Community Board Moving to Nuke Union Hall

Last night Community Board 6’s landmarks/land-use committee dealt a harsh (albeit symbolic) blow to local watering hole and performance space Union Hall. After a lengthy and often rancorous public hearing about renewing the Park Slope bar and venue’s liquor license, the committee voted 6 to 2 in favor of a motion that denies Union Hall a renewal unless the business’s owners sign a contract stipulating that they will take measures to ameliorate noise, such as stopping the sale of alcohol after midnight. Although the motion is ultimately only advisory, the committee member who introduced it—Lou Sones, who himself owns a bar, The Brazen Head on Atlantic Avenue—described it as the community board’s “nuclear weapon” in terms of being a powerful indication to the State Liquor Authority that Union Hall is disturbing the lives of nearby residents. The motion was introduced after a two-hour-long pubic hearing in which many supporters of Union Hall, which is on Union Street between 5th and 6th avenues, spoke about how much they appreciated the business. A good number of residents who live near the establishment, meanwhile, described how noise from the business and its patrons was negatively affecting their quality of life. More people at the hearing, in fact, spoke out in support of Union Hall than against it. Find out what they had to say, and read the anti-UH faction’s claims, on the jump…

union-hall-2-05-2008.JPGThe business’s boosters said Union Hall is a great deal more than just a bar or rock venue. One of the people who runs the club’s Secret Science Club, for example, noted that his group has brought three Nobel Laureates to speak at the venue, and comedian Eugene Mirman talked about how his comedy night at the venue has been called one of the best in the city. Union Hall co-owner Jim Carden described how many Brooklyn organizations have held fundraisers at the space and detailed the many ways he and his partners have tried to address noise concerns, from soundproofing to putting up signs like the one at right to trying to hold meetings with block residents who say they’ve been disturbed by the bar’s noise. Some of those residents, who have been complaining about Union Hall for many months now, described not being able to sleep because their street is constantly filled with drunken revelers at all hours of the night and morning. Most dramatically, one Union Street resident said she’d been dealing with auto-immune problems that were directly linked to sleep deprivation. The struggle between Union Hall and its neighbors is one that’s currently being played out all around the city, and community boards have become battlegrounds where the fight between people who want to preserve their residential streets and businesses that want to operate on those streets is played out. A somewhat similar liquor license battle was recently fought over an oyster bar that’s opening on Hoyt Street. The committee’s recommendation on Union Hall will be voted on by all of Community Board 6 next week, and if the full board also backs the motion, the State Liquor Authority will have to weigh the decision when it decides on whether to renew Union Hall’s license at the end of this month.
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  • The key words here are “symbolic” and “advisory”. This measure will accomplish nothing. Thank God for that, as I love Union Hall, as do many, many others. That is obvious by the success of the place.

  • Lou Sones…Conflict of Interest of the highest sort!!!

  • Union Hall is so well run, friendly, clean, safe, it’s ridiculous.
    It’s insane that the local community board wants to KO a successful business that employs lots of local people in a time of economic downturn. Would it be better to have a vacant space on Union than a thriving business?

  • Jesus Christ…

    Its -beyond- conflict of interest. I know Lou personally and I drink at the Brazen Head from time to time. Ever heard THAT place late on the weekends?


  • Kudos to Park Slope for fighting back against this neighborhood scourge. Banning the sale of alcohol after midnight would make alot sense as a citywide rule.

    Of course politicians don’t have the cajones to make it happen.

  • You know what that place could be turned into?

    A bank.
    A real estate office.

    THAT is what the neighborhood needs…

  • 9:12= old fart who hasn’t been laid in 2 decades

  • He owns a bar on Atlantic avenue – hardly nearby. If he voted other way, could be called conflict of interest too.
    Great that Union Hall has all this wonderful entertainment but still cannat be allowed to disturb quality of life of residents.
    I don’t live in PS – so I don’t know the place. But I do know that in recent years there has been definite increase in nightlife establishments intrusion into residential blocks. And seems that most people on this blog feel any business(restaurant/bar/club) that caters to their tastes (trendy, arty, affluent) is just fine no matter how it affects others.
    But ironically, and developer or construction company that dares offend their aesthetic should bare full force of every regulation, etc, etc, etc.

  • One of the anti-Union Hall people had called 911 to report overcrowding–causing a fire engine to race down Union Street with sirens blaring in the middle of the night. The fire fighters found that Union Hall was well below capacity and left without incident…WHO’S CREATING THE NOISE PROBLEM?!

  • Once again quality of life issues threatened by ever-so-sensitive yuppies. This is a big city that once had character and artists and a cutting edge. If people can’t stomach a bit of noise or activity in a CITY, maybe its time to consider moving to the hills where its quiet and they can live out their boring lives in peace and quiet while letting the rest of us enjoy city life.

  • F Park Slope and their righteous stroller Moms!

  • “Banning the sale of alcohol after midnight would make alot sense as a citywide rule.”

    Brilliant 9:12 – Then this city could finally achieve the highest aspirations of being in the same league as say Cleveland or Buffalo. Wonderful, imagine the city as vibrant and alluring as those thriving towns!

  • This is backlash from the stroller mom mafia b/c they can no longer get any of “mothers’ little helper” with their strollers in tow!!!!

  • One more reason why pork slap sucks ….

  • Union Hall is about 100 feet (or so) off Fifth Ave., so yeah it’s on the residential block. But to punish the bar for being successful because a few yahoos speak loudly on Brownstone row is unfair, biased, and short sighted. There’s only so much Union Hall can do to control their patrons—by attempting to curtail the alcohol flow i.e., last call at midnight will not solve anything.

    Do I have a solution that’ll satisfy local residents? Nope. Well, they seem to have an answer—a completely self-serving one. Shut it down. Not in my backyard. A slippery slope, indeed. Because they have a legit argument.

  • so who wants to start filing noise complaints agains the Brazen Head?

  • Was it zoned for such? Yes. Did they get the liquor license? Yes, to both. Not much standing for all these people to complain after the fact.

    As for the ones who moved in later; they should have thought about that beforehand.

  • 9:28 – It might interest you to know that bars in Buffalo stay open until 4am, a throwback to the days when the city catered to steelworkers coming off shifts in the middle of the night. Incidentally, rents are quite a bit cheaper there too…

  • i would love to know how many of the complainers are living in 200 a month rent controlled apts on union.

    cause those houses around there are dilapidated…

    btw…in MOST parts of the city it is the residential that is encroaching on the entertainment….not the other way around…

    look at tonic on the lower east side..once one of the best music venues in the city…now it’s a condo.

    cbgb…now a john varvatos store.

    this city is really starting to suck big balls.

  • Didn’t stricter noise ordinances just come into effect? Start handing out $100 summons to the yahoos being loud on the street and things will quiet down. A successful and vibrant place such as Union Hall should be encouraged. Drunk morons yelling in the street should be punished.

  • Isn’t this the tough sh!t reality of living in a big city. It’s not my favorite place in the world, but give me a break. And I think some earplugs might solve this auto-immune disorder.

  • I’ve been to secret science club, and wow, do all those Nobel laureates get crazy! This is ridiculous. It’s not like Union is a quiet street anyway, even if it is residential.

  • heath ledger used to hang out at union hall. i remember seeing him there a couple times.

    this is my favorite place to hang out in park slope, and one of the places i always take my manhattan friends when they first come out to visit brooklyn. they instantly fall in love with the place and the neighborhood.

    i’ve also seen a lot of really great music there…

    i’d seriously consider leaving the neighborhood if this place closed.

    i hear carroll gardens welcomes incredibly successful businesses…

  • What a foolish move influenced by a few naysayers. I like Union Hall, and hope that it stays open.

  • I’ve only been to Union Hall a couple of times, and it was great. But more importantly, I never saw *anyone* on the street making *any* noise. Where is this coming from? Seriously, I live on a street with no bars but which happens to be about a block from the subway and if the people on Union would like to hear drunks babbling at one another I suggest they come for a sleepover some time soon.

  • Call CB 6 718 643-3027 and ask them to vote against taking away Union Hall’s liquor license!!

  • Massachusetts bars close at 1:00. Move there.

  • I used to live on Union Street near the Food Coop. I was constantly — once or twice a week at least — woken up early by delivery trucks parking outside, beeping as they backed up, or idling their loud engines. So, if the residents really want to complain, they should also focus their energies on the Food Coop. Seems a little unfair to target a bar. Noise is noise, whether it comes from a bunch of drunks yelling after a night out or a bunch of trucks delivering organic milk.

