From Cars to Mini-Fridges on Tillary

pepper2.jpgOne of the last prime spots for development in Downtown Brooklyn has been snatched up. Magna Hospitality Group, owner of Brooklyn’s Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn Express, this month spent $10.8 million on property at the corner of Tillary Street and Flatbush Extension best known to long-time Brooklynites as the former Pepper & Potter car dealership. Michael Armstrong, a rep for broker Ingram & Hebron, who represented the Potter family in the sale, said the hotel would have roughly 120 rooms over 47,000 square feet. The new hotel, which the Brooklyn Eagle reported will be a Hampton Inn, may (or may not) have some competition: Down the block, Oro Part Deux submitted an application (which was disapproved) last month for a 38-story tower with 376 hotel rooms and 74 apartments. And according to the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, more than 2,000 rooms are in some stage of development nearby, though many of those rooms are in a different class, renting at boutique prices, than the less-expensive Hampton Inn chain. While business travelers are more willing to pay high room rates, tourists (an increasing population in Brooklyn) tend to look for discounts, and could be even more encouraged to visit if rooms were less expensive. How do you think Magna will fare?
What’s Up with Oro Part Deux? [Brownstoner]
NY Sun: Downtown Brooklyn is Booming [Brownstoner]

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  • Someone tell the gov; handy to all government offices if he’s in town and has time for a nooner.

  • Watch the video link to the right of the page on this news story – you will see the “What” at a Bear Stearns protest. There’s a guy holding a “this war is not over” sign – it has to be the What. He really looks as tough as his posts!!!! “What” a loser…

    Can’t wait for him to post again calling people a$%hats…

  • Brooklyn needs more hotels, period.

    This borough will never be a world class city until we have at least as many hotel rooms as much smaller cities like Hartford.

    It is actually quite pathetic.

  • Brooklyn – Manhattan = Baltimore.

  • Can someone point me to the thread where The What was outed?

  • More hotels in Brooklyn are a good thing. Price point should be around $100-150 a night.

  • “Can someone point me to the thread where The What was outed?”

    No, because it never actually happened.

  • enough already Polemicist – Brooklyn is not a city but part of a city.
    And you can’t take any city apart and proportionally have same # of hotels, etc, etc in each part.
    Great that developers want to invest in all areas of NYC instead of limited parts.
    Because a city that neglects most of its parts won’t thrive.

  • The number of European tourists mowed down by drivers dashing for the Manhattan Bridge and the BQE is going to spike.

  • 11:26 hits on the real problem.

    People who don’t know any better crossing flatbush and tillary during rush hour.

    This area is already a traffic nightmare.

    I’m in constant wonder why someone who can afford Oro would want to cross flatbush every morning on their way to the subway.

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  • Hey Mr.B,
    Great to see you expanding (go B Flea!) and hiring more talent, BUT maybe a little QC on Miss Ryley’s work: only one day out of the eagle and she’s already lifting lock stock and full quotes from her former colleagues.
    Suggest that this story should have been a daily link, OR that Miss Ryley add to the story with some orginal reporting, OR that instead of rewriting the original article without quotes and in a different order,she just put quotes around the whole piece and call it a morning…

    (Or, put The What on the payroll, as at least The What links well and has unique perspective)

    Anyway, carry on and hope this is constructive for the B, Miss Ryley and inadvertently The What.)

  • That’s Ms Ryley to you, 12:16.

  • I love Baltimore and do not take the above post as an insult.

  • Aren’t they supposed to stop building these huge buildings already? What about the credit crunch. Give us stoners a break for a couple of years. At least time to fill all the empty ones that have already gone up?

  • a hotel makes a lot more sense here than on 4th ave in gowanus – i’ll leave it at that.

    12:16 – if you miss the what you can self-what by monitoring bloomberg, cnbc and reuters daily for negative news and then reading it.