Two Trees: Trader Joe’s Is Still Coming

As the old Independence Bank on Atlantic and Court sits empty, rumors have started to circulate that Trader Joe’s will not, in fact, open a supermarket in the building. The latest such buzz comes from a poster on the Cobble Hill Blog. The poster says that she/he works at the 14th Street TJ’s and was told by management that the store gave up on the Brooklyn location after dealings with landlord Two Trees turned sour. A representative for Two Trees, however, says the chatter is a lot of hooey, and that the store will eventually open. “The rumor is, well, just a rumor,” says the rep. No word, however, on when TJ’s is actually going to set up shop. The natives are getting restless, Joe!
Claim: Court Street Trader Joe’s Dead [Cobble Hill Blog] GMAP
Two Trees Rental on Atlantic Rises As TJ’s Treads Water [Brownstoner]

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  • Great! Maybe one or two of those family owned crap-stands will go out of business. Its about time that retailers that will service the community come into Brooklyn.

    When will grocery stores (stores in general) learn that crowded, disgusting, overpriced merchandise isn’t want people want.

    Now Trader Joe’s and Fairway have learned that crowded, CLEAN, and overprice is the golden ticket to sucesss in Brooklyn.

    Note to any type of business owner in Brooklyn: Change the way you do business or pack your bags. I don’t care how long you have been here.

  • You heard it people! Gross has spoken! Ignore him at your peril, the guy has JUICE.

  • I live in that neighborhood, and I have no idea how they are going to get their deliveries in and out. Are giant trucks just going to block off Court and Atlantic at their leisure, all hours of the day and night? Hope people moving into those new condos on Atlantic don’t mind tractor trailers sitting outside their shiny new homes all day and night. Diesel fumes are fun for everybody!

    Has TJ’s said how they are going to address this?

  • How any different deliveries for Key Food at Atlantic and Court, Montague St, etc – or any supermarket in Manhattan?

  • I don’t know, 9:56 – they manage fine on 14th Street in Manhattan… somehow I think they’ll find a way in Brooklyn as well…

  • Did anyone notice that Fairway just upped their prices.

    A lot of our stuff from our last shopping trip is up 15-20%.

    Im buying a Price Club membership this week

  • “Did anyone notice that Fairway just upped their prices.

    A lot of our stuff from our last shopping trip is up 15-20%.”

    It’s called inflation you dumb fuck!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • inflation + peak oil = expensive groceries.

  • well 10:05 grocery prices are up across the board due to fule and transportation cost

    while the wants (plasmas,computers and toys decrease in price)
    the needs (food ,energy etc increase)

    sounds like we have an inflation problem

    but hey all the wealthy land barrons in brooklyn can afford it

  • just heloc your brownstone for extra cash and refi next year when the price goes up 20%

    oh i forgot that game is over

  • I work at Oven and I heard that the Busy Chef on Court Street is not going to open.

  • Dont tell me The What is back ! ! !

    Asshat camp is over?

  • You can tell its the real “The What”.
    Our inflation is currently 2.85%.

    15-20% – 2.85% its the same thing when you have an elementary education

  • “Peak Oil = Myth” = denial.

  • “15-20% – 2.85% its the same thing when you have an elementary education”

    Or if you believe the government’s “core inflation” figures. You know, the figures that omit FOOD and FUEL in order to make the economy sound better.

  • “”Peak Oil = Myth” = denial”

    – yes, denial of a MYTH & oil will be $45 dollars before 2009

  • If Trader Joe’s actually opens here I’ll eat my asshat.
    Developer/owner Wiley Coyote is looking for more lucrative tenants.

  • “You can tell its the real “The What”.
    Our inflation is currently 2.85%.”

    No assfuck! Inflation is running north of 10%. Boy this is going to be fun. Shit is imploding all around us. The Pigmen has unloaded their toxic waste into your 401k, Pension and Money market accounts.

    Now wait for the flash then, the explosion! Oh, Trader Joe blows cock will not be coming to Brooklyn!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end….