    That’s what’s so galling about this complaint: the inconsistency of it all.

  • Community boards have been the slow death of this city over the last twenty years. This becoming the city that goes to sleep early because its residents have got to hand off their children to their Phillipino nanny early in the morning so they can go to Pilates class and then mentally jerk themselves off for the “good” they’ve done for their community.

    This is New York, not Greenwich you stuck up pricks. It’s a goddamn CITY, it’s supposed to be loud.

  • Listen up, folks:

    9:45 Brings up a VERY good point and one that has not yet been brought to light.

    I go here at least once a week and NEVER have I heard people being loud outside. The doorman always is telling people to quiet down if they are in front of the bar and most of the loud people are NOT COMING FROM UNION HALL BUT FROM THE BARS ON 5TH AND 4TH AVENUES.

    This will never be approved. They will send someone out to monitor the noise before that happened and will see quite clearly what great neighbors Union Hall are.

    And in ONE NIGHT you will see what a bunch of crazies these people are, trying to pawn off their noisy block onto Union Hall.

    Why would they assume all the noisy people on this block are from Union Hall???


  • Union is a noisy block.

    Period. It has nothing to do with Union Hall.

    It’s a bus route and people are hanging out being loud waiting for the bus, which has a stop right outside Union Hall.

    There are a hundred bars within a mile of this place and they use Union Street to walk home…I always do because it has the most activity late at night, seems safer because IT’S NOISY and not desolate!!!!

  • “take measures to ameliorate noise”

    so as long as they make a better kind of noise Union Hall should have no problems?

  • One more reason why pork slap sucks ….

  • I agree with the above posters who say that (1) Union Hall can only do so much to control patrons, especially once the patrons leave the bar – c’mon, if 10 people exit the bar and are noisy while walking up the block, how can UH be held accountable for that? It’s like holding a bodega responsible for a customer who discards a candy bar wrapper after leaving the store; and (2) urban noise tolerance – NYC is a city of eight million and noise is inevitable; while there are limits, this ain’t one of ’em. I could see if dozens of patrons were loitering out front, yelling, screaming and fighting, or if they parked their cars and blasted the stereos, but that is not happening here. I think those lodging complaints should sell their homes and move to Rockland County. Plenty of quiet up there.

  • For those of you not at the meeting it was a sham. The board let opposers go on and on at the end and did not let or ask UH to respond to the questions. Lou then opposed any mediation with the bar and the block association saying it never works. His main argument was that they didn’t have anyone speaking from the block but what he didn’t take into consideration was the massive amount of letters for the bar from the block and immediate area and the petition signed for the bar with over 20 people from the block.

    Hopefully cooler and more intelligent heads prevail at the meeting next week. We as a community need to make sure these advisory committees are ran properly with no conflict of interests. And as stated before, Lou’s bar is located on Atlantic Ave and his main biz competition on that block is Floyd. That’s right Floyd the sister bar to Union Hall.


  • 9:56…the beauty is that most of these complainers don’t own homes at all.

    they are rent stabilized and controlled old people who live nearby.

    they are bitter and jealous of young people who like to have fun. i’ve had more than one incident with them and they are really horrible souls.

  • 20 signatures ain’t shutting down one of the most successful bars in park slope.

    especially when i know at least 3 of them are mentally ill.

  • If Union Hall is forced out, doesn’t The Gate have to go next? What’s the difference? What would stop em?

  • Have any of the members of Community Board 6 that voted against Union Hall ever been to the location? Calling the corner of Union St. and 5th Ave. “residential” is inaccurate. Fifth Avenue is a booming commercial strip, and Union is a comparatively noisy throughfare with trucks, buses, and other businesses. Union Hall is a fantastic one-of-a-kind joint–and I hope that it’s here for years to come.

  • Nothing would or will stop them. The median age on this advisory committee is 45 at the lowest. Completely out of touch with the demographic of the neighborhood. But the only people to blame is ourselves. Younger people need to get involved in their community to put a leveler to this mess.

    People should show up to this final meeting and make some noise of our own. Anyone have the info on this?

  • Union Steet has the Food Co-op, Union Market, Tastdelight, Car Service, Scotto Restaurant, Rosewater Restaurant, a GARAGE, a craft store and a handful of other businesses.

    It is NOT residential!!!!!!!

  • I would like to go to the meeting and speak in favor of Union Hall.

    I can corroborate that at least 3 people complaining suffer from mental illness.

  • Bunch of Commie Terrorists if you ask me. Its really not that loud. And I bet the people that are complaining are the ones who bring strollers in the place on weekends anyway. Go back to Westchester!!!!!!

  • 9:12am Are you trying to say cojones..


  • lol @ 10:05 suggesting people get involved in the community boards. You do know that the instant you get on a community board you become a soulless douchebag who ruins everyone’s fun out of spite and malice, right?

    Someone please tell me one good thing any Manhattan or Brooklyn community board has done in the last ten years.

    This is such a terrible precedent if it gets set. I truly hope this whole thing is as blown out of proportion as everyone says it is.

  • They have it in for this one bar, plain and simple. Union Street is MIXED commercial and residential. All up and down. It is also lined with large rent-control buildings where people hang outside on the stoops at night in Summer. Doesn’t really matter how much some newcomers in other buildings paid for their coops because the reality is it’s not a quiet picturesque idyllic little residential street.

    Union Street is the loudest East/West street in all of Park Slope. Buses, trucks, cars, very congested. Two grocery markets in a two-block stretch. Several restaurants. Tons of delivery trucks as someone pointed out. Also hi, has nobody seen the crowds that hang outside Luigi’s gelato across the street from Union Hall? That is where the noise from loiterers comes from because it’ll be kids too not just adults there. Note the several benches set up outside Luigi’s. Clearly placed in plain sight. Whereas I too have never seen anybody hanging out on the sidewalks outside Union Hall, nor heard the noise of the bar until I got inside.

  • This is NYC… it’s going to be loud at night occasionally. While I can see how it would be annoying a few nights a week I also know that there are really good white noise machines on the market that block out about 95% of the noise. Why? Because I bought one for similar reasons.

    ANYWAY… we ALL KNOW that the people complaining about the noise are the same jerky parents who were asked -quite kindly, might I add- to please not bring strollers into a BAR. SO childish of these parents to try to shut down a fabulous bar just because they’re not getting their own way with stroller allowance.

    Hey, Union Hall owners- if they make you shut down your bar come and reopen in Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill!

  • 9:56 – that bus outside union hall stops running before 9pm, so you’re point on that is moot. seriously though, i can’t believe the local morons are trying to shut the place down. makes me want to start a petition to extend the hours…they should be serving booze until 6am, or hell, 24/7! remember when nyc was a 24/7 town?

  • The other thing young people need to do is find better arguments other than “move to the suburbs if you don’t like it.” This blog likes to flame people for feeling entitled, but there is nothing more entitled than the “move” response to a genuine desire for improvement. Respect people’s commitment to their neighborhood and desire for a little sleep at night. Try not yelling at night when you leave a bar or even asking your friends to keep it down. Don’t shout down the street to your pals or shout into your cell phone. I think Union Hall should stay open – if it closes, loud people will drink elsewhere and they’ll still yell on Union on their way to the bus or the subway. Or they’ll be on someone else’s block. I live on Dean near Smith and on weekends, we get woken up regularly at 2 when the first wave of bars closes and again at 4 when the last bars close. I would never advocate closing these bars – I remember what woke me up in the middle of the night 10 years ago and it was fights and car alarms. I welcome a more lively neighborhood, but most of these people know to behave better. While noise is part of the city, no one has a right to be loud and obnoxious in the middle of the night. And no one is right to tell me to move if I don’t like being woken up by rude, drunken behaviour.

  • It’s not blown out of proportion. The main board has to listen to the advice of this advisory committee. They can vote against it but it rarely happens. Then the State liquor authority has to at least take into consideration what they voted on. There is a chance that the damage has been done and Union Hall will loose their liquor license.

    If this comes because a fellow bar owner made the motion and then went on to talk the rest of the board into it because of some bitterness held against their other bar… Well that just sucks.

  • 10 years ago, these people were waking up to the sound of gunfire.

    I think they should be thankful.

  • The reviews here pretty much sum it up for me:

    Union Hall is a frat scene, generally filled with monumental assholes, not from the neighborhood. My objection to the place isn’t that it’s loud, but that it is crass.

