New South Slope Condo: 317 16th Street

Given the amount of buyer interest there was in Parc Maison, a Windsor Terrace condo which sold surprisingly well this fall, we’re intrigued about the prospects for a nearby South Slope development on 16th Street. Seventeen units at 317 16th Street just went on sale via Brown Harris Stevens, and prices are a bit steeper than at Parc Maison: The cheapest, a 944-square-foot 2-bedroom, is asking $645,000 (common charges $258), while the most expensive, a 1,517-square-foot 2-bedroom duplex, is priced at $940,000 (common charges $378). The listings tout the gourmet kitchens, outdoor terrace/balcony space, a common roof deck and on-site parking. We spied folks streaming in and out of the open house this past weekend—anyone have a report?
317 16th Street [Street Easy] GMAP
317 16th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]

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  • i am going to buy all of them to flip

    should be a sure fire way to riches

    the who

  • impossible.

    people said yesterday all open houses in the world were dead.

  • Nice looking kitchens, but where is the cabinet space?

  • Good thing Union Market opened. Else they wouldn’t sell.

  • that union market is so freakin nice down there. these are priced right. they’ll sell fine.

  • Add these to all the other condos in the south slope.

  • Brownstoner not sure what the deal is comapring these to the Windsor Terrace place when this is in the South Slope where there is quite a few condos languishing on the market now.

  • Gabby I think some of the Parc Maison condos are still available, so not sure how “all the units went into contract in a flash this fall”.
    Gabby strikes again.

  • The Windsor Terrace condo’s were offered in 2 batches.

    The first open house was sometime in Novembers (?) and about half the unit’s were offered. All went into contract rather quickly (therefore, in a flash). Recently, the remaining condos had open houses.

    Those are priced much better than these. Compare 1700sqft at 699 to 1500sqft at 940.

  • “Recently, the remaining condos had open houses”
    so as 11:16 said some of these are still available

  • shut up already 11:20 and 11:25.

    they are selling, leave it be.

    not everyone is as bitter as you.

  • I think there are a lot of choices in the south slope that are better priced than these so i think these will be hard pressed to sell.

  • You can’t really compare Windor Terrace to South Slope EXACTLY.

    I’d MUCH rather be in South Slope.

  • 11:28… two things. Either you need to get laid, or need the huge stick up your ass removed. I can help with both… which do you need?

  • 11:33… to each his own. But a 240K difference is quite substantial… don’t you think?

  • i was wondering if brownstoner was every going to pick up on these places. corcoran was actually listing this building and having open houses through december and january. we went to the open house at the beginning of january and actually really liked the place. the fixtures are really beautiful, but 10:56 is right about the minimal kitchen cabinet space. the prices haven’t really changed since the corcoran listings, but corcoran was only able to sell 4 of them.

    the units themselves are pretty nice, although the living room in the 3-bedroom is insanely small. closet space is also kind of scant and, although there are washer/dryer hookups in all the apartments, many of the closets to put those w/ds in are weird shaped and not vented.

    while i really wouldn’t mind living here, i do think they’re overpriced, especially given the ridiculously high closing costs that come with buying a condo from a developer (i.e. paying the developer’s legal fees and transfer taxes, which means your $755,000 apartment becomes an $800,000 apartment in a blink. will you be able to sell it in a few years for $800K? not sure, given the glut of condos.)

  • I do think it’s substantial, 11:35, but I also think the difference between service-laden South Slope with Union Market, etc is a substantially better neighborhood than stodgy, republican Windsor Terrace.

    That’s just ME though. I’m sure not everyone would be willing to put out the extra 240K.

    For me, real estate purchases are mostly about location and I much prefer South Slope.

  • everyone knows that Gabby’s posts are either completely inaccurate and/or completely irrelevant.

  • Yes, we best kick out all those middle class Republicans!

    New York City is only for rich liberals the poor dependent upon them!

  • Never said to kick anyone out, Polemicist.

    Just said I didn’t want to live there.

    Big difference.

    Once again, your post is moronic.

  • Gabby fyi these condos have been on the market since november or december I think and I went to an open house back when corcoran had them. the finishes were ok but most people at the open house thought these were overpriced.

  • Was this a Developers Group listing at some point? I think they were asking for much higher prices way back in fall 2007 when I went to an open house there.

    Or maybe I’m confusing it with another bland building on 16th…

  • Cool name Polemicist.
    The What would get a lot more respect if he had this name.

