Co-op of the Day: 75 Henry Street

We’ve heard of places fetching $1,200 a foot in Brooklyn Heights but not on Cadman Plaza! For some reason, someone (either the owner or the broker) thinks that this 800-square-foot post-war two bedroom will fetch $960,000. This makes no sense to us at all, especially when you can get what looks like a larger two-bedroom on the top floor of a more attractive building on Orange Street for just a few bucks more. What’s up with that?
75 Cadman Plaza West [Century 21] GMAP P*Shark

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  • YIKES!!

    If this sells, I hope they take the money and buy themselves some better looking furniture. WOOF!

  • brooklyn heights is over.

  • This is barely Bklyn Heights.

    Was this building formerly part of a low-income housing project?

  • 12:59

    Knowledgeable about the building, you’re not.
    Formerly, Mitchell Lama. That’s housing for middle income. That would be the school teachers, police officers and their ilk who moved into the development in the mid-70’s.

    Contrast this to the low income housing projects built and managed by NYCHA.

  • whaddaya want from me? just trying to jump on the bandwagon. hmm…this reefer’s goood.

  • I had a friend who lived in Cadman Plaza in the 70s. Parents were teachers. I think building are ugly and create a wall that cuts off Brooklyn Heights in an abrupt way. But I have to say many of the views are great from upper floors. I think they opted out of the middle-income program at some point so now they can sell at market.

  • My grandmother still has furniture that looks like dead. And she’s been dead 20 years.

  • Need another 200k to reno, get rid of the wallpaper, re-do the ‘chef’s’ kitchen, and I can imagine what the bathrooms look like. The board’s probably in turmoil anyway with the transition–Lord knows what it would take to get renovations done.

    I’d offer 450k.

  • They’re off their rockers with the price (by at least a couple hundred thousand) but so is anyone who thinks it would cost $200K to renovate ANY 800sf co-op apartment. By the way, the Orange Street property is also overpriced for this market – I’d say that’s a mid $800K kind of apartment.

  • I know you’re not looking at the building when you’re living inside of it, but I gotta say, coming home to that ugliness everyday would have to wear on you after a while…

  • “I know you’re not looking at the building when you’re living inside of it, but I gotta say, coming home to that ugliness everyday would have to wear on you after a while…”

    About 200 million americans come home to aluminum clad boxes with peeling paint and moldy patios in the burbs. They are, in my opinion far more hideous.

    Americans have zero taste.

  • seriously. how could anyone ever manage to live in anything other than a brownstone in ft greene?

  • This listing is exhibit 1 in my ongoing argument that asking prices have been driven to totally unreasonable levels by brokers’ competition over listings. This is almost as bad a Corcoran’s idiocy in Carroll Gardens.

  • The price is insane.

    But actually, these buildings are in good shape, the “transition” from ML to market happened a decade ago, and financially they’re sound.

    They are ugly tho — no doubt. The funny thing is sometimes these 2 bedrooms, 2 baths with tiny terrace and killer views come on the market for 650-725k and they sell quickly. It’s a decent deal: pretty neighborhood, community room, underground parking available, PS8, nice space and if you’re into the mid-century vibe, you can work it in these units. The trade-off is the outside is super super ugly. I always ponder those listings and think I should cash out and just buy one of those. But for this price? Nuts.

  • I’m not sure about the price point, but I have a friend who has lived there for at least 10 years. It’s a very nice building. Full service. Garage underneath. Great views. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Great subway access. Short ride to Manhattan. this is very much in Brooklyn Heights. Location is great and will only get better.

  • Yikes. That’s a West End Avenue asking price. Cadman Plaza has a ton of potential — could be a beautiful green space — but everytime I’m there it just seems desolate. 750K seems like a ceiling for this space.

  • This building privatized many years ago. most folks living there are geriatric. they may have purchased them but they didn’t fix them up. they all require a gut renovation. even some that were renovated need updated renovation! There is a waiting list of over 3 years for parking. Your utilities are included (for now) but they add on a surcharge every month for AC.They have a bunch of lazy knuckleheads for porters, super is a great guy. Board eh.
    Most have amazing views depending on which side of the building they are on (I’m guessing this is on the opposite side of the city). Maybe 750K w/100K of reno is needed. No pets allowed by the way and the building smells like geriatricville.

  • who cares about the furniture, you’ll change it. from the photos this is on a low floor and it faces east. still get good light but for the money your not getting any views. and for the record the address isn’t 75 cadman plaza west. it’s 75 Henry St (different # for the cadman side)

  • Holy crap that furniture is awesome. And check out the phone in the kitchen!

  • Chesy and depressing apartment at that price.

  • Ugly building. I would never live in that monstrosity but I would buy it for investment but not that that price. Make it $450k.

  • The $450K people are smoking just as much as the broker trying to sell this place for $960K.

    $700-$750 for this.

  • 700-750 is correct. I know someone who paid (about 2 years aho, in the boom)about 1 million for a three bed in this very bldg. No idea if it was renovated prior to purchase. people who live there like it a lot.

  • $750k this year. $650k next year.

  • From top floors facing Manhattan of this building and other one that is still a ML, probably only the J Condo and Beacon have rival views. Amazing views.

  • is this is some sort of fucking sick joke? and if my dog looked like the broker – i would shave its ass and make it walk around backwards!

  • You people obviously have no idea. This building is fabulous. The staff (and it is a FULL staff) keep the place spotless. The seasoned board steered the building through the transition years ago. The garden deck has recently been upgraded with plantings, walkways, playground, etc. Full laundry, large lobby, garage cheap for tenants! Un-f_believable views (the building towers between the landmarked Br Hts and a park). Property values have been steadily going up up up. The geriatric set have largely sold out or have otherwise departed. Wealthy young couples have moved in by the fistfull. Some have combined two apartments (the 2 bedrooms are next to both a studio and a 1 bedroom) to create knock-socks-off showcases. I’m not selling. Ever. And yes, it’s Brooklyn Heights.

  • The confusion arises because this is 75 HENRY st., not 75 Cadman Plaza. The broker has the cross streets wrong, too.

  • Century 21 very sloppy and not doing the seller any favors — this listing is 75 Henry Street, not 75 Cadman Plaza West. (The back door opens on 200 Cadman Plaza West.) Desirable Henry Street address, across street from Orange, Pineapple and Cranberry Streets.

  • The broker/owner is nuts – not nearly worth that. The apartment has not been updated at all, and yes, you COULD spend 200K updating here easily, depending on your taste, and have a fabulous apartment. The beauty here is that you have a blank canvas to work with. I live here and love it. The views are beyond anything…and I rest my case. The building is being kept in good shape. No, it’s not the best design in the world, but it works for a lot of people. Come over for a visit sometime! West side of the building – BEST 4th of July fireworks in NY!!! And we ARE in Brooklyn Heights, you fucks! Get over it. Where’s the love?

  • no love here…especially after you call me a fuck

  • I suggest that all posters dissing this bldg and the horrible decor of the apartments inside check out Apt 9H – also currently for sale (on Halstead’s site) to get a flavor of how the apts have been turned around by the wealthy young couples referred to above.
    Yes – its not a brownstone, but it is a full service building with a parking garage and amazing views.