    I wouldn’t mind another Southpaw in that space, or a club that was all about interesting and truly cool music by indy/local bands. In other words, a place that was an extension of the tastes of this neighborhood.

    But Union Hall isn’t about that. It’s a drink/money machine. I hope it goes.

  • Paging the Waaaaahmbulence for 10:17.

    What are you doing in bed before 2am on the weekends?

  • I will be printing this thread out and taking it to the meeting, myself.

    Looks to me as if TONS more people are in support of the bar than against it.

    If you have any more details on the mentally ill petition signers, please let me know how to contact you…

    I will be writing up a full report. I’m not allowing Union Hall to close.

  • I saw Frog Eyes at Union Hall. I guess they signed to a major label when I wasn’t looking?

  • Oh Noes! a business is making money! it must die!

    thanks for outing yourself as the resident communist, WonTon.

  • 10:21….

    you just shot yourself in the foot.

    no one cares what the clientele is like. that’s not the point at all.

    but you just quoted “the place isn’t that it’s loud”

    and that is the only issue at hand.

    thank you for your support to keep Union Hall in business. I will be printing out that review to take to the meeting as well.


  • I was at the meeting last night and can say that I was shocked by how rude the anti-Union Hall people were. A CB6 member himself commented on how he expected better behavior, saying something like ‘I thought these were educated yuppies, have some class’. For the record, he was also anti-UH.

    Some of the stories did seem heartfelt… but seriously, if I am in danger of getting sick due to lack of sleep, I might wear earplugs or get a white noise machine. I am awakened by construction at 7am every single morning, and I have spent my entire life in this loud city. It’s a part of the deal. I can’t stand this NIMYism (something that one pro-commenter mentioned eloquently last night)

  • 10:17 here. Usually, I drink my self to sleep by 10, mourning my lost youth and dreaming of rottten things in my fridge I can toss at the drunken assholes that will be appearing outside my window in a few hours. My drunken frat days are well behind me.

  • All the wankers who moved to Bklyn from Indiana
    should move back there and open your own Union Hall next to your parents’ home.

    I grew up in PS and haven’t been to Union St in a few years, but it used to be nice.

    Sounds like a Muncie hell-hole for midwest transplants and B&T frat boys.

    Too bad the SBB are no longer around to lead-pipe you to submission.

  • A little birdie told me that this whole thing is a sham and they are holding these meetings to appease the 20 or so anti UH people but they have no intention of denying them their liquor license.

    They are aware that some of the anti people are mentally ill, and I have witnessed some really outlandish behavior from a few of these anti UH people.

    If this moves forward, I plan to sue Jon Crow for harassment. I have a report from the police verifying my claim.

  • There are a countless bars in the NYC metro area and you don’t see them all being shut down because of noise. This is ridiculous. You moved next door to a bar and you expect it to shut down according to your schedule? It’s not like they are having outside concerts. Get a life!

  • Union Hall is a responsible bar that provides so many valuable events for the Park Slope community. It’s clean and looks nice to the street. Getting rid of such a valuable venue would only bring down property values in a scary time. What foolishness…

  • NY is all about transplants/immigrants. I don’t think your argument holds water 10:31. Also what is lost here is that PS’s popularity has been built on the backs of small biz owners in combination with the park. 5th ave was unsafe before the businesses came. The families moved from the park down and the culture from the gowanus up. Here we meet in the middle. As long as this bar is willing to work with the neighbors (which contrary to this lou guy’s feelings mediation actually works) I think it should be there. Responsible business owners should be aloud to thrive next to residential. I believe from what I heard at the meeting that they are responsible and are listening to their neighbors. Mixed-use city planing is what has made this city unique and the business owners as well as the home owners should have the right to exist as long as they are thoughtful of one another.

  • I did coke with Maggie Gylenhall in the bathroom there.

  • To people that are bitching about the noise: you can lay a lot of blame on the smoking ban, which forces bar and club patrons out to go out into the street to smoke.

    Has anyone else noticed that these noise complaints increased dramatically after the smoking ban?

  • If you don’t like nightlife, try Connecticut.

    There probably aren’t enough bars in Park Slope.

  • “such as stopping the sale of alcohol after midnight” um, ok. so what if people drink at home after 12am and walk down union avenue at 3am talking loudly… how’s that any different?

    first off, these local residents do have a right to complain if their quality of life is being affected. but this is all too much.

    secondly, how can the patrons not understand they need to shut the hell up when they’re outside at night? common sense. unfortunately the bar is being targeted when they are doing what they can to try to tone things down. it’s the patrons, not the bar.

  • I made out with Sufjan Stevens there…

  • smoker 10:49??? you are all so obvious in your stupidity and ignorance…at least you won’t be around long to continue inane comments

  • 10:49….I am a smoker and I appreciate the smoking ban, to be honest. I don’t think that’s the point though. As you can see in the picture, Union Hall has a REALLY lovely outdoor area attached to the side of the bar for smoking, specifically so that people are NOT out in front of the bar smoking and being loud.

    This bar has gone to great lengths to appease the surrounding community members, has done nothing but be respectful, have their bouncer tell people to quiet down, post signs, etc.

    It is clear from the meeting and from these posts, that this effort to close UH is from a VERY small group of people. Some of them are so disgusting in their lack of respect for other people, that they’ve already shot themselves in the foot. You should have HEARD them last night. We ended up coming away from the meeting thinking they were even more nuts than we already did.

    I mean…whoever said the comment about the mental illness…YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!

  • I usually get drunk and stoned and walk down Union late at night.

    Should I come to the meeting next week and fess up??

  • Dave, your comment at 10:59 was REALLY uncalled for.

    I mean…seriously man. That was a hateful thing to say.

    Not cool at all.

  • I live on 5th and Carroll and the noise coming from the Lighthouse Bar on weekends often wakes me up. Also, on many occasions I have felt unsafe when walking by 200 Fifth as the people congregating outside are especially raucous and often intimidating. Both of these two establishments have been around a lot longer than Union Hall and do far less to attempt to curb the noise.

    Also, it is a blatant conflict of interest for Lou Sones, who owns the often crowded and loud Brazen Head Bar, to introduce this motion. If this aggression towards Union Hall really is so widespread, there should easily be another committe member interested in introducing the motion.

  • I live on 5th and Carroll and the noise coming from the Lighthouse Bar on weekends often wakes me up. Also, on many occasions I have felt unsafe when walking by 200 Fifth as the people congregating outside are especially raucous and often intimidating. Both of these two establishments have been around a lot longer than Union Hall and do far less to attempt to curb the noise.

    Also, it is a blatant conflict of interest for Lou Sones, who owns the often crowded and loud Brazen Head Bar, to introduce this motion. If this aggression towards Union Hall really is so widespread, there should easily be another committee member interested in introducing the motion.

  • Not when they take that attitude that second hand smoke is their right it isn’t. No apologies.

  • It’s too bad more of you weren’t at the meeting. Blog postings are fine but sometimes if you really care about something you have to leave your home and let your voice be heard. So much much support has been heard on the blogs but there really weren’t that many of us at that meeting. The board is afraid of people who get in their face and bother them. The crazies obviously beat us at this game. If you know any board members in CB6 I suggest you call them and let your voice be heard.

    This borough is being hijacked. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  • Wishing anyone a shortened life is disgusting.

    Sorry, I find your comment crass and hateful.

  • I would be more in favor of UH if the women who frequented it were a little bit sluttier – to much work to get laid there

  • 11:04 is correct. The first order of business is to get Lou Sones out of the picture. it is a conflict of interest along more than one line.

  • Clearly it’s the Stroller Nazi moms who are leading this effort. They dont want bars open past 8pm. That’s because at 8pm they have to tuck their boobs back in their shirts and go home to relieve their nanny’s who are watching their other brats. PS Moms hate when others are having a great time (that causes them to lose sleep)…cuz they wish they were out there enjoying the party.

  • Clearly it’s the Stroller Nazi moms who are leading this effort. They dont want bars open past 8pm. That’s because at 8pm they have to tuck their boobs back in their shirts and go home to relieve their nanny’s who are watching their other brats. PS Moms hate when others are having a great time (that causes them to lose sleep)…cuz they wish they were out there enjoying the party.

  • 11:07…dude….you might want to consider brushing your teeth or perhaps wearing something other than khakis and a faded polo.

    Cause I have zero problem getting laid at Union Hall.

  • All I can say is that if UH closes, the people living on Union Street are going to have to deal with a lot more than noise once I’m done with them.

