposing a mandatory 40-foot setback from the canal for a promenade that would be subject to some uniform design codes. Since the Conservancy is part of the Gowanus Green team, Zuckerman said their respective landscape architects have been working together. And he said they’ve met with Toll Brothers, which has started the land use review process for their own mixed-use development further up the canal that would require public waterfront access if approved. The only wild card is the recreational park the Conservancy has proposed across the canal from Public Place. Zuckerman said they haven’t contacted the owners, which according to records are the city and C&A Properties. Waddya say, city? Care to ante up?
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  • These guys should do a corporate tie in with Sponge Bob Square Pants…it’d make millions.

  • I was walking down by the Canal last weekend. I like the area; went to school in Boerum Hill when I was a kid, and I think the Gowanus/CG border is a nice bucolic neighborhood. Also, I noticed a nice-looking condo-type development on Hoyt Street, with wood-panel walls (has it been mentioned on Brownstoner?)

    Anyway, as much as I like the area, there’s still this: the Canal stinks. The stench is horrible. Not as bad as in the 80s, but still horrible. Whatever they do with that water, it’s still basically standing water – a canal to nowhere – with tons of toxic crap sitting at the bottom. I don’t think that’s ever really going to change.

  • Reminds me of Dukakis in the tank…

  • Is it me, or is Marty looking fairly svelte these days?

  • those plastic thingys in the front look like giant jock cups.

  • They should fill in the canal with dirt and create a park walk like the High Line in the city. But first they should Marty into the canal with some cement shoes. Can’t stand that bozo and cannot believe he gets paid to be clown.

  • 3:36, I noticed that too. Happened shortly after Schnack on Union Street closed. Coincidence?

  • If you think the canal smelled bad in the 1980s, you should have been around in the 1960s when it was unimaginably putrid. After a rainfall, we had to keep our windows closed so we wouldn’t gag. This is true and not an exaggeration.

  • Biff, someone’s trying to destroy us!!!

    But seriously, this is annoying. Bourbon?

  • Nokilissa, it’ll never happen. We’re way too strong. Make it a double; it’s a gorgeous Friday spring morning and I’m feeling fine. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?