  • The What–are you ever going to explain your long absence? Were you on vacation? Glad you’re back!

  • The only thing longer then the lines at the Union Square TJ is the wait to get one opened in B’klyn.

  • Welcome back The What!

    The What Cheerleader

  • “The What–are you ever going to explain your long absence? Were you on vacation? Glad you’re back!”

    I will. I have a long post coming soon. You see the stock market getting assraped! Down 15% from the start of the year. The denial is thick!!! People are not getting it, it’s fucking OVER. America is full of greedy and dumb people, a nation of clowns. Keep watching Crammer and CNBullshitC so him and his Homeboys can dump their shit on you.

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • welcome back the what you were sorely missed

    big fan of the what!!!!!!

    testify my brutha

  • The What – Did you vote today?

  • Not just cost of oil/gas/transportation up that is causing increase in food prices. But (gov’t subsidized) ethanol driving up prices of feed corn at work.
    One commentor a week or so back said that were delays/problems with DOB permits – and that was slowing down work at Trader Joe’s.
    That sounds pretty plausible.

  • Yes the biggest boondogle of all time (justified partially by the myth of peak oil) the subsidizing of food production for fuel what a joke – whats funny is Ethenol isn’t even enviromentally efficient.

    When will the Government get out of the marketplace….just raise the tax on oil to $10 a barrel and watch the marketplace innovate alternative fuels and more efficient products…but no cant “raise taxes” – instead we have hidden taxes that cost us more and solve nothing

  • “The What – Did you vote today?”

    Vote for what!!!??? (pun not intended)

    The is a Neo-Dictatorship of Pluto class assraping the middle class. Make no mistake, you are in a full class war. Your assets (Real Wealth) will be taken from you by those in power. I haven’t voted in ten years, it’s will not make a difference. America is beginning the Long Emergency. We are fucked!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end….

  • This What does not sound like the real What, but like one of the many pseudoWhats.

  • I actually think this is the real The What. He’s emerged from his exile today on a few threads–tanned, rested and vitriolic.

  • What a difference a holiday makes for the What’s popularity. It wasn’t until he disappeared – and the recession began kicking in – that I realized how much I cherished him. I’m afraid it’s not going to be the same for him feeling all this love – he”ll have no opposition at which to direct his rage and will slowly become mild mannered and fuzzy hearted.

  • THE WHAT!!!!!!

    Now I can go back to insulting you.

    Inflation was over 4% this past year, with foodstuffs and oil pushing prices higher and housing costs partially offsetting them.

    Hey, even that fucktard asshat The tWhat could have told you that.

    Ahhhhhh. I feel better already.

  • OMG, what a stupid thread this is.

    When Trader Joes arrives will I no longer waste time reading these things? Save me, TJ, save me!

  • I heard it’s going to be an Apple Store.

  • I propose a ban on using (madeup) words like asshat and fucktard

  • Good luck on that one 12:55, you ShitTwit.

  • It’s kind of sad for Brooklyn that the rest of the country has regular access to TJs (and Whole Foods) while it remain elusive and mystical, much like the Gowanus Unicorn.

    When it does come, I recommend you try the burritos.

  • I had TJ enchilada for dinner last night. And I have the TJ burritos in my freezer.

    As I was dragging two bags of TJs groceries plus a few bottles of $2.99 TJ’s wine, I was thinking, gee I don’t needed to go to the gym, the walk to the subway at Union Square and then from the subway home,
    I’m getting a good workout.