    You’ll be too busy cleaning up graffiti every morning to worry about how tired you are…

  • 11:07 maybe it’ll be a wake up slap in the face to him/her. It wasn’t my intent but if I get one more to stop smoking by saying it then its well worth it.

    Get back to the topic now….

  • Where am I supposed to get my 3am crotch-fruit martini now?? The bartender at Patio Lounge made one for me one time, and it was way too chunky and full of tears.

  • UH…leave Park Slope and come to Vanderbilt. You wont have to deal with strollers, grumpy community board members who are trying to get rid of their competition (brazen head) or the general douches who inhabit the streets of the Slope.

  • 11:18…I was wondering when it would degenerate into Park Slope bashing in general!!!!

  • I the board should offer UH a new deal: the bar can stay open until midnight only if they offer free valet parking for all the strollers.

  • Um…11:18…I just last night walked down Vanderbilt on my way to dinner in Park Slope.

    I counted 5 strollers in ONE BLOCK on Vanderbilt.

    Love the street and neighborhood, but making up ridiculous lies does no one any good.

  • Totally agree with 11:04. I live on 5th and Park Place, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to abort my mid-day trips out to the baby supply store because of the HOOLIGANS with pink hair. I see ’em in Tea Lounge too, cluttering up the place with their Macbooks and putting their vintage chuck taylors on the tables. This neighbourhood is turning into the new East New York! I once saw a brown person too!

    I can’t live like this!!!

  • I know both owners of Union Hall personally and they’ve gone to great lengths to make nice with the neighbors and keep their patrons in check outside the bar. The owners live in the area themselves and the last thing they want is to piss people off.

    The Union St. complainers are ridiculously overreacting. If they don’t like city life, they should shut up and move to the ‘burbs.

  • Plus, the strollers in PH aren’t as nice as the ones in PS. So they are always losing wheels, swerving and creating TWICE the havoc. Those people need to spend less money on second-tier bars and restaurants and more on providing for their children!

  • 11:22- Lie? Maybe the crotch-fruit (kids) breeders made it up to Vanderbilt last night. I LIVE there…and there are very few strollers late at night. That is what we are talking about- LATE NIGHT. Get your head checked.

  • 11:25, to equate suburban pink haired rich kids with people with brown skin… sad.

  • i have lived in brooklyn my whole life except for 3 years. i grew up here & went to school here. i love union hall. i have been there numerous times. mostly at night. not once have i witnessed anyone outside the bar being loud or unruly. also UH is almost on 5th ave, which is very noisy & has a ton of bars & restaurants. its almost at the end of the block. i dont want to discount anyone’s issues with noise, i’ve had them myself, but this is NEW YORK CITY. this is not the place to live if you are a light sleeper or easily bothered by noise. union is not a strictly residential st as others have pointed out. its very much mixed use. a lot of people need to lighten up whatever issues residents have they should be working with UH to try & solve the problems not trying to shut down & great place like UH which provides a lot more to the neighbhorhood & brooklyn than just drinks.

  • isn’t Brazen Head that scary old man bar on Atlantic? That’s the guy trying to shut down Union Hall? That place is full of frat boys and leery drunk old men, the community board should shut it down instead.

  • ummm…after that post 11:28…sounds like you, my friend are the one who needs your head checked.

    was that even in english?

  • Is one of the complainers that defcon 5 perv guy who stands out by his stoop (between 5/6) in his bathrobe and drools at the children on their way to school?

  • Crotchfruit. Played out.

  • yup, he’d be one of them, 11:30 #2.

  • Since Brazen Head is full of drunken fratboys, it makes sense the dude wants UH shut down. There are only so many drunken fratboys to go around.

  • One of the people who signed the petition has schizophrenia.

  • Holy Hell, 11:32–how that dude isn’t in maximum security lockup is beyond me. Seriously, he’s a central casting child molester!

  • I’m sure more than one has schizophrenia. There’s a lot of that going around in NYC along with neurosis and paranoia.

  • drunken fratboys are no good at sex.

  • Hey, I’m not a perv! I just like wearing bathrobes, ok?!

    How old are you?

  • So far of the 20 signators on the petition:

    1. is a child molester
    2. has schizophrenia

    anyone else have news on the other 18??

  • I blame it all on the strollers, daveinbedstuy.

  • Crotch-fruit. So sweet and juicy!

  • 11:30 and 11:31- you are losers and you smell…like crotchfruit! hahahahahahaha!

  • 11:30 and 11:31- you are losers and you smell…like crotchfruit! hahahahahahaha!

  • I hear one has a near fatal case of backne.

  • they are if you get on top and take charge, 11:37.

    and they LOVE being rimmed…

  • In the echo chamber of your illegal basement apartment, 11:38, that laughter must be more annoying than usual.

  • crotchfruit is a baby.

    not a vag.

    just in case you missed that, 11:38.

  • What’s lost in all this is the fact that Union Street is a commercial street. It says so on the deed to my house. We once had storefronts in many of the buildings between 4th and 5th Avenues and then funeral parlors. If I wanted, I could open up a storefront in my groundfloor. That’s the house we bought and the street we bought in to.

  • Drinking + crotchfruit inevitably leads to more strollers

  • Uncle Louie G’s across the street just started selling Crotchfruit Ices.

  • 11:39, do you think most fratboys are gay?

  • dave, you might want to stick with men since you don’t really seem to “get it”

  • Oops..i gues I should have looked that up to..but you get my point.

  • 11:39, do you think most fratboys are gay?

  • Who says frat boys aren’t any good at sex? Miller Lite-filled vomit TOTALLY makes the best lube when he’s trying to push rope up my butt in the UH bathroom!

  • 11:42….As a gay man and as a former fratboy, I can tell you from firsthand experience that yes…many fratboys are closeted gays.

    But they have such darn nice bubble butts…

  • I once did HGH with Peter Saarsgaard waiting for the bus outside.

  • WOW…and people say that I’m crass. I’m not commenting on those two 11:42 least not yet!!!!

    It does however vindicate my comments yesterday somewhere towards the guy who liked Miller!!!

  • so Union Hall is a gay bar. Yea!!! I was getting tired of boring ol’ Excelsior…

  • 11:44….Welcome back jerri…please sign in

  • Just when I thought this blog was getting productive. I know it’s fun to post comedic antidotes but please don’t weigh down the serious points here just to make yourself laugh. The board needs to hear from you one way or another and you are kidding yourself if you don’t think they’re reading this blog.

  • I live in Park Slope and I work at Union Hall and I am very upset about this. To be honest, my first visit to Union Hall was when I fell in love with this neighborhood and decided to move here in the first place and now I feel like my own community has turned against me.

    I live next to a school, a church, a hospital, and the subway and my home is inundated at all hours of the day and night with all sorts of noise – from sirens to honking horns to cheerleading practice to bagpipes for funeral processions, and I’m fine with that. This is a thriving city and the people and the noise and the constant buzz here is all part of what I think makes Brooklyn so alive and beautiful to begin with.

    I’m just going to stop there because this is a very emotional issue for me. Park Slope, I love you and support you – I live here, I work here, I do all of my shopping here – please don’t turn against your neighbor.

  • I LOVE gay fratdaddies! Yum! And bubble butts…DELISH! We should have a circuit party at Union Hall! Glowsticks included…

  • Union Hall is not a gay bar. I wish.

    But some of the guys there are definitely bi curious.

  • 11:48- Good. Then read this: DONT CLOSE DOWN THE NEWEST GAY BAR…and more importantly, Community Board members with conflicts of interest should be OUTTED!!

  • who’s “they” 11:48??

    no one takes anonymous comments on a blog seriously.

    NO ONE.

  • I doubt that child molester guy is reading this blog, 11:48. He prefers different “websites.”

  • What’s the big deal? I been there, and the place is garbage. So is the clientele. No big loss.

  • I figured it was common sense, but I’m just going to throw this out there: I’ve got a fan I turn on at night for white noise. It blocks out drunk people who often sit on my stoop right under my window (gasp – wait, I don’t live on Union Street and I get drunks on my stoop too! Maybe we should ban the sale of alcohol everywhere altogether!) and it even blocks out the noise of sirens. You can get a plain one for about $10 or you can get a really fancy looking one for around $30.

  • 11:48 is right….but does something like this really get that far?? And aren’t the steps that the State Liquor Board takes quite a bit more measured….I really don’t think that what apparently amounted to a handful of so complainers…even if they were coached by Lou Sones and he was the ringleader…will gain that much traction. Pulling a liquor license is a serious thing and doesn’t happen lightly.

