Closing Bell: A Curb Cut for Boerum Hill Historic District?

At next week’s LPC public hearing, the commission is going to consider an application to create a curb cut smack in the middle of the Boerum Hill Historic District. The owners of 199 Dean Street have applied for a certificate of appropriateness in order to construct the cut. While we’re not certain whether the owners are looking to kill a section of the sidewalk directly in front of the house or to its side, on Bond Street, we’ve seen curb cuts crappify brownstone blocks in order to create private parking so often that it’s tough not to be wary of the 199 Dean plans. GMAP

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  • Say what?? Isn’t this impossible in a historic district?

    What is WRONG with people?

  • I walk by this place at least two times each day. The only thing I can think that they’d do is put a curb cut to access the very, very, very, very, very small lot they have behind the building.

    Its also worth noting over the past few years, they’ve removed the ugly paint on the building, re-pointed and put new bridks around the sides of the building, whild re-digging and shoring up the lightwells.

    I think this is a multi-family, but I’m not sure.

    I’m glad I live just outside of the BH historic district,so I can go wild. WILD! WILD!!!

  • I used to live in this building. The only place for a car is the backyard which has direct access to Bond St.

    Also, it is a multi-family. 4 units.

  • This is on the agenda for tonight’s CB2 Land Use Committee. According to the agenda, the curb cut will be on the Bond Street side of the property and the owners are also proposing a new gate. All this work requires LPC approval, but is not “impossible in an historic district,” as 4:19 queries.

  • “a new gate?”


  • Brownstoner:

    No comments on the white windows?

    You’re slippin’ G.

  • I don’t blame them for trying–sure, I’d love to have a parking space.

    But before somebody makes the false argument that curb cuts take up less space than a parked car:

    Yeah, the cut and driveway is only 10 feet wide, which is shorter than many cars. But street parkers can’t nudge their bumpers right up to the edge of that 10 feet. In fact, the law for distance that you need to allow for a hydrant, when you’re parking on either side of it, is 15 feet. Anything much less, whether it’s a hydrant or a driveway or whatever, is getting tight for that driveway’s ingress/egress. So nobody does it.

    So your driveway can easily take 20, 30, even 40 feet of parking off the street, not 10 feet, depending on how street parkers respond to it. AND the owner of that curb cut can also block his own drive with his car and use the garage for a boat if he wants.

    If it’s legal, fine–lucky you. I still have the right to think you suck.

  • I don’t care. I have parking in Boerum Hill.

    -Michelle Williams

  • Nasty comment about Michelle Williams. Parking came with that house. It’s not like she added a curb cut. Plus she (or they) made substantial external renovations to that house, including a really beautiful landscaped garden, which can only be for the enjoyment of passers-by.

  • I agree that it’s obnoxious in areas where parking is scarce. There’s a house on the corner of Joralemon and Clinton in the Heights, where they have a huge curb cut to access a garage and a back lot — they use their garage as a work room, use the back lot as a patio with outdoor furniture, and park their car in the curb cut, posting a note on their dash that it’s their driveway. I can’t believe that it’s legal. It’s essentially just taking a piece of public parking and making it reserved for one person.

  • Maybe the owner needs a place to park his horse and buggy.

  • boo hoo hoo. sell your car or move to the burbs.

  • Boerem Hill *is* the burbs.

  • “I can’t believe that it’s legal. It’s essentially just taking a piece of public parking and making it reserved for one person.”

    I detect a green-eyed monster….

  • A parking space? For a private vehicle?
    This is the People’s Republic of Brooklyn!
    We do not favor decadent capitalitic displays of individuality such as motor cars. Especially if they are made in the mainland USA, exporter of evil consumer goods and fattening food. A ban on cars!
    Walk to work! Walk to school! It was good enough for Abe Lincoln and Mother Teresa and it’s good enough for all you American sinners.

  • Boerum Hill used to have tons of parking spots and lots — then the developers came in. First they took away the parking lot at Boerum Place and Bergen and built the Carriage House. Then they built some condos right behind it (don’t know the name) across from the NYSC. there was a lot on Bergen between smith & Hoyt, right across from the Brooklyn Inn, now its a rental building. And I think there was some parking at the Smith ‘n Court (people, can we agree that this is the dumbest name possible. its not even on smith or court streets. Who are the ad wizards that came up with that one.)

    I think the only lot in Boerum Hill that is left is on Wyckoff St, between Bond & Nevins, yo. That lot seems like it has lots of space for x-tra cars.

    Good luck.

  • Brooklyn is becoming unlivable. A victim of its own succeess. sad. the subways are dirty and scary. they are wacked out on the weekends. you cant depend on them but yet you can’t have your own car either because all the parking lots have been bought and are now lux condos in the making.
    man, the west coast beckons. the city is becoming a grim drama. highly acclaimed but insufferable.

  • I’m down with 7:46, and I do have a very cheap monthly note and parking.

  • There are plenty of places to live in this city, 7:46. Obviously, you don’t get out much. Then again, you are moving back to Ohio so there will be more room for teh rest of us.

  • “the west coast beckons”

    Well SOMEBODY has to buy all of that rapidly devaluing real estate. Bon voyage, bon chance, and Bon Jovi to ya.

  • There’s no law requiring street parkers to park a minimum distance from a driveway, as there is for a hydrant. The yellow paint some owners put on the curb has no effect and is actually against city rules. Usually it’s up to the driveway owner to complain to the police if blocked. Also, the law allows the driveway owner to park on the street in front of their own driveway (hence the dashboard note – tells the cops not to waste their time with a ticket).

    Just the facts, ma’am.

  • 7:38 Boerum Hill, etc. used to have much more street parking before all the yups and hipsters moved in. It’s not as if the developers alone fucked up parking in Brooklyn. There used to be fewer cars on the street.

  • I think its much better to reserve the space for someone from outside the neighborhood to park there. God forbid someone tax paying homeowner with a driveway who is liable to be fined if the sidewalk buckles or is littered should actually deem themselves worthy to park there.

  • A curb cut would be consistent with what’s across both Dean and Bond from here and that’s the only viable spot for it.

    The coach house across Bond has one…and the building directly across Dean on the corner has two on Bond for their garage…and then across Bond from that there is at least one if not two….so not so unprecedented.

    Btw I don’t own this house or live there.

  • does anyone know how to find out if a neighbor’s curb cut is legal?

  • Let’s not get overrought about the lack of on street parking and how “unlivable” Brooklynin has become. When I first moved to Boerum Hill in 1983 there was plenty of parking. You’d park you very easily in the evening, making sure not to get home after dark lest you get the crap beaten out of you. Your car would get stolen over night and the spot would open up for someone else to park and start the cycle all over again. If anyone parked in front of someone’s curb cut, legal or not, they’d return to find their tires slashed and their windshield bashed in. Landmarks approval for such activity wasn’t asked for or required.

  • i cant believe how many people with so few facts are speculating about a property they dont own.

    the owner happens to be my friend, who owned this property before most of you were born, and the way i see it – whoever owns the property is allowed to alter his property within the rules. if you dont like the rules, stop bitching and change the rules.

    and can someone tell me how a curb entrance, the width of one car, affects any of your lives?

    this has to be the dumbest blog ive ever read.


  • Bravo well said

    Would nosey, busy-bodies get a life, or move to a gated, planed community where you can clutch together.

    Dam all you brown shirts.