Checking In With Magic’s Green Street Condos

After some noise complaints and worries about damage to a neighboring building, Magic Johnson’s 130-unit condo development at 100 Green Street in Greenpoint appears to be in high gear. A reader who lives nearby wrote in to report that the west side of the building is just about topped out (it’s going to be six stories). We’re curious to see what the market’s going to be like for a luxury development in this corner of North Brooklyn when it’s ready to go, presumably later this spring or summer. Waddya think?
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  • It’s not as established as the Greenpoint Historic District area which is just south of Greenpoint Avenue, but I think it will spur interest in this section of the community. New restaurants and shops are already making Franklin Street their new home. Unlike Williamsburg, Greenpoint has always been a residential community so it doesn’t need as much help to try to make itself feel like a neighborhood. Most people really like the neighborhood’s vibe.

  • I have lived next to that abomination for over a year now. Every day I dream that that thing will collapse or be abandoned or magically disappear…never have I so much wanted a human undertaking to fail. I hope every bolt rusts, every ounce of concrete crumbles, every dollar invested is lost. Motherfuckers!

  • This project looks pretty responsible. Not sure I will be able to afford to live there, but it is nice to see that someone decided to build something attractive (Unlike some of those horrors on Bayard street.

  • another piece of crap as the Neil Young song goes. The recession can’t start soon enough. Neighborhoods belong to people particularly those who live there not to those who profit. All power to the nimbys. There wouldn’t be nimbyism if community wishes were adhered to. Plus this corner of Greenpoint has no transportation in spite of what real estate shills claim about it being 12 minutes from Manhattan. 12 minutes if you have a helport on your roof maybe. Dream on.

  • The section of Greenpoint in which this property is located is NOT prime. To get to Manhattan you can either:

    – walk the 4 blocks to the G, take it 2 stops into Long Island City and then transfer for the 7, E or V or

    – walk the 2 block to McGuiness Blvd, catch the B61 (which is worst than the G train), hope the bridge is not up, take the bus over the bridge into Long Island City, walk the 2 blocks to the 7 line and take it 3 stops into Grand Central(assuming the 7 is not out of commission).

    Either way, it ain’t 12 mintues! I live in the neighborhood, I know.

    Wonder if the brokers go into this level of detail with potential buyers????

  • if you “live in the neighborhood” why would you say “walk four blocks to the G” when everyone knows there is an entrance on india street?

  • 12 minutes train ride plus a four block walk = 17minutes. It’s getting pretty obvious that something fishy is going on with all the G train stories. Someone obviously wants to leave people with the impression that Greenpoint is hard to get to . . . which is ridiculous.

  • yes, it can be 17 minutes, IF transit shows up immediately for each connection (and it does happen, rarely). it often takes 35 to 45 minutes to get to the bryant park area from this part of greenpoint. i’ve been doing it for 6 years and the B61 is a nightmare (used to be much better). it’s just always a crap shoot. but i love the neighborhood…if the MTA would just improve service it’d be a miracle. often getting home after rush hour/later in the evening, it’s like the B61 doesn’t exist…

  • Anyway you cut it, it is quicker to get to Midtown Manhattan from Greenpoint and Williamsburg (even on the worst days), than getting to Manhattan from Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Fort Greene,

  • 5:06…

    I’m from the area, and the stories are all true. The G runs every 40 minutes on a good day, and it’s actually 11 blocks away. Oil seeps up from the ground if you stand in one place more that two or three minutes, and the rampant vinyl siding sometimes oozes clouds of toxins so thick they block out the sun.

    /Keep the soulless glass towers in Williamsburg and L.I.C.!
    //Leave Greenpoint alone!