    That said I’d love to find out when the next meeting is

  • One word – EAR PLUGS…. and triple pane window for that matter ..

    I lived on St Mark St for years which happens to have resturants and bars lining the street… and I even lived on the 1st floor – ya its loud but that is what makes PS, NYC what it is .. If you want complete peace and quite… move to the burbs my friends.

    UnionHall is one of the nicest places to go… They do the best that they can to make the patronts stay quite but at the end of the day they cant control them… I have seen family hanging out during the day, friends having fun…. What a shame to see this go away because of cranky people…

  • these are not fratdaddies, 11:49.

    these are guys in their 20’s i’m referring to…

  • Ok fine, here’s a serious comment then, 11:48.

    The board is a bunch of geriatric assholes who should move out of the CITY if they can’t sleep because of a bar at the end of their street. It’s clear that this is just retaliation against UH for not being crotch-fruit & stroller-friendly enough. There are many other people in PS besides merely those who have sqeezed out a screaming sh1t factory, and we’d like to enjoy living in PS, too.

    I hope that was productive. Do you think they’ll read it and change their minds?

  • 11:48- you probably meant anecdotes not antidotes. but whatever. Is peter saarsgaard gay? he has a lot of a’s in his name?

  • I’m confused. Is there now an antidote for comedy? That would be so weird!

  • This site is poisonous.

    I need a comedic antidote.

  • This site is poisonous.

    I need a comedic antidote.

  • To 11:53:

    One word: Learn to fookin’ count. “Ear Plugs” is, um, 2 words.

    Yeah, I heard Peter Saarsgaard is totally a bum boy. Didn’t you see him in Kinsey? That warn’t actin’…

  • I drive a Saab and I’m gay, so Saarsgard is probably gay, too. But maybe even gayer than me.

  • Union Hall has been nothing but a benefit to Park Slope. It is one of the best run establishments I’ve visited in my many years in the city. They responsibly check IDs and constantly make sure no one loiters out front. UH houses charity events, gatherings, a large variety of music and entertainment acts and is home to the popular bocce league which is a whole community unto itself. I live two blocks away, pass by often and have never observed unruly behavior. Most of the time, you wouldn’t even know it was a bar. It’s around the corner from a major commercial strip and on a street, as others have pointed out, that has a number of business on it. I hear people yelling or passing by drunk or hanging out on a stoop on my block late some evenings and it’s a purely residential block. It’s the city and it happens. The fact that there is even a discussion about closing UH down strikes me as very surprising and a bit sad. It has quickly become a community hub for many, as testified to in the number of supportive postings. It would be a shame for a small handful of people to close down such a positive asset to the neighborhood.




  • I heard P.Saaaaarsgaaaard was gay too. But isnt he still with Muppet Gylenhaaaaaaal? Dont they live in Park Slope? They have a kid too. Do they go to Union Hall? Things really seems to be coming full circle here….

  • The video post above would indicate that this is not going to get much traction!!

  • Watch the video. Lou says Union is not a commercial strip which is a flat out LIE!!!

  • ok. i just watched the video.

    no way in hell this place will be shut down.

    that crowd of anti’s look like they were all missing a few chromosomes.

  • jane jacobs is rolling in her grave…this is what a city is…mixed use…next up for these union st nazis will be the “noisy” buses…if they want peace and quiet they should not be living in a city

  • Bars typically have to start breaking laws to get their license revoked. Now if theis a-hole Lou has any pull with the cops then all they need to do is catch an underage frat boy in there looking for some sausage action and then there are problems.

    I’m sure the owner is fully aware of this and will step up his ID monitoring

  • i plan to do everything in my power to put lou out of business.

  • Wasn’t the Brazen Head overcrowded the other night??????!!!!!!!

  • Sausage Action over on 7th Avenue is a great place for a post-UH snack to soak up the beer! I recommend the footlong with sauerkraut and their sweet relish. Delish!

  • 12:10- me too! We should inflate that giant rat and put it up on atlantic near his loud-as-hell joint.

  • Was Lou Sone a fratboy? If so, maybe that’s why he needs to close down the sausage factory. Its making him NUTS that he is past his prime.

  • It kills me when someone that takes up residence in Park Slope, Brooklyn (or any busy place in New York) decides to complain about commercial and economic growth. Its no secret that there’s 50 new restaurants and condos going up each year – and its not going to get better as Manhattan gets pricier.

    For real peace and tranquility move up to the Catskills, or better yet Canada.


  • where is sausage action on 7th?

  • 12:19…ask on craigslist under Men Seeking Men

  • 10:49 here.

    i’m not a smoker. i’m just not a fan of the “quality of life campaigns” in general, as they are sucking th life out of everything.

    btw: i’m I native new yorker.

  • So wait, let me get this straight – the person heading up the opposition against Union Hall isn’t a resident of Union Street, but rather a bar owner on Atlantic Street which happens to be in direct competition with the other bar owned by the people who run Union Hall?

    O RLY! Interesting . . .

  • Daveinbedstuy and the rest of you idiots blaming “stroller moms” and “stroller nazis”– um, do you see mostly “moms” in the photo of the meeting??? And, duh, did you not read the part that said the effort is being headed up by Lou Sones–who is decidedly NOT a mom??

    You need therapy.

  • yes, you just summed it up, 12:27.

    well that and that two of the 20 people who have signed the petition against Union Hall are mentally ill and/or child molesters.

  • yeah, actually those people clapping in the background in support of lou look like the single for life, 10 cat owning types.

    definitely NOT moms.

    they way one or two of them were clapping, i think they should have been extras on the tv hit, life goes on…

  • Get with it 12:29…you’re a few months behind the isssues….the stroller mom blame is a joke…but a few months ago UH banned stroller moms (and rightly so i think)and it was a big issue then. besides do you really believe they should be in bars??

    If you can’t keep up with the developments on then don’t log in willy nilly and start spouting directives and calling names.

    name calling is the right of those dedicated to the preservation of this site and brownstones in general.

  • Can we PLEASE have a separate comments section for renters and another real one for owners.

    This is getting ridiculous…!

  • Union Hall has become a neighborhood fixture. It’s exactly what Park Slope needed and the neighborhood would suffer in it’s absence. For those that are complaining about noise- YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY!! I think there’s a nice street in Montclair calling your name. Enjoy the commute.

  • 12:37: excellent flamebait.

  • let’s veer off topic like 12:37 and 12:40 suggest….but no name calling or 12:29 will get angry

  • “Lou Sones, who himself owns a bar, The Brazen Head on Atlantic Avenue—described it as the community board’s “nuclear weapon” in terms of being a powerful indication to the State Liquor Authority that Union Hall is disturbing the lives of nearby residents.”

    looks like Lou is trying to tamp out the competition. he should be removed from the community board for this.

  • 12:29- Go back to burbing your baby. Ever hear the saying “behind every man there is a stroller wielding nazi”! ha. in your facia!

  • 12:37- Are you a nazi? that’s like saying we should have one section for jews and gays and one for white corporate bankers.

  • never heard that phrase, 12:43.

    wow…it sure is a good one, though!!!


    (people who use the word nazi like that are disgusting, worthless human beings)

  • I live at Union and 5th Avenue, one block away from said Union Hall.

    I can vouch for the noise levels… at 3 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. At no other times during the week is noise an issue any more than the wonderful people who insist on honking their horns and blasting their radios for passers-by at that same early hour. And yes, there are plenty of those, perhaps even more often than revelers leaving the bar.

    And in my experience, there are louder folks coming more reliably from the direction of 200 Fifth on Fifth Avenue.

    I understand why there is concern over this issue. Having increased levels of noise where there was previously none can be disorienting and disheartening, but the bottom line is that the entire 5th Avenue area in the northern Slope is developing some semblance of a social scene. And I, for one, have no problem with that.

    Park Slope is not suddenly going to become the East Village. I can all but guarantee that there is no risk for that. But bars and restaurants will come along that attract attention, and it’s a boon to the neighborhood to have one as well-respected and as heavily trafficked as Union Hall.

    I’m all for having a quiet street, too, but one bar is not the single cause.

  • I say a separate section for gays is the best idea I’ve heard ALL day!!!

  • it’s unbelievable. this is one of the most neighborhoody places i’ve ever been to. families feel comfortable and so do young crazy hipsters or whatever they call them these days.

    this is new york city. it’s loud. if you dont like it, you should live somewhere else. don’t turn one of the most interesting places on earth into a sleepy suburban town. and let me drink my beer.