  • Our reaction to the return of The What makes me realize that we have a value-laden new narrative entity in our midst. How’s this for a movie proposal: A post-Crash dystopia, a ‘Mad Max’ for the credit meltdown, starring any of our square-jawed young Hollywood heroes, but featuring at its heart the hero’s grating yet indispensible guide to the Underworld: a cat-sized, hideous CGI gnome (similar in appearance, perhaps, to Harry Potter’s ‘Dobbie’) called ‘The What,’ and voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. ‘The What’ would ride around on the manly leather-clad shoulder of Brad Pitt or whoever, spewing inane/profane invective, until he would be occasionally silenced by being tossed into a burlap sack or something for comic relief before our hero blows away another mortgage banker living the life of an underworld outlaw king in New York’s sewer system. The director? Terry Gilliam. The title? You know: “Someday This War…”

  • I would be the first to agree that many, if not most, of our so called political “leaders” are deeply flawed, both personally and politically. I would also say that our system is probably permanently skewed towards rewarding and working for the goals of obscenely rich corporations and individuals. Idealists who get elected with a mandate of change soon find out the reality of Washington politics. The whole thing is enough to make you want to opt out in disgust.

    BUT – that’s what they want you to do, give up your vote and your voice. Too many people have literally died to assure that I can vote. I’m not going to turn my back on their sacrifice. You don’t have a right to bitch if you haven’t voted. Even if everyone sucks, and the choices are between bad and worse. Look what we got for the last 8 years because too many people just stayed home.

    Sorry, What, you are wrong on this one. It might not be much, but it is all we have. We better use it, or lose it.

  • “Sorry, What, you are wrong on this one. It might not be much, but it is all we have. We better use it, or lose it.”

    MM you are a fucking bag of hot wind! Where in the last 40 years our leaders made a difference??!! Democracy is a fucking joke! It’s a system set up to benefit a few people, the ones on top! You (people) have no fucking voice because your government was HIJACKED. Example: 2 years a poeple voted for the Dumbacrots to impeach that fuck Bush. What did they do??!! They gave him MORE money and MORE solders to kill!! No Impeachment life is good and more money for the Military Industrial Complex. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Stop watching American Idol and read The Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith. Learn to fucking think for yourself instead of watching CNN. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MM Go fuck yourself you retarded mother fucker!!!!!

    The What (back in form)

    Someday this war is gonna end……..

  • I’m quite capable of thinking for myself. You, however, are not capable of reading comprehension. I stated that I know the system is a wreck, and gov’t hasn’t been “for the people” since the ink dried on the documents. That is not the point.

    However flawed, I,(and you) still have the right to get on a public forum like this and complain about it, without too much worry that we’ll disappear tomorrow – yet. That’s because we still have the right to participate in the choosing of our leadership, unlike Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Tibet, much of Africa and Asia, and frankly, half of the world.

    You can rant and rave like the foul mouthed lunatic you are, with all of your disciples cheering you on, all you want. There is a huge difference between simply foaming at the mouth, and saying or doing something that makes a difference. In all your raving, you have never once offered any kind of solution to real problems, other than adding a couple of retarded made up words to the vocabularies of your admirers.

    If all you can come up with in the course of intelligent discourse is to tell me to go fuck myself, you’re certainly less than original, certainly less than a prophet, and certainly more of a nutball, than ever.

  • MM There is no solution. You live in a system that the rich are raping the poor. This system has been going on for years. You can write your nice fluffy shit but, at the end of the day our system is fucked because people believe the lies and the deception. I’m a foul mouthed lunatic that knows what going on. Why don’t you go and sell reverse mortgages to Seniors because, you have a interest in inflating this Housing Bubble. Here is the solution, Bring on the crash!!! Let this shit go to hell! It will have a cleansing effect and the greedy can get punished. We can go back to saving money and living within our means. 700k for a 2 Bedroom Condo with over 4000 a month is cost???!!! Yeah, that is going to end well.

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end…

  • 1:03, I am stealing ShitTwit

  • MM- don’t get your knickers in a twist. First of all the What has no admirers- he is writing those posts himself.

    Secondly, poor Mr. What is incapable of voting because he doesn’t have the brains to learn how to pull the lever. He could do a paper ballot but that implies some sort of actual reading comprehension- again, highly doubtful, judging by what I’ve seen in his posts on Brownstoner.

    Thirdly- Voting is a privilege that the What obviously cannot properly exercise because he simply doesn’t understand our system of government, nor does he want to take responsibility for anything other than posting obscenity laced rants on the internet.

