Catsimatidis Says He’ll Bring Back Myrtle Market

If he builds it, a supermarket will come. John Catsimatidis tells the Daily News that if work begins on his maybe-it’ll-happen-maybe-it-won’t project at 162 Myrtle within the next couple months, a supermarket and Duane Reade “should be done within a year if the world doesn’t fall apart with the real estate market.” The old Associated on Myrtle was torn down to make way for development, leaving many residents in nearby public housing without an easy grocery option. Councilwoman Letitia James says she doesn’t totally buy Catsimatidis’s promise to open a supermarket as part of his 660-unit, mixed-use, multi-building project. “It’s wonderful if that’s the case, but I’ll need to see it in writing,” says James.
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  • The guy’s a businessman. He’ll build the market if he thinks he’ll make money, not because a politician is pressuring him too.

  • Real estate is no beauty contest nor sainthood. So for those hoping and expecting convenience and favor, like a supermarket or Duane Reade, you can forget it and find solace somewhere else. If you’re poor, the worst. Because you’d have to climb a steeper mountain. That’s why the govt should come in and mandate certain things in society. Unfortunately, the business sector and the politicians rub each other’s elbows for the most part, spouting rhetoric so nothing gets done. Sounds familiar? It’s the reality. Wait till he becomes a mayor, if ever.

  • Yes 10:14 the Government should begin mandating the location of Supermarkets and drug stores.

    IMHO You are fully nuts.

  • Yeah it’s funny. I wonder if the politicians don’t want a supermarket here because it might alleviate the “need” for the Admiral’s Row teardown.

  • 10:54 Nothing wrong with mandates. When Reagan started deregulation in the 80s, that’s when businesses went out of whack till now, and you’re affected.

    No, you’re not being humble in your opinion, just misinformed.

  • I cant believe the government cant mandate a supermarket & a duane reade! We must press the gov’t to mandate these things among others! I propose the gov’t make everyone wear glow in the dark underwear & mick mouse hats, if they dont they must pay a fine. Are you nuts 10:14am? Hey, coming from a communist country where they told me what to wear, how to talk, and how to wipe my ass, i can tell you that your propoganda is stupid. Go blow Lenin’ or Hillar Clinton, if you want socialism/communism move to China or Cuba you shmuck, maybe you’ll be satisfied Venezuela.

  • 11:41 and you think the US economy is any better now with Bush flushing money down the toilet? you’re a petty nudnick republican who can only use lame and trivial analogies. Go wear a mickey mouse hat, no soup for you.

  • and you are a schmuck – with a ‘c’, btw.

  • Getting back on topic, despite what ‘Tish James may want, the Cat Man is probably not as focused on Ingersoll, Farragut, etc. with the retail component of this development. I’m sure he’s more focused on ORO, Avalon, BFC and the “Brownstone Brooklynites” along Dekalb (S. Elliott, S. Oxford, etc.) Therefore, I think we’re looking at Gristides or D’Agastino’s…not Associated or C-Mart

  • Despite the wavering and the waffling, I’m sure Catsimadis will include a decent supermarket in the mixed-use complex bec of the new residents. He’d be stupid not to. It only makes good business sense and will benefit the entire area.

  • this project is a retarded comment magnet.

    cas is building this – he said so last week in the BE article – market rate only for now b/c the city can’t deliver on its part of the the financing for the affordable component.

    and he will include a supemarket and pharmacy. pre-existing biz from ingersol and whittman plus oro, avalon and bfc condo will make them plenty profitable.

  • BrooklynLove is such a polyanna. How come you can’t ignore such retarded train wreck? I see, you watch the same reality shows on television.

  • 1:04 – b/c i care deeply about this subject and it bothers me to hear smucks pontificate on it like they have a clue what they’re talking about.

  • you are the master of the obvious.

  • Then shut yer trap, BL.

  • The above quote typifies Tish James’s deficient negotiation skills. Her abrasiveness, paranoia, and inability to forge collaborative relationships has hurt her district more than a few times. She “speaks truth to power” (e.g. council speakers, developers, cultural institutions, etc.) and then later uses their dislike of her as an excuse to explain why she could not deliver, namely on her purported dedication to affordable housing.

    She is nearing the end of two terms in the city council and how many units of affordable housing has she secured for her district? As of 2009, she’s gone and I hope that her replacement cares more about the constituents than marching in the street to protest Bruce Ratner.

  • Hey 1:18 what’s her (Tish’s)story? I could never quite figure her out. Is she pro-development / anti-development? Presumably, she’s anti-gentrification…but where is/was her power base…in other words, who is the constiuency that put her on the council?

  • 11:02 –
    I really must be uninformed because I never heard that the locations of supermarkets and drug stores were ever regulated in the 1st place.

    I stick with my original opinion – you are nuts

  • You obviously have a pea-sized brain. Learn to read in between the lines. No supermarkets were ever regulated or any stores, nor your rant. But it can’t hurt to regulated certain things now that idol Bush has ruined the country – like the rezoning laws, gas pricing, housing, construction, etc. It was the result of deregulation that allowed airline abuses, govt contracts and price gouging in many sectors like loopholes, if you get them. But I don’t expect you to. So stop mouthing off your ass to prove your misinformation and just curl up in your ignorance.

  • Uh, 1:18, I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but finishing Councilman Davis’s term didn’t count towards the term limit of Tish. She can run again, and I even heard that she thinks she can become Council Speaker because of her, by then, seniority.

  • Uh, can you enumerate T James’ accomplishments?

  • 2:09 – please get back on your meds asap.

  • Oh my God, 2:59, say it ain’t so. If this it true, well, it’s time to move to East New York. At least Charles Barron will be gone.