  • Yeah, a separate section for renters would be a great idea!

    In fact, maybe we could ship them all out to Bushwick in cattle cars so those of us fighting the good fight (owning property, growing crotch-fruit, spending our husbands’ Wall Street money) can have some peace and quiet when we’re getting ready for bed at 8:30pm, sedating our kids, unwinding to “Touched By an Angel” re-runs on the WE network.

  • 12;47…That’s fine but Mr. B is going to have to filter out all the frat boys who will be secretly logged in….as well as all the straight men who get drunk at UH and can’t get what they think is their first choice

  • you need to see someone, 12:48 #2

    seriously lady.

    you’re in trouble.

  • classic 12:48 but some of us owners are single and stay out too late and make too much noise.

  • i don’t think your lover in philadelphia would be happy to hear you calling yourself single, dave…

  • The drunk lesbians leaving Cattyshack are MUCH louder than the closeted fratboys at Union Hall.

  • Dear 9:12 AM —
    If you think serving alcohol should be banned city-wide after midnight, maybe you should consider moving to the ‘burbs.

    This has been advertised for decades as ‘the city that never sleeps’ and many people moved here for just that reason.

  • I’d boycott Brazen Head… but I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of GOING in that fratty shitpile.

  • 12:59- True! I lived on Carroll Street (the most awful people IN THE WORLD live there. Dont get me started!)…and between the Cattyschack BBQs and the construction noise I would have traded my left nut for a quiet place on Union Street!

  • out of sight, out of mind unfortunately

  • Fratboys have nice firm NUTS!

  • 9:52 – EXCELLENT point!

    200 5th has got to be by far the loudest, most obnoxious bar in the neighborhood in terms of people making noise outside.

    Not only are they LOUD but the patrons seem to have a special proclivity for launching into verbal battles and actual fistfights on the sidewalk to the point that I don’t walk down that side of the street after dark. Period.

    I’ve never seen or heard anything approaching this level of noise and public disruption in front of Union Hall. They have bouncers up front to actively discourage this kind of behavior and even the managers make regular stops by the front door to ensure that the peace is being kept.

  • jerri, is that you!

  • “Community board members will violate Chapter 68 if they simultaneously have an interest in a licensed liquor facility and chair a community board committee responsible for considering liquor license applications. Community board members will not violate Chapter 68 if they have an interest in a licensed liquor facility and vote on matters involving liquor license applications of others, but, consistent with Charter Section 2604(b)(1)(b), they may not vote on their own license applications or those of persons with whom they are associated.”

    Sorry Lou!

  • No worries, Dave. I’m workin’ him for you!

  • Mmmmm, I went to Al Di La last night and had a crotch-fruit sorbet and warm nuts for dessert. SOOOOO good.

  • I was at the meeting. Not noted here yet was the NYPD representative’s report near the beginning of the public hearing. Of the 33 noise complaints to 311 (I think that was since Jan 1st, but I could be wrong), the majority of them were made between 11pm and 1am. Only 7 of the 33 were made after 2am. So stopping sale of alcohol at UH at midnight will not satisfy these people who are calling in to complain. And how many people made these 33 complaints? A grand total of 5 people with one person making the majority.

    UH “sign a contract” with conditions? These complainers will never be satisfied until UH is closed and they can smugly declare themselves the winners.

    One women complained she shouldn’t have to close her own window to keep out noise. I used to live on Clinton Street between Union and Sackett for numerous years. Completely residential block. No bar anywhere near. In fact back then, the nearest bar (not social club) anywhere near was the Brooklyn Inn, many blocks away. Well, my bedroom was on the street and in the summer I had to keep my window closed and put in a cheap a/c to use its white noise to keep the sounds of loud pedestrians from bothering my sleep.

    This is the CITY! It’s noisy! Always has been, always will be.

    As for people posting here that this committee’s vote last night doesn’t mean much? Sorry, it means everything. The full CB will support their vote against UH and these days the SLA rules along the lines of the CBs. UH could be in big trouble.

  • I brought home the hottest guy from Union Hall last night and licked and fingered that butt all night long!!!!!


  • actually 1:08 since he’s not the the chair of a community board committee he, unfortunately, has the right to vote if you read that correctly!!!!!!!!

    does he chair this committee??????? Mr. B’s post said only that he was a member

  • 1:06: Completely agree. One time I walked down that side of the street, and a plebian brushed up against my Gucci handbag. I tried to sanitize the spot where his juices touched my bag, but it was unsuccessful. I had no choice but to burn it.

    That was the same night when I saw a brown person in our idyllic, supposedly “safe” neighborhood. As you might imagine, I needed an extra therapy session that week.

  • Sorry I’m late. Did I miss anything?

  • 1:11…did you see the post at 1:08?

    looks like LOU IS BUSTED.

    he isn’t able to even bring the motion to the table according to the rules.

  • Dear 12:37pm – I used to be a homeowner but I lost my house to the recession. And I hope you do too!

  • Dear 1:15 – You should have been smarter and not bought a million dollar home on your 60K a year salary.

    Don’t worry. I wasn’t so stupid.

  • You’re right he’s not the chair. So it’s perfectly acceptable for him to be on the committee, make the motion against the bar. The chair doesn’t even make motions and is only presiding over it. Total backwards rule if you ask me.

  • Dear 1:15, you should probably drown your sorrows with a drink at UNION HALL!!

  • yes Biff…a lot….it’s been very off topic and very entertaining..although not as antagonistic towards each other as a renters vs. owners discussion…but a few rotten apples have tried to push it in that direction..unfortunately with little success

    generally the posters need to learn that crotchfruit is a child not a “v” as I had to learn very early in the thread!!! If you dissect the word it’s not hard to understand

    but there’s been an inordinate amount of attention paid to frat boy genitalia today

  • mmm…fratboy butt….

  • Dear 1:17 you’re a classist scum. How do you know they didn’t loose their job. You definitely sound like one of these Union St. Assholes.

  • Wow, good to know there is also an apparent class war brought on by the property owners of PS.

  • Dave:

    Haven’t you ever been to the Grand Army Plaza farmers market? They have fresh crotch fruit for sale every May-June! They go great in salads! I’ve even infused a bottle of rum with crotch fruit to make crotch-fruit mojitos.

  • Thanks Dave. I think there’s a rule that we’re completely free to be off topic after 200 posts on a thread, right?

    Although after a long lunch I don’t have time to read all the posts, I did notice a reference to the Excelsior above. Jerri is such a tease!

  • 1:25…Yuck!

    i go for the sheese section if you know what i mean!!!!!

  • I was at the meeting last night, too. And something that really depressed me was that the committee seemed to ignore all the great things Union Hall has done for the community. It’s not just the desperately needed infusion of culture–music, comedy, science nights–that Union Hall gives this neighborhood. They also host all kinds of benefits and fundraisers. One supporter said his group, Neighbors Helping Neighbors (, had raised $60,000 in one night with Union Hall’s help. I hope when the full board votes on this next week they’ll take all this into account. Mediation is the way to go here.

  • Did anybody who was present at the CB6 meeting get the names and addresses of these 5 complainers who are trying to ruin it for everybody with this NIMBY crap? We need to get pictures of them up on every corner so they’ll get tarred & feathered if they try to show their faces around PS. Seriously, I guarantee you if these people didn’t get to hide behind the anonymity of 311, they’d shut up reeeeaaaall quick.

  • 1:25 #2, instead of lime, I often put a wedge of crotch fruit in my Jack and Coke. You’ve tried Jack and Coke before, right?

  • Biff…read the “Bed Bugs” post in todays Forum

  • I’ve only done Coke twice in my life…never did anything for me. I like how it feels on my gums though

  • Crotchfruit granitas are the ONLY way to enjoy crotchfruit.

  • Maybe it’s time to relentlessly call 311 about the Brazen Head?

    Noise complaints, smoking complaints, you name it.

    I was a bit ambivalent about the whole Union Hall thing, but there is nothing more fun than making the lives of old fogies hell!

    Let’s declare war!

  • Dave, I’m scared to leave here. I might miss a scrumptious “guest” comment pertaining to Philly, the Excelsior and/or frat boys!

    But I feel bad. We’re getting off topic while some faded type posters are still making valid points. As such, I’ll get back to the topic at hand.

    1:30 said, “I hope when the full board votes on this next week they’ll take all this into account.”

