Streetlevel: Busy Chef Cooking on Court

Although the name of the food production company that’s taking space at State and Court has yet to be revealed, the identity of a new business a few storefronts down on Court Street is a little less mysterious. Busy Chef, which offers prepared food to go and has a location on Henry Street, is opening in the old Café 111 space across the street from the movie theater. Good news for the Downtown lunch crowd?
A North Heights Favorite Opening on Court St [BK 11201] GMAP
Busy Chef Sets Up Shop on Court [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

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  • Well, I wouldn’t go to a bistro with an idle and lazy chef. I’d go hungry.

  • The “food production” company taking space at State and Court is Boar’s Head. They are opening a carnegie deli-like space.

  • Good luck to them. This location seems to have a kiss of death attached. There have been at least 4 eateries in the last couple of years, and most of the time the space has been closed up. Some of the past restaurants were quite good, I guess they just didn’t get enough business.

  • Not sure where BK 11201 found the moniker “A North Heights Favorite” (busy chef pr material?), but if you search the Brooklyn Heights Blog archives, you’ll find this place is far from beloved

  • 2:45 PM, where’d you hear that. I remember reading and reading in that original story about the space, and people seemed to be speculating about a boutique grocer. Your idea does fit the 100-yr old claim to fame or whatever it was, but did you just pull that out of thin air? I live in the area, only reason I’m so curious.

  • 2:57 – I assume he’s being facetious

  • After the big announcement about Danny’s ground floor space, nothing has happened — he is still refinishing furniture there! And as for the rentals in the building — at $8,200 — $8,600 a month? While it appears the units are occupied, it doesn’t look like they are being occupied as high-end residences.

  • If you’ve been to the movies across the street, you’d see that they are pretty high-end.

  • That Boar’s Head story was on Chowhound and a few other boards, 3:15PM. I’m divided on whether it would be good/bad – would the meat be a better quality that what one can get at the deli counter? Anyway I’m dying to know what is up with that space. Stoner, don’t you have any info?

  • Bring back the Blarney Stone!

  • For those not aware, Busy Chef is well known for offering the finest repackaged frozen foods from the local supermarket (or a wholesaler like Sysco) at upscale prices.

  • ^^what does that even mean????

  • It has been alleged that they pretend to make their own food when supposedly all they do is heat up the same frozen-dinner-type stuff you could have bought from the supermarket and heated yourself

  • oh–got it. Thanks. Sick.

  • i knew someone who worked at one of the string of Henry St. businesses owned by the Busy Chef owner– this person went to the downstairs of the Busy Chef on Henry St once and saw giant Stouffer lasagnas, still in boxes in the freezer, waiting to be cut up and served for $7 or $8 a slice.

    Even if some of the Busy Chef entrees are cooked on site, they still are the NASTIEST, most OVERPRICED crap in Brooklyn Heights. I’d rather go to the sketchiest deli counter in Brooklyn than resort to this place. Ick.

  • it would seem as if plenty of people do like their food, whether your comments are true or not.