Development Watch: 23 Caton Place

The Karl Fischer design at 23 Caton Place in Kensington has topped out and most of the walls have been framed out. The 107-unit project, which is right across from the Kensington Stables, is being brought to you by developer Moshe Feller. Feller and Fischer have some other projects in the works over in Greenpoint. Presumably the Caton Place property will be on the market by summer at this rate.
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  • There are no amenities or a commercial district in that area. It is cut off by OP to the West and North and by CIA to the East. However, there is an interesting row of townhouses on Kermit Place off OP with stone swans on their stoops.

  • Depneding upon when they finish this is probably going to be rentals. Developers want to sell in Kensington at 2003 Park Slope prices, but in this market, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • How many years until move-in day? 2012? 2014?

  • ‘…other projects in the works over in Greenpoint’???

    That article’s over two years old. As far as I know, Fischer’s 15-story 60 Commercial Street tower, listed on his site as being completed last year, hasn’t been started.

    Here’s hoping his equally ugly 200 Franklin Street finger and 50 Greenpoint Ave NJ office-park-looking condos (both completion: 2008) also get left in the rendering stage.

    We’ve already got a Scarano Fedders house for old folks; no more starchitecture, please.

    /Sorry about the threadjack…

  • Project’s dead in the water from what I hear. Funding issues perhaps?

  • AH! Nothing better than the smell of fresh horse piss, and musty horse ass under my new condo window!

  • I don’t know about this place but we just sold our 550 sq.ft 1 bed off OP and Church for $270. The market may be slowing but affordable apartments are hard to come by… and honestly, I don’t think $270 was a steal for our place.

  • There are a lot of basic amenities nearby on Church Avenue in Kensington. The usual Pizza, Chinese, Nail Salons, drug stores, but also the fab new Thai Tony’s, which I wish was on Cortelyou, over here in Flatbush? Any Thai restaurant entrepreneurs listening?

  • Thai Basil on macdonald is much better than thai tony’s and a lot cheaper. Met Moshe the other day walking by the site (I think it was him anyway) and he said prices will be around $500/sq.ft. which is on par with park circle listings NOW (not initially) and is a much nicer block, assuming your central air negates the horse poop smell during the summer

  • Wow. That neighborhood is blowing up. They need more retail to support the people. The horse stable seems to be pretty well maintained. I have walked by there and it really doesn’t smell too bad.

  • You should see what 23 Caton looks like now! Totally disgusting…tons of garbage, debris flying everywhere, all kinds of violations and fines, a stop work order that has been going on for months and months, a totally abandoned six-floor pigeon coop. Check out these pics:

    And another blog posting on the topic:

  • I am the owner of the blog linked (by my wife) in the previous comment:

    Things are looking pretty dismal both at 22 Caton Place and 23 Caton Place. We (which includes many of the residents of 81 Ocean Parkway) have been contacting Councilmember Bill de Blasio and Assemblyman Jim Brennan to request some assistance recently. It has gotten that bad. I normally don’t get uppity about how my neighborhood looks, but this stretch of Caton Place is looking like a wasteland. The development projects both seem to be either stalled or abandoned.

    Granted, I did not think either was a good development project to begin with. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave us with this mess.

    By the way, the rest of the neighborhood is quite nice and quite a joy to live in. And very close to the beautiful park. And great food choices are close enough on Church Avenue and Cortelyou Road.

  • Please see my updated post, which includes a slight retraction:

    Apparently, the site has not been completely abandoned.