    I agree

  • Jack, Beer, hard boiled egg. If there’s extra money next week maybe a Beef Jerky BBQ using a cigarette lighter!!!!

  • not to worry Biff, I don’t think the frat boy comments exceed the McKinsian average of about 10%

    Lots of crotchfruit recipes though.. I think i could shut this whole thread down with a few recipes of my own though!!!!

  • Jack, beer, hard boiled egg and cigarette lighter. If this was Let’s Make a Deal, you would have won $50 smackeroos from Monty Hall. What ever happened to Carol Merrill?

    Hey, Polemicist is here. 300 posts, here we come!

  • crotchfruit tea… in a bag.

  • CrotchFruit Leather!

  • I was wondering when someone was going to get to tea bag (ging)!!!!!!!! It was only a matter of time

  • 1:49 crotchfruit tea leaves something to be desired. Get it, “leaves”. Never mind…

  • two of the top anti-Union Hall people are pictured first in this article:

  • The Long Island Iced CrotchFruit Teas as Excelsior… baggalicious!

  • I think Carol sued him for sexual harrassment…lost and then got booted off the show. She had sonme real bad work done on her face too if i remember. Remember, always spay or neuter your pet.

  • EVERYONE>>>>> Here they are, the ones whose faces you wanted. Thanks 1:53

    Think they lead happy lives?????

  • Jerri is the biggest Long Island CrotchFruit Tease of all. But I still miss him…sigh…

  • Dave, I think you’re confusing Carol with Holly Hallstrom, one of the original “Barker’s Beauties,” who was suing the silver fox for harassment. I’m still impressed that he bagged Dian Parkinson at his age. Speaking of spaying and neutering, perhaps someone should do that to the folks at They can’t be allowed to reproduce!

  • The What is back on the “Open House picks” I don’t think he’ll be on here though since he has no clue about NY nighlife or nightlife in general

    Biff …..I may be wrong, but to me, Old Man Crow doesn’t look like a breeder, if you know what I mean….I won’t take the lead on calling him real nast names though. I’ve been told that it is cruel

  • ***
    Easily the most livid neighbor of Union Hall to speak was Roberta Lehrner, who painted a picture of her block coming full circle from the “prostitutes and gypsies” she helped clean off the street to current female patrons of the bar that she could hear outside her window yelling, “F-me! F-me!”

  • From the Gothamist the very end…

    “But both the CB6 and the complaining neighbors consistently acknowledged that the vote was only a minor victory since the general expectation is that the SLA will still renew the license as residents have little history of success when it comes to shutting establishments down.”

    Can we now get back to name calling and crotch fruit recipes.

    Oh…and did you read the part about what that horrible old woman keeps hearing being screamed by female patrons….”F–k me, f–k me” Voices in her head here maybe!!!!???? Transference???

  • Roberta Lehrner = old crotchfruit

  • Old Man Crow is a fratboy! If you know what I mean~!

  • please someone find this roberta woman and put her out of her misery.

    where are the freakin mob when you need them!!!

  • “prostitutes and gypsies”? Wasn’t that a follow-up to Cher’s “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”? Oops, the Cher reference is bound to bring out the fratboys…

  • 2:14…thats what I was alluding to in my 2:07 post…and a real mean b1tchy one at that!!!!!

    I agree with 2:15…if the mob were around this place would have protection and those two would be at the bottom of the Gowanus or in the concrete of the new ball park!!!!!!

  • roberta is everything that’s wrong with new york.

    she belongs in lodi, nj.

  • Biff…Even I didn’t think of that connection to Cher

  • Yeah, its called Chelsea 2:21

  • Wait a minute, there’s wimmen that need “effed” at that bar? I’m movin’ me to Park Slope!!

  • 2:21#2, I would prefer more Sheryl Crows, personally. Hell, I would even take more Counting Crows, Black Crowes or Holy Crows. Speaking of Holy, when I have too many Jack and Diet Cokes, I often think I’m seeing Rip Taylor holding up a plastic perforated fish screaming “Holy Mackeral”! Is that strange?

  • You haven’t TASTED CrotchFruit until you’ve experienced the “CrotchFruit Caviar” at Il Bulli.

  • Nothing involving Rip Taylor is remotely strange.

    As for crows… does Cro Magnon Man count?

  • Biff , if you are fantasizing about Rip Taylor then there demons you need to confront before you have another drink

  • 2:27, not to be offensive, but you sound like you’re in the middle of recording an Amos and Andy voice over.

    2:31, everything you say counts to me 😉

  • Dave, I hear you. The other night I had a dream I was playing strip croquet with Rip Taylor, Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reilly.

  • Eddie Arnold died yesterday

  • Dave, that was Eddy Arnold, the Country Music dude. Who gives a crap about that? You sure you aren’t mistaking him for the Green Acres guy Eddie Albert? He died in 2005 at 99 years old, God bless the old fart (can an agnostic say that?)

  • 1:17 – John Fitzgerald Page, I had no idea you had moved to Park Slope!

  • no it was Eddie Arnold, the country western singer. Besides, whats better to listen to while drinking Jack?? My favorite country western song is “Don’t come home from drinkin with lovin on your mind” A true classic.

    And 2:27 sounded more like a country western hick to me!!!

  • 2:40#2 (okay and 2:40#1 also), that was brilliant. In what area of Park Slope was this shot taken?!/john-fitzgerald-page-named-least-influential-322593.php

  • Dave, I prefer “Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed” or “Mama Get The Hammer (There’s A Fly On Papa’s Head)”

  • what a loser…no matching cumerbund!!!

  • hey dave and biff… why dont you just call it a day and IM each other?

    Waiter! Another Gin and CrotchFruit Juice!

  • daveinbedstuy:

    that is some funny shyt!

    Seriously, Roberta Lerhner is just a disgusting, old and busted wench. I can’t believe she shows her face in public.

    Maybe we should all chip in and sign her up for a vibrator of the week gift plan? Maybe that will loosen her up a bit?

  • All frat boys secretly dreamed about Charles Nelson Reilly back when they were wee crotchfruit…

  • Where did all the fratboys go????

  • 2:52#2, because here at the Death Star, they frown upon such activities, unlike Dave’s hedge fund, which apparently allows one to view all the porn one’s heart desires. Now why don’t you shut up and email me already?

    Polemicist, Roberta isn’t even attractive enough to be considered a Slumpbuster!

  • I was always a Gene Rayburn man myself…

  • 2:52 crotch fruit refers to children as much as you’d like it to mean something you probably haven’t tasted in quite a long time

  • more fratboys and their pert, sexy, butts!

  • Richard Fucking Dawson.

  • Biff Campion, I don’t know, but I bet I could tell you where this one was taken:

  • 2:54, ask Paula Cole. My other favorite voice after Rip, Charles and Paul was the voice of the Aardvark in the Pink Panther cartoons. As in, “when I order a pizza with ants, I expect more than one ant!” I thought that was Jackie Mason until my friend just pointed out John Byner did the Aardvark (and you thought they were just friends).

  • 2:56#2, didn’t you think Gene’s microphone was too long and skinny? It always looked funny in his hands.

  • 2:59, actually I don’t recognize the man, the street or the robe, but that’s a pretty priceless picture. I think mauve is his color!

  • Peter Marshall!!!! HOT Especially with Paul Lynde in the center square!!!!

  • I thought Rayburn handled the needley mic quite nimbly…

  • is that that mafia guy who pretended to be crazy???

  • Should we just move this whole conversation to the bocce court at Union Hall? That should leave us mighty drunk by closing time!

  • Biff – see 11:30am #2

  • Of course you know that Peter Marshall’s real name was…

    Peter LaCock!

    I am NOT making this up. His son (Pete LaCock) played pro baseball back in the 70’s and 80’s…

  • I wish I could…we could then go to the Brazen head and throw up inside the bar…but I’m off to Philly in about 30 mins

  • 3:09#1 thanks. Yeesh, that’s damn creepy, even by my standards!!

    3:06#2, Union Hall and bocce? I’m so there. Can you convince Jerr to join us?

  • 3:09 #2, what if Peter LaCock’s daughter married David Zucker and hyphenated her last name?

  • How much do you think Roberta pays in rent? 300? 500 a month?

    Because there’s NO WAY owners would be trying to close this place down. They are smart enough to know that a place like Union Hall boosts property values, bigtime.

    Another reason why:


  • JFP rears his ugly classist head again . . .