    You should feel sorry for him. Anyone whose life is that limited emotionally, intellectually, and socially is more a candidate for pity than anything else. Don’t waste your time trying to have any kind of dialogue with him- he’s incapable of it. You’d have a better chance of discussing philosophy with a gerbil.

    And now I’m sure we will be treated to yet another pavlovian response from everyone’s favorite rabid mongrel.Have at it What- you’re so predictable (and boring).

  • What, I started reading this site because I have a long standing love of old houses and architecture, and am renovating my house mostly by myself, because I am not a member of the monied class. I have no interest in becoming anything in the real estate world other than a hard working person trying to hold onto what I have, in an exceedingly difficult world. I am probably almost as cynical of what goes on in the halls of power as any here, but since I can’t afford to pack up and move to my own island offshore somewhere, I am stuck with the gov’t here, and figure that participating in it, as a tax paying citizen is to my advantage, not to mention my obligation, as a citizen.

    Now if that makes me fluffy, then put a bow on my head, and call me Fifi. The problem with your doom and gloom is that too many people get hurt in the crash. I’d really rather that didn’t occur for a whole lot of reasons. So I will continue to vote for those who can possibly avert your shitstorm to come, and I will try to do my best to weather that storm, and protect my family and those around me. What else is there?

  • The funny this is no is refuting my arguments, Just Ad hominem attacks. 4:02 and MM take a look at the Market we lost 370 points. The S&P and Dow got creamed. Why? The Big Boy know that the jig is up. Our Banking system is in serious trouble. But, you want to attack The What while the Big Boy rape your 401k, Pension Plans and Money Market funds. This is the real world people the destruction of wealth.

    I fell sorry for you 4:02. You are in a Mass Ass group. A collection of dumb, greedy and stupid people that will ruin America.

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end….

  • Oh What, What, What…you poor pitifull thing. Hate to break it to you but I am not rich, not by a long shot. I live paycheck to paycheck for the most part but thank goodness my parents got me an education.It’s not worth trying to refute anything you say because you aren’t capable of an intelligent conversation. That’s why no one has bothered. We usually find that when someone has to stoop to using slogans, obscenities and namecalling in the hopes of making their point, it’s pretty much useless to try to appeal to any higher brain functions they may think they possess. Although I was pleased to see you use “Ad Hominem.” (See, you can use big words!) Alas, you use them only to make the same rant and rave. You really must work on your technique.

    But that said, you are quite entertaining in a oafish, doltish sort of way. Have you ever thought that you would sound a lot smarter and win more people to your point of view if you bothered to put two logical thoughts together and drop the insults? Or is it just that you prefer sounding like an uneducated fool? -4:02

  • By all means, 3:52, by all means. Use it in good health.


  • I too missed The What, but not for any other reason than he’s fun to fuck with. My buddies and I are going to egg his house tonight.

  • Throw one for me too :-) Can you get rotten ones?

  • Since this is a Trader Joe’s thread, I’m shocked there haven’t been any quality snacks.

  • Brenda- if I had the money I would finance that movie! Terry Gilliam salary- $3 million; Advertising the movie- $5 million; putting the What in his place- priceless.

  • The What – who hijacked this country??? I mean I do pretty well (over 200k) but I have a boss and am in charge of very little, so who is running the show?

  • I want your job, 6:13.

  • Cobble Hill sucks. Suck it, Cobblers

  • “Now if that makes me fluffy, then put a bow on my head, and call me Fifi.”

    Best MM line ever.

  • methinks 8:35 has no sole. Certainly no brains.

  • 8:35 needs shoes, 8:37?

  • No- neanderthals have very callused feet and he’s ok without them. 8:37 :-)

  • Finally some snacks! Cobbler all around, mothafuckas!

  • Gawd whatta’ bore. Dont you people have IMs you can use and stop clogging up these boards with your inane patter? some people are actually looking for useful info or at least thoughful musings on our neighborhoods, not this stream-of-consciousness piffle. NO ONE CARES! (except your dorky little buds who seem to actually enjoy egging you on…)

  • So is Trader Joe’s coming or what.