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  • And for images of Coney Island in the 1970s, check out this link to The Warriors movie:


    Come out to Play-e-yay!

  • Looks like there used to be a lot more going on out there. I was especially entertained by all those rides where people just slid around on the floor.

  • Notice how everyone is white. Thats why it was like that. Now that the PJs are there it will never be like that again.

  • Hey Paulie 6:33, did you see the WOPS go home sign near the ferris wheel?

    But I really like is that you and your children will never in million years grow the nuts it takes to go out there and spew your racism. Your entire clan will hide under their keyboard just like you. What a pussy!

  • 6:56- you shouldn’t waste your time on dssguy99- he doesn’t have an iq high enough to understand. I’ve loved Coney Island since I was a kid and it was NEVER all white. And it has always been a magical place- still is. dssguy99 just loves to start trouble, probably because he didn’t have the brains to get an education and his entire adult life revolves around cheap beer,cheap topless bars and cheap porn movies. You have to feel sorry for him on some level.Er…make that every level.