  • Not sure if its already been mentioned, but Union Hall has a successful sister bar on Atlantic Avenue called Floyd, which is about a block away from Lou Sones’ Brazen Head. Not that they necessarily share the same crowds, but I’d say it looks like there’s some conflict of interest in his vote.

  • yeah, we know 3:54.


  • I’ve known the owners of Union Hall and Floyd for several years; they are fantastic guys who would do almost anything to appease their neighbors while maintaining their business. I’ve played in the bocce leagues at both bars. Admittedly, I am usually at these places during the days on weekends. But it would be a crying shame to see Union Hall close down or be drastically altered in any way; I work in Park Slope as a teacher (though I live in Crown Heights) and Union Hall is often the center of our post-work and weekend world, whether we’re going to play bocce, watch a student band, or hear great comedy/Nobel Laureates. UH is a cultural blessing, not a blight. (And no, I’m not a frat boy. Neither are my bocce teammates or my colleagues, with whom I spend most of my time there. So be careful of overgeneralizations.)

  • Okay, people–let’s get this to 300 then I’m buyin’ the Absinthe and Cream Sodas at UNION HALL!

  • Can I get a 3 hund?

  • You know…I love Park Slope, but if I could change one thing about it I would get rid of the pitiful busy-body wacko faction(s)who wage crusades like this.

    Union Hall is a good bar and a great part of the neighborhood. If you are one of the nit-wits who want to shut it down you should get a new hobby… and probably a life while you’re at it!

  • Can we talk…???

    So far on this thread, it has been stated that Park Slope is filled with:

    1. fratboys
    2. gays (see #1)
    3. stroller moms
    4. stroller dads
    5. hipsters
    6. conservatives
    7. liberals
    8. crotchfruit
    9. “brown” people
    10. pitiful busy-body wackos
    11. child molesters
    12. shizophrenics
    13. the mob
    14. slutty girls who say “f” me
    15. crazies with 10 cats

    Am I missing any…??

    That sounds like a pretty diverse (and slightly crazy) neighborhood to me, so can we quit it already with saying it’s nothing but breast feeding milfs!!???

  • don’t forget the dilfs!

  • Park Slope is already super quiet compared to Manhattan. If you want it more quiet than that, MOVE TO THE SUBURBS!!!!!

  • I am a regular at Union Hall and I live right around the corner from it. I started going right when they opened a couple of years ago cause I like to play bocce and I loved Union Hall’s atmosphere. Now, I meet people around the neighborhood all the time that I’ve played bocce with and I feel like I’m a part of a nice little community where “everybody knows my name”!
    Union Hall is the community center for the young adults and young-at-heart adults of Park Slope and it would be a great shame to lose them.

    Call the community board 6 and save our little watering hole!

  • I wrote the community board…and you get an email back acknowledging receipt..ALL OF YOU SHOULD DO IT

  • As a fan of a good drink in a great place, a music fan(indie or otherwise), record label shlub, and (GASP) a PS stroller mom!… I LOVE UNION HALL.

    When I leave UH at night, I am always so surprised by how quiet it is outside the doors. Granted, I don’t live on the block. (However, I get those mobile stereo cars that make my hole apartment tremble constantly… It’s called living in the city). UH makes every effort to control the noise.

    Incidentally, while I abhor the stroller mom comments by those who obviously don’t have kids, let’s make on thing clear; No one is bringing their kid in there during evening crowd time. Put a bike rack out front for strollers during the early hours. This way UH gets to be a part of the community for another (very vocal) portion of the community. Oh, and very much legal and does not conflict with their liquor licenses (I checked the law when I was pregnant)!

    The community board should get with NYPD to talk about issuing tickets to loud patrons at night. I bet whatever perceived noises there are would decrease. There’s a solution here, but it can’t get there if there is no give AND take.

    Long live UH, and long live me and my stroller lovin’ kid!

  • They don’t just belong in the suburbs, they belong in a subdivision.

    These are the types who in another era would have moved into some Jersey gated community and formed a board comprised of a small handful of people who impose rules and regulations on everyone.

    This is New York City, not Shady Oaks of Lodi, NJ.

  • We live on 7th Ave above Tarzian, and we get a consistent stream of drunk, disorderly, teenage, late-night trucks, EVERYTHING waking us up on a regular basis. and there’s hardly a lot of bars around to blame–it’s an avenue in a major metropolitan area, it’s to be expected!!!

    Union Hall should work w/ NYPD to hand out a few tickets for a couple of weeks, and everyone will be reminded to stay inside, move on, or smoke in the garden.

    It’s hardly fair for the owner of a COMPETING BAR to help rescind their liquor license! Hopefully the due process will prevail–let’s not be so uptight–people in this neighborhood try to control too much.

    from melanie, a stroller mom who LOVES union hall.

  • Union Hall should just move across the park to Prospect Lefferts Gardens where I live. They would be more appreciated over here.

  • except in plg, no one would go and those who did would be robbed outside the bar.

  • 5:00, I’m a comin’ to rob you in Park Slope!

  • This is bullshit leave the damn bar open. Instead what should we do go home and post to blogs?

    Dammit is there nothing any one can do anymore.
    leave the g damn bar with music open!!!

    Get ear plugs.

    This is insane.

  • I live less than a block away from UH and was thrilled when the place was being built. We don’t have enough fun bars and clubs in the area at all. Unfortunately UH did not turn out to be a place for me, just not my scene, yet I am glad that the place is popular and is bringing some needed city vibrancy to the neighborhood. I often walk by the bar at 3-something in the morning on my way home after being out elsewhere and I it feels good (and safe) to walk among fellow revelers, instead of dashing down a creepy and deserted street. Sounds of nightlife are a part of our city’s life and they should remain forever.

  • Hey All – I just voiced my opinion to CB6’s Landmark Committee (the one mentioned above) and did so right on their site, here:

    I encourage everyone to do the same. God knows we do not need any more NIMBY-ists in Park Slope dictating terms for the rest of us.


  • “except in plg, no one would go and those who did would be robbed outside the bar.”

    So here’s the typical logic of a Sloper – everyone in any “fringe neighborhood” is poor. Every one of them. And yet the muggers will stay there to rob people and not go 10 minutes across the park to Park Slope where everyone is rich and where the muggers won’t be recognized because they don’t live there.

    Makes sense! Not really.

  • i have lived in the slope for years, and while not on a busy street, not on the quietest one either. i live 2 bloacks away from union hall and regularly pass by at these so-called loud hours. ummmm, i’ve never heard shouting or any out-of-the-ordinary city noise. and that’s just what this is…a bunch of people who really just need to leave the city. if they were so concerned with noise why did they move to one of the most heavily-trafficed avenues in the area. i mean, come on already. the slope can’t be all about mommies, babies, etc. yes, quality of life is important, but so is having places that can be all things to everyone…music, bar, coffee/brunch, comedy, baci. this place has something for everyone and if it closed would be a huge insult to the community. um, the community not going to bed at 9pm and pushing out babies, that is.

  • This is a really tricky issue and i’m afraid there is no clear cut solution to it. I can see very convincing points on either side, so I’m going to limit my comment here to address what I feel is an unfair misrepresentation.

    I am a native to Brooklyn, and have lived in this community for many years now. I know both Lou Sones and the owners of Floyd/Union Hall personally, and very truly like both parties as people and business owners. While I am not choosing sides in the struggle itself, I think it is ignorant and unfair to make this into an attack on Lou personally. While it may seem clear on the surface to simply say that it is a conflict of interest for him to be taking this position, I am convinced that it is not. First of all, Floyd and The Brazen Head are in no way competitors — anyone living in that part of the neighborhood can tell you that. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that O’Keefe’s on Court St. caters to the same law-heavy clientele that Brazen Head does. There truly is little to no overlap with Floyd. That being said, bar owners generally want there to be other successful bars around them – it generates more business for all. Just the fact that there is such a vitriolic backlash against him speaking his opinion, and voicing the opinions of the community, shows how wrongheaded everyone has gotten. In fact, I would be inclined to trust a bar owner MORE in this instance, as it takes more courage knowing that he is leaving his own business up to scrutiny.

    I’ve just reread that and realized that it probably seems like I am standing behind Lou and am in support of shutting down Union Hall. This is not true at all. But I think we all need to be careful about where we hang our misguided ire.

  • They voted to APPROVE Union Hall getting their liquor license approved :)

    This is why people should come out and participate in their community- the members of the board came out to make sure they voted to SUPPORT Union Hall. :) :) :)