More Details on Albee Square aka Citypoint

citypoint-brooklyn-map.jpgDetails about the future of the old Albee Square Mall, whose parking garage has now been leveled in the first step to creating a massive mixed-use complex, continue to surface. A reader just steered us in the direction of the new website for the development, which is being called City Point. In addition to lots of pretty pictures, the site puts to rest some of the questions about how the project would be divided up in terms of usage. The plan is for 900,000 square feet of rental apartments, 500,000 square feet of retail and 125,000 square feet of Class A office space. It also turns out that Acadia Realty is not the only cook in the kitchen: MacFarlane Partners, Rose Associates, P/A Associates and Washington Square Partners are all involved in the development of various portions of the project. Lastly, the site has the best rendering we’ve seen of what the Willoughby Square Park is expected to look like. Not too shabby. (Update: We’ve been informed that the park rendering has actually been available on the DBP website for a few months.)
Albee Square Deal Closes, Fewer Apartments Planned [Brownstoner] GMAP
Expansion, Skyscraper Planned for Albee Square Mall [Brownstoner]
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  • The amount of square feet by use is still being negotiated.

  • Translation

    Rental spaces are market rate and ‘mixed-use’ means homogenous cookie cutter.

    If you’re a mom&pop owner, you’re through.
    If you’re poor, you’re. Not even meds may help you.

  • Hooray!A few more projects like this and maybe they’ll start ripping those garish signs off the historic buildings on the mall and Brooklyn will begin to have the kind of downtown it used to have-one to be proud of.

  • Think Cuzin’s Dozen Donuts will return?????

  • absolutely friggin fabulous.

  • whats the time frame for this project: start and completion dates

  • Wow. That site totally shocked me. I think the images of the brownstones and happy families strolling and shopping are hilarious. Anyone who lives near Fulton Mall knows that those images falsely portray the immediate area. I love Fulton Mall, but part of the reason I love it is because it’s a bit ghetto (and I mean that in the nicest way, I really do). I’m curious to see if this so called high-end residential living and shopping area will change the area or will the area change the building…

  • The thing I find most intersting is that, previously on the Acadia webite, they indicated a 2011 completion date (which seemed like a long time to me), but the citypoint site indicates completion in 2010.

  • GMAP link takes you to 147 Prospect Park South– don’t think the replacement for Albee Square Mall is gonna go over very well there.

  • Greenberg Farrow is identified as the architect. On their site, they say that the building will have 800 residential units and the “signature tower” will rise 65 stories.

  • Nice. A fine addition to Downtown Brooklyn. I live really close to here and welcome this developement. For all you old ass nimbys, eat sh*t & die! I pray you get jumped or mugged and make your move out to Westchester like the douchebag from last year.

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  • LoL, a angry NIMBY, go hide under the rock you came from…i hope they build a 1000 footer on top of your house.

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