  • you clearly haven’t read most of polemicits posts, 11:50.

    he’s more ignorant than the what, if you can believe it.

    more well spoken, but more ignorant, which is scarier, if you ask me.

  • Just think its a cool name, thats all.


    “Perhaps, someday, a long history will have to be written of polemics, polemics as a parasitic figure on discussion and an obstacle to the search for the truth.”

  • Ah, interesting. Thought they were new to market since BHS just got the listing.

  • This building went through several GCs and the total construction time was at least 3 years.

  • I agree with 12:47. This place was most definitely under construction in late 2004, seemed like it took forever…

  • Another plastic stucco building with future mold problems. Why did DoB make them take down all the sheetrock? Any architects out there explain to me the glass balconies showing up all over the Slope? I could understand if you lived in Malibu but at this height all you are looking at is a sea of tar paper roofs.

    There are another 100+ condo units coming on line in the nabe in the next three years besides these. How are sales at the Vue?

  • Anyone who believes that WT is full of republicans has never walked here. Every block has a few houses with “Obama mama” or “Impeach Bush” signs in their windows and half the cars have liberal leaning bumper stickers.

    It doesn’t really matter to me what the political leaning of my neighbors are but why that particular lie has been spread around is almost ironic. WT is full of organic food eating, salt rock deodorant using, NPR listening, liberals.

  • How insignificant is brownstoner now? These have been on the market forever!!! First with Developers Group, who has to be the worst marketing firm I have ever dealt with, then with Corcoran and now with BHS. Glad that e-mail from BHS got through to you brownstoner.

  • That block is a serious dump, as is the vast majority of the so-called “South Slope.”

  • Some of the Parc Maison condos are DEFINITELY still available. I just went to an open house two weekends ago.

  • South Slope is done – the place has gone to crap. Just take a look at all of the fugly overpriced hype: the entire area is heading for a fall:

    Modern Townhouse – whatever who the heck developed that crap –

    The Vue – of what a parking lot

    Suite 16 – Boy do I feel like I am in Jersey

    An entire collection of Scarano Mezzanines – hey can I take out that plywood box and still get a CO?

    Most of the streets are filled with trash – who the heck would want to live there

  • Love how 3:27 is trying to pick a fight, but only pointing out just how desirable the south slope has become.

    It’s changed so much for the better over the last few years…

  • I think that was the point – the gentrification has destroyed South Slope – might as well move to Jersey

  • jersey is a cesspool.

    i don’t know anyone who actually wants to move there by choice.

  • i didn’t know their were luxury condos in south slope. leave south slope alone dammit! keep the yuppies in north slope!

  • I live on the block where this monstrosity is. The development is quite ugly. I haven’t bothered to look inside – obviously overpriced. That said, the street is great, area is great. Sure it’s not the No.Slope brownstone environment, but we’re not all that fortunate to have gotten in before prices skyrocketed. So the So. Slope is good enough. For all who have nothing but nasty comments, why don’t you find something better to do with your time.

  • Whatever– from the outside, this place is fuglypalooza.

  • Funny how out of 41 posts, only one of you have seen any of the apts.

    I DID go to the open house and I will say this:

    Overpriced – Maybe a little, but not by much. Would love to hear of better options in Park Slope for the same or lower price. I have not seen any.

    Ugly – Nothing worse than the other new developments in the Slope. We would all like to have 2-3m to buy a brownstone, but some of us “yuppies” will have to take what we can get.

    I didn’t put in an offer, but only because I needed a little more space and storage. The apts are really nice on the inside.

  • I too went to the open house here, first when Corcoran was handling and then last weekend with Brown Harris Stevens.

    The building won’t win any architectural awards, but it’s actually not a bad addition to the block. The through-wall aircon units aren’t fantastic, but I think the terraces and variations in form and color mitigate somewhat.

    The interiors are actually quite nice. The kitchens have a manufactured stone (CaesarStone?) counters, zebrawood cabinets, and some nice details like glossy red cabinet panels and blue glass backsplashes. The fridge and d/w are Bosch, the Bertazoni stove looks great. The bathrooms are equally nice… some of the units have walk-in showers with overhead shower heads. There are w/d hookups.

    I don’t understand the poster who said the living rooms are small…. it’s an open plan living/dining/kitchen and must be at least 30 ft long.

    There’s also a common roof deck and parking… overall not too shabby. We’re seriously considering buying here.